Newspaper Subscription Deals Including AJC Sunday Paper Only $1

Cheryl emailed with a great AJC newspaper subscription deal! We rarely ever see deals here in Atlanta, so this is definitely worth checking out!

Right now they are offering a 26 week Sunday only subscription for only $26...or a buck a week. If you have ever picked up an AJC at a store you know that is quite a deal. You can occasionally find the street vendors selling them for a buck...but I would prefer to find one at my door if possible.

Cheryl notes that you can get two deals per location/account. Go to their website and use the code 3642 to grab your deal (or call 404-526-7988).

Other newspaper subscription deals that I know of...

Not in those areas? Anyone can head over and check prices at to see if there are any deals in your area. Just enter your zip to check out all the deals offered.


  1. johne says

    Street vendors sell the Sunday AJC for $1.50 now-it is no longer $1 and has not been that price for about a year.

  2. Andrea says

    No. I just called. Unfortunately they said that your account has to have been inactive for 3 months and that it only applies to new customers:( Too bad.

    • Frances says

      Are you talking about the AJC? When I called them about my mother’s subscription they said that you had to be a new customer to get the deal but they could lower it to $60.00. I canceled her subscription yesterday for $80.00 plus for 6 months and she is being mailed a refund check of $74.00 for the unused time (she just signed up in June) and went online today and was able to get her the deal for $26.00. If you go buy it at a store every week for 6 months it’s only $65.00 so I’m not sure why they would be charging more than that for a subscription! Also, the $26.00 deal on their website says nothing about you having to be a new customer or inactive for 3 months. It only says “For a limited time only”. I have been lied to in the past by AJC staff. I signed up for a subscription several years ago with a salesman at Kroger and was told that if you bought that subscription that you would get double coupons. I signed up and did not get double coupons!

  3. Robyn says

    Has anyone tried getting two? I was unable to do so through the link. It said I needed to call customer service. Has anyone tried doing that?

    • Kyle says

      Yesterday, I purchased one subscription online, and then I immediately called customer service and gave her the 4 digit code for the $1 per paper subscription). With tax, each subscription was $27.82 (if I remember correctly). This morning, both papers were in my driveway.

      Thanks IHEARTPUBLIX for posting this great deal. It will be nice not to have to run up to the grocery store on Sunday mornings! :)

  4. Omar Little says

    Thanks, this worked on 1/17/13. She said the code didn’t work but I just told her about the deal and she offered it. Nice!

  5. Jennifer says

    Just received this deal over the phone. According to the rep I spoke with the code is now 3641. Total with tax was $27.56. Thank you so much for letting me in on this deal!

  6. Karen says

    Just got this deal over the phone. Told the rep about the 3641 code and received Sunday only delivery for 26 weeks for $27.56 (with tax)! Thanks!

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