$1 Monterey Printable Coupon – Nice Price On Pasta?

Ok I spotted another coupon that might come in handy. Grab the new $1/1 Monterey Gourmet Foods products (zip 30187). I know the last time I looked these were 2/$7 at Publix...the problem is I can't remember if I looked this week or last week :D.

If they are still that price...add a little butter and parmesan and you have a quick and easy meal for $2.50!

If someone gets to the store and can give us a price check I'd appreciate it...fingers crossed if I am wrong on the price it is actually lower!


  1. BamaGirl43 says

    I’ll check this afternoon. I tried these when they were on BOGO last time. The smoked mozarella and artichoke ravioli was so good I think I will get it even if it is 2/$7 – with the coupon of course.

  2. Becky says

    How big is the package? I feed a husband and 2 teen aged boys. I’m afraid I might need to buy 3 or 4 to fill everyone up.

    • says

      Becky you will need several packages…one is probably enough for two adults with a side salad. I make two packs if I am doing it for dinner for the 4 of us…my boys are little so I always have leftovers for lunch too.

      • rose says

        I have three teens so I fill in the gap with other leftover carbs and put a limit of so many each…mean aren’t I!!!!

    • Kristin says

      I have a family of 5 with two big teenage boys. We make 3 and they are very filling. They liked them too – the spinach mushroom and the artichoke. I was shocked but they gobbled them down. I wouldn’t buy three at normal prices but if they go BOGO – yes, I will get as many as I can with coupons.

  3. Kristy says

    $1/1 Qs just came out for these in the 4/29 RP too. Hoping they go BOGO again before they expire. Stocked up on these with the last BOGO and love them!

  4. Olivia says

    They put these BOGO quite often. Last time I got the lobster ones and the spinach/mozz ones. The lobster ones were really good with the cream sauce that monterray makes, but the spinach were just ok, not as flavorful.

  5. chrystalm says

    2 for $6 at my publix today. Awesome price with coupon. Had to get 2 packages to feed myself and hubby and 11 year old son

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