See The Real Difference – Publix vs Walmart Shopping Comparision

How many of you guys have seen the new commercials from Walmart claiming that their prices beat Publix by up to 20%. I will be honest, every time I see one it irritates me and makes me just want to scream!

There is so much missing from those commercials that I thought it might be a good idea to do a little test of my own and see who is really the winner in the price comparison of Publix vs Walmart!

In case you guys have not seen them, let me give you a quick summary of what you will see in the commercials.

They took several stay at home moms here in Atlanta and had them do a side by side comparison of the prices of specific items purchased at Walmart and Publix. The commercials show the ladies going through clean, well stocked Walmart stores. Overall it was a fun commercial that showed Walmart shopping in a very positive light. At the end, the results indicate that by shopping at Walmart the ladies saved on average 20% over identical items purchased at Publix.

Ok...before we even get into the price comparison - my first point of contention is the store represented in the commercials. I am not sure which Walmart they filmed in, but I think it is fair to say that the store shown is in no way a true representation of a typical Walmart store! I have been to various Walmart stores in my 30+ years and have NEVER seen anything similar. Clean, tidy and well stocked would never be used to describe any of the Walmart stores in my area. Chaotic, unkempt, and disorganized are more along the lines of a typical Walmart store. Somehow they also neglected to show the overcrowded small aisles, ridiculously long check out lanes and accurate images of their typical cashiers who most often look as if they would rather be poking their own eyes out than standing at the register. Yes...a little bit of drama - but c'mon, tell me it's not true!

Now, let's talk about the price comparison. In very small wording at the bottom of the Walmart commercial/website there is a notification that the "Walmart prices may include special prices and are good through x/x/12".  Spoiler alert  - I guess I will be the one to break the news to you guys. Believe it or not, when you shop a store's sale you will likely get the best price possible - tee hee!

What you see  in those commercials is just a marketing ploy and is not quite the whole story!

To prove it, I sent out my own shoppers out to do a side by side comparison as well. I provided a list of items to four I Heart Publix readers who then shopped at their local stores to get pricing for identical items at Publix and Walmart. I had hoped to have Alabama results as well but that one fell through. While I was not sure what the outcome would be, I hoped that Publix would indeed end up the winner.

Guess what? Publix blew Walmart out of the water! You can see the full list of shopping items and corresponding pricing HERE. Here is a summary of the results -

Georgia Results
Tennessee Results
Florida Results
South Carolina Results

Am I shocked that Publix won the savings battle? Of course not...I know that Publix sales can't be beat. Note -- that I said Publix sales. The shopping list that I gave the readers were all items from the Publix weekly ad/Publix Yellow Advantage Buy flyer. (Let me add since some folks seem to be confused... I PURPOSELY used a sale list. This was done on purpose as a way to show that when you shop the sale (as done in the Walmart commercial) you WILL get the best price possible.)

I will never understand why folks don't understand that you have be a smart shopper no matter if you are shopping for a new car or a loaf of bread! Smart shopping requires a bit of planning and often some patience. Buying what you want whenever you want is not the best strategy in our current economy. How many folks randomly go out and grab a car without doing any planning? Probably not many I would guess. So why do so many people think it is smart to walk into a store willy nilly and grab whatever you happen to see?

I was thrilled to see that Publix was the winner of my little experiment. I would like to point out that all of the prices and comparisons were done without the use of any coupons whatsoever! Adding in the couponing options available at Publix takes the options for savings to a whole new level!

When you add in the fact that not only can you use manufacturer's coupons but you can also use store coupons - Walmart can't touch the savings you get at Publix. In many areas, Publix stores double manufacturer's coupon up to and including 50¢ which means even more savings. No Walmart locations double coupons. So, even if you went through the immense hassle of price matching at Walmart you would not get the benefit of using store coupons or double coupons. Once again...Publix wins.

We have talked about the price comparisons. I also want to take a minute to point out that there is no mention of quality of service, quality of product or ease of shopping in those commercials. While price plays a very important role in grocery shopping, I think most folks would agree there are other factors to consider.

First, I am not going to pretend that Publix is not priced higher on certain items at certain times. It is likely that a Publix ribeye is higher priced than one found at Walmart. With that price difference you also get a quality difference. If you shop at Publix, you can get a ribeye cut any way you like it. That is because the meats are fresh and packaged in the store - you know you are getting the freshest meat possible. This is the case for every department at Publix including the bakery, deli and produce departments. There is a clear difference in the quality of products sold at the two stores.

No matter what Publix store you walk into you can see that they strive to make shopping a pleasure. The stores are clean and organized. The staff at the store are helpful and friendly - no other store can come close to the high level of customer service offered by Publix. You will find these high standards at every single Publix location! I think most folks who have stepped foot in a Walmart store will agree that cleanliness and quality of service is not high on the priority list at Walmart.

Finally, some folks will insist that the convenience of being able to get everything you need at one store provides a great level of value to the consumer. Personally, I don't feel a strong desire to get my cheese and tennis shoes at the same store and have serious issues with what they consider value. Sure, I may save $3 but end up with products that may be much lower in quality. Are you really saving money when you have to replace the items that were initially considered a value? As a mom, I will happily spend that $3 to give my family quality products and save myself the ordeal of shopping at a store that is less than pleasant.

Now who is the real winner? If you ask me...Publix wins hands down!

Where do you save most? I'd love for you to share your shopping experiences. Where do you shop and why?

The data was compiled by four I Heart Publix readers. All shopping took place between 6/28 - 7/3. Product prices are from Publix & Walmart stores in Alpharetta GA, Lebanon TN, Orlando FL, & Greenville SC. As you guys all know I am not affiliated with Publix or Walmart. I thought it might be nice to add another stay at mom's perspective to the mix 😉


    • Stormy says

      I know for a fact Publix is more expensive than Wal-Mart and no amount of moronic examples will change that. People are just too smart to be stupid enough to believe anything someone trying to tell them Publix is cheaper tries to tell them.

      The price though, has nothing to do with why i like to shop at Publix rather than Wal-Mart. I am medically retired military and get paid once a month…so when i shop, it isn;t just for a few days at a time….it’s for the entire month, with exception of some vegetabes. After getting my food home and unwrapping the meats i would get from Wal-Mart, i’d notice this foul scent being given off by it. I’d then watch as my red meat turned an ugly shade of brown right in front of my eyes. If this wasn’t bad enough, the vegetables would normally only last a few days before they seemed to deflate and more resemble a raisin than a vegetable.

      What really topped my experiences off and turned me completely against anything from Wal-Mart was an experience with a box of cereal which was perfectly normal on the outside, but once opened allowed ants to run out the top like they had been insulted by my recent purchase of their home and seemingly never ending supply of food.

      No…i’ll never shop at Wal-Mart again for food…not because of price but because of the quality of the product. I’ll qualify this by saying that i am OCD and always buy the same things, same manufacturer, farm, etc… the difference in the bill is around $200 per month.

      • Joe says

        Regardless of price, the Walmart patrons alone make me want to hurl. We have yet to have a finished Publix in Mobile, AL, we use Winn Dixie for the time being. However, we’ve been waiting for the Publix to open at the end of this month. More variety is never a bad thing.

  1. Maggi says

    Wow Michelle, thanks for doing this research and publishing.

    I have had similar reactions to those commercials: (a) that WalMart doesn’t look like any of the ones that I shop ant and (b) while WalMart’s prices may be slightly cheaper on some items, Publix sales (espeicially BOGOs) more than make up for the difference on some of those items.

    • Leon DeMaria says

      I am employed by publix and id also like to point out that when a customer walks into ant publix… 93.7% of the time what you want is there on the shelf waiting 98.2% BOGO’S are there.

  2. says

    I feel the same way as you. They show the ladies face but do not show what the actual total was. I do my sale shopping at Publix. If there is something we need that is not on sale I will go to Target. I feel Target is much more the kind of store you described, bright, happy and a nice place to shop.

  3. says

    They have an full-page ad in the Orlando Sentinel comparing the prices against Publix. They have a picture of a shopper who goes to local Publix and then to a Walmart in the same neighborhood. The have a picture of both receipts with Walmart always beating Publix by 18%. They even did two or three ads comparing themselves to Walgreens. I get just as irritated. :-)

    • Tracy says

      Wow walgreens too? I love shopping walgreens deals. Walmart cannot beat them when youcombine thier sales and use Manufacture q’s store q’s and get a register reward on top of it. Just like they cannot compare to publix Bogo sales along with q’s.As I said in another post I shop both publix and walmart but for very different reasons. I do the bulk of my shopping at publix weekly when the new ad comes out. I use walmart to fill in the gaps for whatever i need that is not on sale(as long as its the lowest price i can find) and walgreens and cvs for all my shampoos and items like razors and stuff.

  4. Melanie says

    I shop at both Publix (mainly) and Walmart. I used to buy produce & meat at Walmart (in Central FL) and it made my family sick. The meat, especially chicken is always dripping in juice and the produce is bad before you buy it. I feel that it is much more important to pay a bit more for something that is quality vs. quantity. As a mom of 7 children I want them to eat food that is safe and fresh. I will gladly spend the extra money for their health and well being. In my mind there is no comparison between the 2 and this is only 1 of several examples!

    • Jennifer says

      A former co-worker’s husband used to work for Albertsons and said that when the produce trucks come, Wal-Mart picks last out of all the grocery stores because they pick all of the produce that is the least fresh and ready to go bad, hence why it is cheaper there…I never shop at Wal-Mart for groceries!

    • Wendi says

      Yes, I shopped there years ago and bought some fish that made us very sick. Their produce also looks like it fell of the back of the truck. My husband told me not to ever go back there.

    • says

      I bought chicken from Walmart recently and when I opened it the very next day (well before the”sell by” date on the package), it smelled horrible. Sure, I may have paid more for the chicken at Publix, but at least I would have been able to eat it. Since that experience, I don’t even bother going to Walmart. Their prices are nowhere near as low as they used to be, anyway.

  5. April M. says

    I love this article and agree with you. Publix has top notch quality in service, meats, etc and I save more there than I save at Walmart or Winn Dixie.
    If there’s something I need that is not on sale, I usually still go to Publix. Since I save so much with sales, I would rather pay a little extra on a needed, non-sale item than deal with Walmart.

  6. kimberly says

    Great article! I HATE shopping at Walmart & never really save money. They are designed to make you spend more. It’s not even in the same league as Publix.

