Let’s Talk About Publix Rain Checks & Target Coupons (Share Your Thoughts)

publix rain checksI thought I would touch on a couple of things that I am getting a ton of emails about - rain checks and Target coupons.

First, let's talk about Publix rain checks. Remember, Publix will gladly issue you a rain check if the product advertised is not in stock when you shop. This is great as it helps to make sure you get your deal without having to constantly keep checking the store.

Many folks want to know about coupons and rain checks. You can use a coupon on a rain check. If you get a rain check and the coupon you had wanted to use expires by the time Publix gets the items back in stock, you can still use that manufacturer's coupon.

From the Publix coupon policy Q&A page:

Q: What if I have a rain check and a coupon for an item, but the coupon is now expired, though it was valid on the date the rain check was issued. Can I still use the coupon on the item?

A: Yes, Publix will accept the coupon that was valid on the date the rain check was issued.

Now, you will have to ask your store about using store coupons that have expired. At my store they only allow expired manufacturer's coupons to be used with the raincheck. I know some folks are not thrilled by this - but there is so much abuse of rain checks that they have to draw the line somewhere. Keep in mind that you shouldn't use rain checks to 'extend' a sale in case a better coupon comes along...Publix offers rain checks as a courtesy and we don't want to knowingly abuse their policies.

Ok...now on to the Target coupons. If you have never looked at a printed Target coupon, you might be interested to know that each prints with the wording - "Limit one coupon or offer per guest".

Even though your local Target may not enforce this policy, you should abide by the wording at Publix. Again, Publix accepts competitor coupons as a courtesy. Abuse of the privilege could at some point lead to it being taken away...and none of us wants that- right?

I happened to run into a Publix that was not my usual store. I sat and watched a woman use at least 10 Target Lunchable coupons in one transaction and I just wanted to scream!! It was quite clear the woman was attempting to be devious as she did not stack the coupons together. She interspersed the coupons throughout the pile to avoid drawing attention to the fact that she had so many.

Now, I know many will say that the cashier should have stopped her. I believe that we are responsible for making sure we use the coupons correctly. Had that cashier stopped to match every coupon to every item, the customer would have been irate as would all of the customers behind the couponer. Purposely doing something that is against the policy is cheating. Whether the cashier allowed it, or if the register allowed it or whatever --it is still wrong!

We all make mistakes and errors happen. Purposely trying to cheat the system or bend the rules may not impact you today, but it just might down the road.

I would love to hear what you guys think. I know some of you will have other things to add - let's hear it. (Just keep it nice :-) )


  1. angela says

    Both of my Publixes that take Target coupons will accept up to 10 per transaction. I love them. I go no where else to buy my groceries.

  2. DontMisuseQs says

    The local Publix here will only take one “like” TQ per transaction. IMO, it should be this way at all Publix if that is what it states on the TQ.

  3. Shelley says

    I totally agree with you. My Publix has made that aware to me about the Target wording (I missed it at first). From then on, I only use one of each kind of Target coupon at both Target and Publix. We need to follow the rules because it’s right, and also because such fraud leads to tighter restrictions on coupons. There are already enough ways to make deals. They have a business and need to profit. Coupon fraud is stealing.

  4. Jodi says

    I initially asked at my Publix about the Target coupons and they would accept multiples so I got super, super deals all the time. Now they’ve recently changed their policy to adhere to what the coupon says – and it’s a corporate decision so I think most Publix stores will start adhering more closely to this policy. I’m disappointed but will follow the rules. :)

  5. Lynn says

    My Publix stores (2 of them) allow multiple Target coupons. If they take multiple Publix coupons, then why should we be limited on the competitor coupons?

    • Lynn says

      As for the rainchecks, it’s always nice if another coupon comes along to match, but most Publix’s will allow you to bring in your coupon with receipt within 2 weeks & get the money back. :)

    • Sarah says

      I too was frustrated by the recent change in their policy as they had been accepting multiples of TQ in the same transaction for years. However, I do understand why they feel the need to restrict this. If you have ever printed out a Target coupon and then printed the same exact coupon again, you will notice that everything is the same about them, including the barcode. So, people could just make as many copies as they want to and use them, even if they didn’t have enough computers to make all of those prints. Publix printable coupons do have some sort of barcode, so each time you print them, they look a little different. I am guessing that this is the reasoning behind only one Target coupon, but multiple Publix coupons.

      • Lynn says

        I avoid the stores that I know only take 1 Target coupon unless I’m not using any Target coupons. I guess it’s just really frustrating because Target’s actual policy is a limit of 4 like coupons (manufacturer or store). I think if Publix implemented that rule, it wouldn’t be as bad. :(

        • Dawn says

          I don’t see how I would be able to do more than one Target coupon as I have yet to see a single one that does not limit purchase to one per transaction.

          • Laura says

            Target internet printables say one per guest but the Target coupons they place in the Sunday paper inserts are different and so are the ones send out in postal mail. I have seen some that say limit 2 per guest and some that say limit 4 per guest.

  6. Belle says

    I have always tried to keep with the coupon rules. Even if some of my coupons state that I can only use two per transaction, I only use two in my transactions. I’m thankful that Publix has great employees, the cashier saw what was I was doing and told me that she would override the system to where I could put them all in one transaction. It was very very sweet of her! Oddly enough as we used all of my coupons, the computer never stopped her from scanning more than two.

  7. says

    I have asked all my Publix’s about how many Target coupons they will accept and they all agree that they are treated like a Publix coupon which means a limit of 10 per transaction. I have never tried to use that many since I can not get more than 4 prints anyways but I have repeatedly been told by cashiers in all 5 of my county’s stores that they will happily accept more than one.

    It seems like it might depend on what your stores policy is. If a customer service manager ever asked me to limit it to one or that the policies limited it to one I would be more than happy to oblige but for now since it is my stores’ policies to allow up to ten I will enjoy it : )

  8. Amber says

    Michelle I am glad that you posted this post! I work in Customer Service and we are enforcing the wording on the Target coupons. Some people get fustrated with it but it is just not fair. Target is now limiting the number of prints that you can print from thier website. I don’t see how people can use 10 coupons unless they copy them. You can tell when coupons are copied espeicially if they cut them together. If a person has 5 different computers in the house that is just a different story. I understand the target coupons will print with the same numbers, but copying is just not right! It even says “VOID IF COPIED”! Thank you again for bringing this to peoples attention!

    • Lynn says

      I have access to 6 computers (4 in my house, 2 at my parents), so I can legitimately get 12 coupons easily (more if I ask other family & friends to print), but I hate that people assume they have been copied just because I have access to so many. Plus, when you see that I have just as many manufacturer coupons printed for other items, all with different barcodes, then you know they are not copies!

      • Andrea says

        You say you “can legitimately get 12 coupons” from the Target website off of your 6 computers. However, I would not consider that “legitimate”. You are basically jumping from computer to computer to print more because you found a loop-hole to the 2-print limit. Just sayin’…

        • maddie says

          i don’t think it a loophole, i’m sure those companies know that most homes/work have multiple PCs, it would have been address already.you can print 2 per PC (or IP address). if you have 5, then you may print 10.

          though, if the coupon says 1 per visit, then use 1 coupon and make 10 visits.

        • Sarah says

          There is nothing wrong with using someone else’s computer to get more prints. If that person is not going to use them, then why not share. It is similar to trading coupons on the forum.

          • Andrea says


            I can see your point about if someone is not going to use theirs, I may as well! I guess my issue was more with those who have access to several computers of their own and print off each of them in order to cheat the system.

          • Amanda says

            I, too, have access to 5 computers (within my house, 3 laptops, and 2 desktops). I will do my two prints per computer, and if it is a great deal for something I need or can donate I will go to the library and print from their computers (mind you, I pay $0.15 per print). But I do not empty shelves, I ask the store grocery manager to order in extras and they put them aside for me. I do let him know that I will be using coupons, too. There is nothing wrong with using multiple printable coupons, in fact I have almost considered highlighting the different numbers on these coupons to point out that they are in fact from different computers and that I have not copied them.

        • STEVEN RODIER says


          • says

            No, the coupon sites do not go by IP address and will not ever go by IP address. You can turn your router off and on and get a new IP address all day long.

            The coupon sites go by the software you downloaded and installed on your computer. That is how they know if a certain computer has reached their print limit.

            Just curious, why are you screaming?

    • bern says

      i have 10 PCs at work that I can use so it’s possible that one can have 20Qs.

      but my publix does not accept target q, so that’s a bummer.

  9. says

    I agree that we should abide by the wording on the coupons. I try to read them all before I use them to avoid abuse.

    It’s possible that the woman separated her printed coupons to keep them from sticking together–I do that all the time because I print and cut the Qs together. I crinkle each Q a little differently, but if I intersperse the printed Qs with my other Qs they have a much better chance of all being scanned.

    My Publix doesn’t accept Target Qs but does accept Whole Foods, so I hope people continue following the rules!

    • Peg says

      I often intersperse printed Qs with newspaper Qs so they won’t stick together as bad. Also it’s easier to make sure the cashier doesn’t miscount and only scan 3 like coupons instead of 4 for example.

  10. says

    I did not know that we can use coupons, even if they expired if i have a raincheck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a raincheck and then have my coupons expire before I get a chance to use the raincheck and then I end up not using the rainchecks because I dont have any coupons.

