Publix Digital Coupons Available For Some

publix digital couponsDid you know that  you can now use Publix Digital Coupons?

I like how easy they have made their digital coupon offers. All you have to do is create an account then log in and select the coupons you would like to use. The coupons are available immediately once you "clip" it. They make it easy to do while you are in the store as well. You can always view your coupons and any new available coupons online from your mobile browser.

To redeem your coupons, all you have to do is enter your registered phone number at checkout or tell the cashier your registered phone number. Your coupons are electronically matched against your purchases and automatically deducted from your bill.

How easy is that?

Right now they have about 60 coupons you can use and there is no limit to the number of coupons you can clip.

Like other digital coupon programs, you can not use a paper coupon and a digital coupon together. According to the frequently asked questions on the site...

Should a paper coupon be accepted for an item, the digital coupon will not be accepted and will remain in your account for future use.

This is a nice option. At stores like Kroger, once you load a digital coupon it will be used first so you have to be careful not to load a digital coupon that may be a lower value that your paper coupon. I set up a dummy account and I thought the process of loading the coupons was pretty simple.

Now, lots of you guys are emailing in a panic worried that Publix may stop accepting traditional paper coupons. Personally I don't think that will happen any time soon. At some point we may see more and more digital opportunities. But, there are too many other folks involved in all that goes into paper coupon that there will not likely be a change overnight!

I like the idea of having another option for coupons. I would gladly welcome additional opportunities for saving money. My only issue as of this point is the fact that digital coupons do not double. Well, I guess it also gives me more work. I suppose now I need to try to keep an eye on the digital coupon page and try to include them in the matchups--tee hee!

Now, what do you guys think? I would love to hear your opinions. For you guys who are in the test market, share your experiences so far!


    • Jan says

      I called the hotline # and asked about doubling. The rep said that if your store routinely doubles paper coupons, the e-coupons should also double. Unlike the coupon sites where you usually get two prints per coupon, you can only use the digital coupons once. Thanks for the info!

    • john says

      Do you know this a way to watch your personal shopping habits. This is done at some other stores and you must agree to the store terms for access to the coupons.

  1. rena j says

    Thanks for the info. I’m a little confused so if you use digital coupons you cant stack those with a competitor paper coupon?

  2. Kayla says

    Booo! I was hoping for Lakeland to be on the list! I think its a great idea! Less time in the check out line! And more coupons to choose from! AND no limit on how many of them you can use?!?!?! Sounds like a winner to me!

    • Cindy says

      From what I can read if you buy 6 of an item, the coupon only comes off 1 time. No savings are applied for the other 5. This is the way they do it at Kroger. This helps with “controlling” how many people purchase.

      • Tracy says

        Thats exactly the way Food lion did it too I believe.I’m not interested in these q’s at all. I never saved that much with FL digital q’s because of the limits.

    • Rebekah says

      As far as I can tell, the coupons that are up right now are manufacturer’s coupons, but there is a sorting option for “store coupons at top” and “manufacturer coupons at top”; I would assume that means there are Publix coupons coming in the future.

      For those of you who were asking how many times a coupon can be used, the Q&A section stated, “The number of times a coupon can be used is up to the manufacturer, but most coupons can be used only once.”

      There is absolutely no reason you couldn’t use a paper store/competitor coupon with electronic manufacturer coupon, or vice versa.

    • Valencia says

      I clicked on a few and they were all manufacture but there is an option where you can sort your coupons and it says “store coupons on top” which makes me think they will have both store and manufacture’s at some point.

  3. Trisha says

    Publix started accepting them in Calera, Alabama yesterday. I wish I had know ahead of time to look at them first before going to the store. We had to put in our phone number first before swiping our debit card. The website they gave me is :

  4. Alicia says

    I was wondering if they were manufactor or store coupons. Some of them if you click more next to the wording, it looks like they get reimbursed; and others it looks like they don’t. Wondering if there’s a way to show different types of coupons!

    • Rebekah says

      As far as I can tell, the coupons that are up right now are manufacturer’s coupons, but there is a sorting option for “store coupons at top” and “manufacturer coupons at top”; I would assume that means there are Publix coupons coming in the future. Right now, when you sort the coupons with these options, the order remains exactly the same; this is my reason for assuming that they are all manufacturers’.