  7. Yen says

    Publix is the place for groceries, hands down! No other store can compare, not Winn Dixie, not Walmart, not Target! I do shop at those other stores from time to time depending on their deals and what I need that Publix doesn’t carry, but I <3 Publix! With my use of coupons at Publix, those other stores can't even come close when it comes to what I can save.

  8. Erika says

    Those new commercials annoy me. You are right – I have NEVER been into a Wal-Mart that nice, clean and orderly. And let’s not even start talking about the differences in customer service :)
    I absolutely love shopping at Publix, and am willing to even pay a slightly higher price for some items due to their service.
    Keep up the good work, Publix!

  9. Candy says

    Well done, Michelle! I honestly didn’t think the Florida Publix stores would beat Walmart, but they had the highest savings! Moving here from Atlanta (Buckhead) gave me sticker shock on the prices of groceries (and general cost of living!), especially with trying to feed a family of five (three boys, er…four, counting the hubby, at that!). It was only when someone introduced me to your website that I’ve been able to shop frugally and successfully at a store I’ve come to love: Publix! Thanks again for doing the research and publishing the results.

  10. Ketsy says

    I was bored the other day and decided to take the challenge. What a night! I took my 5 year old, 2 yeard old and 6 week old to Walmart and brought along th Winn-Dixie, Publix and Kmart ads. PARKING… need I say more! I used two carts because Walmart doesn’t have the double child (fun-car) cart that Publix has. The aisles cluttered with people and employees with merchandise everywhere. It took me about 2 hours to make it to the register, mainly because I couldn’t find most of the stuff and then CHECKING OUT/PRICE MATCHING with a disgruntled cashier, lights blinking, supervisor complaining and managers for the override nowhere to be found. Walked out and my kids did not get a sticker nor balloons. My bill $$$ but I had a bit of help from hubby to try to make it a one trip shopping experience…anyhow…Needless to say, NEVER AGAIN!

    • alexia says

      This customer service thing must be a white people issue. I am latina and I cant even imagine feeling so spoiled and entitled that Id expect for every employee to smile at me like im some sort of ray of sunshine and be upset if my kids dont get a stupid sticker or balloon. WTH. Get over yourselves. I have a fairly secure ego that does not need stroking. I only expect employees to help me if I ask for help. I cant begin to describe how annoying it is for publix employees to smile at me or say something to me every 5 minutes while Im trying to shop. Its distracting and unnecessary. Is this bum kissing what people pay for? Walmarts here in Nashville have been clean and the brentwood location has little wait time to check out. Employees dont bother me but if I ask for help they are helpful. Ive never gotten sick from their food and Prices are much lower too. I like publix for its free antibiotics, the sushi, cuban sandwiches, salads, etc. Good place for a healthy lunch. They also seem to have a larger product variety of healthy foods. I like both but walmart is where I do most of my shopping. Open 24 hrs too.

      • alexia says

        I also think that those of you who coupon and chase sales must have alot of time on your hands. Id rather shop where prices are consistently good and not dependent on coupons.

  11. Rachel says

    Ever since I moved to Florida, I have shopped publix and I do prefer it to the wal marts near me. They are as described – crowded, chaotic, messy. However, I would like to add that growing up in Arkansas, home of wal mart, that was not the case. The stores I have been to there are clean and busy but not chaotic, with plenty of cashiers. I don’t know why their corporate allows for such huge disparity in store management.

    • says

      Rachel, I don’t know how long you’ve been gone from Arkansas but the Walmarts in AL used to not be like they are now and they only seem to be getting worse. I was actually in Walmart this year when probably 30 people were in one check out lane. Walmart must be worried if they are running ads against Publix.

    • Laney says

      I agree with you about the Walmarts in Arkansas. My sister lives near Bentonville (their headquarters) and the stores there are like the Taj Mahal. LOL

  12. Brian says

    While I do a large portion of my grocery shopping at Publix sadly Wal-Mart tends to be a necessary evil. BUT one of the things that irritates me the most @ WM is the lack of common sense/education … I was shopping there one day and had my reusable totes. When I put them on the bagging area the lady asked me “What do you want me to do with those?” … And yes she had the WM reusable totes hanging on the front of her register just like every other register. The Publix folks seem to understand that the reusables can hold twice what a plastic bag can and pack it accordingly! TY Publix.

    • Lindy says

      I was purchasing a reusable tote at walmart to hold my groceries and I had it in front of my order, the cashier put my tote in its own plastic walmart bag and then split my order up in to two more plastic bags before I could tell her to use the tote.

  13. M says

    I have to say, Publix really does make the shopping experience better. Sometimes I find myself smiling when I see their tag line in the store or in their commercials because I really do believe their claim: “Where shopping is a pleasure”. I took a class in customer service offered where I work and they asked us to name 5 companies that represent customer service. Almost everyone had a similar list, with Publix being among the top 5 for most of us. It is truly a bonus that sale shopping and couponing make shopping at Publix not only a pleasure, but cheap!!

  14. Esther says

    I read an article in the Tampa Bay Times yesterday and was happy to see that they contacted you and asked your opinion. I am also irritated by those commercials. I only shop at Walmart for things I can’t get somewhere else. Many years ago when I worked at Walmart for 3 years I can tell you that quality was not their main focus, it was always the bottom line. However it was much different when Sam Walton was alive. He was more concerned about his employees and about the customer. Ever since he died I feel like Walmart is so focused on the bottom line they forget about the people inbetween. Especially when they have stores open on Thanksgiving and other holidays. I am happy to shop at Publix because I know they treat their employees and customers with respect. That is more important to me than a few dollars. But to be honest I save a ton of money shopping there.

  15. Sharleen says

    I agree with you, I only shop at Publix. Not only are they Coupon Friendly, I have had nothing but trouble with Walmart. I had to find a cashier, have a CSM, and two other Assistant stand at the Register and we went over Couponing! Now I only go to My Cashier who understands coupons and gives me no trouble. The Cutter spray coupon is my favorite. I buy the Wasp Spray on sale for $1.00. I have the $1.00 off coupon, go to one cashier (when I have to) and PROBLEM!! I take my items to another cashier NO PROBLEM!! I HATE WALMART!! I walk around the unkept, crowded store saying I HATE WALMART!! LOL my six year thinks I am so funny. I think Walmart should just NOT accept coupons.

  16. Andrea says

    Love all you said about Walmart. I get a bit stressed when I shop there because it’s so chaotic. I see no need to ever buy frozen products there…they will surely melt before you can get through the check out lines. And it’s true, here in Atlanta, most of the cashiers (I won’t say all…I’ve seen a few nice ones) BUT MOST seem like they’d rather lie on the floor and die rather than say hello, give a smile, or even look up at you. That’s my rant on Walmart.

  17. Craig B says

    I can say this from a completely unibased view. I love Publix, but I shop at Walmart because I save money. I think 20% would be a fair assessment of the savings that I get from shopping at Walmart. Is Publix a nicer place to shop? Sure, but I can tell you for a fact, I have done my own price comparisons and Walmart is defintielty chepaer by a substantial margin on every single comaparison that I have done. In addtion athey will match any price that you find, but I have needed to do that. Sorry but I’m not sure what items you are comparing but I would be anxious to see this to compare.

    • Amy says

      I would bet that if you simply made a list of groceries for the week, sales non-withstanding and with no coupons, that you’d save money at WM over Publix. However, if you are trying to live by the principle of (most of the time) stocking up and not buying items when they are not on sale, as well as using coupons, I bet Publix is victorious nearly every time. It took me about a year to really get onboard with the idea of buying enough to hold me over until the next sale cycle, but now that I’ve learned that, I’m convinced Publix is unbeatable.

    • Kathy says

      I agree with you Craig. On the items that they compared was Publix sales prices. Not their actual regular price. If they done regular priced items Wal-Mart would have beat them by at least 20 % or more. Yeah Wal-Mart is less friendly, more agrravation but hey they are cheaper when things aren’t on sale somewhere else. With my familys tight budget I have to shop where things are cheaper not where people are friendlier. The good thing is I have 2 great cashiers at the Wal-Mart I go to and usually one of them are always working. I take all my store sales papers to Wal-Mart and do most of my shopping there by price matching. I do love Publix but its another 25-30 miles futher than Wal-Mart which also means I would be spending more money in gas going there.

    • Jenn says

      Unfortunately, your experience doesn’t sound like any Walmart I’ve ever been to. You didn’t say, but do you coupon and shop sales or do you just buy whatever you happen to want?

    • Holly says

      Sales flyers are the smart shopper’s guide to success. Walmart may have cheap daily prices but there is nothing like matching up those Publix flyers with the coupons, especially when Publix has some of their own store coupons. For instance, I bought 2 bottles of 50 ct. Advil and 2 packs of Olay Regenerist face wipes and spent $2.24. I could never have done that at Walmart!

      Flyers + Coupons = $ in my pocket

      (I actually look forward to Monday mornings, thanks to Michelle, the sales flyer &!)

    • David says

      Right on Craig!!Publix sales are good,especially BOGOs,but if you would like to buy something you WANT or NEED,not what’s in the paper that week like a trained chimpanzee,Walmart wins every time on items I buy every week by 20-30%.
      Running a comparison comparing Publix’s Ads to Walmart’s regular prices is just as dishonest as the ads you are complaining about.

      That said,Publix’s higher prices are NOT NOT a ripoff!It cost much more to carry the selection they have,which is huge,and keep well trained staff and more of it(baggers).I doubt their profit margin is any higher than Walmart’s when you consider their increased costs.
      So I buy the few things that are on sale that are a brand I like and save a bundle getting the rest at Walmart.
      Both are great stores.
      (And the Walmarts are NOTHING like what you describe around Birmingham.Clean,well stocked organized with great produce.They are sometimes busy though…Hmmm…wonder why???)

      • ana says

        HAHAHA U must have 1 of the few Walmarts that are clean and have good produce. Here in MIAMI NO SUCH LUCK! Walmarts are nasty dirty and with nasty shoppers and even nastier employees.

      • Gary says

        I get the whole comparison thing. Some people think Wal-Mart is better, more people think Publix is better. However, when comparing the total store experience, Publix is the real winner. My local Wal-Mart must get the oldest/stalest product available. When I buy milk at WM, it doesn’t make it to the date code. When I buy milk at P, it is fresh beyond the date code. The same situation with bread and produce. What’s the point in paying less for something that just ends up it the trash sooner. Publix will put Nature’s Own bread on BOGO. You will never get bread that cheap at WM. Also, the nickname of my local WM is ‘out of it”. Every trip to WM never gets my shopping list done. Publix shelves are better stocked. Customer service and store cleanliness at Publix are superior.

