Free Neutrogena Soap Bars At Publix

Update: this may not be the deal we had all hoped. The coupons are for facial skin care. While I would consider the Facial Bars a facial skin care item - others may not. This will be one of those deals where "your mileage may vary".neutrogena soapYou can score a great deal on Neutrogena soap right now at Publix. Publix is offering $2 off Neutrogena Cleansers this week through Wednesday (Tuesday for some). The Facial Bars are only 99¢ after the Publix discount. While 99¢ soap is a great deal... there are several matching coupons that make this an awesome find!

Neutrogena Facial Bars, 99¢ (after $2 off Publix sale)
-$1/1 Neutrogena Facial Skin Care Item, no travel, TARGET COUPON 07/29/2012 Target Insert (exp 08/25/2012)
-$1/1 Neutrogena Skincare, Suncare, or Shave, excludes acne, cleansing or trial sizes 07/29/2012 RP Insert (exp 09/30/2012)
-$1/1 Neutrogena Acne or Cleansing 07/15/2012 SS Insert (exp 09/01/2012)
Better than FREE after coupon(s).

Thanks to Kimberly at Savvy Coupon Lady


  1. sarah says

    There is a $2 neutrogena face product on the smart source website, making this a $1 money maker or $2 money maker with the target coupon.. I found it under zip 30144.

    • johne says

      Tried to use this coupon today to buy a bar of face soap-the register said “no matching items” and the cashier and customer service rep would not take it. I did not have time to argue-so I just asked for my coupons back.

  2. Stephanie says

    If the acne bar is included and your store accepts Sweetbay as a competitor there is a $1 coupon in the sweet inspirations booklet.

  3. Bryan says

    I tried using the printable MQ at Publix on the facial bar soap and the cashier’s computer said “product not found” so it is not a match. I wish it was because we all love moneymaker items. :-)

  4. Karen says

    It is sad that I can never get deals like this because there is a person who comes to my store and clears shelves every time there is a deal like this. I went to get 2 tubes of aquafresh toothpaste and 2 neutrogena bars and could not because, according to the Publix assocates, she had just been there and taken almost 40 tubes of toothpaste and all of the bars (about 18). She does this with everything (and is the reason I can not coupon at CVS or Walgreens either, she does the same thing at both of those stores and all of the surrounding stores, so I can’t even go to a different store within 15 miles of my house to avoid her). I also saw her in the store taking peelies and hang tags off of products and putting them in her binder for items she was not even purchasing that day. It makes the rest of us look bad and makes it so that other couponers and those who do not coupon, can’t enjoy the same savings. I have complained to the manager several times and they do say something to her, but she just comes back multiple times one right after the other to clear the shelves. It’s ridiculous!! I now have to go into work late every Thursday so I can be at my store when they open on the first day of the sale just so I can get what is on my list and try to avoid her clearing techniques (I NEVER clear shelves!). Just makes me sick!!

      • Karen says

        I usually can not make it back to the store on Wednesday night, between working full time, 4 kids and graduate school, I only have time to go to the store once a week and my store will not give rainchecks until Wed nights!

        • johne says

          That is crazy that they will only give rainchecks Wednesday night. I would think they should realize that you have a life outside of gracing their store with your presence. I would contact the store manager and if you don’t get a resoluction there-contact corporate. There is nothing in their corporate policy that says you can’t get rainchecks until Wednesday night. This seems like an undue hardship on you, the customer.

    • angela says

      sounds like what is going on at my store…drives me crazy!!! most deals I dont even try because I know the shelves will be cleared 5 mins after the store opens.Been there too many times shortly after the store opens with my toddler and baby in tow only to find all stock has been wiped out! I also have talked to cust serv about this issue and its apparently 2 ladies doing it. same w/my local cvs and wags!

      • Karen says

        Yes, it drives me crazy too! I remember the advil deal a month or so ago where there were peelies on the product and a coup in the green advantage flyer that made them free, I went in to get 8 bottles (there were at least 60-70 and I have joint disease in my back and have had a spinal fusion, I will use 8 bottles in about 6 months) and she came behind me and took about 40 bottles and then took peelies off of the rest because there were no more green flyers (they were out) so she couldn’t buy them all the same day. The person who was stocking the shelves (not a publix associate, but the advil guy) even said something to her (she got really nasty with him), because really, who is going to use that many bottles before they expire?? Ack!! Just drives me nuts! Thanks for letting me vent, lol!!

    • lee says

      my publix limits you to 10 of an item. if the shelves are cleared get rainchecks. even if your coupon expires before it comes in as long as the raincheck date is before the expiration they will take the coupon. yeah i went to rite aid after 8pm and they were out of everything, usually get there at 8am. but got rainchecks for 5 different items.

      • Karen says

        My publix limits you to 10 when doing a BOGO but for other items, there are no limits. I have asked the store manager if they plan to change the policy and it doesn’t seem they are going to anytime soon.

    • Sam says

      I hear you…we’ve got three kids and it’s almost impossible to get to the stores right as they open to get some of these deals before the shelves are cleared. I’m not really the confrontational type, so I always wonder what would happen if me and our nasty neighborhood shelf-clearer got to the store at the same time…

      I know my Publix has started to crack down — no multiples of a single target coupon in one transaction (because the wording specifically prohibits it and the coupon policy states that they will go by the wording on the competitor coupon), and enforcing the 10 sale item limit, so keep complaining to your store managers and get others in your community to do so too. I’m sure the random person that wanted to get in on the $1 toothpaste is irritated they can never get their hands on a sale item too.

