Tide You Over Tuesday – Popcorn For Pennies

I know many of you are stocked up on FREE Jolly Time Popcorn from the sale at Publix. Unless you got it for FREE you are likely spending too much if you buy the boxed microwave popcorn.

Amanda over at A Few Short Cuts tell you how you can make your own popcorn for about 5ยข per bag! Head over and check out this week's Tide You Over Tuesday.


  1. Lisa says

    That would be nice if the publix’s in bama actually doubled coupons, but sadly they do not, they also don’t do the penny items either! Not only that our prices for most items are higher here than what we find on the lists, and we pay taxes on food here. Put at least we finally got some publix’s here, when I moved here 5 yrs ago, we didn’t have any, just in the last 2 yrs we have gotten them here!

    • Lindsey says

      hmmm… my Publix store here in Bama doubles the coupons and they take Target as a competitor. Sure hope it doesnt change.

      • Michelle says

        It depends on where you live in Alabama. The stores in Northern and Central Alabama use the same distribution center as GA and TN so they double coupons and do the Penny Item. The stores in Southern AL use the FL distribution center so there is no coupon doubling and no penny item.

  2. Heather says

    My Publix in Birmingham, AL doubles coupons, takes Target as a competitor, and does the Penny items. It just depends on where you live :)

  3. melissa reynolds says

    sweet niblets , pardon the pun lol too much disney channel with my kids ..this is awesome i just need paper bags wondered what i was going to do with the jars of popcorn I bought a while back its a pain to do it on the stove but this is awesome and so easy and healthier too.

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