Sweetbay Coupon Booklet – “Sweet Inspirations for Back to School”

coupon bookletSean sent over a great find for you guys who have a Sweetbay in your neck of the woods. Be on the lookout for the coupon booklet called "Sweet Inspirations for Back to School."

It contains the following Sweetbay store coupons that expire 8/31/12. Sean notes that the coupons say limit one coupon per customer and may not be combined with any other offers, coupons, or discounts. If your store accepts Sweetbay as a competitor this booklet will come in very handy!

-$.50/1 Rays Sweet Spot Burger 4 pack (meat department)
-$2/4 any Kellogg, Keebler, Sunshine, or Eggo (mix/match)
-$1/2 Kellogg cereals (9 oz+)
-$1/2 Kellogg or Keebler cookies or crackers (mix/match)
-$1/1 Newman's Own Entree
-$1/1 Hellmann's Mayo (22 oz+)
-$1/2 Honey Bunches or Oats
-$1/1 Equal Sucralose (9.7 oz.)
-$1/1 Equal Sucralose (100 ct.)
-$.50/1 Equal Saccharin (100 ct.)
-$.50/1 Contessa Convenience Meal
-$.75/1 Kotex or U by Kotex
-$.75/1 Huggies wipes
-$.50/1 Kleenex
-$1/1 Colgate Total (4 oz+)
-$1/1 Palmolive (25 oz+)
-$1/1 Softsoap bodywash
-$1/2 Sorrento Snack Cheese
-$1/2 Tai Pei Multi Serve Entrees and Appetizers (16 oz+)
-$1/2 Tai Pei Single Serve Entrees and Appetizers (14.2 oz or less)
-$1/2 Jose Ole Taquitos or Snacks (16 oz+)
-$1/2 Arm & Hammer Laundry
-$1/2 Arm & Hammer Clumping Cat Litters
-$1/2 Oxi Clean
-$1/1 Soft Scrub Cleanser
-$1/1 Purex Ultrapacks (26 ct+)
-$1/1 Purex Crystals (28 oz+)
-$1/2 Stayfree, Carefree, or OB
-$1/1 Neutrogena Acne product
-$1/1 Clean & Clear skin care
-$.75/3 Betty Crocker Equity Muffins
-$1/2 Cheerios (18 oz), Golden Grahams (16 oz), or Cinnamon Toast Crunch (20.25-21.25 oz)
-$.50/1 Fiber One Chewy Strawberry PB&J or Chocolate Bars (6 ct)
-$1/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt
-$.50/1 Motts Medley Fruit Shapes

Thanks Sean!


  1. says

    I stopped by a local Publix and the cashier went ovr the coupons with a fine tooth comb. She handed back two Target coupons on soda and pointed out one coupon per visit per customer per day. So I could only use one on a BOGO promotion. They (she stated it came from corporate) are having a difficult time retrieving the cents off from Target for overspending at a competitor and are instructing all their employees to read the fine print (which of course I didn’t) Oh well, it was a matter of time that the stores would crack down on coupons. Maybe this will lead to more product left on the shelves for the rest of us who would like to purchase but find that the shelf clearers got there first.

    • Sherry says

      Publix doesn’t get money back from Target coupons. I was told all competitor coupons are a loss. It all depends on your cashier as far as going thru our coupons with a fine tooth comb. Some are grouchy. I try and use the same cashier whom I never have issues with. Good luck.

      • kellie says

        Yeah I agree w/ Sherry I don’t think they get money back from Competitor coupons nor do I see how they even could if they wanted to. It is just a loss for them but brings in more customers.

    • Kailey says

      As a Publix cashier, as well as a couponer, I have learned that Publix makes no money off of competitor or store coupons. However, corporate has been cracking down on coupons due to the volume of fraudulent and competitor coupons recieved in recent weeks. Cashiers are required to read the fine print of the coupons and abide by it, such as in the Target coupons. It’s not that the cashier is grouchy, although some may be, it is because their supervisors are watching what coupons they are accepting.

    • Lynn says

      I find that Target actually tells you you CAN’T use a particular coupon. I had to ARGUE with ass’t mgr AND store mgr. that it is coupon fraud FOR THEM TO TELL ME THEY CAN’T ACCEPT SOMETHING. They changed their attitude really fast when I threatened to contact corporate. Coupon just said and amount of a particular product, NO size stated. So I bought the smallest size and they DON’T give you back the difference. Their register also told me at some point that it couldn’t take any more coupons on that order. WHAT???? I won’t shop at Target any more.

    • Kerri says

      I found them in the Riverview Sweetbay.. I never go there but had to pick up an apple for my “starving” daughter and stumbled upon them!

  2. sue says

    Ok..Im a bit confused..It states on the sweetbay coupons: one coupon per customer (I assume that is per item??) and may not be combined with other coupons (even though that is sweetbay’s policy, is it applicable when using them at Publix?). So, I wanted to get the kleenex that is 4 boxes for $5.00 at publix and then I was going to use 4 sweetbay coupons that are .50 off one box of kleenex and use one manufactures coupon for .50 off three boxes which would make my total for the 4 boxes $2.50. I assume that is a no go? LOL

    • sue says

      I did read publix coupon policy and it just says that they will accept ONE manufacturer’s coupon and ONE publix OR competitors coupon PER item. Nothing about following the competitors policy that is on the coupon..

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