        • Foodisfood says

          Sounds like you’re over generalizing what he said based on your own crappy store. Here where I live there are two wal marts, both of which are always well stocked and no real lines to complain about. We have two publix here also, same scenario, stocked, decent lines. And you know, I get it, publix meat is the jam. Veggies? Publix I can do. But how do you rationally sympathize when a store like public charged a good $0.20 to $0.50 cents a can, for NAME BRAND canned goods? Everything in a can from pasta to veggies, cheaper at Walmart, for sure. And it adds up.. FAST. There’s no sense in it. Plus Walmart has WAY more variety of goods.

          And lastly, to the tune of everyone singing about coupons and flyers, I’m not sure if y’all have jobs or hobbies, but I’ve been payed more to do less work at dead end min wage jobs than the time and effort half of y’all put into coupon clipping and stockpiling like the war is coming. I live in an apartment with no surplus storage, not even a pantry, on a month to month basis and let me tell you, the money doesn’t stretch to the end of the month shopping at publix.

          • Bea says

            The WMs in our area do NOT have a greater variety of goods, they always have less – try shopping for tea at WM – ugh, no selection. Cereals – long aisles of the same products just in different sizes. Poor produce, very few healthy brands or selections.

    • Chelsea says

      True, price matching at Walmart can save you a lot in addition to coupons — when it works. I have tried repeatedly, come in with copies of the other stores’ circulars, and separated out what I was trying to match, and it is ALWAYS an ordeal with eye-rolling, manager-calling, and outright refusal to honor coupons/price-matches. Being treated like that, waiting in those long lines, and dealing with lack of availability of sale merchandise is just not worth the few bucks you will save.

  18. crystal says


    I completely agree with you.Each time I see the stupid Walmart commercial I get so irritable.First of all one there lines are so darn long ,and they have the worst customer service ever.When you give the cashier a coupon they look at you like “what am I suppose to do with this paper”-rolling their eyes. Walmart seems to have gone in a deep whole to hire these weirdos… Love my Publix stores- Always clean and customer service is just FREAKING AWESOME! not to mention there coupon policy love it!..I am not surprised Publix won at all..


  19. Linda says

    I agree with your article completely. I just wonder why Walmart does so well? As shoppers we should expect great service, in a clean store, and quality products. I can’t comprehend why some people accept an inferior shopping experience! I do shop at Walmart sometimes, but not for food, as in a prior response to one of your articles, I call it a necessary evil.
    I guess what irritates me and your readers is the blatant misrepresentation of the commercial when it comes to cleanliness and pricing. But you can say that the commercial shows no employee checking them out, perhaps this is because everyone knows the caliber of employee Walmart hires.
    I will say however that I would love it if Publix had more competition in Florida than the existing ones. I do like Publix, but when you have healthy competition the consumer almost always wins. In the scenario of Walmart verses Publix in Florida? Well, there is not comparable. Publix wins hands down. In a perfect world, Walmart would go out of business for poor business practices,but for now, I think the general public doesn’t buy into the commercial.

  20. kathleen says

    I don’t shop at Walmart for food because it’s stressful, and i’m accustomed to using coupons (store and manufacturer) at Publix. I’ve been spoiled by the customer service at Publix. And i don’t like Walmart’s coupon policy.

  21. Shemetha says

    Me too. I cringe every time I see those commercials. I know that Walmart cannot compete with Publix. I have purchase food items that were not even on sale at Publix, and they were cheaper than Walmart! Not to mention Puvlix has a very friendly coupon policy whereas some Walmart stores won’t even accept coupons printed online. I find that whenever I shop at Walamart; I always over spend. I find Target to be the best alternative after Publix because they also offer coupons and you can save 5% with the Red dot card.

  22. Sandy says

    Way to go Publix! I love Publix. I have been too many other stores for groceries in the past and Publix is by far the highest in Quality, Customer Service, and Friendliness. Shopping at Publix is a pleasure and they are VERY Coupon Friendly. I always save 60% – 70% or more with coupons and deals there and the Cashiers are happy for me. Thanks for doing this comparison, Michelle. I hope it gets published by Publix.

  23. John says

    As a former Publix employee, I can tell you first-hand that Publix refuses to compete with any other store on the basis of price. They don’t want to. It takes too much time and too much effort to try and be the low price leader. Publix feels that its highest value to the customer is personalized service.

    When I do have to go into a Walmart, I have to be aware of what time I go shopping. I notice that they start bringing out pallets of stock and place it in the middle of the aisles somewhere in the neighborhood of 8PM. They don’t even do that at Sam’s Club, which is where I would expect such activity. The floors, the aisles, the… well, you get the picture. Shopping there is definitely not a pleasure. It’s more like a chore.

    The slogan “Where shopping is a pleasure” came directly from “Mr. George” (George Jenkins) himself. He believed in it very strongly and it has been passed down to all of the executive staff at the company. The leadership of the company drives the feeling of the rest of the company, and Publix is a prime example of this.

  24. Andrea says

    Very well said. Before I got into couponing, I
    Did all my shopping at Walmart. sad to say
    That I thought cashiers and employees all hated
    Their job and were all the same everywhere.
    That is sad. However suddenly shopping became
    Not only a couponing ” game” to me, but it is
    Such an enjoyable experience and YES, all
    Employees at publix are wonderful. When I
    Ask my 3 year old why shopping is a pleasure
    At publix she says ” cause they give us stickers, cookies
    And they help us put our groceries in the car.
    Teach your kids kind hearted was in its truest
    Sense and shop at publix. I haven’t stepped
    In a Walmart in months…. Nor do I wish to go
    Back. It’s nice buying name brand items
    And at the same time saving bundles!
    Thank you publix and iheartpublix for showing
    Me the way each week!

  25. Deb says

    You said – The shopping list that I gave the readers were all items from the Publix weekly ad/Publix Yellow Advantage Buy flyer.

    Is this a fair comparison when the weekly ad and the YAB are sales prices. I would have liked to see the prices on items that are not on sale at either store.

    • says

      I think it is a fair comparison for smart shoppers and visitors to this website.

      For people who don’t use coupons I think the newspaper ad comparison would be the better comparison and those dummies would probably be better off at Walmart. :p

    • renee says

      It’s almost like comparing apples and oranges. I you took 20 random items and compared the prices, most often Walmart would be lower. However, any seasoned, smart coupon/sales shopper will tell you that you stock up on an item when the price is the lowest. Using that shopping strategy, I don’t think you can beat Publix with their BOGO deals and being able to use coupons/store coupons on top of that. I know some people are able to use coupons successfully at Walmart, but I think they are definitely in the minority. I used to shop at Wal-mart exclusively thinking it was cheaper. When I really started using coupons consistently and creating a great stockpile, I have literally cut my grocery bill in half just by shopping at Publix exclusively. There is no way I could feed my family of 4 (including personal care items, pet items, baby items, etc.) for less than $50 a week at Walmart, but I can do that at Publix with no problems!!

      • Jessica Long says

        or any shopper that isnt a compleate idiot… lol reading all your comments and think its like you read my mind

    • Jamie Gonzalez says

      I would think it was fair when thats exactly what Walmart has done on their commmercial. The fine print at the bottom of the commmercial tells you that Walmart prices may include “special prices” good thru such and such date. What is “special prices” other then a sales price.

    • Alyssa L. says

      It is certainly a fair comparison for the people who use this website and shop smart using sales and coupons. For those who just go in and buy whatever, the Walmart ad is the more likely reality. But, every since I started using this website and ONLY shopping at Publix (instead of at Walmart like I used to), my grocery bill had been cut in half and my pantry is much fuller. Add to that not having to suffer through terrible customer service and products that go bad so quickly, I am now a Publix convert.

    • Deb says

      Touche my friends, I agree WE know that with our skill and genius coupon abilities we can outdo any Walmart prices.

  26. becki says

    I agree. Publix is way better. You have to buy the sale items and the produce is much better. Wal-mart is a nightmare and I don’t go their unless I have no other choice. Most of the time CVS and Walgreens have their cleans way cheaper than Wal-Mart.

  27. Lorri says

    Wonderful article! I’m so glad others see it my way. When people argue with me that Walmart is the cheapest place to shop, I cringe at their short-sightedness. I quit shopping at Walmart 2 years ago and I haven’t missed it for one minute. I’ve never had a pleasant shopping experience at Walmart, EVER. Since I switched to Publix, my grocery bills have dropped dramatically, and I always feel welcome in there. I feel like the people who work there are friends. Nobody can beat Publix.

  28. Michelle says

    Plus shopping at Publix gives us the benefit of being able to use $5/$30 coupons. Walmart never has those. And this upcoming ad has the gas card deal again, also something that you will never find at Walmart. Publix rules!!

  29. Candice says

    I agree that Publix wins for me hands down. I absolutely hate Walmart! The parking lot alone gets me super irritated!! I have seen a clean Walmart like the one in the commercial once. They opened a brand new one near where I grew up and the marching band from my high school (I was a colorguard member) played for the grand opening. A few weeks later that same store looked like a dump inside. I love shopping at Publix and will go to Target for things that Publix doesn’t have. I went to Walmart shortly after I started teaching because people told me how cheap school and classroom supplies were there and I was shocked to find that the same items that were on sale at Walmart were more expensive than at Target for regular price. I just did my weekly grocery shopping yesterday at Publix and saved over $50. I did my shopping at a clean store, did not get irritated just trying to park my car, and left the store without getting a migraine. Even if Walmart was cheaper, I’ll take the less stressful experience every time!

  30. says

    I love this! Hands down Publix is a much better shopping experience overall. I have to say though even if it wasnt a savings to go to Publix Id still shop there. Im in and out in a flash even with all of my kids in tow. Walmart is an all day event for me it seems. Never a friendly smile, parking nightmares and Publix produce can not be beat.

  31. Cathryn says

    I shop at Publix. The BOGO’s are a great money saver. The customer service is beyond compare. At Walmart, you cannot find someone, let alone get someone to help you with a question. Publix os organized and clean. You feel as though you are valued as a customer at Publix. Whenever you go by an employee they always greet you and asl if they can help you,,now that is customer service.
    I absolutely refuse to buy produce at Walmart. Anytime I have it has gone bad. My daughtter, in New York, has had the same experience with Walmart produce. In fact when she visited we went to Publix and she wished they had a Publix there.

