Free Lindor Truffles Coupon On Facebook

lindor trufflesHead over to the Lindt Chocolate Facebook page and like them for FREE chocolate!

They are giving away 1 million bags of FREE LINDOR truffles!

Here are the details:

Only one coupon allowed to be downloaded per Facebook User. Please make sure you are on a device that can print before you continue. Customer must provide the physical coupon, in printed format, at time of purchase. Maximum value $3.99. Cannot be doubled or combined with any other offer, discount or promotion. Void if copied, taxed or prohibited. Cash value 1/100 cent. Consumer pays any sales tax. Good only on product(s) and size(s) indicated. Good only in online coupon accepting locations in the USA and Military APOs / FPOs. Also redeemable at US Lindt Chocolate Shops (coupon code 611). Not redeemable on Coupon void if sold, transferred, reproduced or altered in any way. Expires: 11/07/2012

Thanks Becca!


  1. RN1 says

    Got mine! I hope Publix doesn’t have a problem honoring an IP free item coupon like this. I sure hope people don’t try to print multiple copies since it gives the option to.

  2. Celia says

    Hopefull i can score one. I love these chocolates, but im stuck at the dr office. By the time i get home they will probably be gone. :-(

  3. scott says

    I cringed when I saw this coupon come out as a pdf. The abuse here is gonna be staggering. I called coupsmart and let them know but I am not sure they understand just how bad this is gonna get.

    • Shelley says

      They print with your picture and a different number on each coupon, so hopefully most people will notice that!

  4. Tal says

    I wish your facebook picture and full name did not appear on the coupon itself. I suppose cutting that out or crossing it out with a sharpie would be considered “altering” and might void the coupon. But still a great coupon. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hanny D says

      Ugh, I know ! It’s kind of creepy and the cashiers are like WTF lol. No reason for them to believe its fake because if it was they have your name and picture LOL.

  5. Amber says

    When I tried printing it out it just printed the whole facebook page besides the coupon. So I coulnd’t get the coupon to print.

    • Alyssa L. says

      Only one coupon per user is allowed — that much is pretty clear. Thanks for abusing it and leaving fewer for the rest of us. *sigh*

  6. Jennifer says

    It said coupon limit reached. That tends to prematurely happen when people are greedy and print more than one or two coupons.

  7. RN1 says

    Some are seriously printing more than one? It specifically said one per person and Michelle even has the details posted above…”only one coupon allowed to be downloaded per Facebook user.” Unbelievable!

    • Jennifer says

      I am always amazed not just at people’s actions, but their willingness to share their bad behavior with the rest of the world. Possibly because they don’t understand that what they are doing is wrong, but when ~ as you pointed out~ the rules are clearly displayed, there is no excuse.

  8. suzy says

    So my local Publix WILL NOT accept this coupon :( It isn’t clearly marked as a manufacturer’s coupon according to my store. I was sad they wouldn’t accept it. I may try another store though, I am pretty relentless 😉

    • Jennifer says

      It states “manufacturer coupon” right next to the expiration date. Try pointing that out to them and see if they will accept it?

  9. lisa says

    I just printed mine too. I am dying to try these, especially after all the magnums. Just craving good chocolate…

  10. lee says

    got 6 coupons
    okay figured out deal with truffles coupons for cvs and it worked. bought 6-truffles, 1-pantene shampoo, 1-pantene styler, 1-cvs shampoo, 1- gillette proglide razor with bonus items, 1-24 pack pure life water. total before coupons $53.20. used $10/$50 cvs ,$2/1 cvs hair care, $6.99/1 pantene, $4/1 gillette proglide, $3.50 ecb. paid after coupon and tax 55 cents got back $6 in ecb’s. the $3.50 ecb with the 55 cent cash i paid and got back $6 ecb makes everything free plus i made $1.95. :)

    • lee says

      also used 6 truffles coupons. they were 2/$9 but it only took off $3.99 for each which is the max stated on coupon. it scanned with no problem and took off $3.99 by itself.

      • lee says

        have 6 people in my family with 6 different facebook accounts which is not illegal. coupon does not say you can only use 1 per person it says 1 per purchase. so before anyone says i did something illegal i followed all the rules.

    • lee says

      do you comment on everyone. are we all bad people. do we all do this wrong and not your way. when something is on sale and i have a coupon to make it free am i only allowed to buy 1 because it wouldnt be right to get more than 1 even if the limit is 4 per person. if i follow the rules and guide lines and i get great deals so good for me. dont get mad and call us names. if you dont want to print more than 1 on different facebook accounts than dont. but dont say we are greedy are doing stuff illegal. i did not print 6 coupons on the same facebook account that would have been illegal when its says 1 per facebook account. i have 6 people with 6 different facebook accounts and we each get a bag of truffles. and they are good too mmmmm

        • lee says

          jennifer is. i read her comment that is who this is too. everyone else is fine and have no problem with. thank you alyssa, i do not feel like i have done anything wrong. i followed the rules, everybody got what they wanted. no one lost any money. cvs gets their money and lindt got what they wanted 1 millon facebook fans which they can now advertise for free on.

    • Hanny D says

      I have three people in my home and I printed coupons from each of their facebook accounts. I am the only one in my house who “coupons” so I got 3 bags for all three of us to enjoy. The coupon says one per purchase, not one per customer so if i had 100 people in my family and used a 100 coupons it’s fair game. It said one per FACEBOOK account and that’s exactly what I got. At the end of the day everyone gets free chocolate and the stores get their money, everyone’s happy.

  11. debbie says


  12. Jennifer says

    No Lee, I don’t comment on everyone nor have I called anyone names. You choose to live your life on different guidelines than me. Good for you, get all you can whenever you can. That’s your choice. To be so okay with it though, you seem pretty defensive. Even before anyone posted anything you started explaining yourself and why what you did was okay and legal. Usually people who go on the defensive before even being confronted know that what they have done isn’t acceptable behavior.
    But again, I could be wrong, you may just always be like that. Either way, more power to you and peace.

  13. Jennifer says

    Lee you obviously have me confused with somebody else. You state that you’ve seen all my other “posts” and they’re “always” negative. I have posted maybe 2x outside of this thread. Jennifer is a VERY common name. This is silly and I will no longer be responding. Have a blessed night.

  14. heather stewart says

    Just a thought: Has anyone else noticed that as the evening posts go on, and the probable alcohol intake increases, the spelling and grammar decreases, and the ‘not making alot of sense’ increases proportionally :)
    An observation from several years here.
    Thanks Michelle for all your hard work!!

  15. Deb says

    If you think this is bad here, you should see the explosion over at It’s Hip to Save!
    Collin really has her hands full this morning. Sometimes when the comments have gotten so nasty and extensive-she’s just pulled the entire deal.

  16. deb says

    Holy crap…just got back from Publix and there were literally 6 or 7 rows where there were the truffles and they were all gone.

    I guess that answers my question whether Publix will take the coupon or not.

    Apparently they do…now to wait for a restock!

  17. Kathy says

    My Publix has a display rack with the small bags and the big ones. A few weeks ago, there were some get a free 1.3 oz. bag with the purchase of a 5.1 oz bag coupons. Didn’t know if they’d let me use it or not, since the big bag was free, but the cashier (who didn’t really seem to know if she could either) let me so I got a little bag free too!

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