  5. Tracy says

    I don’t liike digital coupons to many restrictions and limits. Food lion had them and they were mostly worthless most of the time. I’d rather hunt and clip paper q’s anyday.

  6. Cristy says

    So my store is on the list but I’m confused on how you sign up? When I click on the store it just takes me to the Publix website.

  7. Suzette says

    I’m in S. FL and I guess I have to see the program actually rolled out and possibly hear reviews from others before I decide what I really think about it. I would definitely be interested in knowing the full details of their policy for digital coupons once it is completed.

  8. Mitzi says

    What a coincidence! I just emailed Publix yesterday asking if they would consider implementing the P&G shopper card (loadable P&G coupons; same principle as described in the post). Customer service emailed back and said they were testing digital coupons in 3 test markets. Hope it is implemented!!

  9. Jennifer says

    If you add an online coupon, and when you checkout you buy two items.. will the coupon come off twice or do you have to add a specific #? Thanks :)

  10. Sarah says

    I just signed up and clipped coupons. It appears that the number of times it can be used, depends on the coupon. When you look at the coupon, click on the see more. Some give a lot of info. Some give very little. Some say limit one coupon LIMIT ONE COUPON PER ITEM PURCHASED. Some: Limit one coupon per purchase. It’s also good to note, that the coupons for $.50 off, say not subject to doubling in the fine print. I think there will end up being a fair bit of confusion and questions for a while.

  11. Sarah says

    Here’s the FAQ.