  11. johne says

    Michelle, I respect your opinion. What if you have gone to the customer service desk and asked them if you can use multiple Target coupons? I have done this at several of my stores and have always been told it is OK. I don’t try to hide what I am doing and always stack like coupons together. If they were to tell me that I could only use one, I might not like it, but I would abide by whatever they said. I never use more than 4 identical Target coupons as I only have 2 computers to print from. I have asked at my local Target and they will accept up to 4 identical Target coupons as well. I feel, as long as you clear it with Customer Service-it is ethical and OK to do.

    • says

      Hey John,

      Ultimately the store has the final decision. If your store allows you to use multiple Target coupons then I would say you could use them with a free and clear conscience :-)

      BUT–I would recommend asking again if it has been a while since you have got the OK to use multiples. I am pretty they were told recently to start abiding by the wording.

      • johne says

        Thanks for the response, Michelle. Would it not be right to assume that cashiers would have been told about this change as well? I will definitely be sure to ask Customer Service again the next time I wish to use more than one like Target coupon at same time.

  12. Liz says

    My Publix’s accept up to 10 Target coupons per transaction.

    My Target also let’s us use 4 per transaction.

    I feel that if the customer service people don’t have a problem with using more than one, then we should be able to. :)

    Maybe in other areas people are just abusing the coupons more than in my area! Either way, I hope our stores don’t change!

  13. Lynsey says

    I have been told by my Publix that they will not take an expired coupon unless it is a Publix coupon with a raincheck. The reasoning was that they do not get paid back if it is after the expiration date. I understand that and am just thankful for the deals I do get from them :)

    • Cathy says

      According to the Publix website, they will also take manufacturer coupons after the expiration date with a raincheck (see below). I usually take a copy of their coupon policy with me as I never know if I will encounter a cashier or manager that tells me something different. Also, I know there is some “processing time” given AFTER a manufacturer coupon expires, so stores get reimbursed. I’m sure that’s why some stores accept coupons up to a month after the expiration date and still get reimbursed.


      Q: What if I have a rain check and a coupon for an item, but the coupon is now expired, though it was valid on the date the rain check was issued. Can I still use the coupon on the item?

      A: Yes, Publix will accept the coupon that was valid on the date the rain check was issued.

  14. says

    Publix has now told cashiers to read the fine print and only honor what the coupon says. Also, rain checks at publix are only good for 30 days, this is a corporate policy.

  15. crystal says

    well I do not live near a publix that accepts target so this is not/has never been an issue for me and I can say that I get great deals even w/o the Target matchups.

    I feel that this is a priviledge that Publix has given it’s shoppers… if they stop accepting Target coupons are you going to go buy that stuff at target instead of publix?? I bet not… because publix in general is soooo coupon friendly and you get the BEST deals there! So honestly there’s really not competition.

    I have noticed so much lately that people are getting very irate over what they see as a “RIGHT” and it’s not… coupons are not a right they are a privilegdge that companys do not HAVE to give out. Sure its a form of advertising for them and they may win a lifelong customer, but bottom line is they don’t HAVE to do it…

    I went to print the No Yolks egg noodles coupon and apparently some folks were having difficulty and the RUDE/IMPATIENT/ENTITLED type of comments was embarrasing to me as a couponer.

    No wonder a lot of people look at us badly… because so many people have bad attitudes and treat it like it’s their RIGHT!!

    I think that they have every right to limit it the way they want to.

  16. mari says

    I love how everybody is saying if they’re Publix accept it then they should be allowed to do it. But I guarantee you the same people are going to be the first wants to bright and complains when publix totally quits taking competitors coupons. You have to remember for every competitor coupon that is that used that they are losing that same amount in there store. if everybody sticks to the rules then chances are the rules won’t change but keep abusing them and they are almost guarantee to start changing cracking down or even making it work target coupons are no longer allowed….

  17. Ketsy says

    I don’t know if this was mentioned yet. The reasonning behind Target coupons is people have been photocopying them and even worst, whiting out the fine print and then copying them. First of all, the website only allows you to print two for a reason hence why Target themselves change the wording to one per person. On top of that, Publix isn’t getting paid for these, they take it as a loss assuming you’re loyal to them and purchasing other items that will make up for it. The lady in front of me the other day dared to tell the cashier that he ran out of ink when it was clear she did as I mentioned above. Anyhow, to each their own just don’t complain when it goes away and don’t come preaching to me about joining you on Sunday mornings.

    • bern says

      damn! whiting out the fine print restriction then copying them is pretty messed up. why don’t they just change the $1 off to $10 off? lol.

  18. David says

    My publixs is about moving product off the shelves. Many of you do not know that the way they staff is by the number of items moved from the shelves. If you all look at the s coupons it say the same thing. I love my publixs, and I appreciate them thinking about the employees and the customer when they take coupons.

  19. Roxy says

    Thank you so much for bringing this up. I was not aware of the expired coupon policy with a rain check. I also agree that I am fortunate that my Publix allows the use of competitor’s coupons. It is a privilege not a right. My Publix only allows one target coupon or offer per guest as stated. I still get plenty of great savings shopping at Publix. I also agree that when in doubt ask at customer service. Thanks again.

  20. Ketsy says

    On rainchecks. Rainchecks also have a limit. Technically you’re supposed to get up to 10 items or 5 deals. People complain about this too. If it was me I would one allow one deal so stop complaining. Also, the rainchecks are valid for the weekly flyers. Publiz is not supposed to give rainchecks for the yellow or green flyer since you have a month long to find the items and (usually) multiple Publix in the area. I’ve seen exceptions to this rule as well. I love rainchecks. As a matter of fact, when I am low on grocery money I do my weekly shopping Wednesday night (after all the overhaulers have gone through) in hope of getting some rainchecks.

  21. Jen says

    Ok, I have not read through the other comments yet, but thought I would share my thoughts, since the question is being asked. I have always only used one Target coupon since that is what the Target coupon clearly states. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if my local Publix will take multiples of a Target coupon. I just feel like if I am not allowed to use multiples of them at Target, why should I be able to at Publix? (and yes I know some Targets allow you to use multiples in one transaction but mine does not.)
    With manufacturer’s coupons and Publix coupons, I will use as many as necessary to purchase the amount of product I need to pick up for my family. But for Target, I’m sorry but I choose to go by what the coupon says. I know some people say, well my Publix says it’s fine. Well that’s like some people’s Publix store will says it’s fine to use more than 4 p&g in a transaction…I don’t know, for me I feel like no matter what the coupon is I should be going by the wording. The money is coming straight out of Publix’s pockets on those Target coupons and I think they are absolutely correct in saying they are going to start going by the wording on coupons. That way everyone is clear and we don’t have the abuse by people who can make copy after copy since there is no way to tell on the Target coupons.
    Really, I think the issue comes down to the fact that couponing has just become a big game to some people. They do it for the thrill of it, seeing how low they can get the total. I do enjoy couponing, but the bottom line is that I coupon because without doing so, I simply would not be able to feed my family. I can use one of each Target coupon I need and still save plenty on my bill, all the while being grateful that Publix accepts competitor coupons in the first place!

  22. Melissa says

    You know its very complicated. I have had store managers handle target coupons (and yes, sometimes I use 2 or 3 in the same transaction.) they have absolutely no problem with it, and I do NOT try to hide anything from them, and in the same store a regular old cashier will read, say nonono. I do not fight them, I just take the coupons back and finish the transaction.
    I think it has to do with the fact that very rarely is a Publix q limited to 1 per transaction (the $2 something that Central FL puts in the paper on sundays being the exception to the rule)
    The only time I have ever questioned a cashiers decision at a Publix re a coupon was when I was purchasing 2 neosporin. The wording on the Q was 1 coupon per person, 4 like coupons per transaction. (which is a bunch of baloney) so the manager was called over, who agreed that the wording was a bunch of baloney and let me get the 2 neosporin and use 2 coupons.
    I rarely fuss with Rain checks, and I have never had a coupon expire before the product for the raincheck was back on the shelf. Then again I have 3 Publix stores within 5 miles from my home, and 2 more that are just outside that distance if I really want to find something (the closer stores are more heavily couponed and run out more often). I have no problem running to another store. For that matter I usually end up shopping at least 2x per week, sometimes as many as 5 or 6, all at different stores depending on how awesome the ad is for me. That way I am not clearing shelves from any store and I can add in new deals from coupons that come out during the week that match the weeks ad.
    My Target is allergic to coupons so I rarely bother with them. They actually had an employee follow me around the store just because I walked in with my binder. That same employee then went and stood behind the cashier that checked me out to make sure that everything was legit. Sometimes I feel bad that I use Target store coupons at Publix way more than I use them at target.

    • Jenny says

      I have two targets near my home. One is exactly as you describe, totally allergic to coupons. They purposely give you a hard time with any and all coupons, mfg or store. Once, because the other target was out of stock, I went there and walked straight to customer service with my products and asked the manager to approve my use of the coupons for the products before I got in line to pay. Well, when I got in line, it still took 20min to cash out because the cashier didn’t believe me, had to call the manager, wait for her, and then she had to go through the whole process of reviewing the coupons AGAIN. So I don’t shop there any more, even for regular purchases and I will pass up a deal if my other target is out of stock. My other target is super nice about coupons. They take 2 target coupons per transaction. Its their store, their money, so I’ll follow whatever rules the managers insist on.