  32. Deb says

    Just to add – I try to avoid Walmart – I tried to use a coupon that was more than the price of the item and the cashier didn’t want to take it. I said isn’t that your policy that you give money back? she said “That wouldn’t even make sense to give money back”. she tried to call a mgr, but alas…no one returned her call so she took the coupon. (It was 8 cents over) (I didn’t have my policy sheet with me). I hinted that it would be a good idea if the employees knew their stores policies, and she agreed that she needed to look into it. Wow!

    Using coupons there is always an issue for some reason, I only go there to get the salt for our water system because it is the cheapest there.

    • renee says

      I had a coupon that would have given 5 cents overage. I had a copy of their coupon policy, the cashier accused me of making it up! She said Walmart doesn’t have a coupon policy and I just typed it up on my computer. When she called the manager over, the manager was even worse! She actually swore at me in a line full of people. She said “you b***** who use coupons are what makes stores go out of business.” (And that was probably the nicest thing she said to me!) I e-mailed the corporate offices twice and left 4 different phone messages with someone at their 1-800 number, but never got any reply (not that I was expecting one). I have been to Wal-mart exactly twice in the last 2 years, and each time I was reminded why I NEVER go there!! Their produce looks like it was left out in the hot sun too long, their meat is gray and pasty even though it isn’t past the expiration yet, there is almost NEVER a price on the shelf or the correct item in the correct place, etc. I really don’t even think you could PAY me to shop at Walmart!!

  33. Jennifer says

    I had to go to Wal-Mart last week because I was hosting a House Party for Seagram’s Smooth and they gave out Wal Mart gift cards to buy the alcohol with. Needless to say I was less then pleased to have to go the “disaster box” that is Wal Mart. Can I say what an awful experience! It was after 10pm at night mind you, and the store was a crazy mess! People everywhere! Whenver I have to go there all I say to myself is “I hate this store!” We never check out in the front, always find a register in Sporting Goods, Electronics or Garden section. Plus, I had to pick up a few items for the party and all I kept saying was “this is cheaper at Publix this week!”. I didn’t have an ad with me to price match, but I had 1 coupon…just 1 coupon that I could use and when I handed it to the cashier she looked at it and said “this says 6/20/12” when it clearly said “8/20/12” So after arguing with her because it clearly said 8 not 6, she finally took it, but said “next time make it more clear because she doesn’t want to get in trouble”…are you kidding me?!

    Hubby likes fishing so that’s the only time we ever go to Wal-Mart to get lures and stuff and 9 times out of 10 I send him by himself, or I’m hussling him out because I can’t stand being there.

    I used to be a Wal-Mart shopper because like many unaware Americans, I didn’t know the advantages of couponing, but ever since I discovered the joys of couponing and Publix’s very flexible policy, I have not looked back. My mom is still a Wal-Mart shopper though. I haven’t been able to break her of the habit, but my sister is a Target shopper and keeps telling me I need to teach her how to shop Publix hehe.

    Proud to be a Publix only shopper, where shopping is truly a pleasure!

  34. Evi says

    I lived in SC and did all my shopping at Publix… Now I live in MD and wish we have a Publix near. Loved their clean stores, helpful/ friendly employees, excellent sale prices, and quality of food! Publix does it better, hands down!

  35. Jamie Gonzalez says

    My biggest biggest pet peeve with Walmart vs Publix is their unfriendliness in all areas. There employees on the floor if I ask where a product is I have gotten answers from I don’t know, to aisle so and so at Publix they personally take me to where the product is and if its not where its supposed to be they go to the back to see if they have more and if they dont have more in the back, I get offered a rain check. I go to check out at Walmart and the cashier doesn’t say Boo! Let alone the moment I pull out my coupons oh crap…it’s like I just pulled out a bomb and announced I plan to blow the place up. The managers are just as uncoupon friendly. Walmart tells me they will ad match and their own coupon policy says I don’t have to have the ad with me, yet time and time again I am told I need to show them the ad. I show them thier coupon policy stating I don’t and it turns into the turn the blinking light on nightmare. Customers behind me are complaining and hating on me because I am simply trying to get the best deal for my family using the stores own policies…man I could rant and rant and rant on Walmarts unfriendliness all day. The opposite of this is Publix the cashier is friendly, I pull out my coupons even friendlier. I have had cashiers ask me how I do so well and even have a couple cashiers who see me and tell me to come thru their checkout that they LOVE seeing the savings I get.

  36. Keli says

    I live in Florida, and can confirm this. I did my own research a couple of weeks ago and found that on average, the prices at Walmart were up to $1.00 more. Besides that, even if items are cheaper, I would rather wait a week and get it for BOGO at publix. I am a diehard publix shopper and will never go anywhere else!!

  37. Kayla says

    LOL! Everytime I see those commercials Im yelling at the tv telling them theyre liars! My husband laughs at me of course! I am 23 years old and have lived with my husband on our own since I was 17. When we first moved out I swore by Walmart and never went anywhere else, even though my mom had ALWAYS told me “Publix is wayyy better, but a little more expensive”. My mother or myself never paid attention to the store ads or coupons, we just shopped for what we needed when we needed it. THEN I discovered the art of COUPONING! From that day forward I am very rarely seen in walmart! unless I have to make a midweek trip for some dog food or something! Publix beats walmart hands down! Bakery, produce, meats, seafood, customer service, the yummy samples they always have, the help with loading groceries, to an employee standing in the isle and asking “is there anything I can help you find?” (tell me when that has EVER happened at a walmart!!) Needless to say … GO PUBLIX!!!

  38. Jackie says

    Aside from the price, lets look at the quality of the meat at Publix vs Walmart. I don’t think there is much of a challenge there.
    Produce, yes can be a bit higher in price at Publix but what good is produce that either never ripens, is flavorless, or ripens too quickly. Case in point … Bananas, I will only buy them at Publix or Target. No other store in my area (south florida) can beat those two stores in the quality of the bananas.
    What good is “cheap” food if you end up throwing it out, is flavorless, and is questionable in the way it is processed (think pink slime). And then there is the hassle of the employees, the parking, and the overall conditions of the store. I haven’t found one is south florida, that is at the same level as Publix.
    I am not saying that price isn’t important, but it’s irrelevant if the quality is not there. Those are my 2¢.

  39. Shawn says

    I actually have a good laugh when I hear those commercials on the radio (as do my kids). While there are some things that are less expensive at Walmart, when you throw TWO levels of coupon coupled with the ability to double stack on a B1G1 promotion (or even to B1G1 on a B1G1 promo and get both for FREE – since we can do that in Florida), AND use dollar off total dollar figure coupons (like $5/$30) Publix completely blows away Walmart.

    (so in other words, if you’re a couponer, Publix wins EASILY)

    I’ve wanted to bring MY receipts in and see the difference – I’m sure I’d make a few of THEM gasp…I mean…when I can pull over $125 retail out of Publix and get PAID a few dollars to do it – come on now…

    • renee says

      My last Publix shopping trip I saved over $187.00, spent only $26.00 with manufacturer coupons, store coupons and a few $5/30 coupons. I was able to get so much produce and meat because of all the savings I got on other things. I think my family would become vegetarians if we were forced to eat meat from Walmart!

  40. Shannon says

    I used to shop exclusively at WM. I always loved Publix for the shopping experience but felt I could not afford to get all my groceries at Publix. Then I became an educated shopper, and now I only go shopping at WM for things I can’t get at Publix.
    I saw right through the commercials comparing the two. As mentioned in the article, WM also states that some of the pricing used in the comparison was “special” and of course they are going to highlight their best scenarios. Years ago I worked at WM, for 6 years. It WAS a nice place to work and shop. But over the years the prices have crept up and the level of service has become deplorable. They dont hold their management to the same standards they used to as long as the bottom line is good. They feel that they can get away with substandard stores/service because their customers “think” they are getting the best prices. Call me spoiled but I completely appreciate the pleasure of shopping at Publix.

  41. brithug says

    I do agree the walmart ads are misleading seeing as they took their sale items for the week and compared them to publix’ non sale prices, but im pretty sure its not a revelation to anyone in America that WM prices tend to be lower..I dont believe any of us are smacking our foreheads for being so silly to shop elsewhere. There are always going to be those that i guess dont mind the terrible shopping experience to save a few dollars (and IMO get inferior products!) but yikes! I would rather my shopping be a pleasure than a nightmare. Let them have it!

  42. Jessica Long says

    I live in an area with a lot of Cheap supermarkets anbd I do save quite a bit price matching produce and meat at walmart, however my Publix is right next to the walmart marketplace and the publix prices are almost all the same. THere is absolutly NO compotition for most products since walmart refuses to match the BOGO deals that Publix offers. When you add the amount saved from coupons (comp, publix and manufactures) There is just no comparison. Plus Publix is Clean with friendsly assosiates that dont apper inconvenianced when I am trying to save using their printed policies. I have never had a problem with any manager at Publix in 7 years of couponing ever, and I have to pull policies out call DMs and argue with Walmarts staff for they no less about their store operations than I do. That alone would be worth several dollars a trip which it isnt I pay less at publix item per item.

  43. Susan says

    I believe Walmart is the best shopping solution for those who are not willing to plan purchases or educate themselves on prices ( I know because that use to be me) I routinely hear from friends and family who shop Walmart because they can’t afford to stock up on what is on sale. They will go to Walmart and settle for the inferior store brand groceries rather than plan purchases and buy the name brand quality items at rock bottom Publix prices at the time of a sale. I coach my grown daughters to pick 4 to 6 items that are sale items weekly with coupons and stock up for 3 to 6 months needs. Every week your shopping list of items needed gets shorter until you are just buying produce and dairy. I cringe watching struggling mothers checking out in Walmart with foodstamps that would have gone two or three times further with planned purchases. I shop at Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie and anywhere I find the best deals. Publix routinely earns about 80 percent of my spend and I just plain like the shopping experience better at Publix. On top of that I LOVE that Publix takes such good care of their staff unlike the lawsuit treatment Walmart has engaged in.

  44. Susan says

    I believe Walmart is the best shopping solution for those who are not willing to plan purchases or educate themselves on prices ( I know because that use to be me) I routinely hear from friends and family who shop Walmart because they can’t afford to stock up on what is on sale. They will go to Walmart and settle for the inferior store brand groceries rather than plan purchases and buy the name brand quality items at rock bottom Publix prices at the time of a sale. I coach my grown daughters to pick 4 to 6 items that are sale items weekly with coupons and stock up for 3 to 6 months needs. Every week your shopping list of items needed gets shorter until you are just buying produce and dairy. I cringe watching struggling mothers checking out in Walmart with foodstamps that would have gone two or three times further with planned purchases. I shop at Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie and anywhere I find the best deals. Publix routinely earns about 80 percent of my spend and I just plain like the shopping experience better at Publix. On top of that I LOVE that Publix takes such good care of their staff unlike the lawsuit treatment Walmart has engaged in.

