New Stocking Spree Coupon Sheet

There is a new Stocking Spree coupon sheet.  It has a bunch of Publix coupons that expire 6/30.

Don't forget you can still request the latest Stocking Spree booklet from Publix to be mailed to you.

-$1/2 Oreos or Chips Ahoy Cookies 9.6 - 16.6 oz
-$1/2 Lipton Iced Tea 16.9 oz 12 pk
-$1/1 Gatorade G or G2 20 oz 12 pk
-$1/1 bag of Tostitos 8 - 14 oz
-$1/2 Oscar Mayer Reusable Pouch Sliced Meats 9 -10 oz
-$1/2 Rold Gold Tiny Twists 9 - 16 oz
-$1/1 Seattle's Best Coffee Ice Latte ready to Drink (4 packs)
-$1/2 Crest Toothbrushes or Oral-B Manual Brushes
-$5/1 Crest Whitestrips
-$1/2 Pantene Pro-V Hair Care
-$1/1 Nice n' Easy or Natural Instincts Hair Color Product
-$1/2 Crest Pro Health or Scope Rinses
-$1/2 Herbal Essences or Aussie Hair Products
-$1/2 Secret Clinical Anitperspirant//Deodorant
-$2/1 LashBlast Fusion Mascara
-$1/2 Always or Tampax Product
-$1/1 Venus Pro-Skin Razor
-$1/1 Olay Facial Moisturizers or Facial Cleansers
-$1/1 Bounty 2 Huge Roll =5 or larger
-$1/1 Charmin
-$1/1 Pampers Big or Value Pack Box
-$1/2 Dawn Products
-$1/1 Downy Product
-$1/1 Gain Product
-$1/1 Cascade Product
-$1/1 Febreze Candle
-$1/1 Duracell AA/AAA 10 pk, C/D 4 pk +

Thanks to Patricia for sending the scan!!


  1. Laura says

    so, is this the same thing as the Stocking Spree booklet I signed up for on the website? Or is this a different coupon sheet? And where do I find these?

  2. Melissa says

    My produce Q wouldn’t scan at my publix. The manager said it wasn’t a publix q and if it didn’t scan there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Tammi says

      My produce coupons just have a code that they manually enter into the system to get them to work. Was it not accepting it when they put in the code?

    • Whit says

      Mine didnt work either when I took it to the register. She had a hard time figuring out how to add it in but she figured out a way to give me the discount.

      • Brandi says

        I actually totaled up all my groceries and subtracted my coupons to find out that I paid $8 more than I was suppose to. We looked at the receipt and saw that rather than subtracting $2 per coupon that it added that to our total. Our grocery manager said they were having issues with the coupons and rescanned the two $2 coupons, which somehow made up the difference of the $8 we paid extra. Who would have thought?
        It’s all good now, though.

  3. says

    There is a coupon for Seattle’s Best Lattes for $1/1 with this coupon sheet that stacks with the $1.50 that printed out a couple of weeks (or the $2/1 if you get the paper) for a really good deal on this item. My son likes them more than the Starbuck’s frapuccinos. They’re $5.49 for 4 at the Bridgemill store this week.

  4. Tabby says

    My mom stopped in and got a few sheets for me. Will be sitting down tonight after hubby goes to work and our son gets to bed to go through all the sales and coupons. She did forget to check the newspaper before buying and leaving the store so I am missing the Red Plum coupon insert. Will stop at the store tomorrow to grab a paper if they got leftovers (they usually do). I always check the inserts.

  5. says

    Where in the store do you usually find these coupon sheets? I usually only see the sales flyers in my store not just single page coupon sheets. Please help, new to this :)

  6. Don says

    Those $2.00 coupons off of produce are not legit! Publix will NEVER post their coupons on other people’s sites!

    • says

      I had no issues Sunday using the $2 off produce coupon. The email came from Pubix so I’m confused how they can’t be legit? Don, can you share what you know please? Thanks!

    • Erika C. says

      The LU code works correctly in Publix’s registers at checkout. Good indication that they are legit.

    • Alicia says

      It’s from a Publix website. Publix offers the Stocking Spree booklet and after you sign up it offers the coupon to you for referring 3 of your friends. Seems legit to me.

  7. robin says

    LOL…What? They’re legit. Other people’s sites? You mean Kraft? So…then…it’s a conspiracy???

  8. Erika C. says

    Does it say anything about not being able to combine with other coupons? The sheets have said that more frequently.

    • Mary says

      Has anyone responded about your extra coupon sheet. I haven’t been able to get one and if no one else has claimed it, I would love to have it. My local Publix said they got one small pad of them and won’t get more.

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