Healthy Meals Happy Budget – Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

Kira over at Coupon Chaos Momma has a treat for us this week as her Healthy Meals Happy Budget recipe. She is offering up a full week of ideas for great brown bag lunches!

With school starting soon for many (tomorrow for my boys) it is time to start thinking about what to send with the kids. It can be very easy to fall into a routine of PB&J every day. Check out Kira's idea for great lunches that will make you and the kids happy!

Kira also has a great giveaway for reusable snack packs that will help you create healthy lunches to send with the kids. Head over and check it out!


  1. Carin says

    I did the “toothpick lunch” for our 4 yr old last yr in preK. I would cut a cheesestick up into 6 or 7 cubes and put it them on toothpicks with a chunk of turkey or chicken along with a green olive. He loves it!!! Then I packed apple slices or a fruit cup up in a container.

    I also make him a sandwich with a tortilla instead of bread. I spread on cream cheese and put on turkey deli meat and pickles (i dry the pickles really well so it doesn’t make the tortilla soggy). Then I roll it up and cut them into cubes and put them on toothpicks too.

  2. Kristin says

    One tip I love to share – soak apple slices in canned pineapple juice for 45 minutes, then drain – they don’t turn brown (for several days in the fridge) and makes packing apple slices really convinient since you can make several days worth very cheaply! (They still taste like apples not pineapple)

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