What’s For Dinner – Publix Meal Plan Ideas 7/10

With it being so hot I am doing everything I can to keep my kitchen cool! My poor AC is having a hard enough time keeping up with the temperature, running the oven is not going to help matters!

So, this week most of my recipes utilize the grill. I can marinade and prep ahead of time and then just throw everything on the grill. The best part of  my plan is that my husband will usually handle the grilling for me. So, I can throw a few sides together and have dinner done lickity split.

The added bonus is that my cleanup is super easy as well! Here is my meal plan for the coming week -

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches on Foldit
Grilled Peppers & Onion
Sweet Potato Fries

Jerk Chicken Leg Quarters
Cilantro Lime Rice
Mango Salsa 

Beef Satay
Summer Slaw 

Fish Tacos
Black Beans

Grilled Veggies
Grilled Vidalia with Feta

Asian Meatballs with Lime Sesame Dipping Sauce
Asian Noodle Salad

What is on your menu this week? Do you guys have any favorite grilling recipes that you want to share? I am open to replacing my Sunday dish with a good grill recipe. I have been craving those meatballs but they do require an oven so I could be swayed to do something different 😀

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