  45. Anna says

    Agreed! This commercial is so misleading! I definitely save a lot more at Publix than Walmart, plus it’s a much better shopping atmosphere! Publix doubles coupons and has so many great BOGOs that Walmart really isn’t a better place to shop, especially considering the busyness of it and longer wait lines! Publix all the way!

  46. Marina says

    Since the kids have been out of school I have been doing my shopping at Walmart doing price matches so I don’t have to go to multiple stores. It is so hit or miss. Sometimes I get a cashier that doesn’t even want to see the ad and then the next time the cashier questions every single thing,makes you show her the add and then has to call over a supervisor. This process is very tiring and frustrating. I priced matched New York Strip steaks on Friday.. I can honestly say these were the most terrible grade of meat we have ever had. It was like eating rawhide.We have a green egg and can cook any type of steak and it turns out delcious but these steaks were horrible. I cooked boneless breasts last night that were tough and chewy. Just terrible. Then I pulled out a pack of strawberries this morning, already molded.One stop shopping is just not worth it to me. I am used to buying quality at Publix.

  47. Dave says

    First off, I am a loyal Publix shopper and have been for many, many years and have no intention of switching. (I’m also an ex-associate from many years back)
    That being said, many of the South Florida stores, where most competition has been driven away, are merely a shadow of what Publix once was.
    It is rare to find people on the aisles to help you find an item, I have to bag my own groceries 3 times out of 4 because they don’t hire enough help (and forget about getting anyone to take your bags out), the dress code has been thrown out the window, and many associates don’t even speak English. Since Albertson’s and most Winn-Dixie’s have left town, so has the once-proud image of Publix.
    I have visited Publix’s in Central Florida in recent years and I say to myself, “This is how Publix used to be!” so I am sure that the even newer stores in non-Florida states still operate under the same ‘old’ practices. I just wish the ones by me didn’t change so much…

    • Jennifer says

      Where in South Florida are you? My store is Tamarac/Sunrise and that is not the case at all…certain stores I can see may be that way in certain areas though. Hope you find a better Publix experience down here.

  48. Kristin says

    I bought what looked like beautiful t-bones at Wal-Mart once and I have NO idea what they tried to pass off as red meat, but neither my husband nor I could eat it. Sometimes you do get what you pay for!

  49. Hannah F says

    You GO!! I ONLY shop at Walmart when I HAVE too. Which, thanks to you and Christy, is VERY little any more. It’s pretty insane that they claim to be cheaper. When I go to Publix I get personalized service, polite cashiers, GREAT prices, and a satisfied feeling!!

  50. Helen says

    I have to agree with all the Publix lovers on here! I have saved a LOT of $$, even after they changed the coupon policy. I went to Bi-Lo & Publix (I’m lucky, both are literally 1 block from each other!) the other day and it started raining. The young man who took my cart out also carried the umbrella so I wouldn’t get wet!

    Publix gets major props in my book!

  51. Patricia says

    Those commercials drive me nuts too! I LOVE my Publix- cashiers are so friendly, helpful, and they don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I hand over my coupons. At Walmart they act like I’m trying to steal from them and are just miserable. I’ll always pick Publix over Walmart and thanks to this site I save a ton there!

  52. lee says

    when i go there with a $2 coupon and the item is $1.99 they wont except the coupon so i ask them to change the price of the item to $2 they say we cant do that. you mean you can price down but not up. what kind of business would rather loose money than make money. when i went today for the tylonel precise on sale $3 ($3 coupon) and the glade expressions on sale from $1.50-$2.50 ($2 coupon) i had to make sure i got the ones that were exactly $2. i wanted the ones that were $1.50 but knew i wouldnt be able to use my coupon because they would not go up in price to $2. only reason i go in there is for the free stuff they will not get any of my money.

  53. ana says

    I am so glad u did this cause those commercials DRIVE me nuts! I hate all the Walmarts down here! The stores a gross, the people treat u horrable! PUBLIX WINS HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Joy says

    I am so glad you did this experiment!!! Wal-mart in no way could ever beat Publix on any level…I have said I will never go to another Wal-Mart again & that was months ago & I am sticking to it…they are disgusting!!!!

  55. Kelly W. says

    My neighborhood is litterally BEHIND a Walmart Supercenter. I bypass it everytime to go to Publix. My 4 year old loves his cookie & balloon. I love the HELP to the car with my groceries! I soon discovered how much that service realy helps after my son was born. I once took him as an infant to Walmart and when I got to the car realized I had all these groceries to load by myself and a screaming infant. NOPE…I’ll go to Publix. It really is a more pleasurable experience. Everything is clean, right down to the restrooms…and with a toddler/potty training preschooler, we visit those a lot. I would spend more $$ at Publix any day than go through the HASSLE of shopping at Walmart.

  56. Nicole says

    I loved reading this article….SO TRUE! I have been a loyal Publix shopper for many years. I moved from FL to MI back in high school and I have to say I always missed and complained to my parents how much even as a teenager I could see this difference in not having a Publix around and how much I missed them. I was SOOO happy when I moved back to FL.
    I have (in the past) ran into Walmart because the store was “right” next to or pretty close to where I was and I only needed 1 or 2 things. I recently stopped in a neighborhood store for green peppers with my 2 small daughters, and as soon as we walked in, we had walked in a big circle around what was called a produce dept. out back through the doors I just came in through. My 5 year old daughter asked why did we just walk in then walk out and now where are we going? My response to her was “everytime once in a while I try to go Walmart, I ALWAYS get reminded on why we shop at Publix and we are going to Publix now.” She just smiled and said “YEA, we get cookies!”
    I have been couponing for the past almost 2 years now & I have to say, Publix always welcomes me everytime and I never have any issues with them. Everyone is always smiling and seeming to be having a great day. I will ALWAYS drive past the 2 Walmarts to get to my Publix store (we have 5 in the area). I LOVE THEM!!!

  57. Susan says

    They ran these commercials in the Orlando, FL area not too long ago and I got mad every time they came on. I would find myself screaming at the tv “You’re doing it wrong!”

  58. Susan says

    I would love to see Publix answer those commercials with their own price comparison using people like us. I think America would be SHOCKED.

  59. Shayelyn says

    I haven’t seen any commercials on TV but I have seen the print ad. The way Michelle described it reminded me that Sweetbay tried used to run commercials like those on TV about a year or so ago in my viewing area, seeing how much people could save by shopping at Sweetbay. Haven’t seen those in a while. I don’t think they are effective.

  60. says

    Sure Wal-Mart’s shelf price may be cheaper on some things than Publix but it really just doesn’t compare. I mean BOGO, double coupons and coupon stacking, hello and thank you Publix.

    The thing I love most about Publix (I think even more than saving $$$) is the customer service. The people are always Friendly and Helpful, I never find that at Wal-mart. I always joke that I’d buy clothes at Publix if they sold them :-) and I did recently. They had women’s athletic socks on clearance, I scored a 6 pk of socks for $2.00. Try finding socks at Wal-Mart for $2.00.

    Thanks for doing this comparison! Just one more reason to heart I Heart Publix :-)

  61. Alicia H. says

    Great job! And send me an email next time – I live in Alabama and wouldn’t mind getting the prices on all of it for you.

    You can see Walmart from my Publix, so I don’t mind popping in Wally World and picking up a few things on my list that are just not on sale at Publix. Other than that, I definitely save more at Publix!

  62. Carly says

    I am teaching a coupon class to my mom’s friends in a month and plan to address those idiotic commercials. I will be showing (and promoting) your site to the ladies and will definitely talk about your wonderful experiment!!!

  63. Cathy Watts says

    I’m always trying to tell people that Publix is cheaper than Kroger and Walmart. I plan my menus around the BOGOs – and since I live alone, I usually only buy one, so it is half priced. I hate going to Walmart – but my RX is there because they are the cheapest – so I do go occasionally. Parking is a nightmare and there are ALWAYS some group outside trying to get me to give them money. I’ve started saying – “Sorry, I don’t carry cash.” I give to the charities I choose, not the ones that jump me as I leave Walmart.

  64. says

    when you announced that you were going to do this comparison, I knew hands down that Publix would take this. I call walmart hell on earth. Shopping there is a nightmare, especially in their customer service department. Have you ever called to check and see if they have an item in stock? You just sit on hold for hours on end and noone ever checks. Publix is by far the best store to shop period. When people tell me how expensive they are I just tell them go to and do some research. Thanks you so much for hosting this site, it is by far my favorite!

  65. Ann says

    This is the very thing I try to tell people when they coupon – PLAN PLAN PLAN!! Their response is always that Publix is higher than other stores. I usually don’t do all of my shopping at Publix, but when it comes to couponing you better believe that is where I always go – 100% of the time!! Thanks for the experiment.

  66. Marcia says

    So glad you did this and that cream cheese was one item on your list. I was in Wal-Mart once and absolutely had to have cream cheese. The store brand was priced higher than I have ever seen Publix price Philadephia. Wal-Mart did indeed used to be cheaper on lots of grocery items, but not anymore! I’ve been tempted to do this comparison myself, so thanks for the research!

    • Sarah says

      When I first started couponing, I price compared store brand tubs of yogurt, cottage cheese, and cream cheese and found that Publix was cheaper than Wal-Mart. I was very surprised and felt great about givig my money to Publix.

  67. margie says

    i for one loveee publix and i did see that commercial and have to say at the end when they put up the list of prices the total for some are 0.00 if u look real hard you will see it.

    i will always be a publix girl

  68. Iris says

    I love my young cashiers and great managers.Also, I can use Winn Dixie 5/30.I love my Publix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. says

    You were spot on with your comments. Hurray for us. In the past I was never a Publix shopper, to expensive compared to Winn Dixie or Albertson. Thanks to you I am a convert. I DO NOT like WalMart. You are so right about most of the cashiers. I just went into a WalMart in Lake Wales Florida. Boy was I surprised. The shelves were stocked and it was clean. I was really impressed. So one out of 100 for WalMart but 99% of the Publix stores I have been in have been clean and the cashier’s friendly.

  70. Shelley says

    So glad you did this. It still amazes me when people say that Publix is so expensive. You’re absolutely right about being a smart shopper.

