Super Cute Egg Ideas For Easter

I am always looking for fun new holiday recipes and ideas. A friend of mine sent me the cutest deviled eggs recipe and I thought I would share it with you guys since we will all probably have an abundance of boiled eggs this weekend 😉

If you just want to do a quick and cute breakfast for the kids, check out this egg idea from Just Jenn Recipes. Add some juice and toast and you could have a super cute Easter breakfast in minutes! I am probably going to use some block cheddar cheese triangles instead of the carrots :-)

I have to stay off Pinterest--somehow I get sucked in for hours at a time!


  1. Ashley B says

    Here’s another great recipe for Easter:

    One can of crescent roll dough
    8 large marshmallows (or one for each roll you’ll be making)
    Melted butter
    Cinnamon sugar
    Bible or Easter storybook
    Assemble rolls and read the story:
    1. Read John 19 while the oven is pre-heating according to the package directions. If you’re really on top of things, spend the week before reading John 12-18 with your kids.
    2. Unroll the crescent rolls. Explain that this is like the cloth they wrapped Jesus in.
    3. Give your child a marshmallow and explain that it represents Jesus… all white and pure because He was without sin.
    4. Roll the marshmallows in the melted butter. This symbolizes the embalming oils.
    5. Roll the marshmallows in the cinnamon sugar. This is like the spices used to prepare his body for burial.
    6. Wrap the marshmallow in the crescent roll cloth, pinching the dough together securely. Don’t worry about the shape so much, they’ll taste the same no matter how you roll or bundle them. This represents how they would have wrapped Jesus’ body. I like to brush them with more melted butter, but it’s not necessary.
    7. Put the rolls in the oven (symbolizing the tomb) and bake for the amount of time specified on the package.
    8. While the rolls are baking, read John 20:1-18.
    9. Open the tomb and remove the rolls. When they’re cool enough to handle, break one open and discover what happened to the marshmallow. Jesus is risen! At this point, I also read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. Jesus is coming again!

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