  23. Andrea says

    Well that is the first time I heard anything about the target coupon saying that. I have often used two target coupons I only have one computer to print from but I never read anything but the amount off and the expiration date I’ve never looked at anything else on the coupon. I didn’t know that.

  24. PianomanOrlando says

    Publix is in a tough spot on this one. If their policy is to take 10 “store” coupons, then one could argue that a Target coupon is like a Publix coupon and they should treat it like a Publix coupon.

    On the other hand, the coupon does specifically state ONE per person.

    My store used to take “a few” (the manager’s words), but it was abused. Someone had 150 of the Papermate coupons for free pens and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Word spread to ALL of the Publix stores here that they can only honor the competitor coupon if the rules stated on it are followed exactly.

    Stores are always willing to push the boundaries a bit. They love couponers in the store. Couponers create buzz in the store. Other customers often stop to watch (I’m sure we’ve all been applauded once or twice). It is great for them. However, it comes at a price that must be respected.

    There will always be those who try to take advantage of the kindness displayed by the store management. There are 7 Publix stores within just a few mile radius from my house. The managers at all of them (except the nasty, condescending folks at Winter Park Village) are the nicest, kindest, most helpful people you could find. Sadly there will always bee a small group that will take advantage of that kindness and forever make life more difficult for the rest of us.

  25. IHP_fan4life says

    Michelle, I totally agree with your original post, especially “Even though your local Target may not enforce this policy, you should abide by the wording at Publix.” All of the other commenters above who are saying that their “Publix store doesn’t enforce a limit, so they’ll just keep on doing it” are using that as an excuse to justify taking advantage of Publix stores’ generosity. If the Q says “limit one coupon per offer or guest,” then shoppers should do it!–regardless of what your store allows. What’s so hard about that? If you’re a true couponer and believe in the integrity of couponing, you would observe the language on the TQ.

    • Kris says

      Totally agree! And if the the abusive copuponers would just go by the same rules as everyone else, Publix wouldn’t have to constantly change their coupon policy. There will come a day when they get fed up and totally do away with competitor coupons and ruin it for not only themselves, but for everyone else as well.

  26. Amy says

    My publix would let u do ten till abt a month ago because one lady went to four stores and cleaned them out with target coupons. So now it’s one per person

  27. Laura says

    If you read the printed Target coupons they do say one per customer. Publix is just asking us to adhere to the policy printed on each coupon. Who can blame them. Publix does not benefit from these coupons they loose money. I know that I want them to continue to be successful because of the great savings I get there whether I use a Target coupon or not. Let’s face it the people that are trying to cheat the system are just ruining it for everyone. Couponing is getting harder because of these people. I truly believe it is a matter of time before using competitor coupons at Publix is no longer going to be an option.

  28. Leah says

    My Publix still allows multiple Target coupons per transaction. I do not abuse the generosity, though. I generally used 2 “like” Target coupons per transaction at most. That’s because I shop with my son. Since the coupon says limit one coupon or offer per guest, I figure that we are two guests and I’m abiding by the wording.

  29. Christa says

    Repeated abuse of Target coupons by shelf-clearers at our Publix is exactly what led our store to stop accepting all Target coupons. It has definitely affected our grocery bill. Such a shame that a few people ruin it for everyone else.

  30. Ashley says

    I have to disagree with you Pianoman, but only about the Publix in Winter Park Village. I really like to shop at this Publix and with the exception of 1 cashier, I have never had any problems. The managers are always willing to help and they make sure that if there is a problem then they fix it. I had one cashier(the bad one) tell me that I couldnt use that many Publix qs and the man. qs to go with them, that there was too many, and the manager came over, told her she was wrong and apologized. This same cashier (during Dr. P deal) counted my sodas 5 or 6 times and ekpt telling me there wasnt enough sodas in my cart to do the deal. I had 24 sodas (and before anyone says anything it was at 9:30 on the day it ended) and she kept telling me I only had 23 so I couldnt use all of the qs. And was nasty about it, the bagger went and got a manager who came and counted them in front of her and said, there is 24 what is the problem?
    But as long as I dont have to go to that cashier I do not have any problems at all.

    Now everything else I agree with you about. There are a lot of people that abuse the system and take advantage of the stores any way they can, but you have that with anything. If you give an inch they will take a mile.

  31. johne says

    Regarding the use of multiple identical Target coupons(if allowed by Customer Service) at Publix. I figure that stores have the right to override wording on store coupons. I figure that manufacturers set the terms on manufacturers coupons and therefore stores should not be able to override the terms of manufacturers coupons because it is not in their level of authority. Manufacturers only, IMO, have the right to alter the terms on manufacturers coupons.

  32. Elaine says

    I must admit that I am a little torn on this issue and i’ll just share my 2 cents. I don’t think that “abuse” is the correct word here… (unless you are talking about the lady that had 150 paper mate pen Target coupons!) My Publix will allow 10 Target coupons and although I have never used 10, I have used 4. To me this is NOT abusing the policy because Publix allows me 10. I am NOT breaking any of the rules. If Publix were to limit me to one then that would be ok and I would gladly abide by that rule. Just because you feel that someone isn’t doing something the way you would or the way you think they should, please don’t be rude or mean to them. I have recently had an experience where someone did not like the fact that I did a $1.00 money maker on Advil a few weeks back. To them this was “abusing” the policy when in fact I used a PQ with a MQ just like I am allowed. They were very rude and for this reason, I have decided not to tell anyone that I coupon and not to share any of my stockpile overages unless it’s with family. If i’m not breaking any of the rules, then I shouldn’t be treated as if I’m the one ruining it for everyone else.

    As far as cracking down on coupons, I have spoken with Customer Service in both Publix and Target, and the main reason that they are cracking down is because of the returns that are being done on products purchased with coupons. People are paying dirt cheap prices with fraudulent coupons and then returning them for full price and walking away with cash. (This is an issue that also has to be addressed with Publix and Target registers and return policies. They need to figure something out instead of punishing us who use coupons properly.)

    • JeffVL says

      Target has less of a problem with that because they only have to deal w/ mfr Qs & returns. They do not refund the money from a T Q and their receipt will say that on the “package”. Publix is using older software on their POS and does not show what item used a competitor Q.

      • JeffVL says

        And in Michelle’s (in my opinion – convoluted [that it’s not scamming the system]) way of thinking of 2 Qs shopping three times a week is not the same as 6 Qs in 1 day 1 time a week…

        The papermate pens were on sale for at least 3-4 weeks in my area – so you can use 10 coupons in each store… so for 4 days for – say 3 weeks = 120 packs – and you need to hit at least 3 stores … for a total of 360 packs – BETTER THAN A LEMONADE STAND – you can sit out on the corner selling papermate pens … that’s the ticket !!

        Next time I need to shop, I’ll just get the bus to stop by target on the way with the football team and … just think of all those pens !!

  33. tiffanie says

    I’d also like to bring up the issue of fraudulent Target coupons. All of the Publix in my area have started posting that they do not accept certain Target coupons. I was told that someone had been making fake coupons. When I attempted to use the $1 off 2 Quaker coupon with the sale today(which wasn’t one of the coupons as being “bad”), I was told that it was a fake. I was really confused by this since I had printed it off of Target’s site myself. The cashier told me that someone has been posting fraudulent coupons on the site itself and showed me that the coupon was missing the Target logo. When I checked all of my other Target coupons I realized that they had the logo and this one did not. I don’t know what Target has to say about this, but everyone may want to check their coupons carefully.

    • JeffVL says

      “When I attempted to use the $1 off 2 Quaker coupon with the sale today(which wasn’t one of the coupons as being “bad”), I was told that it was a fake.”

      By who… a cashier that hasn’t got a clue and just makes up some bogus statement ???

      “…I had printed it off of Target’s site myself. The cashier told me that someone has been posting fraudulent coupons on the site itself and showed me that the coupon was missing the Target logo.”

      and Target Corp doesn’t know anything about it … but some cashier does ???

      and because some graphic artist made a mistake or the website folder didn’t get the Tlogo.jpg ???

      and if it’s on Ts website, then it’s a legitimate Q – unless they’re going to put out info that they were hacked

      • Tiffanie says

        As I stated, I’m not sure what Target has to say with regards to whether or not they have been hacked. The cashier got her information from her management and she accepted all of my other Target coupons with no problem. As to the legitimacy of the coupons, I’m not really as concerned with speculating as with sharing the experience I had with my fellow couponers so that they may be prepared if they run into similar problems at the checkout. Thanks for your thoughts. Have a great day!

  34. kelley c says

    Shoot, I just did that with the Knorr deal. Used 3 TQs and 2 MQs to get a bunch really cheap, didn’t even realize. Has this wording always been there or has Target recently changed the wording. I will def ask next time before using more than one…..oops.

  35. MauraFlorida says

    I agree completely about not abusing rain checks, but I have mixed feelings regarding your argument about using Target coupons.

    All my local Publix supermarkets accept Target and Winn Dixie coupons, and my Target does not enforce the quantity limits printed on their own coupons. I had been limiting myself at Target per the coupon verbiage until I began reading shopping trip breakdowns and realized many people use multiple identical Target “limit one” printables in a single Target transaction. I asked my Target cashier during one trip about this practice, and he matter-of-factly told me that the manager of my store allows people to use more than one because they want to keep the customers shopping at Target.

