1. missy says

    I purchased 6 kebbler crackers at 2 for $4 with .75 of 2 total $12- $2.25=$9.75-$5 rebate comes to $4.75 for eight eight packs of individual wrapped crackers I thought it was a good deal

  2. says

    I was thinking about doing the Kellog’s Rice Krispie Treats. They are 2/$5 right now and included in the buy 5 deal. Here’s what you can do:
    buy 6
    use (3) $1/2 manf coupons (from one of the Orlando Sentinel inserts)
    use (2) $1/2 Target kellogs snack items coupons
    use (2) .50/2 Target Rice Krispie Treats Coupons

    -$6.00 coupons
    (thats $1.50 a box)
    or…$4.00 total and .66 a box after $5 store gift card…

  3. wendy says

    Hello today i just use the “get a target $5.oo gift card with purchase of two” at publix for charmin bath tissue or bounty 12 pack and then i used a target $1.00 off charmin and a .25 and a bounty .25 off! i got 2 of these deals and also a winn dixie $5.00 off purchase of $30.00. i am new to this site and the wonderful deals out there so i am supper excited about this. Thank you for all you do!!!

  4. Lindsay says

    We’re not big cookie eaters so I bought 4 Keebler Club Crackers and 1 Keebler Granola Fudge Bars. $10.01 before coupons. Used two $1/2 Club Crackers coupons and 1 $.75 Granola Fudge coupons =$7.35. After the $5 rebate it comes to $.47 a snack. :)

  5. jenni says

    ok keebler cookies 3.59 bogo
    grab 20 lol
    use 5 target b3g1 free
    use 1 winn dixie 5 off 30
    use 10 1.00/2 mf coupons
    mail in rebate
    overage of 2.55

    • lynn says

      hm…you might wanna pre-order at the current sale price if you plan on buying that many just you dont clear the shelves! lol. BUT NICE DEAL!!! :)

        • Jennifer P says

          I agree. The target coupons say “one coupon per transaction”. Using 5 is breaking the rules and will eventually turn Publix away from allowing Target coupons.

      • Amber says

        No, it is on the Target site, b3g1 keebler, I just printed mine about 2 hours ago. There are lots of printables on Target sites, took me a bit to find them!

  6. jessica c says

    for the rebate?? do the 5 items have to be on separate receipts or can you have 20(lets say) on one receipt and get 4 rebates???? please help me.. thanks.

  7. says

    So the rebate says limit 5 per household. My question is……. can you buy 10 items on the same receipt and fill out two rebate forms and receive 2 gift cards or do you need 5 items on each separate receipt to get additional gift cards? Just wasn’t sure if I should have more than one transaction or if I can just put it all on the same receipt. Thanks for everything!

  8. Stephanie says

    The form says that there is a limit of 5 per address. That means if I buy 10 participating products that I will get 2 $5 gift cards back correct? Do I have to fill out separate forms for each one? Separate envelopes? Separate transactions?
    Thank you.

      • Dee says

        Here’s the reply I got from Kelloggs when I asked if I could have 10 items on one receipt:

        Thank you for contacting us in regards to the Kellogg’s Happy New School Year!™ regional promotion with Publix. We appreciate your interest in our company and products.

        You are allowed to send in 1 order form with all 10 participating items on the receipt and request 2 cards all in one envelope. However, we suggest to include an item order for each request to ensure the correct amount of cards are sent.

        Please call us at 1-800-962-1413 if you have another problem with this or any of our other promotions. We hope you enjoy participating in this promotion.


        Valerie Garcia
        Consumer Specialist
        Consumer Affairs

  9. MichelleA says

    I am going to buy (6) keebler cookies… (bogo @ 3.59)

    I’ll get 3 free from bogo, and another free from target b3g1 coupon.
    Than I’ll use (2) 1.00/2 manuf. coupons!

    I’ll get 6 packs of cookies for $5.18 after all Q’s, then with the $5 MIR thats 6 packs for only .18!! Woohoo!! :)

  10. Jennifer P says

    I bought 5 boxes of Kellogg’s fruit snacks on sale in the yellow advantage flyer for 2/$4.
    That is a total of $10
    minus (2) $1/2 manufacturer coupons = $8
    minus $5 rebate = $3

    $3 for 5 boxes of fruit snacks is great and my LO eats one pack every day so we are stocked for awhile now!

  11. Tia says

    I bought 6 boxes of Kelloggs cereal while it was still bogo and used 6 1.00 coupons i got in the mail don’t know how they were sent to me but with rebate makes it 1.00 for all 6 woo hoo!!!

  12. says

    Okay so I have gone over and over this in me head
    Keebler cookies B1G1-3.59 Minus $1/2 target coupon and $1/2 man. coupon
    2 sets of these plus a box of Fudge covered granola bars 2.50 a box-.75 man coupon.
    Cookies 3.59-2=1.59×2=3.18+1.75=4.93-$5 rebate makes .07

  13. Amber says

    I am still trying to see what would work the best. Buy 6, use b3g1 target, plus any manufacturers coupons I can find, so pay for 2, minutes MANU, and then use the Back to school coupons for $2 off of milk (use 2 if allowed) and then get my raincheck PB, $5 off of $30 WD and it will come out to be pretty cheap, and then submit for rebate!

  14. Paolina says

    I have a question:

    I have one target coupon that says buy 3 get 1.
    I have another Target coupon that says buy 2 get $1 off.
    I have a Manu coupon that says Buy 2 get $1 off.

    If I were to buy 4 packs of cookies, could I use the buy 3 get 1, and two each of the other two?

    • says

      check with your store, but my cust svc mgr would have me buy 5 in order to use both target coupons. the 3 would attach to one target, the free one from that plus another one i would be able to use for the second target Q $1/2. they would also let me use two mfg coupons, or three if i bought 6. HTH.

  15. Annia says

    I’m new to this and confused… Is the target B3G1 a printable coupon?
    If so could I then stack the Manu coupons too? So if I bought 6 – I would use One Target coupon + 3 Manu?

    Thanks in advance for the help. :)

    • cayacoup says

      Yes, the B3G1 is a printable. Go to Limit 2 per computer. Today, I bought 8 pkgs @ BOGO $3.49. Used Two (2) Target b3g1 cpns and four (4) Mfr $1/2 cpns. Total OOP: $2.98. After the $5 Publix GC, you profit $3.04! There is a limit of 5 offers per household. (Between charity and an upcoming office party, the cookies won’t collect dust.) :)

  16. Elaine says

    You could buy 6 boxes of Eggo Cinnabon pancakes BOGO @ $2.49 ea. for a total of $7.47. Use 3 $0.75/2 Manu get $5 rebate card and end up spending $0.22 less than $0.04 cents a box. If you unbox the pancakes they don’t take up much space.

  17. Jessica P. says

    Does anyone have the link to print the form for this rebate? I can’t find it on the Kellogg’s website. I already purchased the items but I need the form to send in. Thanks!

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