Cooking Up Early Detection – Share Your Pink Cookware Deal Ideas

Cooking Up Early DetectionI meant to throw this post up yesterday but then got busy and forgot!

It's time to put out another call for deal scenarios for the Cooking Up Early Detection promotion.

There are a TON of participating items in the new Publix ad…so I thought it would be a good idea to see if you guys have some new deal ideas. Only a couple more days to make your purchases! If you have come up with any deals lately – share them for everyone else to see!

Remember, when you buy $30 worth of P&G products in one transaction at Publix, you can submit for a pink cookware set from Good Cook’s Hope line.

This year we will get the following:

  • 9.25" Saute Pan
  • Collander
  • Flexible Non-slip Cutting Board
  • Turner
  • Tongs

Qualifying purchases must be made 9/30/12 through 10/31/12 and indicated on one (1) originalcash register receipt from Publix.  Go HERE to download the rebate form and get more details  (DIRECT LINK TO FORM HERE).


  1. vergin says

    Does anyone know the upc code for pampers cruisers size 6.
    i used the package and throwed it out. i forgot abiut that i need upc code for the rebbate. please help

  2. crystal says

    Need help with scenario’s this week for the sale..I waited too darn long to get the sales, and now its only a week well less than a week please post your deals please!!! and vote!!! too :-)

  3. Sarah says

    I was shopping at Publix today and they were currently marking down Pamper’s Cruiser diapers sizes 3, 4, & 5 to 50% off original prices. So, they are now $15 for the large box. If you need diapers, then buy 2 boxes and you are up to $30 for the rebate. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s coupons are pretty crummy from the 9/30 P&G, but it is better than nothing.

    • Teri says

      Great I deal on the diapers. I know if you are part of Winn-Dixie baby program, you get free winn-dixie coupons in each month in the mail called Baby-Talk.(I believe that’s the name of it) You can apply these coupons to Private Labels and Brand Name Labels.
      Coupons each month consist of:
      Diapers $3 off
      Meat coupons $2 off Beef
      Pork coupon $1 off ( I use this in conjuction when Publix bacon sale.)
      Chicken $1 off
      Baby Accesories ( petroleum Jelly, Shampoo, etc…)
      and much much more.

    • Toni says

      Ours clearanced them out 3-4 weeks ago when we could still use the $3/1 and the $2 pq from the stocking spree sheet. It was also the same week, they had the free wipes wyb the boxed diapers. The swaddlers were also on clearance, they moved to a slightly bigger size box.

  4. Kayla says

    I bought CoverGirl like many other people.

    6 CoverGirl Eye Shadow @ 2.99 ea (Used 3 $3/2 P&G 9/30)
    2 CoverGirl Eye Shadow @ 1.99 ea (Used 1 $3/2 P&G 9/30)
    2 CoverGirl WetSlick Fruit Spritzers @ 4.99 ea (Used 1 $5/2 RP 9/16)

    Add 10 $1/1 GAB CoverGirl Cosmetic coupon.

    Total Before Coupons $31.9
    Total After Coupons $4.9

    I saw on someone’s post that a few CoverGirl WetSlick are priced at $3.99. The Eyeshadow priced at 1.99 are the dark blue and bold green colors (Marietta, GA). These are not advertised anywhere!

    • Laidback racing says

      thanks for letting us know which ones are 1.99…they aren’t marked at my store and I ended up being about 2 dollars short for the promo

      • Dee says

        I also was a couple of dollars short for the promo (was a big $100 order plus gas cards) so I didn’t want the hassle of taking them back and re-ringing. So since then every store I’ve been in I take them to CS to price check. One of them is ringing up at $2.69, some at $1.99 and some at $2.99.

        CoverGirl products are great to use, especially if you have the $3/2 and the $1/1 since you can only use 4 like coupons per transaction. Add the GAB $1/1 and a WD $5/30 and it’s only a couple of dollars OOP for tax.

        8 CoverGirl eyeshadows @$2.99
        4 Covergirl eyeshadows @1.99

        Total $31.88 (before tax) – 4 $3/2 MQ = $19.88 – 4 $1/1 MQ = $15.88 – 12 $1/1 PQ GAB = $3.88 – $5/30 W/D = -$1.12 (overage will cover some of the tax).

