• Amanda C. says

      You can when buying two! One coupon is Buy 1 get 1 free, the other coupon is for the bottle you are buying! 1 bottle is free (BOGO COUPON) and the other bottle is the one you are buying ($1 off) equals both for free if they are under $1!

  1. Joe K. says

    Sorry to say Amanda, but the coupon states that the BOGO coupon is good for item(s) and quantities stated. That “(s)” means that the coupon is applied to both items and therefore you are not able to use another MQ. That is not to say you can’t get away with it at some stores and some cashiers and managers get confused but all research I have found clearly states that the legitimate use of this bogo Q is applied to both items. Either way it is still an awesome deal as on my last visit these items were marked down to .89 cents.

    • Carolyn says

      Same thing for me. I used the BOGO coupon from 10/23 RP + 4 $1/1 from and Facebook on 6 bottles of the lemon flavor…and then used the overage toward the rest of my purchase.

      FWIW, I like to mix this water with a little bit of juice. It’s delicious!

  2. Miami Gardens says

    Tropical Supermarket in Miami has the water on sale this week, 2 for $0.97 (sale ends on Tuesday). Price matched at Publix will equal 2 free waters plus three cent overage.

  3. says

    This is the time of the year that coupons are highly in demand for a lot of people would want to save when they go grocery or shopping. It is also the busiest month for there are lot of celebrations to celebrate especially when you are a Christian. Advance Merry Christmas to all and Happy Couponing Everyone! :)

    • says

      Whoo hoo! Thanks for this! I agree, there is so much to celebrate this time of year, starting with Thanksgiving and lasting through numerous religious events and end-of-the-year celebrations as well. Dec. 25 is also my husband’s birthday. Our last name is “Tish” so I call his birthday Tishmas :) All the couponing help I can get is sooo appreciated!

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