Publix Italian Days Coupons 2012

Well guys, I finally got my hands on the Publix Italian Days coupons. Someone emailed me a list a while back but I did not post as I was really hoping that they were wrong. There are only six individual coupons and no $5/20 product coupon like we have seen in the past (3 of the 6 are the same one's I told you about the other day).

I have to say I am a little bummed as this is typically my favorite sale of the year...

Here are the Publix coupons you will likely find on a standee in your store:

-$1/5 Hunt's Tomato Sauce or Paste, any size
-B5G1 Hunt's Tomatoes 14.5 oz (max value $1.49)
-$1.50 off Alexia Bread wyb 3 Hunt's Tomatoes, 28 oz
-$1/4 Green Giant Canned Vegetable Products, all sizes or PRINT 
-$1/4 Progresso Products or PRINT 
-$1/2 Muir Glen Products (Soups, Pasta Sauce, Tomatoes 14.4 oz - 28 oz -  Excluding Ketchup and Salsa) or PRINT 

If you feel the urge you can go back and look at what coupons we got last year and be bummed with me--tee hee! 


    • Amanda R says

      There’s the $5 off $30 coupon in the newspaper today – buy a few and then there’s this scenario – 48 cans of veggies at $1.29 bogo = $30.96. Use 12 $1 off four cans of veggies coupons and the $5 off $30 = 13.96 for 48 cans, or roughly 25 cents each. Still an excellent stock up price even if it isn’t as fabulous as the $5 off 20 items was :-)

  1. Alexis says

    In our paper today there was an ad (separate from the sale ad) with that said “publix viva italia sale” and on the back was a $5/30 coupon.

  2. Brigitte says

    Your memory is a lot better than mine, haa haa! When I saw the ad and the q’s that were out I was like big deal, I see nothing great. The only thing I bought was the Panko for .25 each box. I purchased everything yesterday and received the $5/$30 q in my paper today so I guess my Panko will be free. But that’s it, not really anything else exciting for me. I knew I did better last year, especially with the Classico, but no such luck this year so far.

  3. Monica says

    I need soup and the 5/30 will sweeten the mix but no… last year was too good to be true for the few couponers that my stores encountered…this year its just another sale…I will make a few soup runs… add some cheap pasta sauce and canned veggies and thats it…oh well….no bags and bags of canned goods for 2.85 ( i do remember it was under 3.00 to fill my trunk)

  4. Carter says

    I was still grumpily paying retail for everything last year, so this year doesn’t look so bad. On the Viva Italia flyer in the AJC today, they show that the 14.5 oz hunt’s tomatoes are also bogo, so the Publix B5G1 coupon combined with the Mfctr coupon makes those look pretty good. Also, didn’t we print a $1.50 off Alexia Mfctr coupon a week or so ago? (I’m slightly behind in my clipping, so I’ll have to dig through my pile of printed coupons.) That might work with the Publix coupon for $1.50 off Alexia bread wyb 3 of the larger Hunt’s cans.

    • jenna says

      I was thinking the same thing! We were actually tying at the same time. Neat! See my post below for a cost breakdown.

  5. jenna says

    here’s a scenario I’m considering: buy (15) Hunt’s 28oz cans which are BOGO @ $1.99 = $14.91. Use (3) $1/5 Hunt’s Publix Qs and (4) $0.40/2 manf. PQ = $8.71. So, that’s $0.58/can. Then use (4) $1.50/ Alexia bread wyb Hunt’s Publix Q + (4) $1.25/1 Alexia manf. PQ = $2.25 off each bag. I’m not sure how much the bread costs, but I think it may make a good deal. This would be even better if someone could get 8 of the $0.40/2 Hunts Qs (they would then be $0.37/can). And you could actually use 5 of both Alexia Q’s if you had them. When I see the numbers I have to remind myself that these are the BIG cans which are like 2 of the regular size. It would be like getting the regular size for $0.29 each. Not bad.

    • jenna says

      I should mention that my store does not limit the # of like items or like Publix Qs per transaction. So this would not work if yours does limit these. =(

    • Carter says

      Great minds… My Publix only lets us buy 10 of anything on Bogo, so for the tomatoes, I was thinking I would buy 6 of the large ones, use the B5G1 Publix Q, 2 of the $0.45/3 from the paper. Also buy 2 Alexia breads using 2 of the $1.50 wyb Publix coupons and 2 of the Mfctr coupons. We double here, so that would make the tomatoes $0.53/ea and give me $2.75 off each bag of bread.

