More Publix Home Mailed Coupons


Lucky ducky Samantha emailed that she got two different Publix mailers this week. Both had Publix coupons on them

"Score" what looks to be a soccer booklet had a Publix $5/$30 coupon on back and the "It's Grilling Season" had a Publix $5/$50 coupon on it!

Talk about good luck! That is a whole lot of savings. So you guys be sure to check through your mail and hopefully some of you also got these!


  1. Nautilique says

    I’d love to know the same thing! I’m a loyal Publix shopper and signed up for the “clubs” and I never get any of these mailers. boo

  2. Dawn says

    Same here. I love Publix, shop there all the time, signed up for the clubs, but never get mailed the cool things like these. Any advice?

  3. Susan says

    I believe pieces like this and the Red Plum mailer are sent to specific zip codes. Membership in clubs or “playing favorites” has little to do with THESE mailers. Publix data most likely shows slumping sales in areas that get these–strictly marketing to boost sales. JMHO.

    You can always try to trade for them or purchase from coupon clipping sites or Ebay.

  4. Tanya says

    Publix is a big supporter of soccer. My son’s soccer club has our local Publix as a sponsor. I believe the kids registered at the club get the soccer mailer. I’ve gotten it on 3 separate occasions now. My sister, who does not have kids who play soccer and who lives two doors away from me, has never received one of these mailers.

  5. Ingrid says

    Me too!! I would like to know where do I need to register in order to get the Publix Home Mailed Coupons. I never get them.

  6. danielle says

    I think Susan is correct.

    Before I moved three cities over, I used to get the 5$ off 30$ allllll the time. In my new area, I do not get anything. In my old city, Winn Dixie was queen, as they had a GREAT shopping center in thew heart of where everyone shopped on a very busy road. In my new city, PUBLIX dominates all four major intersections and all four are located in the best shopping centers where the most affluent people live = no Q’s in the mail! boo.

  7. Samantha says

    I am the Lucky Duck, My daughter use to play soccer and Publix is a big sponsor of the field. When you signed up for soccer team you start getting these quartlery. As for the steak mailer, My mom, husband and I always get these and Publix is our “Main” supermarket. I was singed up for all the clubs an as preschooler Club comes to an end, I get these more an more. My Manager said it has to do with how many times you signed up for clubs (baby club, preschool, wine, etc) and your name is in there system for mailings. I dont think its locational on boosting sales becasue 2 of my neighbor’s have never gotten these in the 3 years we have lived in the neighborhood.

    I am in Central Florida, and my friend Orlando gets them Occasionally.

  8. Tina says

    I live near tampa, florida and my mother inlaw closer to orlando. Ive gotten these in the mail quiet often however in the last 6 months she has gotten maybe 2-3. We also get a free $10 publix gift card deals every couple of months where as she hasnt gotten a single one. I do think in some cases its a regional thing.

  9. says

    I’m curious how the coupons are distributed also. I get a $5/$30 almost every week. I’m signed up for several clubs but the mailers are always addressed to my husband. He’s not signed up for any clubs. I do feel very lucky to get these coupons. In my red plum mailer yesterday there was a sheet of Publix coupons for baby items. I live in metro Atlanta.

  10. cayacoup says

    I never get these and I made sure that my profile said that I wanted emails/information/etc. What else do I need to do?

  11. mary says

    I didn’t sign up for anything, a while ago, I used my debit card to shop at two different publix and then, all of a sudden, I started receiving them every week. The coupon must be used at a specific store (closest to me).

  12. Tiffany says

    If you are in the anderson area there is a 5$ off 30$ purchase for coupon in the Anderson Independent! Good till 9/10

  13. ann says

    im on every mailing list possible and same thing the customer service rep for publix says here in pensacola ,, such a small town we get nothing like that being there really isnt competition we have a winn dixie’s but thats about it except super walmart so we get NOTHING

  14. Cassie says

    I rarely get coupons from Publix in the mail but yesterday one was sent to mefor $2 off/$10 meat purchase. I was happy about my small savings!!!!

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