      • Ashley says

        I always imagine myself confronting a shelf clearer…..highly doubt I would ever have the guts. Then I imagine taking a few products out of their basket when they aren’t looking and puting the product back on the shelf but that wouldn’t make me any better than them :)

        Luckily my Publix cracks down on shelf-clearing. There is a woman who would come in take 10 items then go outside and come back in for 10 more. She would do this several times in a row. From what I understand, the last straw with my store and her was when she did this with the EZ Foil pans that were on sale and had the matching coupon from a booklet. They stopped her on her third or fourth trip through the line and told her they were not going to let her buy anymore. She wasn’t happy, but the store had the right to stop her. Some people are really really greedy. I won’t lie, I have had my DW go with me to the store so we could get 20 of something before. They always have had enough stock for us to do so though. We would never wipe the shelf clear. I have been couponing for almost 3 years and have seen things get pretty bad. When I started, shelves were rarely empty because someone came through and took everything. Now, I hear stories from the people who work there telling me about shopper x and shopper z etc. It’s just crazy.

    • Sana says

      oops, thats very very bad. 40 toothpastes and 18 bar soaps? what do they do with so much stuff? and how she gets 40 coupons ? I am wondering if she has 20 laptops/computer?

    • Karen says

      I did not get it in Gibsonton (outside of Tampa) but I got the one the very next week, the first Target insert I have ever gotten, so seems to be very regional for those.

      • Angela B says

        What I found in my coupon stash was a flyer titled “Save like a Champion” – with USA Olympic rings on front. There are 20 coupons but no Neutrogena and they expire 8/29. I haven’t had much luck getting the single page flyers in North Metro Atlanta. Thanks for the info!!

        • Kathleen Smith says

          I’m in the northern Atlanta area and we did get the target coupon page with the Neutrogena coupon but sometimes the carriers don’t get all the inserts in each paper. But even with the coupon I haven’t found a store in this area that is taking the $2 off the bar soap, only a few cleansers and the eye makeup remover

  5. Lori says

    @ Karen….that is just RIDUCULOUS!! Omg, there has to be a way to stop that selfish woman! How rude and pathetic that she does that at every store, every week, or every sale. What does one need that much of anything for???? So, your Publix is picky enough about when they will issue a rain check, but can’t put a stop to that woman doing that???? Crazy!!! People like her are why the coupons have lower values, etc. It will just get worse. I would HAVE to let her selfish, pathetic, shelf clearing self know exactly what I think of her actions!! Ugh!!
    Also, a rain check doesn’t mean anything if they get more stock and it gets wiped out right away too. Some people really do make me sick!!!

    • angie says

      We have one that does the same at our local stores- CVS and Publix and more! To answer your question of what they would need that many of a product for- I can tell you that the lady that does it here in our area sells it for somewhere between retail and what she paid for it at a yard sale that she holds quarterly to get rid of her ridiculous stockpile. When there is a good rebate she will get many forms and make the necessary purchases and use neighbors addresses and exchange some of her stockpile items with them in exchange of using their name and address…

  6. Jeanne says

    I would like to ask what you think the limit you should take is on an item like this? I wanted 10 of the aquafresh so I placed an order for 10 but if I hadn’t placed the order would taking 10 off the shelf be too much?

    • NiaLee says

      I think 10 is ok as long as you are not clearing the shelf. Some stores may have ordered alot of these because of the deal.

  7. Den says

    Oh wow! How does someone get 40 aquafresh toothpaste coupons? They must have like 20 computers to get that many. Lol. Poor thing.

    • Sana says

      Yeah, even I was wondering how do they get 40 coupons ? definitely they need 20 computers to print 40 coupons, really?

  8. Sean says

    If the acne facial bars are 99 cents as well, those of us in Florida that can use Sweetbay coupons can use the -$1 Neutrogena Acne product coupon in the Sweet Inspirations for Back to School booklet to score those for free.

  9. sue says

    Michelle wrote that it was a Publix sale for $2.00 off..Im just wondering if that came from the green advantage flyer or a non advertised deal?

  10. Kristi says

    This is definitely a ymmv BC the bars are ringing up $2.99… I have a great relationship w/ my Publix peeps and asked at customer service & pointed out that the fine print technically includes it so they changed the price to 99 cents

  11. NiaLee says

    I bought several of these yesterday (w/o clearing the shelf). I used the 7/29 RP and it was accepted. Checked with CS first to avoid any issues.

  12. Lisa says

    Last night I used the coupons $1 Target and $1 manu. on a single bar of Neutro. Soap – My store accepted them with no problem. There was plenty of stock on the shelves. I only got one because I only had one set of coupons. I’m in Central Florida. Good Luck to everyone else. And I agree, Shelf clearing behavior is very Rude. If an individual wishes to purchase a case or so they should order it with CS. My Publix limits items to 10.

  13. Kathleen Smith says

    Our stores don’t include the bar soap in the $2 off sale. Only on specific items at the one store I stopped by, will try another this afternoon since I’m picking up a script but the manager told me they weren’t on sale

  14. NiaLee says

    @Kathleen Smith – I’m not sure if you are in NW Atlanta, but the Old 41 store in Kennesaw has the bars for 2.00 off.

    • Kathleen Smith says

      Finally found it on sale at the Publix just northeast of us. It’s the store I usually go to but hadn’t been there in the past few weeks. So I picked up one bar. I’ll probably see if my daughter wants it or might donate it to our church food bank

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