Cooking Up Early Detection Rebate 2012 – Good Cook’s Hope Pink Cookware

Cooking Up Early DetectionI thought I would let you guys know that the Cooking Up Early Detection promotion is back again this year. When you buy $30 worth of P&G products in one transaction at Publix, you can submit for a pink cookware set from Good Cook's Hope line.

If you guys want to start working up some deal scenarios for when the rebate starts on the 30th...I will throw up a post next Monday for you to share your ideas!

Beth shared a link where you can download the form and get more details - check it out HERE.

This year we will get the following:

  • 9.25" Saute Pan
  • Collander
  • Flexible Non-slip Cutting Board
  • Turner
  • Tongs

Qualifying purchases must be made 9/30/12 through 10/31/12 and indicated on one (1) original cash register receipt from Publix. Your completed request must be postmarked no later than 11/7/12 and received at the address below by 11/21/12. Limit one (1) cookware set from per household address (No P.O. Boxes only street and rural addresses are acceptable). To receive your Bakeware set, please do the following: 1) Complete the original form 2) Include your original store identifed cash register receipt dated 9/30/12 through 10/31/12 showing purchase of $30 or more of eligible P&G products circled to:

Cooking Up Early Detection
P.O. Box 49151
Dept C
Strongsville, OH 44149-0151.

You may check the status of your request online at or contact Customer Service at 866-512-8933.

Thanks to Gia for sending over the form & info!


  1. Sara says

    I participated in this last year but never got the cookware and never heard from anybody at P&G about why or why not. Kind of disappointing, but hey, it was a FREE giveaway so how much can I expect? I guess I’ll try it again this year, but I’m skeptical. Did anyone else have the same problem??

    • Ami says

      Sara… The same thing happen to me. I had copies of all my paperwork and I called a phone number that I found online. The rep was super nice, she researched it, called me and put my order through. This was around the end of the promo period (close the holidays) and folks were posting that they had received theirs. When the rep called me back, she said it would be a while but that I would get my set in the mail. I finally got it in April! It was free and I am not complaining but it did take a bit.

      • Sandy says

        Same thing here – glad I kept copies of paperwork too; I think I ended up having to fax it in; but lo and behold they did send it out – it did take a while, but like you was super excited to have been free! I always wonder about keeping my paperwork until rebates, etc. are received and that time it really paid off. I sometimes keep a scanned copy instead. If anyone still hasn’t received their set yet, and have a copy of their paperwork, I’d give them a call and see if they can still get it out for them. Worth a try!

    • renae says

      I did one of these for my step-mother. I called and emailed approximately 10 times. I was told so many different stories (i.e. it was not received, it was received, it was mailed, it was delivered-but I was never given a tracking number) then FINALLY I got someone who told me she would have it in a week and lo and behold she did. It was April. That is the ONLY time I have ever had any trouble with these rebates. Usually they run quite smooth.

      • haely says

        Same here I did two (one for me and one for my sister) 2 years ago and every thing went fine, but last year I didn’t get it till march

    • sis2 says

      I sent off 5 rebates. Four of them arrived in a normal amount of time. My Mom’s set, however, wasn’t delivered until this year. I think there was an unusually large response last year so they probably ran out of product. Last year Publix had tons of store coupons along with man coupons so that you made money on each set. I don’t foresee that this year.

  2. Kira says

    Correction on the dates for the rebate: “purchases must be made 9/30/12 through 10/31/12”.

    Thanks Michelle for all you do for us!

  3. brenna moore says

    I am so excited! I absolutely loved the set from last year and no doubt will love this years as well!! Thanx Michelle!

  4. Ketsy says

    Easy for those with babies. This week Pampers wipes and diapers are $5off. If you buy them together, you can use a $5 off competitor, $1.50-$2 pampers, $off for wipes and get the rebate. Yay!

  5. Melanie K says

    I know it’s free and all, and it looks like nice stuff, but I just can’t deal with that color! I have that problem with all the breast cancer awareness stuff.

    • Ketsy says

      Lol. In your defense, I don’t like pink either. It doesn’t match any other appliance etc. Great for the little girls to help or to give away.

    • jessica says

      I understand the pink thing but the cookwear is better than my caphalon stuff that is expensive dont not get it for the color would make a great gift…

  6. Nicole says

    Last year I did one for myself and had one sent to my mother. hers arrived while I was home for Thanksgiving. She was very excited about it. I have noticed every time I go home she is using some part of that set. Guess I’ll need to double up again this year. Can’t wait to get the new P&G insert Sunday to see what deals we can come up with.

  7. mons says

    i know this is not part of the topic but i have 7 3.00/2 farmrich coupons …i only was able to use 3 out of my nine coupons so if anybody wants to trade or something i`ll be glad to send it tomorrow morning or sat morning in the mail…i dont want the coupon wasted so if anybody wants let me know…

  8. renee b says

    Neat idea, sending off rebates for others, I am totally going to do one for my mom and mom-in-law this yr, also. So cool. Love that its different from last years items as well!

    • Jen says

      What I remember is: cookie pan, silicon mat, spatula, 3 different sized plastic bowls with lids, 3 different size liquid measuring cups ( I think they’re 1, 2, and 4 cup sizes?) personally I liked last years set better than this one, but I’m still definitely going to mail in for this one! Just depends on your needs I guess :)

  9. Jenn says

    LOVE this!!!!!! I gave my set last year to my 13 yr old for Christmas because she loves to cook! Love the set this year too! :)

  10. Jennifer M says

    Oooh, this years set looks nice! I use my set from last year and love it! Money is always short so I wrapped mine and put it under the tree as one of my big gifts. Hope to do that again! (I also won a kireg last year and it arrived just before Christmas and put it under there too.)

  11. Laura says

    Thanks Michelle for this awesome news I saw posted here Sun morning. I was so excited I went and used my expiring coupons 9/30. And just in time, Olay Regenerist had a Free bonus item attached and it was the last one on the shelf with a bonus item, a full size eye roller. Publix price on the eye roller alone was $17.79.

    Receipt lists $32.77 in P&G product–Regenerist was 24.79, cleansing wipes 4.99, cover girl eye enhancer single 2.99.

    Publix sale this week is 2.50 off regenerist and I also used a $5/1 Regen coupon so 17.29 paid on that. Paid $0 on the free eye roller, $0 on the wipes with the buy regen get free cleanser that expired 9/30 and $1 paid on the cover girl after the green flyer & P&G cover girl coupons.

    So for just 18.29 + tax I got 4 products & earned the $50 cookware set!

  12. Priscila says

    I usually stock up on my Olay facial products since I use their face lotions, washes, scrubs. So, I’ll probably just do that :)

  13. says

    I dont see Swiffer as a participating product in the picture for the cookware. Are you sure it is. I thought it was originally and bought my 30.00 the first day and then when I saw it swiffer wasnt pictured I thought I couldnt get it. Is there somewhere to see a list?

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