Cooking Up Early Detection Pink Cookware Set – Share Your Scenario

Cooking Up Early DetectionLast week, I told you guys that the Cooking Up Early Detection promotion is back again this year.

When you buy $30 worth of P&G products in one transaction at Publix, you can submit for a pink cookware set from Good Cook’s Hope line.

This year we will get the following:

  • 9.25"  Saute Pan
  • Collander
  • Flexible Non-slip Cutting Board
  • Turner
  • Tongs

Qualifying purchases must be made 9/30/12 through 10/31/12 and indicated on one (1) original cash register receipt from Publix.  Go HERE to download the rebate form and get more details (DIRECT LINK TO FORM HERE).

Since the rebate is now in effect, I thought I would stick up a post to see if anyone has come up with any deal scenarios that they want to share.

We have a few weeks to look for deals, so I will try to stick up deal ideas every week or so.


  1. lisa says

    This is my first time doing this deal. How awsome!!!! Just got back from publix. Here was my deal…

    8 covergirl eyeshadows $2.99 each
    8 puffs tissues $1 each

    order total $31.92 plus tax

    coupons used…
    4x -$3/2 covergirl MQ
    8x -$1/1 covergirl PQ
    4x -$1/2 puffs tissue PQ
    2x – $.25/3 puffs tissue MQ

    Total OOP $4.04

  2. says

    I just did this yesterday. Not necessarily the best deal, but the Swiffer stuff, Luvs, and Pampers are for my sisters and their kids, so it’s totally worth it to me. If I’d have been thinking, I’d have gotten two less boxes of tissues, but I’ll use them eventually so it’s OK:

    Pampers wipes: 2.99
    Luvs: 17.99 – $2/1 PQ and $1/1 MQ = 14.99
    Puffs x 4: 4.00 – 2-$1/2 PQs and $0.25/3 MQs doubled = 1.00
    Swiffer x 2: 8.00 – 2-$1/1 PQs = 6.00

    Total before Qs: 32.98
    (I had an expired $5/40 that they let me use, and I had enough groceries to have my total be more than $40.)
    Total after Qs: 19.98

    The Luvs PQ rang up wrong (as a Downy $1/1); that might have been the associated LU or a typing error by the cashier.

    • says

      I am hoping the attached form is OK. My Publix doesn’t print Catalinas, so this is the only way I know of to get the form. Also, I did this deal last year using the form Michelle posted, and I received the cookware as I expected. Hope it works just as well this year, because I am excited about new kitchen stuff!

      • CINDY says

        I did this deal the past two years and printed the form from here. I did go to my local Publix and asked if they had one and they were totally unaware of what I was even talking about. They knew nothing of a pink cookware deal…

  3. Angela says

    I went on Sunday before my coupons expired.
    5 Herbal Essence ass’t @ $3.19
    2 Herbal Essence cond @ $5.79
    4 Puffs tissues @ $1
    1 gallon milk @3.69
    Total before q’s= $35.22
    Used (2) B1G1 Herbal Essence – $11.58
    (2) $3/2 Herbal Essence – $6
    (1) Free Herbal Essence – $3.19
    (1) $1/2 Herbal Essence WD coupon
    (2) $1/2 Puffs Publix q’s
    (4) .75/1 Puff’s (from Target notebooks)
    (1) Free gallon milk- Run In Run Out promo for buying 6 Her Ess
    Total after coupons $4.01 and since I needed milk, I got all P&G for .32 cents. I did ask ahead of time about the 2nd $3/2 HE q before I added it in.

  4. MICHELLE says

    I did this deal Sunday.

    Duracell batteries 20ct $14.99
    10 boxes of Puffs $1.00 ea
    1 Downy unstoppables $5.99

    used $7.00 off battery MQ
    $3.00 PQ when you spend $15.00 on batteries
    they let me use since it was only a penny off
    5 PQ $1.00 off 2 puffs
    5 MQ $1.00 off 2 puffs
    $5.00 off 30 coupon from Save-a-lot
    paid $7.08

  5. lee says

    1-covergirl item $2.39 $2.39
    5-covergirl nail clippers $2.15 $8.60
    3-covergirl tweezers $2.99 $8.97
    3-vicks nyquil (2pack) $1.29 $3.87
    6-puffs $1.00 $6.00
    1-always panyliners $.97 $.97
    total $30.80
    4-covergirl MQ $3/2 $12.00
    8-covergirl PQ $1/1 $8.00
    3-vicks PQ (sss) $1/1 $3.00
    2-puffs MQ $.25/3 $1.00 (coupon doubled)
    3-puffs PQ (sss) $1/2 $3.00
    1-always MQ $1.50/1 $1.50
    Total $28.50
    OOP $2.30 + tax
    sss=new stocking spree sheet

    • tiffany says

      Will they except the nail clippers and tweezer items towards this offer? I do not know how picky they can be. thanks

    • Martina says

      Maybe you are buying the wrong newspaper. Not all newspapers include the PG inserts. Go to P%G website and check with your zip code what newspapers on your are carry the P$G insert. Good luck!