    What is Publix Digital Coupons?
    Publix Digital Coupons is a program designed to allow you to select (click) and save digital coupons online at and redeem them at checkout by entering your unique 10-digit phone number.
    What are Digital Coupons?
    Digital coupons are electronic coupons and Publix store promotions. They are the same as paper coupons, only without the paper.
    Do I need to print Digital Coupons?
    No. Our coupons are paperless and work automatically when you click to save them to your account and identify yourself at checkout. We do provide you the ability to print your saved coupons from the “My Coupons” tab for reference.
    How does the Publix Digital Coupons program work?
    First you must create a Publix Digital Coupons account. To create an account, you must register at by entering the following information:
    10-digit Phone Number (must be unique, will be used as your 10-digit Publix Digital Coupons account number)
    Email Address (will be used as your Publix Digital Coupons web/mobile login name)
    Zip Code
    Additionally, you will need to accept the program terms of service.
    After creating an account, you must complete the following steps to redeem digital coupons:
    Click Digital Coupons – After creating your Publix Digital Coupons account, you can select digital coupons from your computer or web-enabled mobile phone to save them to your account.
    Shop – After selecting your digital coupons, you must purchase the item(s) for which you selected digital coupons.
    Redeem – Enter your unique 10-digit phone number at checkout to identify yourself and purchase the required item(s) for a digital coupon or meet the minimum requirement for a store promotion.
    How do I create an account?
    You can create an account by visiting and entering the required information.
    How much does it cost to have a Publix Digital Coupons account?
    There is no charge to create or use your account.
    Can I have more than one user on my Publix Digital Coupons account?
    No. Each account may have one registered user, though the account may be used by the entire household, by entering the same customer ID at the PIN pad.
    How do I save a coupon to my Publix Digital Coupons account?
    To save a digital coupon to your account, simply click “Clip” on the coupon and it will be saved to your account. It will then be available for use immediately.
    Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before the coupon is available?
    No. Clipped coupons are available for use the moment you clip them.
    How do I know if my coupons were clipped or saved to my Publix Digital Coupons account?
    All coupons you have clipped will show as “Clipped”. Additionally, you can see all of the coupons you have saved to your account in the “My Coupons” tab.
    Where can I see the coupons I have saved?
    You can see all the coupons you have saved in the “My Coupons” tab.
    Is there a limit on the number of coupons I can clip?
    How do I sign into my Publix Digital Coupons account at checkout?
    You can sign into your account at checkout by entering your unique 10-digit phone number into the pinpad.
    How do I know the coupon has been used?
    Your savings will be itemized on your receipt. Additionally, the coupon will be visible in the “Redeemed” section in your “My Coupons” tab.
    Do coupons expire?
    Yes. Expiration dates appear on each coupon.
    How do I know when a coupon is going to expire?
    The expiration date is shown on each coupon. Expired coupons will be deleted from your account automatically.
    How many times can a coupon be used?
    The number of times a coupon can be used is up to the manufacturer, but most coupons can be used only once.
    Are all products for which there are coupons available at all stores and locations?
    While the products for which we have coupons are broadly available, some products may not be available at all stores.
    How often will there be new coupons available?
    New coupons will typically be posted on a weekly basis.
    How can I see new coupons?
    New coupons will be available in the “Coupons” tab, along with any other coupons you have not clipped.
    Can I use a paperless coupon and a paper coupon for the same item?
    No. Savings are limited to one coupon per item purchased. Should a paper coupon be accepted for an item, the digital coupon will not be accepted and will remain in your account for future use.
    How do I change my password?
    After you log in to your account, simply go to the “My Account” page, enter and confirm your new password in the appropriate fields, and click “Save” at the bottom of the page.
    What do I do if I forgot my password?
    Simply select the “Forgot Password” link located under the sign-in area, and an email will be sent to your registered email address allowing you to choose a new password.
    Is my privacy protected?
    Yes. See our privacy policy for full details.
    What services are available for use on my phone?
    With our mobile web site, you can register, update your account, view coupons, and save coupons to your account. You can visit this site by entering in your phone’s browser.
    What devices do your mobile services work with?
    The mobile web site works on any mobile web-capable device.
    How do I access coupons from my mobile device?
    Using your phone’s browser, go to and login to your account.
    How do I save coupons from my phone?
    Use your normal method of selecting and entering on your phone to click on the coupons you want.
    How do I use coupons that I saved from my phone?
    Coupons saved from your phone are used the same way as coupons saved from your computer. Just identify yourself at checkout via your Publix Digital Coupons phone number, and your savings will automatically be deducted from your order and printed on your receipt.
    What do I do when a coupon does not redeem at the register?
    You can call 866-486-4292 (Mon-Fri, 8a-9p) or email to resolve any issues. You will need to include your Publix Digital Coupons phone number and transaction information.
    If I return an item for which I received a discount, can I reuse my discount the next time I shop?
    Once an coupon has been used, it cannot be used again.
    If my transaction is voided after my Publix Digital Coupons is entered, will the discount still be available for me to use?
    Yes. As long as the transaction has not been finalized, you can use the discount in a future shopping trip.
    My question is not answered here, where can I learn more?
    If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please see the Customer Service desk at your local Publix store. You can also call 866-486-4292 (Mon-Fri, 8a-9p) or email for assistance.

    • Tracy says

      ” How many times can a coupon be used?
      The number of times a coupon can be used is up to the manufacturer, but most coupons can be used only once.”

      This sentence should be in bold lettering.Its just like theloadable food lion savings card which was pretty much useless.On a bogo you will get the coupon attached to one item only and then the Q is gone.Not a recipe for large savings by any means especially if you cannot stack paper manufacture coupons with it.

  12. dealznstealz says

    Digital coupons are broken usually you have to wait several hours to be able to use them. Even though Publix does not have a store card using any personal informationie phone/debit card etc does allow them to start “tracking” you. Digital coupons have way too many limitations and issues, manufacturers are not using paper coupons as much in preparing for digital/mobile payments which will be the death of paper coupons.Many digital coupons can NOT be removed after loading, so if you have a higher value paper coupon you will not be able to use it. This is unacceptable and reverses the “Brand” appeal and marketing results by the marketing brand/company. With digital coupons it is cumbersome to know what has been loaded versus what has been redeemed. Stacking of digital and paper coupons is left up to the brand/store. Kroger allowed stacking of both digital and paper for several years – other stores too. Digital coupons only push me to a stores competition where I do not have to fight for a good price or be tracked with my personal data or store card….

  13. Lainara says

    If these digital coupons don’t deduct coupon value but just once in the entire transaction, it makes it rather worthless for us couponers who like to stock up with several of the same item until the next sale cycle rolls around.

