Capri Sun Coupon To Use With Publix Coupon – Awesome!

Capri Sun Coupon

Here is a great coupon that is pretty rare - a high value Capri Sun coupon! Plus we have a matching Publix coupon that will make for a fantastic deal!

$1/1 CAPRI SUN Product 
$0.75/1 Capri Sun Product 10 pk Publix Coupon Savings Are Stocking Up
Combine the coupons to get $1.75 off ONE package of drinks! 

My oldest has been asking to take a juice box with his lunch every day for the past week. I am not sure if school is wearing him out or what? He takes a water bottle, buys a milk every day and now a juice box. I think this is a peek into what I can expect when my boys become teenagers!! Oh my poor budget--tee hee!


    • says

      Tee hee…that is what I have heard…OH MY!!! Some days my stick thin 6 year old eats more than his 200+lb daddy!! OH MY…I definitely need to start now :-)

      • Missie says

        My boys are now 22, 20 and 19. (We had 3 boys in a 3 1/2 year span.) We used to joke that when they hit their teens, we would have to take out a second mortgage just to feed them. You have no idea how close to the truth that was especially considering the 2 younger ones played football in Jr. high and high school. But, enjoy every minute and hug them everyday even when they complain about it (teens!) because they will be grown and going off to college before you know it.

  1. crysi says

    Anyone print these that does not need them? I will take them off your hands…possibly trade if I have anything you need?

  2. Tee says

    The Q says “Redeemable at Walmrt” – this never used to be a problem for me. Except last week I tried to use a “Redeemable at Walgreens” Silk manufacturer Q and the cashier asked the mgr and he said no. I pointed out that it doesn’t say “ONLY at Walgreens” on it but he didn’t budge. They are usually great otherwise so I didn’t make a big deal. I’m gonna try again with this Capri Sun.

  3. nicole says

    I am furious because I haven’t been able to print any for over a month now, of all times it is loaded with coupons I would love to have. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve unistalled and re-enstalled many times and contacted customer service by email but got no answer that helped. If anyone had this problem and got it fixed please tell me how!

    • Brandon says

      What browser are you using? I had that issue with IE, and switched to Firefox. Haven’t had a problem since.

      • nicole says

        Internet explorer 8. I never had a problem until made all the changes then they told me I needed to install the coupon printer. I know from their help instructions that I should have a file “cpbrkpie” in my add-ins but it’s not on my add-ins list, I’ve checked each time I’ve re-installed the printer. Also can’t uninstall the couponbar which doesn’t work either. I don’t understand any of this because I don’t have problems printing SS or RP or any other site. This is driving me nuts! Now I can’t even find how the email link to their customer service. How do I switch browsers!

  4. melinda m says

    FYI: There was a $1/1 Capri Sun (10 pack) Exp 9/15/12 Winn dixie coupon a month or so back from the Winn Dixie Back to School Savings flyer. Makes a 10 pack only .99 at Publix.

  5. heather stewart says

    good luck michelle:)It just gets worse! raising my 3 boys myself is what drove me to couponing! If I didn’t, I would of had to sell them, because I couldn’t afford to to feed them!

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