    I am one of the couponers who uses more than one like Target coupon in a single transaction (usually two on a BOGO, but as many as three on occasion as in my recent six-box Ritz purchase) despite the limiting verbiage on the Target coupon. I haven’t given it much thought because my sense is that Publix accepts multiples for the same reason Target does – to keep me buying the product in their stores instead of Target or any other competitor who accepts Target coupons. In other words, I see it as a management decision to accept more than one in a single transaction.

    My Publix supermarkets (four within a five-mile radius) always follow the stated limits of competitor coupons – as I would expect – because they have an obligation to the manufacturers who will be reimbursing them. But they do not get reimbursed by competitors, and my feeling has been that if Publix wanted to enforce the stated limits printed on competitor coupons, they would.

    Moreover, even though the Publix printable coupons have print limits of two per computer, I know some people have written on coupon blogs that their stores allow them to buy up to 10 items per IP coupon at the discount, even when the deal is a blatant money-maker. I have never done that or even asked about doing that with IP Qs (although I have three computers, so I print six of the coupons I really want). I have asked cashiers to use single GAB and YAB coupons more than once to keep from having to cut up multiple booklets, a practive I started after a cashier told me I only needed one coupon from the booklets to use on multiple deals and didn’t even need to cut it out but could rather just point to it.

    Also, I have been cheerfully told that despite the “one coupon per item” limits printed on their own in-store Publix coupons offered on tearpads or coupon stands (like the Best Meals coupons), if I want more items than I have Publix coupons for, I only need to tell the cashier to enter the LU# as many times as I want. This happened to me a couple of months ago when I wanted to buy four Progresso soups for $0.50 each and only had one $1/1 Publix coupon; I stopped at the courtesy desk to ask if they had any more Progresso coupons because I only had one coupon and the cardboard coupon stand had been removed, and was told with a wave of the hand that I did not need a coupon for each one and only needed to tell the cashier how many times to enter the LU#.

    I do understand that Publix could be expected to me more flexible with their own coupons than they are with Target coupons, but the fact remains that Publix prints limiting verbiage on their own in-store coupons (they could remove that wording if they wanted to) and limits IP Qs to two per computer and then ignores those limits despite its being highly likely that the company has calculated the number of coupons to print or allow to be printed based on the amount of money they are willing to spend for a specific promotion.

    Moreover, I have been shocked to read comments by people who say their Publix supermarkets accept expired manufacturer coupons up to a certain length of time (one month past expiration, six months, etc.).

    Are you making a worthy argument about not abusing coupon policies in order to preserve what we already have? Yes, you are, and it goes for all stores, not just Publix. I am picking up hints from comments here and there that some Publix stores are beginning to insist that stated limits printed on competitor coupons be followed. It’s perfectly understandable that they would tighten up policy given the low margins for grocery profits, but I strongly believe that whatever policies are determined by the corporate office should be enforced consistently in every store.

    I suspect people who know about Target printables and who use them at Publix represent a minority of shoppers, but an informed minority keenly interested in saving every penny and probably aware of coupon sites like this one wherein people talk openly about what does and doesn’t go at their stores. When you know some people are allowed to use a single Publix IP coupon ten times on a BOGO + MQ + PQ stack even though it’s making them enough money to pay for several packages of steak (something I saw in one transaction a few months ago), the temptation is going to be high to use two or more identical “one per guest” Target IP Qs in a single transaction if the store allows it.

    I don’t mean to disparage your argument for self-policing our individual coupon use out of respect for Publix and with an eye to keeping the coupon policy as generous as it is, but I also believe Publix ought to publish extremely clear policies on every matter and enforce those policies consistently in every store. It doesn’t benefit Publix or their customers when word gets around that the Publix on Main St. in Anytown allows customers to do x, y, and z even though those practices are against published company policy. That sort of thing gives people the impression that coupon policy is more a matter of having a “nice” versus “hard-nosed” manager than it is about establishing clear guidelines that are fairly applied to every customer in every store.

    • IHP_fan4life says

      Oh, the lengths people will go to in order to justify (and defend) their actions, especially in a public forum.

      • JeffVL says

        There’s nothing to “justify (and defend)”. There’s a policy… it has specific “rules” to follow … not the ones cashiers & CSRs “make up” because they don’t comprehend Enlish (see walmartz personnel). I believe that Publix Corp is savvy enough to know whether they need to update their coupon policy if it is negatively affecting their profits. Just like (example) people whining about taxes and offshore accounts – if it’s legal – then there’s nothing to defend. If you don’t like it – get the law changed.

  36. rena j says

    I had a question. If the target coupon says 1 per guest or customer and NOT 1 per transaction, I was always under the impression if my kids or husband is with me I would be able to use a target coupon per person since they are customers as well.

  37. Ginger Cleland says

    OH MY GOSH. i DID NOT KNOW THAT PUBLIX TOOK RAIN CHECKS! I went to 5, yes 5 today looking for the glade expression refills and they all had the Glade expression starter kits but NO REFILLS. I explained to the stock person that I was looking for all of it together so that each coupon would cancel the other out, and I walk out paying NADA. He said “yeah” lots do that”. NEVER mentioned rain checks..also happened with the Bic flame disks too.
    Thanks, I will go back tomorrow and get my rain checks:)

    as for the abuse of coupons, I agree.. I sit up very late on the night before I shop to make sure 1. coupons are valid, 2. they are stacked. It would be a shame if due to others greed coupons were no longer used. But you know the saying. “One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch” :(

  38. Jayline says

    I understand what everyone is saying but for me I feel that if your told it can’t be done then maybe you shouldnt do it whether its in one state or another we will all get punished for others doing these over the top purchases. I would understand if maybe you separate your orders or you buy for your whole family but even then limits will be put, it’s like having a family of 4 and buying 20 box of ritz cracker that’s something that is on sale often but just because you have 20 target coupons you will use them all. I completely understand the waste of a printed coupon but jus because i have the ability im not going to do it. im not giving everyone a fair chance and I understand that most of us do donations and give to family members but why not just teach your family how to coupon so you only have to buy for your family it’s like the show extreme couponing that person is not going to eat all of that and it will get bad. There’s always limitations because people don’t know how to follow rules for those of you who are I’m proud to say that your great couponers because publix gives us sale that most of other stores don’t. I think we should appreciate instead of taking advantage of the circumstance. Those who really need these saving can’t afford to be punished for others misbehavior. I didn’t write this to offend anyone just to inform that your are not the only ones who need these saving. Selfishness doesn’t go far and we should always think about the next person.

  39. Jen says

    Well if we are not supposed to use 2 targets then you shouldn’t post it as “as low as 30 cents EACH” because that means you would use one per item on a bogo sale. You are telling me that all this time you have posted your deals and have not included two. Sorry Michelle, that’s a lie! I really love your website and use it frequently, but this is a load of crap. I know people abuse the policy by using ten or so coupons, but still what you are saying is crap! Me buying two items on a bogo sale and using two targets is not abuse, sorry I disagree! And unti not I was doing exactly what your website said!

    • johne says

      Excuse me-you are totally incorrect. The statement would be correct in half priced BOGO. That is why she puts “as low as”.

      • johne says

        The statement I am referring to as being correct is the “as low as 30 cents” statement that you referenced. What you are saying is totally wrong!

        • Jen says

          Also in the friday posts that state how much she paid for things there have been more than one target used. I just don’t think you can say you only one target. I think someone is not being truthful.

          • says

            Jen you are welcome to get a grumpy and rotten as you like but again…you might want to consider all of the facts.

            Because I create one big list to share does not mean I did not shop only once. I often hit the store 2 -3 times a week.

            How you choose to interpret things is obviously not always correct!!

          • Jen says

            So because you shop multiple times makes it ok. Way to go around the rules. That makes it ethical… Please don’t call me grumpy or rotten… I am just trying to understand why you are so upset over someone using two targets in one transaction, especially if the store allows it. I don’t think that will ruin it for couponers.

          • T&B in Tampa says

            Yes actually shopping multiple times does make it OK and not “unethical” as you are insinuating.

            If Michelle chooses to print her maximum number of prints from the Target website and follows the wording on the coupon – using only one per trip. She is following the rules 100% –which if I am not mistaken, the “meat” of this whole article.

            Follow the rules or risk having the rules changed – plain and simple.

          • Kipsmyboy says

            I think grumpy & rotten is actually a nice thing to call you
            I think b*tch might be actually more appropriate.

            If you don’t want to follow the rules – so be it. Don’t complain when the policy changes. You can then thank all the people who thought the rules did not apply to them.

            Michelle feel free to delete if you need to – it needed to be said!

      • Mel says

        For example, Jen: If an item is BOGO and $2.60 and the match-up says you can use a $1 Target coupon, then in true BOGO land you would buy 2 ($2.60), use 1 Target coupon ($1 off) and pay, $1.60 ($0.80 each). In half-price BOGO you would buy one at half price ($1.30), use 1 Target coupon ($1 off) and pay $0.30, hence the wording “as low as” $0.30.

    • says

      Actually you are wrong!!

