Caribou Coffee Coupon To Pair With Publix Coupon – $2.50 Per Bag!!

Caribou Coffee CouponWoo hoo -- we have a great deal coming up with the new Caribou Coffee coupon that I just spotted!

You guys know my husband is a big coffee snob. I love being able to get the good stuff at a great price! I have two Publix booklets and am printing my coupons as we speak. I am not waiting to find that is has disappeared when I shop next week!

Here is the deal in the upcoming Publix ad that I posted this morning

Caribou Ground Coffee, 12 oz, BOGO $9.99
-$1/1 Caribou Coffee® Whole Bean or Ground Coffee (zip 30187)
-$1.50/1 Caribou Coffee, 12 oz, PUBLIX COUPON Publix Booklet, Smart Savings (exp 07/20/2012)
Only $2.49 per bag after coupons!! 

Talk about a deal. I can't justify paying almost $10 per bag but I will pick it up at a 75% discount 😉

NOTE: There is also a high value $1.50/1 Seattle's Best Coffee® (12 oz. or larger) coupon if that is your preferred brand!


  1. diana says

    it seems the link to get the printable coupon is broke :( it keeps sending us back to your page instead of a link to print the coupon.

    • Tameka says

      They had them at Publix a couple of weeks back. You can ask at the customer service desk if they have any more of them.

  2. Denise says

    Thanks Michelle, wonder how this coffee compares to 8’oclock or starbucks…never tired this brand before, willing to give it a try for $1.49 each, after $1.50 mq/$1.50 pq.

  3. Andrea says

    This coffee is my favorite, so I’m very excited about this deal. I love the Caribou Blend variety…it has a slight nutty flavor and is very rich. I’m trying to get folks to print extra Q’s for me 😉

  4. Kathy says

    My Publix has $2/1 blinkies in front of the Caribou. Grabbed a few this morning hoping for a BOGO! Wish I had the Publix coupon. My Publix never has any coupon booklets anymore.

      • Kathy says

        Thanks so much, but I guess I’m a little late :( They would have expired today. And I just looked at the blinkies I found this week….they EXPIRED 6/1/12!! I never even looked at the expiration date and you would think they would be current coupons since I just found them this week.

  5. Brenda says

    Thanks, thanks, I have grown to love this name brand and really love it when we get it with this kind of deal!!! I haven’t paid full price for it yet, so guess I need to get me a few more of the smartsavings books!! YES and thanks again for the quick update

  6. debbie says

    When I read Kathys post, I jumped into my car and ran to the Publix right down the street but NO such blinkie in front of the coffee…… oh well, I have 4 of the Publix booklets and 4 IP $1/1. Yeah for cheap coffee!

    • Kathy says

      My $2 blinkies expired 6/1/12! I can’t believe my Publix had those out still. Never thought to look at the expiration date until now.

  7. David says

    On ebay you will find $1.50 manufacturer coupons. I just bought and they will arrive Friday.Coffee is then $2 if you are looking to stock up or as I will do in holiday gift baskets add a bag.Also, they would be great gifts for teachers if you know they enjoy coffee.

  8. Lisa says

    Anyone be interest in Smart saving booklets? I have a bunch about 40 of them.. I grab them a few at a time when i shop at publix just incase there any good deal from the coupons in the booklet lol My email is

  9. liz says

    Does anyone have any of these coupons from the savings booklet? I NEVER and I mean NEVER get the booklets at my Publix here in Georgia ! grrrrr….!


  10. Steve says

    Your link for the Caribou coffee to selects several coupons that I did not want. Printed two pages of coupons before I caught it. Please be more careful with your links, Thanks

    • Amber C says

      when u pull up the page w/the coupons you can see the boxes that are checked….& you can uncheck them yourself to avoid printing unwanted coupons. Just an FYI. :)

    • maggie says

      Hey Steve,

      You have accessed a site that has provided valuable info, quickly, for FREE. I did the same thing, but I took responsibility for the fact that I FAILED to check the coupons before printing. In the future please be more careful before printing and if you want someone to do ALL of the work required, I would suggest you pay for the services you request. If you are already this wired, I suggest you skip the coffee or least go to decaf.

      THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP MICHELLE. Of course, in the future, while running 4 or 5 successful websites, taking care of a husband, kids, dog and house,and being fanned by brad pitt, if you could free up MY time by unchecking the boxes, while putting the coupons out without delay, this would certainly make my life easier (I am being facetious, here). In the mean time, one of my neighbors wanted the extra coupons, so all is good.

      • says

        Where is my like button?? Maggie you rock!

        I am not sure how I managed to mess up the link…but just select and deselect all coupons at the bottom and you are good to go. Got the link fixed…hopefully :-)

      • Steve says

        Hey Maggie,
        You need to come down off of your high horse. Saying “please” and “thanks” is not my ideal of being rude. Using ALL CAPS like in your message is being rude. For you information, I Heart Publix is an affiliate of and gets paid based on the number of times you click on their link and the number of coupons you print while on While I respect and appreciate the work that goes into publishing I Heart Publix, I am not as gulible as you in believing that it is all done for free. I was just pointing out what I believe to be an honest mistake on their part that could result in alot of wasted paper and ink.

  11. Becky says

    We have Caribou Coffee stores in the Atlanta area. I love it more than Starbucks. I am hoping they will have the Obisdian and Mahogany blend. They are both darker roasts but very smooth. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. Karen says

    What flavor would you recommend if you usually buy Maxwell House masterblend and regular Eight O’Clock.. Love the idea of doing this as a teacher gift or something too..

  13. Amy G says

    Thanks Michelle! Loved going to Caribou in Minnesota when we would visit my inlaws and sure wished we had one in Tampa. Could never bring myself to pay $10 a bag so very excited about the Bogo sale. Thanks again (and ignore Steve!) :)

  14. maggie says

    i assure you i am not as gullible or as stupid as you assume. do i know michelle earns an income from this site, absolutely. do i pay for this site, no. i am sorry you were offended, but there was a better way to inform michelle of the mistake-i.e. did you know many of the coupons are checked? she is not an employee that you pay for and can reprimand to be more careful. i believe if you read the rest of the comments, others feel you were out of line also. maybe it was a bad morning. do i realize i wasted ink, yes. was it my responsbility to check what i printed, yes. i stand by my original comments. we have a trade off-quick info for free, or perfect info we wait for and pay for.

    i also know what many of the other sites are like and why i choose this one.

  15. Martha says

    Thank you to the kind soul that left the 7/20 coupon right by the coffee at the Merritt Island store for me before it expired. Thanks!

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