Barilla Pasta And Sauce As Low As 51¢ At Publix

barilla pasta and sauceI have had several folks send over some pricing for a great deal on Barilla pasta and sauce again this week at Publix!

We got a new coupon in the inserts yesterday that pairs perfectly with our Publix coupon. I see more cheap spaghetti and Italian dishes in our future!

Barilla Pasta Sauce, $2.39 - $2.79
Barilla Pasta, BOGO $1.23 - BOGO $1.31
-$1/2 Barilla, pasta AND sauce jar 09/30/2012 SS Insert (exp 11/24/2012)
-$1.50/1 Barilla Sauce, any AND Barilla Pasta, any Make Your Home Italian Tonight Publix Coupon, coupon sheet  or PRINTABLE
As low as 51¢ for a jar of sauce AND a box of pasta!

Be aware that the prices will vary slightly by location, but you should still get a great deal!

Thanks to MissDTea, Tina and Heather at My Sweet Savings


  1. ash says

    Did this yesterday!

    Barilla Sauce is priced at $2.99 at my store right now.
    The pasta is 1.65
    I’m in Broward County, FL

    • Josh says

      I got the same deal in Broward County as well except the sauce was $3.07. It’s crazy how prices fluctuate so much!!

  2. Ketsy says

    I am waiting until Wednesday to go pick up mine. I actually want to thank the extreme couponers in my area for clearing the shelves on the sauce last week. My special order was put on the shelf by mistake as well and so once again I ended up with a raincheck. 😀 This week I will be purchasing the sauce BOGO and the pasta BOGO and making $0.62 cents for every combination of two deals. Needless to say, lots of pasta in the house as well as the pantry on the center I donate and saving some for the upcoming food drive at the school. Yay!

    • Deborah says

      Speaking of rainchecks, I just had to vent!

      I am astonished after checking on ebay for some coupons, I found 2 posts selling Publix rainchecks!

      I know a lot of us are struggling to make ends meet, but selling rainchecks… really??? This is going to give that person a few bucks but is going to ruin it for everybody else. By doing that we are going to have stores even more adamant to issue them.

      I am maaaaaad!

      • jessica says

        I dont know the law but I would think the persons selling rainchecks could be commiting a crime. I dont think you can sale something like that online give it away yes but not sale

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