      I don’t post using two coupons…you have to remember in some areas we only need to use one as we get items half price –thus “as low as” –I only need to use one coupon…not two to get the price!

      Careful calling people a liar without considering all the facts…

          • Jen says

            not really. Actually it says per item, excuse me. But it should say off ONE item! Sorry if you think Im ridiculous, I just think what Michelle posted were some pretty strong feeling and I think she needs to look at her own wording.

          • says

            Jen I am not going to argue semantics with you. Feel free to whine and grump all you want. I doubt many people will care about your tirade.

            It’s Friday…I am going to go enjoy the day. Happy Friday guys :-)

          • Jen says

            you know what they say about assumming. Please don’t attack me. I know everyone has Michelle’s back but, I just think the post was a little over the top. I have praised her website to everyone and always tell people to check out I Heart Publix, but I disagree with the post.

          • JeffVL says

            SO THAT’S IT !! All the coupon policies were written by women … and … “you’re not supposed to follow what I wrote … you’re supposed to do what I meant to say”

      • Andrea says

        Seems to me that Jen should pay closer attention to ALL of your posts. For example, the last thing you wrote on THIS post was “I know some of you will have other things to add – let’s hear it. (JUST KEEP IT NICE)”. Guess she missed that last part! :)

  40. Amber says

    My Publix allows multiple Target coupons. I keep them together. You can only print 2 from each computer, so, in most cases, that eliminates a ton being used at once. The Lunchable ones are one of my favorites actually.

    With all that being said, we all need to be respectful of our local stores’ policies and other shoppers. I would HATE not being able to use Target coupons at Publix.

  41. Amber says

    Oh, and my Target allows multiple coupons too. I use 4, 2 from each computer, on every trip. I would gladly do multiple transactions but, when I ask, the cashiers tell me to use them all at once.

  42. B says

    Well, technically, it is a “Target” coupon and therefore should not be used in Publix. However, if Publix thinks it is good business to honor it and they are the ones taking the hit for the sake of earning your business, go ahead and follow any of the rules Publix deems acceptable. They are already rewriting the rules by accepting the Target coupon in the first place. The rules printed on the Target coupon is for using at Target. Publix is perfectly in their right to make up their own rules for the coupon. The cashiers are perfectly capable of informing you of the policies and you are in your right to question if he has it right. In the end it’s up to the store manager.

    • chelle says

      B, I happen to agree with what you say 100%! Why nobody else has realized this I do not know! People have always used more then 1 Target q in transactions,all this crap happened because Publix lost alot of money in that Papermate mix! All the stores are not enforcing this 1 Target per Transaction. They did get burned because there was some greedy people out there and I guess there still is. But it is up to them what they do and how they do it! I shop at a brand new store and asked if there is any changes and was told no,and it was up to the store mgr. if he allowed 1 or more comp. qs. There are to many self righteous people who are to quick to say OH I only use 1,well I bet most of them have used more then one on many occasions. And they want to be the coupon police,they should worry about what rules their store enforces,because when it comes right down to it eventually it will be a mgrs call!

    • I Work There says

      I think the point is that if people would simply follow the rules as stated on a coupon there would not be ANY ISSUES.

      Publix is in the business of pleasing the customer. Publix, in all of their best efforts, often shoots themselves in the foot with their leniency. Sure, a store here allows XYZ and the other allows something entirely different. This is to give the stores the ability to determine competitors based on location. Unfortunately there are so many individuals who make it their mission to cheat and work the system, that this flexibility is taken advantages of.

      Does Publix need to revamp policy dictating specific coupon use? In my opinion – yes. I think when that happens many couponers are not going to like what they get. The more specific the policy – the fewer competitors allowed, if any at all.

      Michelle’s point that simply following the rules set forth on the coupon means that the abuse will greatly diminish. Will it go away entirely? No, there will always be those people who will find loopholes and other ways to bend the rules. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. At some point something will have to give.

  43. Jayline says

    I’m sorry but Jen what you just write makes no sense each mean each item not one item and not the other if she write 30 cents each one that means she paid 60cents for both and in some areas the prices are different I do not think you should call anyone a liar because you blaming her for whatever mistake you made when you read the beginning of her ads post she writes if there’s any mistake she sorry because she’s not perfect so like I said don’t argue just agree because she’s not against you she actually helping you because she doesn’t have to do this for us she doing it because it’s benefiting us not her. So relax and don’t accuse others for perhaps a misreading more a typo. Whether something is 30 or 70 doesn’t make a different cause she doesn’t write how many could b used she always puts one coupon of each either it’s manufacturer or competitor. There’s no reason for anyone to argue over this she’s just informing you of what happening and what should and shouldn’t be done

    • Jen says

      I have not been clear enough. When she writes for example 30 cents per item which is including two coupons. per item being the referenced wording. It would really need to say off One or your first item, because your second item whether is true bogo or half bogo would not be as cheap.

  44. jamie says

    Calm down… everyone here uses multiple target coupons. So whats the diffrence of how many transactions you do in a week? I guess i like to save gas and use what i need and what my store allows. So just because you spead them out your still using probly more than that girl that started this whole debate. Who knows maybe i was that girl :)

  45. Jayline says

    I understand everyone has their opinion and are allowed to voice it but like I said before she’s not a liar but we all do make mistake so to call someone a liar is mean maybe you should’ve said but Michelle in your post it says something else because the way you may have thought it didn’t come out right in your writing I understand that you believe it’s fine to use more then one but that’s not the issues I believe you should be able to use more then one but not to take it over the top and use 10 in one transition I believe people should limit themselves just a little cause it affect everyone she’s just letting people know to read their coupons and make sure they are redeeming them properly so that no changes arise in the future for all of us cause it’s every single person that comes on this site that it will affect

  46. Jeanette Williams says

    It is very interesting to read all of the posts here and quite timely that this should come up now. Has anyone else noticed that Target is now allowing more that one coupon per customer on their coupons? I’ve always separated my transactions and when possible take my husband along when doing multiple deals at Target. I noticed lately that a lot of the deal posts included more than one Target coupon so I decided to try it. The register didn’t beep and the cashier read each coupon. The next time I’m in Target I will ask about this but has anyone else noticed this change?

    Also Publix is taking a hard line on rain checks. In some of the stores, managers are being called to sign and I’ve also been asked for the specific flavor or type that is out. Also in my stores they no longer give rain checks back if quantities are remaining. What they will do is write another rain check for the remaining quantity if the product is not available.

    It seems the stores are just making it hard for us.

    • Helen says

      Yes, my cousin is a manager at Publix. They must now do an actual “check” to see if there is any supply of an item left (on shelf and in stockroom) before issuing a rain check a customer is requesting. People were getting rainchecks to fraudently obtain more product at sale price beyond the time limit the sale was actually for when there actually was product availability. Remember people… Publix is rather generous with their coupon acceptance policies with stacking. Why push your limits to ruin a good thing?

  47. Deb says

    Some stores are cutting back on the # of coupons allowed. The Publix I shop at will now accept only (2) Target coupons of same product and Target will only accept (4) coupons (of any type) on same product. Target’s new computer system is set up to reject extra coupons used for same product. I’m a manager there and we are being told to strictly enforce coupon policy even if it means losing that customer because studies show we do not make a profit from such customers anyway.

    Thanks to those who have abused the privilege of using coupons, restrictions will be and are being tightened.

  48. m says

    “It was quite clear the woman was attempting to be devious as she did not stack the coupons together. She interspersed the coupons throughout the pile to avoid drawing attention to the fact that she had so many.”

    I find that the printed coupons tend to stick together more than coupons from the Sunday inserts – so it makes sense to alternate between the two when organizing your coupon pile for a shopping trip. I really wish people wouldn’t be so quick to assume the worst and vilify others.

    • says

      Yeah…I guess I should have added that the cashier called her a “habitual cheater” and said she would be back the next day to return half her order for full credit.

    • Laura says

      It wouldn’t matter how a customer seperated them at my publix. The cashiers split all coupons into 3 groups, Publix pile to be ready to key in the LU’s. Manuf pile to scan quickly. Target, Kroger or other store pile. They do the competitor pile last, adding them together to key as one line, say -4.50 competitor.

    • Allison says

      When We have more than 1 of a coupon, even the sunday paper 1s, the cashiers tend to miss some if We don’t alternate them with other coupons. To assume she was trying to trick the cashier is a little much….

  49. JP says

    Always, always follow the rules. Lately I am embarrassed to even hand over the 2-4 coupons I use. A small segment of fellow couponers are becoming rude. I see some whipe out the entire shelf just as I am waiting to obtain only one of the item.

    Not the topic here, but what really gets me hot is the people who walk around the store taking all the coupons off items they are not even purchasing. That is stealing in my opinion. Over the summer someone asked me if I saw any additional displays of a specific wine that had a great hang tag coupon. The person was trying to take each of them without purchasing a single bottle. I suppose others need them more than me and I am able to hang my head high when using coupons which are all legally obtained.

    Life is not fair I know, but I am reminded more of it while shopping that anywhere else.

  50. mariah says

    wow, i will be sure and check with my Publix store that accepts target Q’s. I want to coupon the right way. So far there has not been an issue, but I will most def chat with them the next time I am there. Thanks!

  51. Deb says

    I will continue to do what my store allows according to my store’s policy.

