New Rachael Ray Nutrish Printable Coupon & Deal

rachael Ray Nutrish printable couponIf you need dog food, you can get a decent deal with a new Rachael Ray Nutrish printable coupon that has popped up this afternoon. Head over and grab the $3/1 Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food 6 lb bag printable coupon.

The 6 lb bags of this food are $8.49 at Publix, so you can use the printable coupon and the $1/1 Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food Assorted Varieties, 6-lb bag Publix Paws coupon to pay $4.49 per bag. While this may not be the best price we'll ever see on dry dog food, it is a pretty good price after both coupons.

Does anyone buy this food regularly? My husband seems to want to buy the most expensive food out there and I'd love to find an alternative!


  1. Ashley says

    LOL I can relate to your hubby. I used to not put a whole lot of thought into my dog’s food, thinking if I bought Purina, etc. it was fine. They’ve been around forever, right?? And some dogs do fine with it their whole lives. But the more I learned about my dog’s health and the nutrition he needs to really thrive, the more I realized I should probably be putting healthier foods into his body, like I need to do mine. So I bite the bullet and buy him the pricier food. They’re healthier for him, he won’t be sick as often, so fewer vet bills. 😉 It all balances out in the end, and he’s worth it! So, so worth it! :-) Besides, we save so much using IHP on our OWN foods, I can afford to feed my pup the better food! I figure, I read the labels on my own foods, I should read the label on his. :-)

  2. Stephanie says

    I have fed the Nutrish to my dog. I think it’s a pretty good dog food and she really liked it. I usually buy it when it’s on sale, she eats it better than a lot of the other dog foods I have tried.

  3. Milissa says

    We buy Blue Buffalo. It is an expensive dog food. But, they often have coupons in the news paper for $3.00 off. As well, their website has a $5.00 coupon you can get by mail.

    I buy my dog food at Petco because they have a program called “pals”. For every $100 you spend, you will get a get certificate which you can print online for $5.00.

    As well, if you sign up for the Petco unleached newsletter, found here: you will recieve a $5.00/20 or a 20% coupon, depending on when you sign up. They will continue to send you coupons every month.

    Petco also allows you to stack all these coupons. As well, they often will have a 15 pound bag of Blue buffalo on sale once a month for around $30. So, after coupons, I pay about $1 per pound of dog food, (if I have accumulated my pals cash).

    Obviously, Rachel rays comes out much cheaper, but unless I stock pile the dog food, I would have to end up paying more at one period in time or switch dog food which always ends up with my dogs having stomach issues.

    • Ashley says

      Yep, you can get some decent deals at the pet stores, too! I use PetSmart, since it’s in my town, and feed Simply Nourish. Since it’s their brand, they often have deals promoting it. Get it on sale with a coupon, and I can stock up on a healthy food for a decent price! :-)

    • lisa says

      We can’t afford to buy Blue buffalo when we got 3 dogs..Usually we buy Purina One for our dogs. But recently we tried Kibble n Bits and the dogs seem to be fine with that brand. I know dog will eat anything just about. I know Blue buffalo is a really good dog food brand. ..I am going to try Rachel rays brand..I I dont like to keep switching dog food could cause them stomach issues.

      • milissa says

        I know how it is, we have 3 too:(. I get their heartguard through and try to get their flea medication from petco.

        I started feeding Blue Buffalo after my dogs had such horrible problems eating Waggin Train treats.

        I would always check ingredients. Dogs do not need to eat sugar or high fructose corn syrup. It is surprising to see how many treats now have these ingredients in them.

        • lisa says

          Oh wow, i didnt realized that…sometimes we gave them cut up chicken breast as treats but not all the time lol..Also with each meal for them. We give them fresh cooked or canned green beans with no salt added.. Help maintain their weight especially one of our pittbull needs to lose some weight..BTW is healthy or good to feed your dog once a day?

  4. Donna Turner says

    Our dog is 8 years old. He is never sick. My husband used to buy expensive brands but when things went bad and we had to worry about money I switched to dog food I could get cheaper with coupons. There are some that are better than others, of course. But Purina’s Beneful and Chef Michael’s seem to be the favorites here. Rachel’s is good but expensive. The regular Purina and Pedigree are okay and will give your dog their basic nutrition but they don’t thrill me.

  5. yvonne says

    I never used to think much about the food we gave to our dog either. That is until our newest addition turned out to be allergic to the cheap dog food (the fillers, i think)
    What we found out from our vet is that the dog food doesn’t have to be expensive, it just should NOT have corn meal as the first ingredient. The Rachel Ray dog food is good and not too expensive.

  6. Andrea says

    Some dogs can do ok on the cheaper stuff – mine can’t. She either get’s horrible diarrhea or just plain won’t eat the cheapies. It doesn’t hurt to give the less expensive ones a try as long as the top ingredient is meat. My little one would eat the Purina One Beyond for just a little while, then she started refusing it – but that one is “first product meat”. Always read the ingredients, though. I’ve read the listing on some of the pricey ones and they have corn meal as the first ingredients and cost way more some that are far healthier. It’s small print, but worth it to know what you’re buying to keep your pets healthy.

  7. MIndy says

    This is only dog food I use for my 9 month pit bull puppy. I tend to by the Nurish b.c its a $1 cheaper than the Just 6. I try to switch between the two different kins. This is not the Best dog food for your dog but i do believe its one of the best kinds for the price. I too like blue buffalo. But there are usually always coupons for the Rachel Ray food. The first ingredient is real beef or chicken depending on the flavor, No preservatives or artificial ingredients. Its the healthiest brand for the money I believe.

