Even Better Smirnoff Rebate Deal + Share Your Scenario


I have received a bunch of emails about the Smirnoff Rebate that I posted last week so I was thinking it might be time to post some of your ideas for ways to get the best deal :).

Jamie emailed to let me know that Smirnoff Ice 6 packs are on sale at her Publix in Orlando, FL for $6.50. Some areas got a $3/2 Smirnoff products coupon in their 5/20 RP Inserts...if you find the sale price and have the coupon you will pay as little as $10 for your two 6 packs. Once you submit for the rebate it will be like getting the Smirnoff for free plus $15 worth of free groceries!

My buddy Christy over at Winn Dixie on a Dime also let me know that she found $1/1 Smirnoff 6 pk peelies on packages at her Publix...so if you didn't get the insert coupon you might want to be on the lookout for the peelies.

Teresa also emailed to suggest that you could take advantage of the Smirnoff rebate in conjunction with the P&G One List promo where you get a free Publix Rotisserie Chicken when you buy 3 P&G Items this week. I think this is a great idea - since you do not need your receipt for the P&G promo (the price of the chicken will come off automatically at checkout) that is a perfect way to work that deal!

Now I'm wondering if anyone else has a great scenario for how to get the most out of this rebate. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!


    • Alisha says

      Joe where did you get ths info because someone posted that they called the number on the rebate and they said it can be after coupons.

        • Stephanie says

          I also called the number on the rebate form and was told my actual out of pocket had to be $25.01 or greater and that did NOT include the cost of the smirnoff.

    • Sarah says

      Even if it does, the form says you can submit receipt(s) indicating you can use multiple receipts. I am sure you will spend $25 OOP on groceries by 9/30/12!

  1. Summer C says

    I don’t have a senerio however I just bought two six packs at publix yesterday because they were on sale, $6.49 each (so $1.70 off) and mailed my rebate today!

  2. Alisha says

    I bought 2 at $6.49 each and used the $3/2 coupon from this past week’s inserts. Including those, I purchased $97 in groceries and after all coupons I paid 32 and change. I will get $25 back from the rebate, so I pretty much will have paid around $7 dollars for $97 dollars worth of groceries!! :)

    • anna says

      Great job !! Are the (2) Smirnoff at $6.49 and tax included in the $32 and change ? My total after coupons but tax included is $39.93 When I deduct the (2) Smirnoff at $6.49 each my total is only $24.01 before tax but $26.95 after tax. Do I make sense ?:) I was wondering if they will honor my rebate. Thanks !!

  3. Jenny says

    I’m confused. Are the Smirnoffs P&G products? Or, are you just suggesting to take advantage of both deals at the same time, on the same receipt? Thanks!

    • says

      Smirnoffs are not P&G products. She was suggesting that it’d be a great deal if you use both the P&G promotion AND the smirnoff in conjunction to get an even better deal. (Use what you paid for your P&G products towards the $25.01 amount).

  4. Amy says

    I’m going to be using all my free item Q’s and buying a bunch of Yakisoba noodles and Hefty pans. All I will pay for is the Smirnoff and I will still get back the $25! 😀

  5. says

    I am going to do my regular weekly shopping trip (Miracle Whip, Del Monte fruit, Breyers Ice cream, etc) plus the 3 P&G (2 Pantene and 1 Bounty) and a 12pk of Smirnoff. The p&g should be $10 for the three products after coupons and the rest of the $15.01 needed for the MIR will be covered with the weekly shopping. I will receive a free chicken and a $25 MIR.

  6. says

    At my Kroger affiliate (Ralphs) they have a $6 Catalina wyb 6 General Mills Products running this week. I combined that offer with the Kings Hawaiian/Wholly Guac/FREE Ground Beef, on top of the Smirnoff Rebate/Coupon.

    I spent $45.64 OOP.
    I’ll get 5% Cash Back for using my Discover Card, making my OOP $43.35.
    Then I’ll submit for the $25 Smirnoff Rebate = $18.36.
    Plus, I have received $12 in Catalinas!

    Here’s the breakdown: http://bit.ly/ralphssmirnoffgmcat

  7. Katie E. says

    The $6.49 sale price on Smirnoff is happening in St. Petersburg, FL as well. Made for a nice deal today!

  8. Stacey says

    The Tennessean insert last week had a $5/2 Smirnoff (and a few other alcoholic drinks, it was kinda hard to notice!) rebate instead of a coupon! So I got two receipts printed when I checked out, and I should get back $30!

  9. Shawndi says

    Where can I find the rebate form? Is it printable or found on product? The 5/20 Q for Smirnoff expires…when? Is it for any 6-pack? Thanks for the great help!

  10. Michelle B says

    The Smirnoff 6 packs were also on sale at my store in Tampa. I found 1 peelie for $1 off! Unfortunately there was only one peelie for the 2 6 packs I bought. I asked the man stocking in the beer and wine aisle if the Smirnoff Ice ever goes on sale any cheaper and he said he’s never seen this type of product go on BOGO. So I went ahead and bought it with the 1 $1 off coupon I found. Sending my rebate form off today! The rebate is bringing my bill under $100 for $220 worth of groceries! Pretty happy about that!!

  11. Ubiquitous says

    I went ahead and bought two 6-packs on sale at Publix and after confirming that I can use receipts dated with the starting date of the offre and later (5/11), I will the receipt from my big shopping trip last week.

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