1. Kaley Boogs says

    You can use it at any store, but I am wondering what constitutes a “previously frozen pork rib.” Can it still be from the meat department or will it have to be the more processed packs like Lloyd’s?

    • Jerry says


      The coupon prints as fresh or previously frozen, but to answer your question, if you glance at this weeks Kroger ad, it says Previously Frozen, below the St. Louis Style Pork Ribs for $2.99/lb. So it’s packaged and frozen somewhere else, then shipped to the store.

  2. olenka says

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Now in hopes of some previously frozen pork on sale at Publix.. do they even sell that?

  3. Stephanie says

    I take it that it can be used on any pork ribs 2lbs or greater since it is from the Natl Pork Council, similar to the 1.00 of 1lb of cheese from the Dairy Council.

  4. Georgia says

    Since I haven’t printed it yet, since printer is other room, I want to know who’s paying the coupon price? WHO IS the manufacturer? I do not want to take this to WalMart or Brookshires, (my only local options) and have a hassle. Thanks!

  5. Amy C. says

    I used my two coupons this morning at Kroger and got the huge racks of Spare Ribs they have on sale this week for 1.99 lb. They were partially frozen, but some of the packs in the cooler were thawed out or thawing out. The coupon scanned just fine and didn’t beep or anything. The 2 big packs of ribs I got weighed a total of 8.96 lbs and cost $13.83 total, after the (2) $2 q’s were deducted, so I paid $1.54 lb. ๐Ÿ˜€ We need more coupons like these! lol

  6. Amy C. says

    Meant to add that I researched rib prices at various stores today and this is what I found:

    Kroger has the Spare Ribs for 1.99 lb and the St. Louis style ribs for 2.99 lb.

    Ingles has the baby back ribs for 3.48 lb

    Publix has Pork Loin back ribs for 4.49 lb. :0

    Food Lion has St. Louis style ribs for 2.59 lb. (sale ends today)

    Didn’t get to Walmart to check the price there. Hopefully they didn’t have them cheaper than what I paid. : P

  7. Marie says

    i just tried to print mine and it says i already have when i haven’t. it must have reached the limit already. Bummer!

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