Fantastic Deal On Barilla Pasta And Sauce

barilla pasta and sauceMeredyth commented with a nice deal on Barilla pasta and sauce in the upcoming Publix ad.

If you need to stock up on pasta and pasta sauce, check out this deal. I am loving those Publix Italian coupons!

Barilla Pasta Sauce, 24 oz, BOGO $2.79
-$1.50/2 Barilla Sauce and Barilla Pasta Make Your Home Italian Tonight Printable Publix Coupon
-$1.50/2 Barilla Sauce and Pasta Publix Coupon 9/16/2012 RP Insert or in store coupon sheet
-$0.75/1 Barilla Pasta or Sauce, any tearpad (exp 10/19/2012)
-Free Barilla Pasta when you buy two jars of Barilla Sauce Hangtag (exp 6/30/13)

Meredyth says that the pasta is $1.31 at her store. So, with just the Publix coupon you are getting a jar of sauce AND a box of pasta for $1.21! That is less than the price of just the pasta! Sounds like the makings for some cheap dinners if you ask me!

If you happen to have either of the manufacturer's coupons, you'll get an even better deal!


  1. says

    Ok so I need to find out if Ive got this right…

    I have $1.00 off Barilla Pasta Sauce with purchase of any TWO (2) Barilla Pasta Products exp. 10/15/12

    Hang tag for free Pasta wyb 2 sauce

    Publix $1.50/2 wyb pasta and sauce

    Buy 2 Pasta $1.31 x 2= $2.62
    Buy 2 Sauce BOGO $2.79 = $2.79
    Use $1/2 (attaches to pasta)
    Use Hang Tag (attaches to sauce)
    Use 2 Publix (attaches to one each pasta and sauce)

    Better than FREE??

    • says

      Not exactly. $2.62+2.79=5.41-3 (2-1.50/2 coupons)= 2.41-1.31 (price for box of pasta)=1.10. Then you could not use a $1/2 coupon because you would have used MQ and PQ.

          • Rachel says

            Can you please tell me how many I can buy , My sauce is 2.39 I have 6 hang tags and 10 of the publix 1.50/ 1 sauce and 1 pasta Thanks…It just seem confusing :)

          • says

            there is no reply button on yours so I am submitting up here.
            With the coupons you have here is what I come up with
            2 sauces-2.59
            2 pastas-2.62 (if they are 1.31 like mine)
            total—- 5.01
            minus 3 (from 2/1.50 coupons)
            equals 2.01
            minus 1.31 (hangtag again using my price)
            equals .70 for all 4. you could do it 5 times unless you get 2 more PQ

    • Sam says

      I don’t think you could use both Hang Tag and $1/2 because Hang Tag would attach to both sauces and one box of pasta because it specifically requires buying of two products to get the one free.

      per Publix coupon policy:

      “Q: I have a BOGO manufacturer’s coupon. Can another manufacturer’s coupon be used for either of these items?

      A: No. When the manufacturer issues a BOGO coupon, it requires the purchase of two items. So, because you have to purchase both items to meet the coupon’s requirements, a manufacturer’s coupon has already been applied to both items.”

      • Shawn says

        You are correct. It is misuse of the coupons and against policy to use the $1/2 manufacturer coupon in conjunction with the hangtag manufacturer coupon. As it says in policy, the coupon attaches to all items that the coupon’s criteria is for.

        The $1 off sauce wyb 2 pasta manufacture coupon attaches to ONE sauce, and TWO pastas.
        The hangtag manufacturer coupon applies to TWO sauces, and ONE pasta.
        You need to have THREE sauces and THREE pastas to use both coupons correctly.
        The Publix coupon attaches to ONE sauce and ONE pasta. You can use ONE Publix coupon per one sauce and one pasta.

      • sally says

        I also think you are correct, but sometimes people get away with it–so they do it and then tell everyone else about it…

  2. Jessica C says

    ummm did u mention the $1/1 Buitoni pasta or sauce publix q in the make your home italian tonight to pair with the $1/1 manuf q from FB for the bogo going on right meow?

  3. Ketsy says

    Oh wow! Better than I thought! Any ideas how’d they are going to handle the printable. It let’s you print two and says do not duplicate on top, even if I fif it from different computers who’s to say there not copies. Am i better off finding extra newspaper coupons to avoid any craziness at the register. This will probably be sold out as well as the parmean wa this week.
    I have 9 handtags so I could do 18 sauces (approx 2.50bogo) and 18 pasta (approx. 1.50 ea) for a total of 49.50 before coupons and $9.50 after. Great for donation!

    • says


      when you print the coupon, they each have a unique code on them, I checked it out it’s on the left bottom; print 2 and you will see… sooo no “Copies” to be printed there, they are ALL unique..hope that helps

      • Ketsy says

        Thanks. Publix in my area are very picky due to people photocopying even the Target coupons… uhhhh… I’ve seen them whiting out the fine print. I ordered by mail the sunday ones. This is easier than printing some in my pcs and then running around friends and families for my copies. Thanks for your input.

        • Ketsy says

          You are right I have eight computer prints and see the numbers. Im going to highlight each one so I win my argument with the cashier lol

    • says

      I pre-ordered 20 bottles of the sauce. My kids have a favorite flavor and I did not want to clear the shelf of it. Also, I told her at customer service it should be BOGO on Thursday. She did not question me just put it on the order ticket. It might not make it for the sale so I hope that they will accept the order ticket. They seem to be good about that

  4. linda says

    On Barilla FB there is a $1/1 Barilla Plus MQ when you play their game. Takes about 1 minute. I could only get one coupon.

  5. sdn5908 says

    What a great deal on this Make Your Home Italian flyer! I found mine in a display in my meat department plus I was able to print out all the coupons I wanted at home! Talk about savings!

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