  8. Shayelyn says

    My old lab/beagle mix really likes Nutrish. I have switched between this, Kibbles n Bits and Beneful when they are super-cheap. I get the samples quite often and feed her the food a little bit at a time as a treat and she really likes it that way as well. I would buy it more often if there were better coupons and better sales.

  9. sarah says

    We only buy Rachael Ray Nutrish. She uses the best products for you dogs and all the proceeds go to help feed shelter dogs. So you are not only get a high quality food for your pet but you are also helping those that dont have homes. I love Rachael Ray and I love that she came out with the brand!!! Worth every penny in my opinion. :)

  10. Danielle says

    Disclaimer: This is my opinion and preference in feeding my dog. I do understand that we purchase food for ourselves and our pets that we can afford.

    I would not feed this food to my dog, he has food allergies and I know that the Corn Gluten Meal is one huge trigger of the problems and corn is not good for dogs. We have tried more dog foods that one dog should have to suffer through, lol. We started with Pedigree and worked our way up through Solid Gold and Natural Balance. I currently have my baby (90 lb male german shepherd) on Canidae. He loves this food, if I make him wait till I re-fill his water bowl before I tell him to eat he whines like he is dying lol

    I pay $43 for 35 lbs $1.22 a lb, if I use the $2 off $10 coupon it makes it $1.17 a lb. A 35 lb bag will last him about 6 weeks, and he is fed 1-1/2 cups twice a day. We ordered a air tight container to store his food in from Amazon. If I can not get the Canidae then I will buy him California Natural. The current Rachel Ray food with $1 off coupon at $7.48 this food is $1.25 a lb. The current deal makes it $.75 a lb. I will gladly pay the extra $.42 a lb for a much better food.

    The health benefits are worth it to me plus there are other added extras, the dogs do not eat as much because of the protein level, they don’t poop as much because there is not as many fillers in it, and they don’t have the super strong “doggie” smell.

    I have found a website, that I am going to start ordering his food from. They offer free shipping on orders over $49, up to $15 off your first order, and I can get a 44 lb bag of food for $52.99 or $1.20 a lb. I tried to do a price per lb of different foods mentioned here on this website and Purina one was $1.29 and the only one I could find of the food mentioned. According to PetSmart the 17 lb bag of Chef Michael is $1.56 lb, and Beneful is $.87 per lb for the 31 lb bag.

    There is also another website where you can research dog foods and it will tell you the good and bad of a ton of different foods. A lot of the food mentioned here cost more per lb than the premium foods and I agree with Ashley, I read my labels, and I read his also. If you dog food label lists “animal by products” or “animal and bone meal” these are not meat.

  11. Dee says

    As stated by another poster this is just my opinion so please do not flame me as to what I am about to relate.

    We tried multiple dog foods and finally settled on Orijen – it’s probably the most expensive kibble on the market (LOL) – $70 for a 27 lb bag. The dogs did better on it as it was grain free at least but they still had some issues – bad breath, ear infections, itchy butt, tarter on their teeth, etc. We switched to a raw food plan and in just a few months the improvement is incredible. I thought people who fed their dogs raw food were crazy and certainly no vet would agree to it but my vet actually recommended it.

    There are many sites about the prey model raw so if interested, do the research. We looked at it for about a year and finally took the plunge a few months ago.

    As for the question – are you crazy? (which I hear a lot) I have to remember that dogs (and cats) were around long before there was kibble. Guess what they ate?

    (Publix is the best place to buy chicken hearts and beef hearts for a great price… and they special order the amount you need. In fact the first time I went there they asked if it was for my dogs and they said the majority of the chicken and beef hearts they sell were for dog owners feeding raw.)

    • Danielle says

      Dee I know of a bunch of people who feed raw…and I agree with all of the things you said about raw, I just choose not to do it. However, he does get raw treats from time to time and he loves them.

  12. Jeannie,29 says

    @DEE, I am so thankful I took the time to read this review. I went from feeding my dog Fromm and down grading a bit to Blue Buffalo. The from was around $67-$70 per 27 lb bag (heartbreakingly expensive) and the since BB is found at local pet stores I was able to use coupons I found in the newspaper. Can you tell me about how much Beef/chicken hearts is appropriate for a bowl of food and what else do you mix in it? I have a 50lb English Bulldog please help :) ohh and I had to return the Rachael Ray products as they were made with meat BYPRODUCTS a huuuuge no no!! she may boast about limited ingredients but the few she uses (according to her ingredient list) is garbage.
    Well I appreciate any help and advise cuz spending $70 bucks a month on dog food just isn’t cutting it right now.

    • Dee says

      Here’s my two favorite websites to start your research:
      (see tabs at top of page for different sections including how to start)
      (best raw forum ever!)

      The lady who runs the PMR website is the moderator for the raw section of’s raw forum.

      Once fully informed you will probably spend around $30 a month for a 50 pound, depending on how much you are willing to spend and what foods are available (chicken, turkey, fish, etc).

      Michelle – sorry for the commercial and editorializing…

  13. Adrian says

    My dog LOVES Rachel Ray’s Nutrish; in fact, when I switched back to it from some other brand, she was obviously excited, dancing around! I stock up when I have a Publix coupon to pair with a manufacturer’s coupon. I like that meat is the first ingredient, which wasn’t the case with a lot of the other name brands.

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