Earn A Ton Of Recyclebank Points

Today we have a ton of options right now to earn FREE Recyclebank points! Check out the latest way to earn and score some points that you can turn into gift cards, magazine subscriptions, coupons and more!


Class is in Session! Recyclebank just launched EcoAcademy - a fun sweepstakes that sends you back to the classroom to discover green tips and lessons that will help you live a more sustainable life. Not only will you earn lots of Recyclebank Points, which you can use to redeem great rewards, but you'll earn entries towards a drawing for great cash prizes, like $5,000! This week you can tie on your aprons and put on your safety goggles to earn up to 185 points when you take a course in Home Ec!


Discover the Dove® Difference -from shampoo and conditioner to body wash, our bathrooms are filled with recyclable bottles and containers. Learn how much more you can recycle in the bathroom and earn up to 30 Recyclebank Points!


Get Recyclebank Points when you read how plastics can help us do more with less. Earn points for reading up to three articles per day posted on Live Green and America Recycles Day. Brought to you by Plastics Make it Possible.


    • Frances says

      You probably need to turn off your pop up blocker for that page. I had to do that. Also, in addition to the 3 Plastics Make it Possible articles that you can read to get 3 points daily you can get 5 points daily for doing the Live Green daily pledge and read 3 articles daily to earn 3 points under the Earth911.com link.

  1. Vanga says

    Despite the gushing commentaries, Recyclebank has become almost totally useless and worthless. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, I’m sure many would welcome it.

    • Gail says

      I tend to agree. I have found the Recyclebank website extremely show; takes “forever” to earn enough point to be worthwhile. I don’t want to give up my points so I get earning them until I earn enough to buy a gift card. I plan to quit after that. It’s just not worth the time — spend all of that time and mostly you get coupons. I prefer to earn gift cards as most of the coupons are for products that are not available in my rural area. (Heck, the closest Publix is an hour away!)

  2. Jennifer says

    I disagree. I love collecting points and printing out high value coupons or saving them up for gift cards. I’m half way to a $10 gift card after about 2 months of collecting points here and there. Plus you learn a lot of interesting facts.

  3. Ann-Marie says

    How do you sign in for the EcoAcademy? Although the information the site offers is good, and the coupons are great. I find it VERY difficult to locate the ways to earn. Nothing really comes up under my Earn tab.

  4. Caroline says

    I love Recyclebank! I am able to get a free magazine subscription for myself or to send as a gift every 2 to 3 months or so. Earning is so easy and takes just a couple of minutes (or less) per activity. And it’s free — no codes to enter from products you have to purchase.

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