    To say since your store doesn’t allow you to do something, I shouldn’t do it (even if my store does allow it), seems crazy to me.

    And to infer that if I do follow my store’s policy which is different from yours that I am ruining it for all mankind and couponer’s for future generations, seems even crazier to me.

    Some of the comments act like everyone only buys the deals, therefore walking out of the store with only free items each week. If thats the case, I don’t know how you do it. I still spend plenty of money on groceries, I haven’t gotten to the place where I only go for the deals. My family needs meat, and fruit, and vegetables, and eggs, and milk and while I can get great deals on free Advil, or vitamins, or crackers….we can’t survive on this stuff alone.

    • I heart Publix too says

      A little dramatic don’t you think. In case you haven’t picked up on the comments yet, stores are cracking down on Target coupon use. I am not sure if Michelle was contacted by corporate but she seems to somehow know that corporate sent out a directive for stores to allow only one Target coupon for your basket purchase. If your store is not yet enforcing this rule, it is likely that they will be soon.

      And yes the abuse by a few is the reason. No store can take hits like we have from extreme couponers using all those coupons and wiping clean the shelves then expecting us to pay them. It seems that her prediction that you deem crazy might actually come true.

      • JeffVL says

        ” I am not sure if Michelle was contacted by corporate but she seems to somehow know that corporate sent out a directive for stores to allow only one Target coupon for your basket purchase.”

        Yes – at your store – and just you.

        Another one for the rumor mill… “she seems to somehow know” ??? This is just sad… maybe she checked with Miss Cleo…

        There is no change at any of the more than 8 Publix that I shop in my area (one has always been a little difficult – but the rest fine)(no… actually > great)

        Did Publix make sure it was okay to change their policy with each customer. I didn’t get to vote. And I doubt when they change it again that anyone will get to vote on it.

      • Deb says

        Well I think You are overly dramatic as well to assume that using more than one Target coupon will be the reason why Publix can’t survive.

        Maybe its the BOGOS maybe, its penny items, maybe its double coupons, maybe its accepting $$ off coupons, maybe its having store coupons, maybe its giving those special 2.00 coupons in certain countys,maybe its giving out free tastings at the apron stand, maybe too many kids are getting free cookies….someone please help stop the madness……(Now THAT’S dramatic

        P.S. My store lets me use more than one Target coupon, but so you can sleep at night..I promise to only use one.
        P.S.S. (Not really, I lied to you so you could sleep at night)

  52. RN! says

    It is quite interesting that you posted this today Michelle, as I came home from shopping at Publix after a long day at work and am quite frustrated with the Manager of the Decatur, AL Publix. I try very hard to be as honest and ethical as I can when I coupon. I don’t clear shelves. I have never copied coupons. I do, however, have several computers at home and use multiple Target coupons, but only because my store has said it was OK to do so. I am friendly to other shoppers and the employees, sharing coupons when I can. I don’t abuse rain checks and to tell you the truth rarely ask for rain checks anymore because of the hassle of getting them. This store I shop at is the only one in my area. I pass by 5 grocery stores (Kroger, Foodland, Food World, WalMart and Aldi) to shop at Publix. This store limits deals on hot sale items, sometimes to only 1 or 2 deals (Schick Inuition was 1 deal, Emerald Breakfast on the Go was one deal, Beneful dog food 2 deals, Yakisoba noddles 3 deals today). They also limit deals on rain checks to 2 deals (they did this for a while, then supposedly corporate told them not to do that anymore, but are back to limiting rain check deals). When you ask for a raincheck (and this has been the case for well over a year), they call someone to check the shelves, then check the stockroom before writing the rain check. This sometimes takes them as long as 10 minutes and when you find multiple items you are wanting not on the shelves and have to keep asking for things, it gets really old. It is for these reasons that I have pretty much stopped asking for rain checks. All that being said, I want to relay what happened today at Publix. There was no Friendship sour cream, nor Magnum Ice Cream Bars on the shelves. I paid for my groceries and was about to leave the store when the Manager walked by and asked if I found everything OK, to which I replied “Actually, I am glad you asked me that because it reminded me to get my rain checks.” You should have seen his face. He then said, Oh, I shouldn’t have asked that. What are you needing a rain check for?” I told hint the items I wanted and he offered to substitute the Breakstone’s Sour Cream for the Friendship. I told him I had a coupon for the Friendship brand and he wanted to see it. I got it out of my binder and he looked at it and told me to keep it to use later and that he would just let me have the Breakstones at the sale price of the Friendship brand. I told him I wasn’t understanding what he wanted to do because I really just wanted my rain check so that I could purchase my sour cream on sale using my coupon. I explained i only wanted four. He then again told me he would substitute the sour cream, basically refusing me a rain check. I have been told that the number of rain checks written at this store is one of the highest of all Publix stores, but I assure you it is not due to my asking for them. Also, with the DP and Mountain Deals, they were a major pain about the YABF coupons. With the DP deal (which was with the Coke deal in my area), they wouldn’t let me use a YABF coupon when I bought 3 12 packs saying I had to buy 4 because the coupon didn’t apply to the one I was getting free with the sale. I contacted corporate and guess what…they sent my email back to the store for their review and I was again told I couldn’t use the coupon unless I bought 4. It was only after I called the corporate number and talked to 2 different people that they spoke with a higher-up in CS that said they intact new about the YABF coupon being combined with the sale and that I was correct about its use. They then called the Decatur store and told them this and I went and got my 3 DPs using my YABF coupon. Now comes the next week’s sale. This same Store Manager wouldn’t allow but 3 YABF coupons to be used when 12 packs were purchased. 4 coupons should have been allowed if all Mountain Dew products were purchased. I spoke with him about this Friday night, the last night of the sale and he told me I was almost getting them free anyways and begrudgingly told me I could use 4 after he asked me if that is all I came in the store to buy. I told him I had passed multiple stores to go there to get the drinks as well as dog food and other items that I could have bought elsewhere. I have never been rude or ugly at all as I know I don’t need to burn any bridges since this is the only Publix remotely close to me, but this is getting ridiculous. Thank you for allowing me to vent!

  53. Laura says

    I have been printing Target coupons for 2 years and they have all said limit one of the same coupon per guest. So I have always abided by that at both Target and Publix. The rare times I have wanted 2 of a deal I would run in and grab the item & check out in the express lane & take it to the car. Then I’d go back in with a big cart and do my full amount of shopping to use the other target print. I thought it a little silly having do sep transactions to use both Target prints but from my understanding of the one per guest wording that’s how I’ve always done it. I think the most target I have ever used in one transaction at publix was 5 diff target coupons so I didn’t even know there was a limit.

    • JeffVL says

      Must be only the ones you printed.

      I have many that do not say that. Some say one coupon per item…

      Fact…not “well I heard”, or someone said…

      • Laura says

        In my post I only addressed printables. I do have several pages of Target store coupons I received in postal mail. They all state “Limit 4 identical coupons per household per day”.

        And I have some Target store coupons I clipped from the newspaper. Some have the same wording as the mailed ones 4 per hh per day but others state a limit of 2 per guest.

        But the ones I have printed off their website clearly state “Limit one coupon or offer per guest”. That is the wording that I have not seen change as long as I have been printing Target.

        • JeffVL says

          “In my post I only addressed printables.” So am I. Ts Q for $0.50 off Sobe 20 oz lifewater Expires 4/9/11 states

          Valid in store only. This coupon for use by original recipient only. Limit one coupon or offer per transaction. Void if altered, transferred, purchased, sold or prohibited by law. Item(s) may not be available at all stores. Quantities limited, no rain checks. Coupon value may not exceed value of item purchased. No cash value.

          And I have other “printables” with different verbage than that (x7/6/11 “… Limit one item or offer per coupon.”… etc.)

      • Sarah says

        The Target store coupons that you print are the only ones that says Limit one per guest. If you print a manufacturer’s coupon from the Target website, it won’t say this (probably because the barcode changes with each print) and if you have Target coupons from a mailer or insert, they don’t says this either. I assume it is because of the difficult to copy a non-printable coupon.

  54. says

    I never knew target coupons said that. I always put the same coupons Target and my Publix never says anything.

    Also their system does say competitor and if its a store it will say what it was for.

  55. Jennifer M says

    Target coupons are limited to two per trip at my store. Perfectly fine because that is how many you can print from one computer. (we have smart phones with a wireless, so three sets for us) if I intend to use more, then I go back later that week. This came about after dial (I think) target coupons were on coupons.com with individual barcodes and serial numbers. At least one person copied these coupons, and the store didn’t get reimbursed. I thought this was horrible! Do you really need body wash that bad? It’s free all the time legit. They made 20+ copies. My store respects me well and knows I play by the rules and will go out of there way to make sure I am taken care of. I one had the store manager check with me three weeks later on the nestle drumsticks to make sure I finally got my rain check filled

    • Jen says

      Thanks! I was feeling like either people didn’t understand me or they just were being loyal. People had things to say to me but no one was responding to to the wording error.

  56. Danielle says

    My local Publix has not limited the number of Target coupons per item and my son’s gf is a Publix cashier and she does not know anything about a change to the policy. Using too many Target coupons is not the only “abuse” of couponing. I see it every time I go to Publix. Publix offers stores coupons to buy the large boxes of granola bars and people use them for the small boxes and add a manufacturer coupons to it. You read about it on the Friday finals, bought the ketchup on sale and used the coupon for the free lea & perrins worcestershire sauce and the ketchup is not even the right size. I read a post tonight, someone bragged/bought 27 packs of the noodles in one trip, so much for the limit of 10.

