1. Meredith says

    Oooooohhhhh! Thank you, Michelle and Tracy. Today is going to be a good day, I can just feel it! What a great start to a Friday morning!

  2. Tracy T says

    Can you just print out the pdf and use the bottom half? The part that is in black and white? When I went to facebook, I couldn’t find the coupon. I don’t normally like to print pdfs, but if I can just use that bottom half, I will print two! Thanks!!

  3. chelle says

    Just FYI–
    Food Lion has Fresh express salad bags for 99cents!!
    wow what a deal.
    I bought 3 yesterday..will go back for more today!

  4. Wanda T says

    ok, I am concerned about this one being legit. If you go to their facebook page, there is nothing current about a coupon. The last time they issued a coupon was November 15th. The coupon prints like it should be two sided. Like someone scanned a couple hard copy coupons into a PDF. Am I the only one that thinks this may be a fake?

    • LG says

      I was curious if it was real as well, but if you read the wall of the Fruits & Veggies Facebook page, someone asked yesterday if it was a problem that the coupon is in pdf format. The Fruits & Veggies people responded saying it shouldn’t be a problem, and they’ve been issuing the pdf coupons like this since August. Since the people running the promo are saying it’s a pdf and it’s legit, I think it’s probably fine. Whether stores will take such a weird print out will probably be the issue. :)

    • Milissa says

      I think it is more likely that someone was put in charge of their campaign and did not know how to create the coupon. I say this because you have to complete the tasks of filling in your name..etc, then upload a picture to get the coupon.

    • Gabby says

      I just got a confirmation from the Fresh Express Salad Facebook that is a legit Q. They also linked to this facebook site..

  5. vicki says

    oh no..shucks…the salad q pdf has now been replaced and I don’t want the chiquita bites…could someone please share the fresh express with me…thanks and happy new year.
    email at floridagld at yahoo dot com

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