  6. Holly says

    Totally bummed – this is my first year of the Viva Italia sale, and I’ve been looking forward to it because of all the great deals that everyone talked about from last year (the forum’s been on fire with people looking forward to this)! When I saw this week’s ad preview, I was wondering if I was just overlooking something…

    I moved to FL recently from another state, where food prices, especially produce, were significantly lower. I was hoping for something to help with our grocery budget, which has exploded since we moved here!

    • maggie hg says

      There are still plenty of good deals. Just look at the prices at the other supermarkets. You can’t get much lower I’m planning on stocking up on Progresso beans, Green Giant canned veggies and Muir Glen tomato products. Also, pizza dough is BOGO, never seen that before. It’s delicious and great for an easy meal.

  7. Melody says

    There is a Vive Italia Publix Flyer with a $5/$30 coupon on the back in today’s paper (AJC)…a great consolation prize. ;oD

    • Teresa says

      I actually was walking into work yesterday and found a $5/$30 coupon right onthe street!! I didnt find another one in the paper however here in Tampa, but that was a nice surprise!!!

  8. Willowbeth says

    Lat year there was a coupon for $1.50 off Publix bread when you bought 6 tomato sauce and italian bread was on sale for $1.49. I not only stocked up on almost free tomato sauce but my freezer was full of free bread!
    Alexia is around $3.69 (got some last week) so even with the man Q it’s not free.
    We mourn the passing of our $5/20 items (that we were allowed to stack on top of the other Publix Qs and Man qs) and attribute it to “That Show”.

  9. Lori says

    While there are some good deals to be had….I think this is a great example of how some dishonest couponers are ruining it for everyone. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to some of us. Sigh… :(

    • rn says

      You said it!! I am sick to death of people bragging about their good deals and free or almost free items when they are misusing coupons. They are ruining it for us all. Hope they are all enjoying their Cheerios right now (just to name one recent item!)

    • tammi says

      I don’t see how you can say that a change is the result of dishonest couponers. All stores appear to be updating or making changes to the deals they offer as the use of coupons continues to gain popularity.

      • RN1 says

        Tammi, I have flat out been told by management at Kroger that they had to change their policy due to dishonest couponers. The limits on number of like coupons was due to shelf clearing, but the limits on IPs was due to people copying coupons. Sure, the extreme couponing isn’t helping, but dishonesty is mentioned time and time again at Kroger, Publix, TArget…

  10. AmyC. says

    I’m bummed too!! :( I’ve had sooooo much fun with this sale in the past. It’s my absolute favorite sale at Publix. Oh well, here’s looking forward to a better one next year. 😛

  11. Meshell says

    I was fortunate enough to lay my hands on some $1 of Progresso Broth Publix coupons, and 75 cents off one Lipton Tea Publix coupons a couple weeks or so back that I got to use on this sale. It made the broth CHEAP and the tea fairly cheap as well. They expired today, so it was just in time since the sale in our area starts on Wednesday.

  12. Jennifer M says

    I am also very sad about the no $5/20 items coupons. I also did not have the instore display up in my store today, but I bet it will be up saturday. I loved all the super cheap canned veggies last year. We actually ran out in Jan when my hubby’s dad and grandmother lived with us for awhile while they got their finances in order.

    I am just hoping there will at least be a $1/4 mq for the veggies in this sundays paper or something. 1.39/2 when bogo in my area, so it would still be a good buy!

    I may hold onto the pq and mq for $1/4 progresso soups. A local grocery store takes pq as a comp. and doubles including a $1 on mondays. If they go $1 ea like they did last year, that is .25/can for me :)

  13. Heather H says

    Heather (Pcola)

    I’ve been couponing a year now. The value of coupons have really gone down and 1/1 are becoming almost unheard of these days more and more coupons are 5/1 or 4/1. :( I just previewed this weeks Sunday’s coupons. So disappointing..we need more food coupons and less cleaning household coupons. I’m starting to wander if I can continue to justify buying the newspaper. I’m finding printable coupons with better values.

    • Amy says

      I totally agree. I’ve noticed a real decline in coupon savings over the past year. Some have attributed it to bad press (ala Extreme Couponing) and suggested it would be only temporary until the media hype dies down. But once a stricter policy has been set and coupon values start getting tighter, I don’t think there’s any going back. I have thought about trying out Harris Teeter or another grocery store as my main store lately–but I imagine things will be pretty similar across the board.

  14. says

    A couple of other good deals to fulfill 4 Progesso items for the coupon are the clam sauces at $1.99 (with pasta sauce)and the balsamic vinegar, which is 2/$4.

  15. Pam says

    When asking the Publix stores in our area, advised that the Green Giant veggies are limited to 10 as they are BOGO. So anyone looking to do the 48 cans or anything more than 10 on a single item will need to check with the store first. Some are really sticking to their usual 10 limit on BOGO :(

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