    I have heard the stories about the rude people using coupons, trying to use coupons for items not purchased, getting upset because they are trying to use coupons that they should not be, and behaving like the store is doing something wrong. Rest assured the “extra” Target coupons are not the only reason that Publix will consider changing their coupon policy again.

    I have checked several different website match ups and this is the best site I have found. Michelle actually posts the coupons that you can use, not anything out there that might work if the UPC’s match up.

    • Amanda says

      I am buying a large quantity of ken’s dressings on this sale and also a large quantity of the noodles. However, I have asked the grocery manager of my local publix to order those in for me so I will not leave their shelves empty. They will allow you to do that and not have limits, at least that is what my Publix did. When I say a large quantity I mean 100 dressings and 30 noodles. I do donate when there are natural disasters or to those in need. I even asked him to order in 8 of the Smart balance milks so there would be plenty for others as well. It’s just a matter of respect that some do not have. I always pay my taxes, and I never try to use coupons that are not for a specific size or item. I stack them per item and even tell the cashier how many I have.

      • RN! says

        The Publix in my area won’t order anything in that has a coupon for it. Deals are limited to whatever they feel like limiting them to.

    • JeffVL says

      The problem could be easily resolved when Publix decides to have their POS software fully utilize the GS1 barcocodes on mrf Qs and stop using the LU#s and put in an internal “barcode” (as target does) on their Qs

  57. Ann Y. says

    My Publix stopped taking Target and quite a few other competitor’s coupons over a year ago, so Target coupons aren’t an issue for me. However, with the competitor’s coupons they will accept, the manager told me they will take up to 10 of them in one transaction no matter what the coupon says, which is very nice of them. I’ve always called and asked the manager first what his policy was before I made my shopping trip so that I made sure I did things the correct way. The Bi-Lo store near me pretty much take any competitor coupons and they will also take up to 10 of them. I shop there if there is a good sale that I can match with a Target coupon. I only have 1 computer, so I’ll only get 2 prints of a Target coupon so there’s no issue for me using a greater amount. The only time I ever use 10 is with the Yellow Advantage coupons if there is an item that I really need.

    Also, I saw mention that Publix won’t give rainchecks on YA items. My Publix will, but only toward the last day of the YA sale period if the item still isn’t available and we can still use the YA coupons in that instance.

    I love my Publix, they are wonderful and I love shopping there and I want to do things the right way so that it stays that way :)

    • Deb says

      There are some who would argue that even though your store allows you to use up to 10 no matter what the competitor coupon says….you and people like you are the troublemakers and the reason Publix will eventually change their whole coupon policy worldwide. (I know that worldwide is not factually correct, just in a playful mood and decided to keep it dramatic… see earlier post)

      Well the fact that they stopped taking Target coupons over a year ago well before the lady got her 150 pens or whatever just proves that each store HAS THEIR OWN RULES!!!!!!!!(I know that 8 exclamation marks was overly dramatic to make my point, but felt that it needed to be really really really noticed that each store has different rules…see earlier post about being overly dramatic…sorry it seems like I just can’t stop) lol…Ok I’ll stop now.

      • Ann Y. says

        If you had read what I wrote, I ALWAYS check with the manager first. If he says it’s ok, then I go by what he says. Plus, as I said, my Publix doesn’t take Target so that’s not an issue. The only coupons that I will use 10 of are the Yellow Advantage, which is always allowed in all Publix stores. I’m far from a troublemaker. Just because I have permission to do something doesn’t mean I’m going to do it. I’m not an “extreme” couponer. I’m just someone on disability who is trying to save some money. I live alone, so it’s not like I have a giant stockpile. Don’t put all people under one negative category until you know their story.

  58. says

    My Publix allows multiple Target Coupons. Not only allows, but never even raised an issue about it. I am only talking a few, not 20. Therefore, I don’t feel like I am cheating the system.

  59. Ann Y. says

    I also did want to mention something very nice about my Publix. I’m a regular, so all the managers and cashiers know me. When I have a large shopping to do, I usually have quite a lot of coupons. Many a time when I’m at the register, the managers will come over…not to check my coupons because they know I play by the rules, but to see how much I’m saving! Sometimes they are amazed at my final total. I’ve had some of the managers tell me that it actually makes their day to see how one person can save so much and do it the right way!

  60. Allison says

    I don’t understand the whole thing about using expired manu. coupons with rainchecks…. my store won’t take an expired coupon no matter what

    • Deb says

      My store does not take expired coupons, except under these circumstances, and I wouldn’t have known except when I went to get a raincheck, I asked if they would be restocking before my coupon expired and thats when I found out that this is the ONLY time they will honor an expired coupon.

      It was explained that it was because I would have been able to use it, if they had the item available to me, and they stapled the coupon right to the raincheck.

  61. debbie says

    I use this site daily and am so thankful for all the valuable information. I have never posted a comment, until now. I’m so shocked by a few of the posts (two people in particular). Freedom of speech; everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, the tone and accusations of several of these posts is very disrespectful. It’s one thing to post your opinion, but to get ugly about it is just not right.

  62. Sonya says

    I work in retail and I thank you for posting this! When you are using coupons that you know aren’t the right ones or you aren’t following the rules, it’s as bad as stealing. Just read the coupon and follow. Simple as that.

    • JeffVL says

      Sorry. Not as “Simple as that”. When store personnel make up their own “policy”… then it’s definitely not simple. One hour and eight minutes to check out from walmartz with 8 items, 6 Qs & price matching (Hah). All 9 Store personnel were wrong from cashiers & csm to asst mgr. I finally was checked out correctly (and later given a $25 gift card), but four times since that (using Qs for food and price matching) there were problems. Also because walmartz price match policy contradicts their coupon policy… there will always be a problem (unless you let them steal YOUR money and take what they say as right). One interesting thing I learned while using a $1 off Smithfield Q (from facebook) and they were arguing that they all had the same UPC / were copies because they were in B&W – all wrong as usual. The Asst Mgr came up and looked at the Q and said that it didn’t say “Manufacturers Coupon” on it so they wouldn’t take it. (That is in their policy – as dumb as that is – but I had other Smithfield Qs I could use). And I have many mfr Qs that don’t say “Manufacturers Coupon” on it, but the best are the “SMARTSOURCE COUPON MACHINE” (redbox in Publix) Qs – none of them say it but they take them because they are “professionally” printed.

  63. says

    Wow. I had no clue that you could only use one Target coupon for an offer. Thankfully, I’ve never used more than 2 as I only have one computer. I’ll know in the future.

  64. S says

    Target printable coupons also state ‘no rainchecks’.

    I’m wondering if someone has asked you to make this post? With all the hubbub about Target coupons lately. Before, no one even thought twice about using more than one in one transaction. No one ever mentioned the wording on the Target coupons.

    You even note in your ad matchups (for BOGO sales) that you can get *this* price after all coupons if your store takes Target (factoring in *two* of the same target coupons for the BOGO in your math).

    Now, after the papermate thing, most stores are enforcing this 1-per-customer rule. That’s why I’m wondering if someone from Publix has asked you to point this out to your followers..I think it’s a good idea of them to do, if that is the case. I’m not giving you guff at all. I do think, however, that from now on maybe only factor in one of the Target coupons in your ad matchup final prices :)

    • S says

      OH I see that someone else has already pointed out the ad matchups. If they are for half-priced BOGO only using one TQ, maybe it should state that to avoid any confusion.

    • JeffVL says

      To be more precise (or just correct) > Some “Target printable coupons also state ‘no rainchecks’. And “most stores are enforcing this 1-per-customer rule.” No. Just enforcing it on people named S. And ” I do think, however, that from now on maybe only factor in one of the Target coupons in your ad matchup final prices”. No. Just state the ad matchup correctly and continue with the 2 Qs as is currently allowed… By Publixs’ Coupon Policy – not Targets.

      And a most definite THANK YOU for all the hard work you do, Michelle !!

      • S says

        Every store that I have been to in my city is now enforcing this rule. Are you a member of the forum? Have you even read the rest of the comments? I’m not the only person. yes I used to use more than one. However once the wording was pointed out to me, I have stopped, because it is also in the Publix policy to ABIDE BY THE WORDING ON THE COUPON. One per customer, right on the coupon. ALL Target printable couons now say this, not just some. Go print out every single one on the site and tell me that there’s one that does not say this.
        Target PAPER coupons do not always say this. Don’t give me guff because you feel entitled that no one has told you you can’t use more than one yet.

        • JeffVL says

          “Have you even read the rest of the comments?” Yes – ALL of them.

          ” Publix policy to ABIDE BY THE WORDING ON THE COUPON.”

          Q: Will Publix accept a competitor’s coupon that indicates I must present my retailer rewards card to use the coupon?

          A: Yes. Publix doesn’t require you use a reward card, but we would be happy to honor this coupon if you meet the other purchase requirements on the coupon.