    Also, I did go to one Walmart, out of many, that was actually clean and wasn’t full of chaos. It was in Greenville, South Carolina, where my sister-in-law lived (she passed away from lung cancer). It actually wasn’t bad going in there and the lines were okay. However, the items Walmart carries are quite limited no matter what store.

    Glad to see you compared the different states as well. We used to live in Florida, and unfortunately, shopping there isn’t as good as in the rest of the South. We’re in Tennessee, and I noticed the total was a bit higher than the others, other than Florida, but it’s probably due to the ridiculous sales tax on food.

  71. Christine says

    Try using a coupon at Walmart, you will soon see that Publix is waaay better. Walmart hires the bottom of the barrel , rude cashiers, that take an hour to process one coupon!

  72. Rachel says

    I completely agree with you. The St. Pete Times ran an article in Sundays paper about the “Food War” in Florida and how Walmart is taking on Publix. You could not get me to step into a Walmart no matter what you offered me. Everytime I enter one it is a horrible experience between the clutter, no help, and long lines. I think comparing Publix to Walmart is like comparing filet mignon to a hotdog. There is no comparison. Don’t forget Walmart does not do BOGOs or accept competitor coupons.
    I’m glad to see your experiment showed Publix was the better savings because I thought the adds we so misleading when I saw them.

  73. Luisa says

    Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I actually just came back from Publix. I had planned on going to Wal-Mart tomorrow and buying the exact same items that I had bought at Publix to see how much I would have saved. However, now I do not have to seen you did the work for me. THANK YOU!!! I LOVE Publix!

  74. Sam says

    I’m a big Publix fan, but quite honestly, my Walmart in central Florida isn’t half bad. Well stocked, clean, and friendly associates. Best of all, they have a HUGE organics selection at prices that knock Publix and Whole Foods well out of the water.

    I will say the most shocking thing to me isn’t that Walmart got beat (their prices are slowly rising as well, and I do some of my staples shopping at Target instead), but that Florida groceries cost the most out of all the other states. $7 to $17 more!

  75. Ray says

    My wife and I do 80% of our grocery shopping in Publix and can attest to your accuracy. We hate those commercials also. The other 20% is between Walmart and a really good sale at Winn Dixie. The Walmart buys are usually when we are there buying non-grocery items like printer paper, office supplies or toys for our Granddaughter and pick up a last minute need. We love your Blog and you make saving money for us a lot easier. Thanks.

  76. tracey says

    I don’t care if I never have to enter another Walmart store in my life!! Not only do I save more money at Publix, but the store is clean, and every single person in that place is FRIENDLY!!! Cashiers at walmart act like you are stealing from their pockets when you try and use a coupon. At Publix, cashiers are cheering me on and saying how awesome my savings are! Sometimes they even ask me where to find the coupons. Of course I say,!!

  77. the dude says

    You just did exactly what you complained that Walmart did…compared your sales to thier regular prices. Do a side by side compariosn on non-sale prices and see who is lower.

    • says

      I wasn’t complaining – I was pointing out that their commercials were flawed. No matter where you shop…If you shop the sale at one store and not the other the results will not be accurate. I actually PROVED the point and blatantly acknowledged that I gave ONLY sale prices to the shoppers!!

      There is no need to do a comparison of non sale items…you kinda missed the whole point. “Buying what you want whenever you want is not the best strategy in our current economy. How many folks randomly go out and grab a car without doing any planning? Probably not many I would guess. So why do so many people think it is smart to walk into a store willy nilly and grab whatever you happen to see?”

      If you prefer to shop without looking at the sales it really doesn’t matter where you go…as you would apparently have money to just throw away 😉 The point of the article was that smart shopping means savings. Publix is set up for folks to be more successful, smarter shoppers.

    • says

      To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me what Walmart or Publix non-sale prices are. If I didn’t use coupons I wouldn’t be at the IHP website right now. I’d be in a nasty old Walmart trying to save a few pennies here and there.

      I don’t grocery shop at Walmart. I shop the sales at Publix. For sale items I stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons (Winn Dixie and Target and Sweetbay coupons can be used at my store) and make out like a bandit with the savings. I saved 87% last time I shopped at Publix.

      When I factor in Walmart’s nasty cluttered aisles, nasty produce, nasty meat, nasty cashiers and nasty hassle when it comes to coupons and/or price matching there is no comparison.

      If you are not a couponer, then Walmart might be cheaper for you when you compare non-sale prices. For couponers it is a no brainer. Publix has the best prices, hands down. :)

  78. Dana says

    I am so glad you did this! I roll my eyes every time that commercial comes on! I’m in Daytona Beach, and both of our Walmarts are nothing short of I stopped shopping there over a year ago because of your wonderful website, and I haven’t looked back since! It’s not even worth it in my opinion! I will admit that I buy a couple of things there because nobody else in town has it, but I stock up when I go so I don’t have to go back for a long time!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  79. April M. says

    I stopped at my Sebastian Fl -Riverwalk Plaza Publix today to pick up a few things and asked to speak to the manager. I told him about your article and what a great website it is, how great you are, etc. I told him I shop at Publix because the customer service and cleanliness at Walmart do not even slightly compare to Publix. He was very friendly and interested in reading your article.
    I seriously just love my Publix. I did not use one single coupon today (!) and still spent less for much, much better quality lunchmeat, tortilla chips, pizza dough. The bakery lady spent a good amount of time explaining how to use the pizza dough to cook it when I asked. The deli clerk was prompt, professional, kind and efficient. The cashier was kind and fast. Seriously. Is it possible to have a crush on a grocery store? :)
    Thanks again for all the work you do. I wish more people were aware of your website.

  80. Susan says

    Loved the comparison, not surprised.
    I am a diehard Publix shopper. Always have been, always will be.
    A few years ago, I bought rice at Wal-Mart. Well, the rice had bugs in it which infested my entire pantry. Everything had to be thrown out. There’s no savings in that.

  81. Tracy says

    In defense of my local Walmart store I have to say that is always clean and stocked and shopping in the morning saves the hassel of dealing with crowds. I also know several of the cashiers who are always helpful and have never given me a problem using the Q’s I bring in.I’ve even helped some of them find coupons to use for themselves.I still prefer shopping Publix sale items as it is clearly a better deal but I like too walmart for the steady low prices when I am out of something and its not on sale.:)

  82. Michele says

    I hate the large newspaper ads with the receipts. My husband says it is because more people shop for what they need/want and not what is on sale. Today I got a box of uncrustables for 15 cents with the sale, a publix and a manufacturer coupon.

  83. Amber McAndrew says

    Publix wins hands-down! The one time I tried to take WalMart up on their price matching policy, they refused to match. Since the item I was purchasing was not the exact same as in their picture, they would not price match. Not only did they refuse, the cashier was downright rude and the person behind me made me feel like a real scam artist. I was able to go Publix and purchase the item with no issues at all. I did receive a call from corporate WalMart and an apology, but it will never make up for the poor service I received that day. Even if Publix were more expensive, their customer service (and sales, BOGOs, accepting competitor coupons, etc) MORE than make up for.

    And that’s my rant for the day :)

  84. Sommer says

    Great article! I too get irritated when I see these commercials in Florida. I look forward to shopping at Publix every week. On the other hand, I would rather poke my eye out than go into my local Walmart. Hmmmm, there’s a comparison you aren’t likely to see on TV :)

  85. Christie says

    Not all Walmarts are alike. I can only speak for mine, but it is clean, well-organized, and friendly. On more than one occasion an employee has offered to go the extra mile to help, and the cashiers are almost always friendly. The lines are not long unless you go around 5-6 on a weeknight or on Saturday afternoon. If other stores do not have lines at those lines, then their patronage is lacking. In addition, not everyone has the hours on end to look for, go through, stock, and organize coupons. Nor do I have room to stockpile months supplies of items that we use on a daily basis. I get what we need for that week, maybe two. Not that I find any that I would use when I do look at the weekly adds. A coupon does not save you money if the item is not a normal purchase (regardless of brand). And how exactly would one stock up on fresh produce, which is the most frequent items we buy. Granted, I have been in a Publix only a few times, but every time I have been astonished at how high their prices are! I’ve noticed a lot of couponers say that to get the best deals you often have to go to more than one store. Again, I don’t have the time to shop at multiple stores every week. Added to which, Walmart is 5 miles down the street while the rest are at least twice that, and on a heavily congested road.

    • MichelleM says

      I agree,some people love or hate Walmart, but my Walmart is very nice and the people are always helpful.I have never had a problem with coupons or price matching. I do also love Publix, if it is a week that the sales are not that special at Publix, I always will find cheaper deals at Walmart. I do love my Publix, but I also love my Walmart for the cheap cheap prices I can not find anywhere else in my area.

    • says

      Hello, Christie…

      I completely understand your point of view since you don’t use coupons at all… in your particular situation I’d have to agree that Walmart would surely have the lowest prices for you personally…

      If I didn’t use coupons I’d probably shop at my nasty old Walmart, but I save so much at Publix there is no need for me to shop anywhere else (except for my once a month meat run at Sweetbay or Save A Lot…)

      My curiosity is getting the better of me so I have to ask… As someone who doesn’t use coupons and who doesn’t shop at Publix, what brings you to this Publix couponing website, if you don’t mind me asking? :)

  86. Rachael says

    That’s awesome!! Looks like a typical weekly shopping list for me, so it seems like a good representation of the way things are. Now I see why I seem to spend more than people on here say….I live in Florida!!

  87. meagan W says

    My husband makes fun of me because when the commercials come on I yell at the TV. I hate that they try to make people think they can save so much money at walmart. That store is horrible they do not price match everything they only take some other store coupons. I have called to complain many times about walmart but you are on hold so long it disconnects. Publix is a much nicer cleaner friendly place to shop.

  88. Carolinagirl80 says

    Job well done! I used to be a religious Walmart shopper for several years and now I am a converted religious Publix shopper and have been for about 3 years now. Publix is far cleaner, nicer and CHEAPER! than any Walmart here in Charleston, SC!

  89. Rachel Stolarz says

    I HATE shopping at Wal-Mart. I would like to know where they film those commercials because I have yet to go into one that looks like that and the cashiers are happy. I would pay a little more to shop at a clean store where the cashiers (for the most part) are friendly!

