Little Debbie Cloud Cakes Coupon

There is a new $0.75/1 Little Debbie Cloud Cakes coupon over on (zip 90210)  These are around $3 at Publix, so about $2.25 after coupon!

I recently did a House Party with the Cloud Cakes and they were a HUGE hit with my party guests (and my kids)!

I happen to have a few extra boxes of Cloud if you are still reading --leave a comment.  I will choose one winner tomorrow night and send them two boxes of Little Debbie Cloud Cakes :-)


  1. jillp says

    Love your site and love little debbie! Would love to try some cloud cakes( i’m sure my three year old wouldn’t mind either)!

  2. says

    Ooohhh I would love to win! these look so yummy!


    chantal cooper

    chantalgiardina (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. Benita says

    Those look scrumptious! We’ve not tried them yet, but I bet they would be a hit in our house. Thank you so much (for everything!) =)

  4. Gina says

    I know my little man would love to have one of these in his lunch bag at his Mom’s Day Out program.

  5. says

    I love Little Debbie products but I don’t believe I have ever seen or tried Cloud cakes. Please pick me :-)

  6. Rebecca Hall says

    I have not had these. I think my kids would like them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Cherie says

    Cloud cakes? I have never tried these but to me, Little Debbie can do no wrong. I would love to try them!

  8. Anne S says

    I have been wanting to try these…but can’t bring myself to buy them full price. The coupon will help, but would love the free box, too! :)

  9. mary says

    I love little debbie but i havent tried the cloud cakes yet. I want too but I also am a fan of twikies and I am not sure if I want to have an affair on them lol

  10. Karrie L says

    I love these! I haven’t had any since starting Weight Watchers two months ago but I sure did print that coupon :)

  11. Jenny says

    Would love these! We’re keeping our 5 year old granddaughter while her parents will be in Atlanta with our other granddaughter. She is having heart surgery May 31. These would be nice to have here! Thanks for the chance!!

  12. Shellie says

    It would be awesome to win these….I have never even heard of “Cloud Cakes”!

  13. Pat says

    would love for the grandkids to try them especially since only the top half of my coupon printed (paper was only a half sheet at the end on the stack & I didnt notice)

  14. Catherine says

    Yum…..I love Little Debbie cakes! I was hoping to host that House Party too, but I didn’t get picked. I hope I win :)

  15. Laurel Stowe says

    Yes, these little clouds are so yummy!! They won’t last very long in my house between my husband and 2 boys!!!

  16. Sharon says

    Collecting food for Tornado victims in our part of Alabama. I bet some sweet child would love to get these in a food box.

  17. Judy Ann says

    Little Debbie is the best after dinner snack and taste like heaven! Can’t wait to try these…..Oh heaven awaits!!

  18. Karen says

    I never had a cloud cake before o.o sounds good…def trying this for a housepart 😀

  19. Cara Showers says

    Don’t you think it would be hilarious if I won the boxes of “cloud” cakes? Get it? My last name being “showers”?! Okay, so maybe I’m the only one laughing at that. =D

  20. nancy williams says

    I am a big fan of Little Debbies. Have not tried this variety, but would love to! Pick me, pick me!! 😉

  21. Susan says

    I enjoy Little Debbie cakes, but have not tried the cloud cakes. I would love to be the lucky winner and give them a try!

  22. JBC says

    These would be perfect for my son’s sleepover birthday party at the end of May! What a blessing you are to many families just like ours!

  23. Betty says

    I love Little Debbie products but I still haven’t tried these. I’d love to have the chance to try them.

  24. says

    I’ve never tried those before and we love to try new things around here for sure. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. A. White says

    YUMMO! I love Little Debbie’s, but have never had a cloud cake, that I know of! I WOULD LOVE to win this! Thanks in advance!

  26. says

    Yumm!!! These remind me of my childhood. My grandmother always had these at her house when we would visit. It’s a shame we don’t indulge in these yummy treats more often as adults. I Cant wait to use my coupon!