        Still time to use towards a gas card!

        • Julie says

          I did the same thing. My total ended up being 26.something. I was disappointed that I did not catch it until I got home to fill out the rebate form. I took it back to my Publix and they gladly helped me get to the $30! It took about 1 minute to fix my mistake. The CSR did not make me feel as though I was putting her out to get my mistake corrected. Maybe with the unadvertised clearance, they have experienced several people doing the same thing.

  5. jessica says

    I also bought 1.99 eyeshadow is was a funky cool green color. I luckily made my total over 30.00 by 50 cents…tough weeek great deals…I gonna submit a rebate for me and then one for my mom….She has me do her rebates cause she forgetss…lol

  6. Vivian says

    My simple sensrio bought 3 Gain 100 oz laundry detetgent on sale $9.99 and 3 bar pack of Ivory soap used $3.00 manu coupons $3.00 winn dixie for Gain and a 50 cent coupon for Ivory plus other groceries I was able to use $5 off $30

  7. Tamra says

    I wanted to get stuff that I used so I bought these yesterday

    4 – Olay facial cleanser at 3.50 each(store sale) – used (4) $2 off P&G coupon
    4 – Olay bath soaps at $2.79 each – used (4) $2 off P&G coupon
    3 – Ivory bath soap at $1.39 each – used .50 off each

    Don’t have the receipt handy but I paid less than $10.

    • Kayla says

      I don’t believe you were supposed to use the Olay Bath soap coupon along with the Olay Facial Cleanser coupon. The coupon for $2 off Olay bath soap WYB cleanser attaches to both items. Although this is a scenario that would work at other stores, Publix policy does not allow this type of stacking.

  8. Toni says

    This may be a little OT, but our publix accidentally put out a sheet of coupons for their baby sale next week and it contained coupons for assorted baby items (One of them was for $3/1 Pampers, excluding jumbo). These coupon sheets are only good from Oct 31 – Nov 6 though. Just to give you a heads up. The coupons are for:

    $3/1 Huggies Diapers or Pull-ups 42-156 ct (excluding jumbo pks)

    $3/1 Pampers Diapers Assorted Varieties 58-140 ct (excluding jumbo pks)

    $5/2 or more Enamil Powder 22.2 or 24 oz cans, selected varieties

    $5.99 Publix baby wipes refill (this is not a coupon)

    $1/10 or more Beech-nut stage 2 baby food assorted varieties 4 oz jar

    $2/1 Luvs Ultra leakguards diapers 80-108 ct box

    $4/1 Gerber Good Start Infant Formula Powder 22-25.7 oz cnstr

    B3G1 Gerber Graduates Snacks or Healthy Meals or Lil’ Entrees 1.48 oz cnstr or 5.3 to 6.6 oz box

    B3G1 Gerber 2nd Foods Organic BabyFood 3.5 oz pouch or Graduates Grabbers 4.23 oz pkg

    $3/10 or more HappyBaby organic Baby Food or HappyTot Superfoods 3.5 to 4.22 oz pkg

    25% off Clorox Green Works Natural Cleaner 32 oz bot, cleaning wipes 30 ct cnstr, bathroom cleaner, 30 oz bot, or dishwashing liquid, 22 oz bot (no coupon needed)

    $1/1 Johnson’s Baby Products: wash, lotion, powder, bath, oil or shampoo, 15 oz bot or Desitin Diaper rash ointment 3.5 or 4 oz tube or 16 oz jar (no coupon needed)

  9. Valerie says

    I purchased 6 covergirl eyeshadows $2.99 before coupons, .99 each after coupons. 6 always pantyliners, $1.19 before coupons, .69 each after coupons. And 2 Mr. Clean all purpose cleaners, I needed them!!! They were $3.15 before coupons, 2.15 after. For a total of $31.38 before coupons and $14.38 after coupons and I get the FREE Cookware!!!!

  10. Linda says

    I got my cookware set in the mail today! Received a email on 11/13 saying that my submission was being processed and I should receive my cookware set in 8-10 weeks. It came on 11/19 8 days after I got the email. Hopefully everyone else will get the same quick delivery I did.

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