Sambazon Printable Coupons = Freebies At Publix

You might want to fire up the ol' printer if you are a fan of Sambazon. The 10.5 oz bottles are $1.99 at Publix so you can get FREE and super cheap bottles with the new coupons!

There is also a $3/1 SAMBAZON® Organic Amazon Superfood Juice or Smoothie (32 oz) at zip 12345 - but I did not see that size listed on Curbside. You might want to print and check the price when you shop!

UPDATE: They really want us to drink these! Milissa commented that  you can score a freebie on their facebook page (bricks coupon so print twice). Plus,  there is a bogo coupon available too!



    • RN1 says

      It isn’t a bricks coupon, it is a smart source coupon so it keeps doing the concurrent print attempted error message. I was only able to get one.

      • Tosha says

        I got the same concurrent print error message. BUT, I unliked them on facebook, reliked them and shared again and then was able to print my second one.

        • whit says

          Hey, I got that message too when I tried to backspace. I was able to go back to the coupon page, however, and refer another friend for another link to the coupon. Printed them twice! 😀

          • Kris says

            I had to do the same thing (share with another friend) and then it let me print it again. However, when the FREE coupon popped up on facebook it did not have a back button at the top of the page…

            BTW i’ve tried the vanilla acai flavor of these and it tastes chalky like pepto. I’m hoping the regular acai flavor doesn’t taste as bad! :)

          • JeffVL says

            You don’t need to unlike anybody or refer a different friend.
            Once you print the first one, you just go back to the facebook page (use the same friend if you want) and print it again. Smartsource almost always let’s you print two, but if you resend (like w/ bricks/enlinks/ sometimes it messes the count up and you can’t print it twice. It has never “unliked” me (not given my 2nd coupon) if I start from the beginning.

  1. Milissa says

    In the cold orange juice section. There is a whole selection of organic juices. They are small, and like to hide.

    • Kira says

      I still can’t believe there are this many coupons out there making this product free! Thanks for the original post and all the further info about more coupons from readers! Thanks everybody!

      • AmyC. says

        I was surprised too! Soooo great! I couldn’t get the SmartSource Q’s to print though. (the free item Q and the BOGO Q) I never had a problem printing SmartSource Q’s before, but ever since I had the hard drive replaced on my computer a few months ago, I havn’t been able to. :( I asked my sister to help me (over the phone) and she was like, “Oh you have to go into (blah blah blah) and click on (blah blah blah) and change (blah blah blah) to (blah blah blah)”. Huh?? She finally said, “Oh, I’d have to be there to show you”. Umm, ok, but we live 550 miles apart. 😛 If anyone knows what I need to do to fix this, please let me know. I will send you a ton of coupons, including free item coupons! lol Yes, it’s worth it to me to be able to print the SS q’s again! 😀

  2. Lisa says

    The Tampa Publix curbside lists the 10.5 ounce at $2.99, so it wouldn’t be free for me, darn! I did print out the Facebook free coupon to give it a try, though!

    • scott says

      Yep I just got back from publix and ended up using 1 bogo with 1 free and got both free. I ended up with 10 total, paid $0 since there was no tax, and gave them away to a few publix employees(they know me well there) since it looked disgusting lol.

  3. whit says

    Went to publix last night and got this deal. I cant remember exactly how much the big bottles were, but they were $7 and some change

  4. Eric says

    They are giving them away because they are hard to take down. I picked up a few the last time the coupons came out and yeah not so well and it smells like paint :)

    • Milissa says

      Eric, I agree! I bought 6 last time, and I still have 5. They have a really long expiration date. But, sure are gross!

    • JeffVL says

      Would this be complaints from people that eat liver, collard greens (mustard, turnip or rutabaga), or meat prepared longer than medium rare and drink prune juice?

      Tastes good to me… and almost all the protein drinks do not pulverize the “sand” into tiny enough “dust” (like chocolate milk powder) to suit me … but …

      Have a great day, anyway >JeffVL

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