  90. Missi says

    I also yell at the TV, and laugh at the full page “comparison” ad in the newspaper. It is SOOO aggravating. It seems Wal-mart is spending a ton of $$ to win customers like me back. I used to buy almost everything at walmart, while wishing I could afford to shop at the beautiful, clean, Publix instead. With coupons and sales, not only can I shop at Publix, I spend LESS than HALF of what I did at Wal-mart.
    I laugh when I hear the “coupon friendly ” Wal-Mart ads. Right. I went to walmart, and spent $100.00 on things I needed that were not on sale. I had 4 coupons that I planned to use. The cashier called the manager over, then DUG through my bags to “make sure” I “bought the correct items” BEFORE she even tried to scan the coupon. I had the correct item.( The manager even confirmed it.)
    THEN the cashier said “well, they are really cracking down on the coupons”
    I had 4.00 worth of coupons, but spent $100.00 …Really? Doesnt feel coupon friendly to me.
    That’s why I LOVE my Publix. It truly IS a pleasure to shop there. That’s also why I would rather spend my hard-earned money there;)I prefer to shop where my business is appreciated.

  91. Randy says

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Publix as much as the next guy. However, I find it disingenuous that you criticize Wal-Mart for using Sales and Special pricing for the basis of their ad, yet you used items on sale at Publix as the basis of your “study.” Publix’s MO is rocking sales and BOGO’s to get you in the store and paying full price on your other groceries w/ much higher profit margins. Wal-Mart’s deal is they have lower every day prices so they don’t need to run sales as often. If you wanted to run a fair, more scientific study, you would have chosen items not on sale at either location.

    • says

      Apparently I did not make it clear enough…I used Publix sale items on purpose to show that you can skew results how ever you want –thus the smarty pants comment ” Spoiler alert – I guess I will be the one to break the news to you guys. Believe it or not, when you shop a store’s sale you will likely get the best price possible – tee hee!”

      Thus the comment of it being a marketing ploy… I did exactly what Walmart did and got the results I wanted.

      I clearly indicated that I used sale items and was not surprised that Publix was the winner….”Am I shocked that Publix won the savings battle? Of course not…I know that Publix sales can’t be beat. Note — that I said Publix sales. The shopping list that I gave the readers were all items from the Publix weekly ad/Publix Yellow Advantage Buy flyer.”

      • says

        For what it is worth, this was not an attempt to be scientific. We are talking about grocery store comparisons…not exactly worth my time to set up grand hypotheses and theories and using strict methodology to determine if my prediction was proven correct or incorrect. This was meant to be fun…I have no desire to return to graduate school 😉

        Like the Walmart marketing team who did the commercials I manipulated data to make my point. In doing so I was able to show how and why Publix is a better place to save and shop.

    • says

      Funny enough, the Walmart commercial that I heard on the radio made mention of Walmart’s “every day low prices” beating Publix sale prices. With that being the case, the only fair way to take them up on their challenge would be to shop according to the Publix sale prices. Taking that into consideration, in addition to the fact that you can’t stack coupons or use competitor coupons, Publix is a clear winner.

  92. Sheila says

    Recently Walmart has been really pushing their meat, even product sponsoring in TV shows like Master Chef, which we watch a lot. My husband became curious and asked me to buy the Walmart steaks that are supposed to be restaurant quality. I bought two T Bones and a NY Strip – about total, that cost me about $34 as they were 10.99 to 11.99/lb. That same week Publix had the same steaks for $8.99/lb. so I bought one more from there. We cooked them together as a comparison test. The Publix steak looked and tasted better. The hardest part for my coupon/deal driven heart is that I gave Walmart that much of my hard earned money and they were cheaper and better at Publix. I told my husband he owes me $34!!! What a waste of money.

  93. Stacey says

    Even before I used coupons, I shopped Publix BOGO sales and saved enough to stay within my grocery budget. In the past I have tried to shop at Walmart when I was buying tons of items for special holiday dinners and it was always a disaster, I could never find the items I was looking for. My last trip to Walmart was so disgusting – in one aisle there were empty snack wrappers, lunch meat containers and soda cans, seriously how does someone have a full meal in a store without being noticed by employees? My kids were completely grossed out and still talk about that experience.

    To be perfectly honest, if I were going to shop without sales or coupons I would go to Aldi before getting near a WalMart for groceries. From what I’ve seen, Aldi prices are far superior to Walmarts.

  94. Jennifer M says

    BWHAHAHA, I actually just saw that commercial tonight and was sitting there snickering at the idea of Walmart being cheaper than Publix. Not that I’ve even really been in Walmart in ages except for some things we almost have to get from there (Ie. ac air filers.) I can’t wait to show this to the girls at work!

  95. Jennifer says

    Michelle, if you still want someone to do an Alabama comparison, I would be happy to do it. I’m in the Huntsville area and there is a Wal-Mart and a Publix (actually at least two) in the immediate vicinity.

  96. says

    thank you for this article…I been buying in walmart for years..spending at least $250 in my groceries buying their brand,when I started to couponing it was the same even they say that they match the ad is a LIE!!the cashier give a hard time to scans the coupons and everything you said about the store is true.We live in tampa FL and all the walmart is the same thing with the workers,now I been buying at publix and I see the difference that my husband was telling me for years..the people is friendly ,they help you with the coupons and overall the store is far more better ,We aare done throwing away our money at walmart..even publix item may be more expensive than the walmart brand I been saving and having the same food that my kids like…thank you for all you help to teach us how to be better providers for our home

  97. says

    A Newspaper Ad for Walmart called out MY Publix out last month! They did one of these Price Match things! I did a blog post about it back then: … @ the bottom of the Ad it says: ‘Non-Identical Items were omitted. Walmart prices may include special prices…’ So the shopper could buy dozens of BOGO deals @ publix, but only get one of each @ walmart and walmart will still show the better savings, even when it’s not! Remember FL is True BOGO! Anyway, after reading this post i pulled the Ad back out and looked at the list again… Since then almost everything on the list has gone on sale at some point at publix…

  98. George says

    You can buy 10 items at walmart that may be 8-12 cents cheaper per item. Maybe $1.20 cheaper for 10 items. However i can buy one loaf of bread BOGO at Publix and save $2.25. And that is just one item. The Wal Mart commercials are very misleading and their employees are rude when it comes to redeeming coupons. I never wait to check out at Publix. if need be they have mgmt personell eager to open a register so no one has to wait. I love my Publix and shop there so often, that I know 22 employee’s by their first name.

  99. Heidi says

    I couldn’t agree more with this article! I gave up shopping at WalMart when I started couponing. They were rude, and didn’t seem to train any of their employees on how to use coupons. I love my local Publix. It’s nice to do my grocery shopping a clean, friendly atmosphere. My kids, ages 1 & 2, even get excited about going to Publix because all the employees there treat them like family! And just to throw it out there, if your Publix is doing a great job, let their corporate office know. I think it is good to give credit where credit is do, and to keep up the good work. And let that cashier know what a great job they are doing, and for thank you for being so patient with so many coupons.

  100. Amy G says

    Thank you Michelle for doing this! I live in Tampa and used to shop at Walmart exclusively for groceries and household items, that was until I discovered your site! I didn’t shop at Publix because I thought their prices were just too high and I’m trying to feed a family of 5. Since honing in on my couponing and paying attention to Publix weekly ads I have saved (and stocked up on) a bundle. I can’t believe I wasted so much money, time, and patience shopping at Walmart.

  101. says

    I really appreciate your blogging about this, because those commercials were definitely not accurate. I have tried price matching at Walmart, and it really is a hit or miss depending on the cashier you end up with. It also makes the whole checkout process a lot longer, which is a huge deal considering how long it is without price matching. The aisles are always full of pallettes and the workers who are stocking the shelves treat you as though you are in their way by shopping there. The cashiers are less than friendly, and good luck finding what you need in stock if you happen to come on a Monday or Tuesday. Empty shelves, poor service, and not so great prices are a few of the reasons I won’t shop there anymore. I love Publix, and save plenty of money there.

  102. Tara says

    I love PUBLIX!!! I cry a little every time I have to walk into a walmart anywhere! I have lived in not so nice parts of town and very nice parts of town and the people at walmart remain the same! I lived in texas where we didn’t have publix and when we moved here to florida I started couponing and couldn’t believe the difference! I am a stay at home mom so our budget was tighter than it used to be but since I have started couponing we seem to still have the extra money and don’t feel so restricted!!!! I used to buy generic everything from cereal to diapers and wipes. Now my son gets the best brands and I get the best prices I can find! My husband isn’t complaining and I love saving money and shopping where I am not so scared if my son decides he wants to put his mouth on the cart!!! :) Publix is the only place we shop! And will remain the only place we shop! I don’t know if this ploy is going to work for walmart but to bad they don’t have smell-o-vision! Then none would want to shop there! Gross!

  103. Joanna says

    I shop at Publix and Walmart…Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE Publix but they are more pricey in allot of areas than Walmart…That list that you have up there isn’t completely accurate…The prices listed for many of the Publix items are those of SALE prices and arenot always that price…Example…the Coke is listed as $3.99 but when not on sale or buying in bulk you are paying about 5.98 for a 12 pack… the Sargento cheese is the same… i always buy it when it is on sale (which is usually 2 for $5) regular price falls somewhere around 3.60-3.90 per package of cheese. ALLOT of the savings from Publix will come from their SALES..If you are not shopping during sale days you WILL PAY ALLOT MORE for the same items you can find at Walmart…Like i said i shop at Publix about 75% of the time because i LOVE it there but i do go to Walmart to find deals when they are not at Publix.

    • says

      Did you read this part of Michelle’s post?


      “Am I shocked that Publix won the savings battle? Of course not…I know that Publix sales can’t be beat. Note — that I said Publix sales. The shopping list that I gave the readers were all items from the Publix weekly ad/Publix Yellow Advantage Buy flyer. (Let me add since some folks seem to be confused… I PURPOSELY used a sale list. This was done on purpose as a way to show that when you shop the sale (as done in the Walmart commercial) you WILL get the best price possible.)”

      • Jo says

        Okay Gina, we got it already. It is quite obvious that you hate “nasty old Walmart.” How about easing up a bit? Everyone doesn’t have to hate WalMart in order to love and appreciate Publix.

        No disrespect intended, just stating the obvious. A few of your comments appear to be argumentative and I just don’t see a need for that on this forum.