          WHAT?? They’re not going to abide by the rules on the coupon. OH NO !! I’m in a conundrum… decisions – decisions…

          “ALL Target printable couons now say this, not just some.” And you’re wrong, again… (See post below)

          • JeffVL says

            “Are you a member of the forum?” What does that have to do with anything? This is a blog. I’m posting a comment. This is not part of any “FORUM”. See FORUM @ top of page

      • S says

        ALL printable Target coupons also state no rainchecks. Do your research before telling me I’m wrong for following Publix policy. Lucky you that you can still abuse the system.

        • says

          I’m glad you mentioned this… You’d think as many times as I read the wording I would have noticed it but I guess it just didn’t sink into my thick skull… Probably because I seldom use rain checks due too much hassle…

          I had one Target coupon set to use with my Dixie paper plates rain check… You just saved me possible embarrassment at the store today… thank you!

          (and even if “my Publix lets me do it!!!” I wouldn’t knowingly attempt to misuse a coupon…)

        • JeffVL says

          “ALL printable Target coupons also state no rainchecks.” And you’re wrong…And I do have almost all of the printable Qs for a couple of years…with many examples to the contrary. “Do your research before telling me I’m wrong for following Publix policy.” Sorry…wrong again…as per Publix Corp in Lakeland…but you do whatever you feel is right for you, that’s fine.

  65. M says

    My Target will happily take as many Target coupons as you give them. So, it probably depends on the Publix? Mine is fine with duplicates.

  66. says

    Boy oh boy….I may have to post controversial things more often – tee hee. I have received quite a few emails about this thread.

    I am very happy for you guys to share your opinions. I don’t expect everyone in the world to agree with me. EVERYONE will always think that THEY are right…thus the reason it is called a personal opinion (belonging to you and you alone). Since everyone is entitled to THEIR opinion I let people share their thoughts. By allowing the posts to remain (even some of the not so nice ones) means that people can freely speak their mind (whether I think they are right or wrong). I want this to be a place for people to share. I am happy for you to share provided you are not being completely disrespectful or commenting just to say something out of line.

    Just a heads up — while I will allow people to share their opinions, if you do so in a manner which I feel is being overly disrespectful or just downright inappropriate – I will delete it. If your only intention is to be nasty please don’t post just to do it. The comments are a place for rational discussion. I have not yet deleted any comments in the thread….just wanted to give a friendly reminder to play nice :-)

  67. kelley says

    I didn’t realize the wording on the Target Q’s until until last week.. I had printed 2 (as that is what their site allows) and tried to use both at Publix. The store manager was my cashier and handed me back one of the Q’s and stated that the Target Q’s were FRAUD…Bad choice of words…as I was an overly sensitive 39 weeks pregnant woman who wanted to cry after he said that without any explaination LOL. His choice of words ate at me for days as I felt like a crimminal for using a Target Q…I e-mail publix to ask why he would say they are FRAUD but still let me use one? They were so nice! Explained to me the wording at the bottom of the Target Q’s and let me know that a lot of customers were abusing the use of Target Q’s and other store Q’s(not just using 2 at a time but more like 10+!) He apologized for making me feel the way I did even though I insisted it was just me being oversensitive. My husband tells me they now have it posted at the registers that they only accept 1 of the same Target Store Q (I think that was a good idea). The store manager even sent someone from Publix to my home with flowers for our new arrival! I let him know we will bring her by as soon as I am ready for grocery shopping again! Just wanted to share my story at how AMAZING I think PUBLIX is! I will be reading all my Q’s more closely now!

  68. Karen says

    Michelle, thank you for making me aware of the wording on the Target Q. I love it that my store accepts Target Qs. I can’t recall if I’ve have ever used two in one transaction, if so it was in ignorance an no one said anything.

  69. NiaLee says

    My stores don’t limit the number of Target Qs and I will continue to use the ones I need for my deals. When I’m told differently, I’ll limit to follow the rules. I haven’t ever used more than 3 or 4 like ones. If people don’t like that – oh well.

  70. says

    So everyone can rest at ease….My helper usually does the super deals for me each week. I will make sure she is aware NOT to ever use “per item” when it involves a matchup where the Target coupon is off one item. I went back and counted and out of over 800 deal scenarios listed over the past 12 weeks in the Super Deals only 12 of those 800+ match ups had the wording – “as low as $$$ per item” involving a Target coupon matchup with only one item purchase requirement.

    I certainly don’t want anyone to get their panties in a wad over these 12 “errors” out of over 800+ deals. From now on if there is Target coupon that is off of one item –we will use the term “As low as $$$ for an item.” Hopefully now you can now rest at ease and not stress out over the verbiage used in a coupon matchup. I certainly don’t want anyone to be confused.

    NOW…just so there is no confusion…if the Target coupon requires multiple items purchase requirement…be aware that “per item” may be used…so don’t flip out –tee hee!

    • says

      LOL @ “panties in a wad’!!” LOL

      Thanks, Michelle for this blog! Thank you for the time you spend. Thank you for being human enough to say “panties in a wad!!” LOL

    • Laurel says

      I have been couponing going on four years. I just found out about your site a few months ago.I have always did my own matchups. It is not a easy task and extremely time consuming.So first of all I want to say A Heart Fealt Thank You! !I truly know all the hard work that goes into doing it…. I usually keep my opinions to my self but I have a feeling Publix will stop accepting competitor coupons (Target and Winn Dixie’s $5 off 30)They are being flooded with them.I have no problem with playing by the rules.If it says only use one that is all I use. I am hoping they will just limit competitor coupons and not do away with them all together….. I do extremely well and either way will still continue to do so. Thanks so much !

    • Laurel says

      I have been couponing going on four years. I just found out about your site a few months ago.I have always did my own matchups. It is not a easy task and extremely time consuming.So first of all I want to say A Heart Fealt Thank You! !I truly know all the hard work that goes into doing it…. I usually keep my opinions to my self but I have a feeling Publix will stop accepting competitor coupons (Target and Winn Dixie’s $5 off 30)They are being flooded with them.I have no problem with playing by the rules.If it says only use one that is all I use. I am hoping they will just limit competitor coupons and not do away with them all together….. I do extremely well and either way will still continue to do so. Thanks so much !

  71. JeffVL says

    And I still haven’t heard of a good reason why you can print two T Qs from Targets website if you can use one coupon or offer per guest. What? The first one is just a test print? And I realize comprehending the English language was difficult for many peepz, but in actuality this coupon says “Limit one coupon or offer per guest.” THAT’S ONE (1). PERIOD. Use ONE coupon, and you can not use ANY other coupon or offer per guest. EVER. No new transaction…none nada zero… So you’d better pick a good coupon.

  72. Lori says

    Michelle I totally agree with your thoughts on your original post. And, I bet eventually Publix will stop accepting Target coupons….SC (Charleston area) stores already has stopped a long time ago. People always abuse a good thing, until it’s gone. Smh…

    Btw, Michelle, you are waaaay nicer than me. 😉 And way nicer than some deserve. 😉

    Thanks for all you do!

  73. Emily W. - AL says

    I have a question about the Target coupons. Say I go to Publix and I’m going to purchase 10 Lunchables. Could I then use 10 Target coupons(one for each item)?

  74. nellie says

    well that is the same as using more than one $5/30 winn dixie coupon in one transaction. the coupon states that, but publix will allow you to use more than one depending on the amount you purchase instead of breaking them up into different transactions. i think this is helpful because it doesn’t slow the lines and you have to figure our exactly $30 on each transaction.

    • JeffVL says

      “same as using more than one $5/30 winn dixie coupon in one transaction.” That’s just because whoever writes Winn Dixies coupon policy is lame. It’s not that hard to stop at $30.01 and start a new transaction. I don’t see how it’s the same, but a raincheck is for an item that is out of stock… and when Publix updates their POS system sofware, the CSR would easily be able to know if the item was in stock.

      For S tony’s post…”Please explain to me what’s wrong with using then as same ‘extenders’?”. Publix gets a “deal” from the mfr, puts out a sale or a Q. But because Publix doesn’t track rainchecks (til after they’re used) … they might have gotten the item in at a higher price… selling you that item w/ a raincheck at a loss.

  75. Bernie says

    I’m confused about Target coupons. Why is Publix abiding by their competitor’s coupon policy? Target doesn’t reimburse Publix for the coupons so, why is this now all the sudden Publix’s policy to follow another store’s policy for coupons?

    Also, if it is a corporate policy, why does individual stores make up their own policies? My store allows up to 10 Target Q’s as well.

  76. Bernie says

    Sorry for my grammar on the last post: “Why does” meant to state “Why do”.

    Anyway, if my store starts playing that game. I will get back in line 10 times if I have to to use my Target or other competitor coupons. I have a big family and I need to save all the money I can.

  77. Bernie says

    I love this blog and tell all my co-workers female and male about I Heart Publix. It’s a shame that a few people have to be a*holes on here. If they don’t agree, that’s one thing but to call people names and accuse them of lying, etc, that’s just messed up! If you don’t like it here then, start your own blog or don’t participate. 180 responses on this one and just a lot of rambling back and forth. My head hurts. Have a nice day!

  78. says

    Quick question. I got 2 rain checks for separate items; both of which are never stocked. If my rain check is close to expiring and there is no anticipation that the shelves will be restocked, can they allow me to use a product similar to what I’m wanting? I check just about every day to see if the items have come in and they haven’t. I don’t want to lose my deal!

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