  6. LisaT says

    4 covergirl eyeshadows $2.99 each
    6 puffs tissues $1 each
    1 covergirl fingernail clippers $2.15
    2 covergirl facial sponges $2.49 each
    2 covergirl pencil sharpener $2.49 each

    order total $30.07 plus tax

    coupons used…
    4x -$3/2 covergirl MQ
    9x -$1/1 covergirl PQ
    1x – $1/1 covergirl MQ
    3x -$1/2 puffs tissue PQ
    2x – $.25/3 puffs tissue MQ (Doubled)

    Total OOP $4.07 + Tax

  7. Sarah says

    11x Covergirl eye shadows $2.99 each

    = $32.89 + tax

    11x $1/1 Covergirl Publix green ad
    5x $3/2 Covergirl MQ PG 9/30
    1x $1/1 Covergirl MQ PG 9/30
    1x $5/30 Winn Dixi Enjoy the city

    OOP= .89 plus tax (or 5.89 without $5/30)

    • Sarah says

      Or you can use 4x $3/2 ( I just realized it has a limit of 4)
      and use 3x $1/1 Covergirl. OOP $1.89 + tax (6.89 without $5/30)

    • angela says

      my store has a limit of 10 like coupons per transaction (including publix coupons), unless otherwise stated on the coupon (ie the no more than 4 per transaction of the CG MAN coup).

  8. joyce says

    I tried to get the rebate form for publix and it said the file was bad and I dont think my store does catilinas. I tried using Harveys but they are store specific. Is there anywhere else to obtain the form??

  9. Christie says

    Buy 4 Herbal Essences Shampoo’s @ $2.49 (raincheck)
    Buy 4 Herbal Essences Conditioner’s @ $2.49 (raincheck)
    Buy 3 Pantene Shampoo’s (3 for $10.00)
    Buy 3 Pantene Conditioner’s (3 for $10.00)
    Total should be around: $39.92 (enough for my rebate)

    4 BOGO Herbal Essences which will deduct: -9.96
    2 $3/2 Herbal Essences which will deduct: -6.00
    4 $1/2 Winn Dixie Herbal Essences which will deduct: -4.00
    3 BOGO Pantene which will deduct: -10.00
    2 $1/2 Pantene which will deduct: -2.00
    1 $1/3 Winn Dixie Pantene which will deduct: -1.00
    And 1 $5/30 Winn Dixie coupon: -5.00

    I should be able to walk out paying around: $1.96 😀 Unless my math is wrong… Which it has been known to be 😛

    • Kayla says

      Publix coupon policy states you can’t stack a BOGO coupon with another $ off coupon. The BOGO coupon attaches to both items.

  10. vergin says

    normally i buy huggies pull up pants.
    so what should i buy if im buying pampers or luvs brand of diapers.
    Thnak you

  11. Monique Thomas says

    Today I brought
    12 puffs tissues
    6 always pantiliners
    3 oil of Olay facial wipes

    Coupons I used were:
    $1/2 PUblix q puffs (6)
    $1/2 Manu q puffs (6)
    $5/1 Manu q Olay( 3)
    $1/2 Publix always q(3)
    $1/2 Manu q (3)
    Total after coupons $3.61 +2.21 =$5.82

  12. Lisa says

    i see some improper use of coupons in some of these scenarios – please keep in mind all P & G coupons now have verbage on it that states no more than 4 like coupons in one shopping trip .. :)

  13. Tomoko says

    I just did this today :)

    Cascade(2) $7.98
    Nyquil (2) $13.18
    H&S Shampoo $6.99
    Cover girl Eyelash curler $3.69
    Cover girl brow&eyemakers $2.99
    Total before Qs $34.83

    $1 Cascade MQ (2)
    $3/2 Nyquil MQ
    $1 Nyquil PQ (2)
    Free H&S Shampoo up to $5.99
    $3/2 Cover girl MQ
    $1 Cover girl PQ (2)
    $5/25 Save-a-lot Q
    Coupons total -$22.99

    After all my coupons, I paid $11.84+Tax.

    I wasn’t planning to buy Nyquil but Puffs are completely sold out at my Publix. So I had to change my plan.

  14. Jenna says

    I’ve seen several senarios where people are using a BOGO and a $$ coupon together…like buying 4 Herbal Essences and using 2 BOGO Q’s and a $3/2 Q together…isn’t that against Publix policy???

  15. Sarah says

    I printed the rebate form, but noticed in the fine print that it says official offer form and original cash register reciept must be obtained from the same Publix. Does that mean we can’t use a printed rebate form?

  16. carly says

    I can’t get the form! every link i have tried gives a “problem loading page” error! I don’t want to go buy the items unless I know I can get the rebate form! Any suggestions?

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