        • says

          Wow, how did you come up with that from me quoting part of Michelle’s original post? :)

          I don’t recall saying I HATE Walmart, although if you search for the word “hate” on this page I see a ton of other people saying “hate” quite a bit… (I try not to ever use that word, but if I did and don’t see it I’m really sorry…)

          Michelle, if I have said anything out of line please let me know…

          Jo, please accept my apology for quoting part of Michelle’s post as I can see it set you off for some reason… *scratching head in confusion*

  104. rahrah says

    I have not shopped at Walmart in about 2-3 years now, but I have other reasons why. Before learning to coupon, Target was my go-to place for groceries. 2 years ago, I would have never thought I would become such a dedicated Publix customer. I liked them well enough before, but not to the extent I do now!! I am not all that surprised by your comparison, but it sure is nice to see it on paper! Great job!

  105. Linda Kearns says

    Your post above are just like the commercial, Publix is better. I am a very comparitive shopper. I live in Melbourne Beach and my Publix prices are higher because there is no competition. Unless, I’m buying BOGOs at Publixs and using coupons on those items I tend not to shop there. I’ve learned through traveling to health clubs and stopping at Walmart on Malabar Rd. I have learned to cut my grocery bill almost 50% and on name brand items. You see, there is competition in the area, so items are priced reasonably. EX: A 14oz can of Delmonte Tomatoes is $1.54 in my Publix. At Walmart, the everyday prices is $.84 cents. Also, I don’t buy meats at either of these stores, I get them at SAMS/or BJs. Even though they have a fee to shop, my sister has one card/and I have the other. Also, sorry to say, the stores employees I would rate about the same. The young cashiers at Publix would rather flirt with the boys then concentrate on you the customer and at times the Walmart cashiers are too mechanical. So I shop the ads, and when in different areas price compare NON-SALE items.

  106. Gary says

    Every single time that I try to use coupons at Wal-Mart, there is a huge arguement concerning the coupons. I went 2 days in a row, using the same coupons, and they had 2 differant reasons why I couldn’t use the coupons!
    Needless to say, after pulling out a copy of their policy, I was able to use the coupons both days. No one at my local Wal-Mart knows their policy. I NEVER have a problem at Publix. I LOVE Publix….I HATE Wal-Mart!

  107. says

    GREAT write up! I couldn’t agree with you more. Publix wins handsdown because of their customer service and good atmosphere. Walmart always looks rundown and sadly, their customer service is less than stellar to say the least. If you don’t mind, I shared this post with my friends on Facebook because it was just too good. Thanks for taking the time to do this comparison!


  108. Deanna says

    Great article. When I first moved to Alabama in 2002 I was told that Publix was expensive and I did go to one a few times to get a few items but I mainly shopped at Walmart. I was not happy with the quality and I felt that a lot of the items were not great buys. I switched to Kroger and I shopped there for several years, I didn’t start shopping at Publix until I found your site after finding the iheartkroger site. Now I shop mainly at Publix and will go to kroger when they have something on sale that I normally use. I have told lots of friends that if you shop correctly with matching the sales with coupons Publix is a great deal. I get double the groceries now for the same amount I used to pay at Walmart.

    And it doesn’t matter what time you go to walmart there shelves are usually half empty and overcrowded.

  109. Benny says

    Okay, after reading this, I have to put in my two cents. I shop at Walmart. Alot. Honestly, I only go to Publix in extreme cases because Publix has gotten wayyy to expensive. All of the Florida Walmart’s that I have been in have been clean, bright, and organized. Quite honestly, most of the sale items at Publix are all on items that I don’t eat or use, and occasionally i’ll stock up on a deal, but the last time I bought cherries BOGO at Publix, at least a good 75% of them are moldy.

    But with the items that aren’t on sale, do you think Publix prices still beats Walmart?

    For me personally, I know I will always get a good deal at Walmart, no matter what I buy.

  110. Shavon says

    Hi Michelle. In case you didn’t know, Jim Herring emailed your write up to every Publix store and all district managers. They are thrilled!!

  111. Dorothy says

    Thanks for doing the work. Those commercials are irritating and misleading in my opinion. They don’t take into account the sales at Publix & especially their coupon policy. I hardly ever shop at Walmart now & I save a lot more money then I ever did when Walmart was my primary store.

  112. Ashley W says

    I found this story but can’t verify if it is true or not….but it sounds like Publix! Would love for you to verify it and post an article if it is!

    “Recently, my elderly neighbor was battling a long term illness and had come home from hospice to spend his last days peacefully at home. He needed some prescriptions and his wife called CVS
    because her car wouldn’t start and asked if they could deliver the medication. Their response was ; “we don’t do that”. So she called Publix. Not only did they come and pick up the prescription, they also delivered it and asked if she needed any grocery items, which they delivered to her….no charge. I LOVE Publix even more than I already did.”

    • says

      that was a post on facebook, that’s all I know!

      Honestly it depends on the person who calls and the manager who answers the call, but there are people who will do this…

      I’d do it!

  113. Tracy R says

    Are you people serious??? Is Publix nice inside?…yes! But HIGHLY overpriced. My elderly mother who lives on a fixed income lives in Florida and the only close grocery store is Publix….she wishes some other chain would come in to give them competition. I’ve compared items from some high end specialty stores….and Publix is still way higher!!! My poor mom will go broke if she continues to shop there:(….and those are the Publix inland…..don’t get me started on the ones near the beach!!…..btw….all the walmarts near me are nice inside.

  114. Paula says

    Thank you for your post. I was wondering how Wal-Mart could possibly beat Publix BOGO sales. However, I have run into a bit of a concern regarding Publix pricing. I am new to couponing. I use and when I am at Publix in Columbus,GA the prices are low but it appears to double at the Locust Grove,GA location. So even with BOGO, I feel like I am paying for both items because the price is double the amount that it is in other places. Has anyone else in the Atlanta area seen this trend?

    • George says

      It is not your imagination… For some time now BOGO single item prices have been marked up. An item the usually sells for $1.29 will be marked up to $2.18 when placed on BOGO. So in actuallity you save maybe $.40. The pricing is not as bad as is the notion that Publix shoppers are stupid and that someone in marketing can fool them. I love my local Publix, however I find myself looking at the Ingle’s ads more than I would in the past because their BOGO’s are TRUE BOGO’s with no mark ups because of the sale.

  115. Thomas says

    If Publix is cheaper than Walmart, then why is Walmart always so much more crowded. Also, why do more poor people shop at Walmart than Publix ? If they are poor wouldnt they want to shop at Publix and save money ? I’m confused….

  116. Sarah says

    Wonderful article. I have made another observation about Wal-Mart. They sell inferior name brand products. Actually, the instances I have seen were from Sam’s club products, but I would imagine it would be the same for Wal-Mart-though I haven’t test it, but since Sam’s and Wal-mart are the same company, Wal-mart gets the blame too. I used to buy Allen’s brand green beans in bulk at Sam’s. I noticed that they didn’t taste as good as I remembered them, and that I was constantly pulling stems and strings out of my mouth as I ate them. I eventually bought a can at Publix-yes, they were the exact same type of green bean, even in the exact same packaging-the flavor was night and day. The ones from Publix tasted so much better and there were no stems and strings as I was trying to eat them. On another occasion, I bought some Dove body wash from Sam’s in a 3 pack. When I was using it I noticed it didn’t seem to be as good as the stuff I bought from regular stores. Once I ran out of the bottles I had bought from Sam’s, I bought another from Walgreens. It was the exact same type, scent, and the packaging was the exact same. So I compared the ingredients between the one I bought at Sam’s and the one I bought at Walgreens, and they were different ingredients!!!

  117. Rick says

    My wife and I prefer and do shop at Publix most of the time, but there are things they could improve. Such as: It’s hard to find bananas in Publix that aren’t about to be over ripe also, fruit stand and Walmart’s taste 100% better. Cherry and grape tomatoes are the only tomatoes that are decent in Publix. At Walmart you can purchase quality bread such as Pepperige Farm, one loaf for a descent price. At Publix you have to buy two of that same bread to get it at a reasonable price and even then it’s more than Walmart. Also, cereal is a lot cheaper at Walmart.
    We never buy any kind of meats at Walmart other than sausage and bacon, Publix has them beat hands down. If I go to Walmart to purchase cereal and bananas I usually will purchase a lot of other items while I’m there. Other people tell me they don’t like to shop Walmart, but they do the same as I do. I think it would behoove Publix to sell bread and cereal at more reasonable prices.

  118. Cherie says

    I love Publix! Their employees are super nice and it’s always clean and fully stocked. However, I only shop there for select items from their bakery and deli. Overall, I save much more money shopping at Walmart. I live in suburban SC and my Walmart is very clean, well-stocked and the employees are very friendly! Now, I will admit when I occasionally venture into nearby Charlotte NC (30 mins aways) it’s a completely different experience. The store is dirty, it’s over-crowded and the cashiers can be rude. If I had to shop that location then I’d probably never step foot in a Walmart.

  119. Cherie says

    I also want to mention that I rarely use coupons. I prefer to cook fresh meals made from scratch as often as possible. Therefore, my grocery list is mostly comprised of vegetables, beans, fruits and very few meats. I rarely buy pre-packaged items, processed foods and never buy canned goods. And, I have found that most coupons are for those products. On the rare occasion that I use a coupon it’s for a beauty item. For non-food items such as personal hygiene products. Paper products and cleaning supplies, I buy in bulk at Sams club. I only shop for those items maybe a few times a year. We are a family of four, and I’ve been able to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom by saving my family money by consistently shopping Walmart and SAMs club. I really appreciate the wonderful customer service and free samples I get at Publix. I love great customer service and I occasionally mystery shop while I’m out. But, at the end of the day, my ultimate goal is feeding my family healthy fresh home cooked meals at an affordable price.

  120. dianna says

    Ok i hate to bust the bubble here but the truth is if u do it right walmart is cheaper. Heres why: walmart will match the publix bogo! Example: kraft shreded cheese is $448 at publix in florida, at walmart its $248 and i get the bogo deal! Meaning i saved $2 heck half the time if u just get 2 of something the walmart cashier rings it up as bogo too because ur buying so much from the adds, so in the long run walmart is cheaper if you do it right! I love publix customer service but in the end they do charge double price for most things and that sucks!

  121. Niki says

    Ever looked at Aldi? The fresh produce needs to be used almost asap, but the prices? Nothing else I’ve found compares (I’m in east TN). Not Wal-mart (by far), not Kroger, not Food City or Lion. I’ve never been to a Publix before (I come from up north), but I saw one the other day, and wondered if they were any good. I’ll check it out and report back.

  122. says

    I used to shop at Publix but, they’re too expensive. They try to trick you into thinking you’re saving money with their BOGOs. They also have the worst customer service I have had to deal with. I shop at Albertsons where the people are friendly and the prices are great especially on their organics.

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