Healthy Meals Happy Budget – Steak Salad

Kira over at Coupon Chaos Mama has our weekly Healthy Meals Happy Budget post. This week she has a great dish that I love to eat at a local steakhouse - Steak Salad!

Kira tells you how to use lean cuts of beef then marinade for a delicious entree salad or even to use for taco night!

The great thing about doing entree salads is that you can put out a bunch of options then let each member of your family build their own salad. Here at my house we all like different things so having options means that everyone gets what they want!

My idea of a good steak salad includes spinach, feta and avocado tossed in a vinaigrette--YUM! At $4.75 per person this is a great option and much cheaper than you could get it at a restaurant!


  1. Tina says

    Holy moley that looks good!!! One of my all-time favorite salads is meat-o-the-day (normally leftover grilled chicken or steak) on top of mixed greens with diced onion, dried cranberries, walnuts/sunflower seeds, shredded parm, ground black pepper, and vinaigrette. With Craisins and olive oil on sale this week Imma stock up for this summer’s salads!!

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