Great Deal On Pampers Diapers & Wipes

Since my boys are no longer in diapers I honestly don't pay attention to diaper pricing or deals anymore. Quia emailed a great deal so I thought I would share for you guys who do buy diapers. This is a great way to stock up if you are a mom to be as well!

Pampers Diapers Box $25.99 (100ct+)
Pampers Wipes Refills $6.41 (192-216 ct)
Total before Coupons=$32.40

-$5/30 Spring Cleaning Publix Store coupon
-$5/1 Pampers boxed diapers (58ct or larger) - Stocking Spree Mailed Book PUBLIX coupon

-$3 off wipes refill when you buy Pampers Box - Publix Sale automatically deducts at register 
-$1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers, excludes trial/travel size
-$0.50/1 Pampers Wipes, 60 ct+ 04/01/2012 P&G Insert (exp 04/30/2012)  if your store doubles
-$0.75/1 Pampers Wipes, 60 ct+  if your store does not double coupons

As low as $16.90 for a big box of Pampers and lots of wipes!

Quia also notes that the pre coupon total is enough to meet the gas card deal requirement ($10/$50 Gas Card wyb $25 in Groceries). Might as well knock off another $10 and use the discount to get your diapers and wipes for $6.90. Since most of us buy gas anyways...might as well grab use the discount on your grocery purchase.

I think if you look at the price per diaper/wipe you will not find a better deal!


  1. jennifer says

    I did this deal last week with the gas because it would have been a great deal. The 3 off wipes is only if you by baby dry- which I did not. I was disappointed…

  2. Bonnie L. says

    I’ve also go a Baby Club coupon for $2 off a Pampers Wipes Refill 192 and 360-ct. Am I correct in thinking we could also use that since there’s no Publix store coupon for the wipes in your scenario? That would make it even better!

    • Susan says

      That’s what I did, but I had a baby club that was FREE wipes WYB diapers, so it deducted $7.99. I ended up paying $56 for all of the diapers wipes, plus two lysol wipes and a gas card.

      Not too shabby.

  3. Milissa says

    @ Mindy, do you have the baby coupon? If so, you would have to use the bogo coupon instead of the $3.00 off wipes coupon.

    The coupon I am referring to says

    Buy One Get One Free
    Buy one package of huggies diapers get one package of huggies wipes free.

    With that being said. I no longer have use for these coupons so if anyone needs diaper, enfamil, similac, kotex (publix coupons). email me I will mail them to you!

    • Betsy says

      I had this exact same issue that only began yesterday. I’d used both coupons several times last week with no issues. I even called corporate and they backed up the manager. They are treating the gas card coupon like a $X/$XX coupon and told me to use both the spring cleaning coupon for $5/$30 purchase and the gas card coupon, I must total $55 before coupons. I do NOT agree with this, as the gas card coupon is for $10 off a gas card, not off a $25 purchase.

    • says

      Yes, according to the new Publix policy that started a few months back, my Publix does not take these together either. You used to be able to stack them, but they consider it a “if you spend” coupon, as well. I’m surprised that this many people are saying that it worked. I’ll have to try it at my new Publix, since I just moved to a new part of town.

  4. Sara says

    I did the diaper deal yesterday ~ I got a box of Pampers (25.99)and a package of the non scented with aloe pampers wipes (7.99) and a $50 gas card. tax included I paid $60.15 😉 That was with the $5/30 PQ, $10/$50 gas card PQ, I had a $5 off pampers PQ from the stocking spree booklet, and then a $2.50 off MQ for diapers and a $0.50 off MQ for the wipes. And the register automatically took off the $3 from the wipes for the promotion they are running on if you buy the diapers you get $3 off the wipes.

  5. Crystal says

    I did this deal with all coupons listed, but not as good as described here b/c lowest wipes price in FL is $7.99, and the $25.99 box of Pampers is only 80ct in a size 4. You could get the value sized box at Publix for $29.99 and they would still give the $3 off the wipes. The deal was not limited to baby dry at my store, I was able to buy sensitive wipes and cruisers and still get the $3 off wipes.

  6. stacie says

    My register didst take the $3 off, but the manager just put in manually, and I bought the thick wipes. The add didn’t say specifically, and she didn’t care. I had so many groceries, I used 9 of the $5/30 and got gas cards too

  7. Cherie says

    If anyone can tell me how to get the $5/$30 Spring Cleaning coupon, I would appreciate it so much! Or trade maybe? Thanks!

  8. says

    Just got back from there and it worked like a charm. I bought the cruisers since that’s what the ad said to get and not the baby dry. Did this deal twice in separate transactions. YAY!

  9. Amie says

    Well, I did not have the Spring Cleaning coupon, but I did the deal anyway. In fact, I did 2 of them. The last time Publix had the gas card deal there were Huggies coupons that I stacked for diapers and wipes. I love to use the gas card deal to stock up on diapers. I commute so I bought 5 gas cards and 2 boxes of Pampers, 2 wipes, 10 Meow Mix, 2 Bird’s Eye Voila, 7 Pepsi Next 12 packs, 4 Carefree, 4 Cover Girl nail files, Brawny paper towels, Publix paper towels (penny item)and spent $270, including tax. It was like getting all these items for $20! You can’t beat that…unless you’re lucky enough to have a Publix that has competitors that offer X off XX coupons or Publix X off XX coupons. I love it.

  10. Susan says

    Michelle- Thanks SO MUCH for highlighting this deal. Baby Boy #2 arrives in August and I’m stocking up. Here’s what I did:

    Pampers Cruisers: 25.99
    Pampers Wipes: 7.99
    Gas Card: 50.00

    Coupons used: Wipes: Baby Club (buy pampers get wipes free) -$7.99
    MQ: -$1
    Diapers: Publix (Stock and save) -$5
    MQ: -$2

    Spring Cleaning Q= -$5
    Publix Special Price Discount= -$3
    Gas Card= -$10

    So I ended up paying about $52 for all of the above. Yay!

  11. Jessica C says

    in the P&G Have You tried This Yet home mailer there’s a $2/1 pampers diapers or pants excl trial/travel size exp 5/30/12 manuf Q

  12. tangela says

    Was the $3 automatic deduction for wipes for last weeks sale or will the deal work this week too? I didn’t see the wipes sale listed anywhere. Thanks!

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