  27. says

    Sure sounds yummy….I love your site! Iheartpublix is the best! Thanks so much for all the helpful match-ups, links and info that you give everyday! I used to be good at couponing, but now thanks to your site I’m great at couponing and saving so much more! :)

  28. Sherry Rawls says

    My little man Remmy, 4, loves little debbie cakes. He loves the ones with the filling in the middle. He also loves to check the mail everyday so he would really love to get mail and find little debbie cakes. So if I happen to win please send them to Remmy Rawls.

  29. Tabitha says

    Still reading? Of course!! Send ’em this way…hubby and the kids would love a treat! :)

  30. Nic says

    I have been eyeing those in the store for ages and was very disappointed not to get picked to host a House Party for them. Gotta try them though.

  31. Sherry says

    I’d love to try the Cloud Cakes. I’ve always loved Little Debbie products! Thank you for your wonderful website!

  32. says

    Would love them, but more than that I’m curious what kind of a party involves twinkies? What else was on the menu?

  33. Lynette says

    I saw these for $1.50 @ Walmart over the weekend, so only $0.75 with the q.
    Yay! Even better! Thanks Michelle 😉

  34. jen r says

    well our family has never tried them!
    our kids would love them i am sure :)
    thanks for the giveaway!

  35. mandy says

    My kids would love these. We went to Grandma’s this weekend and they told them mommy will not buy us cookies. I don’t usually but a treat every now and then is wonderful.

  36. CA Scott says

    Cloud cakes, that is a new one to me, but can’t wait to get some in the mail I am thinking they will be mush in this FL heat by the time they get here, but still will be yummy :) THANKS for all you do . . .baby steps here but we are getting better!

  37. Angie says

    I’m with Allison- are these like Twinkies? They look sorta like them in the image… I’m a Little Debbie fan, but haven’t tried these! I’m game to try any kind of sweet though!!

  38. Christina says

    I’m also wondering if they are like twinkies. Is this a new product because I haven’t seen them yet?

  39. Tina Hunter says

    I grew up eating Little Debbies and my kids are too. I have never had one I did not like. Bet these are great too.

  40. Amy T. says

    Would love to try these! If I can keep them away from my husband and son long enough! =)

  41. aidanandcollinsmom says

    OF COURSE we are still reading!!! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaways :)

  42. fldukes says

    My hubbie LOVES twinkies. And I love for him to be able try this new product!

  43. Sonya says

    I am thinking that these might be great with a cup of coffee. Can’t wait to give them a try.

  44. Cheryl says

    Thanks for all the work u do…. would love to know how you have all the time for all that you do….. Cloud cakes sounds good….

  45. ELIZABETH says

    I was selected to host too, but didn’t see the email until it was past the deadline to respond. I was kicking myself for not looking at my email closer. I would still like to try them!

  46. Mary Beth says

    These look really yummy, I bet my kids and husband would love them…(me too)!!1

  47. Cheryl says

    My grandchildren really would love some cloud cakes. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  48. tonya says

    We’ve never had these. They look & sound delicious. Maybe we can try them before we buy them.

  49. Crystal W says

    Has four kids under the age of six and I think that they would love these:)

  50. Adrianne says

    I have got to have these Cloud Cakes. Last night my family watched the movie Click with Adam Sandler and he kept eating Twinkies. As a result they begged me to buy Twinkies and I had to tell them no because they were not on sale and there is no coupon. Please , please please give me the coupons so I can see if these are a good alternative. THANK YOU.

  51. Cathy M. says

    OOHHHH…..I bet these are good! I haven’t tried them yet! I would love to win a box! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  52. Maureen says

    I clicked on your link for coupon but it wasn’t there. Is there a special zip code I should use?

  53. Cathy B says

    I haven’t had Little Debbies in years. I’d love to try them again. Thanks

  54. kim says

    i’m still reading…..and getting hungry. so pick me! my kids would love them – and maybe i could sneak one for myself. ha. thanks.

  55. Dorothy says

    I could be on “cloud nine” if I were to win these! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  56. mary says

    Yum!! we havent tried these yet! Although we live right next door to where Little Debbie cakes are made….

  57. Amy says

    We love these at my house! We actually make Strawberry Shortcakes with them.

  58. Cindy says

    My kids Love Little Debbies and we are getting ready for a road trip that these would be great on. Thanks for all you do.

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