  14. Michele says

    Once all stores go to this format, and they all will, mark my words, stockpiling will be a thing of the past. That’s why they’re all doing this. It isn’t for “customer” convenience.

    • dealznstealz says

      Yes the push is digital due to mobile payments. Companies and venture capitalists are throwing millions at mobile/digital. Look at Starbucks this week: and just google digital coupons ventures and you will see the money trail. Profit/ROI is higher on digital vs. paper coupons and there is additional profit to the stores – enjoy your paper coupons they are DYING as fast as the PC. In the end ALL promotions will be ONLY to the BEST and BIGGEST spenders tracking all your data. Companies are wanting real time POS and soon you will be like the OLD ATT commercials with the person with “bars of coverage over their head” – but it will be replaced with $$$ SIGNS and everytime you POST on facebook or other social media you will only be as valuable as your net worth in REAL TIME- so it is much bigger than only using one coupon. Here’s the youtube video by Inmar:

  15. Christine H says

    And then you have people like me! I don’t have a Smart Phone, in fact I don’t have a mobile phone of any kind! So once I am at the store I can’t check my coupons to make an impromptu deal.
    I belong to the “hunter/gather” clan…..I LOVE the HUNT for coupons….the match up to sales (Thanks to the assistance of all these wonderful websites!) I like my PRINTED shopping list with my assigned coupons paper-clipped to it and walking up and down the aisles on the GATHERING portion of my quest! Yes, have plenty of time for this, I see where the electronic way might be quicker for more time-pressed users but the problems seem to out-weigh the up side.
    NO DOUBLING .50 cent coupons….outrageous! We love those!
    ELECTRONIC MALFUNCTIONS….frustration at the check out!
    COUPONS DISAPPEARING INTO THE ETHER…..more frustration and loss of savings!
    ONLY ONE USE PER COUPON…..the end of stocking up on really good deals!
    For my part I give it thumbs down and sincerely hope that coupon use won’t go entirely electronic….SAVE THE PRINTED COUPON!

  16. becky c says

    thanks for posting this, I can’t wait to head out to my local store tomorrow with all my digital coupons. Hopefully this is a positive step for Florida into the digital world of couponing 😉

  17. Chris L says

    Interesting..,,I emailed them yesterday and they replied that these are manufacture coupons NOT subject to doubling and could not be combined with a store coupon.

  18. DontMisuseQs says

    These are MQs, not subject to doubling from what I’ve been told.
    My issue is that Inmar takes a LONG time to investigate an issue and the store didn’t fix the issue when I brought it up. When this first started, a $3/3 ANY Marie Callender’s was available. The Marie Callender’s small Pot Pies were on sale (but for less than a $1) so I bought four (to be over the $3 threshold). When I put in my phone number, the register showed ID accepted (or something to that effect), but nothing came off. I sent an email to Inmar within the hour (on a friday night). I purchased another four at a DIFFERENT local store on Tuesday with no results again. Nothing from Inmar Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday about noon I received an email that wanted to know what I bought to include the name of item, barcode of the item, price of the item (um, couldn’t you know that from the transaction number I included in my trouble report). Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wed I receive another email to state that Marie Callender’s Pot Pies were left off the list by mistake. You can buy them again if you’d like, as they’ve been added. No option of credit for the ones I’ve ALREADY bought. Nope, not on sale now, I’m not interested as I now already have 8 pot pies in the freezer.
    A new Marie Callender’s D-coupon has showed up, it was already selected FOR ME. I never selected it. The old d-coupon that never was “officially used” turned into the new D-Coupon (which now specifically excludes Pot Pies).
    Publix customer service online helped me a bit, as they sent me a $10 Gift Card for my troubles. Not worth the trouble I’ve experienced so far.

    I’m very familiar with looking at an ad. If the Publix Ad for Del Monte Fruit, 15.25 oz can, excluding Lite Apricot halves, I sort of expect the D-coupon to be the same way. Exclude the items that are NOT included versus a vague Any Marie Callender’s.

    D-Coupons needs to have an indication that NEW Qs are available as well. As I don’t realize new ones are available until someone posts about them.

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