Big Taste Small Budget – Korean Beef Tacos

I think you guys are going to like Susan's Big Taste Small Budget meal this week.

She sent over a recipe for a dish that I have never had but I can promise you that I will be making it very soon. I will probably make it as soon as I can go pick up the few ingredients that I need. This is one that I would modify my meal plan for. Head over to Our Family Eats to check out Susan's recipe forĀ Korean Beef Tacos.

The slaw is what sold me! You guys know that I don't do mayo but I love vinegar based slaw! When I read through the ingredients my mouth was watering. I also happened to get some limes and a big bunch of cilantro in my produce box on's almost like it was meant to be!!



  1. Michelle says

    Just curious where you get your produce box from. I have learned of the ZAYCON foods through these wonderful sites and was wondering about produce.

  2. says

    I use Nature’s Garden Delivered and have been VERY pleased with it. They offer organic veggies and I have to say we eat such a better variety of produce now.

  3. Maggi says

    Thanks for posting this recipe – I had meant to make it last time you posted it and mispalced it.

    Yay for cilantrao. I’m thinking I might make this and the lime chicken skeweres you posted a few weeks ago with the leftover cilantro.

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