Grateful Giveaways – ZeroWater

Our last sponsor is great for those Dads who love to stay healthy by drinking water. What better gift for dad than one who was created by a father and son team?

Necessity is the mother of invention, ZeroWater® technology was developed to solve a mother’s fatigue from dragging gallons of bottled water jugs home from the grocery store. With the only in-home filtered water system that meets the FDA’s definition of purified bottled water, ZeroWater’s patented five-stage ion-exchange filter consistently delivers the only filtered water to measure 000 parts per million of total dissolved solids.

What does this mean to the average household? Great tasting water that is good for you, with ZeroWater's patented technology you can have water free of heavy metals (arsenic, chromium-6, benzene, lead, aluminum, chlorine, chromine, copper, perchlorate, mercury) that have dissolved into your drinking water.

Before ZeroWater, I never knew how much "stuff" was in my water.  I gave up bottled water a while back so I am loving the convenience of the ZeroWater pitcher.  If I am at home I grab a glass and it basically sits on my counter the whole day.  I fill it up as I need it.  The water tastes wonderful and I fell like the ZeroWater dispenser makes me drink more water each day.

On days when I am running around, I can fill up one of my huge bottles and pop it in my bag.  No need for the expense of plastic bottles.  I am also helping to do a little to save the planet from another plastic bottle :-)

Our last prize pack is from the folks at ZeroWater® and is valued at $120

Each prize pack contains...

  • ZeroWater® 23-Cup Filter Dispenser
  • 8-pack filter refill pack

Entry is simple! You just need to answer the question below by leaving a comment on this site! You can even gain up to 3 bonus entries for doing each additional item listed (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one — up to a total of 4 comments.) As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.


1. Let me know why having pure clean water is important to you.


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This giveaway will remain open until 11:59 p.m. EST, Friday, May 27, 2011. Any comments left after this cut-off will not be counted. The winner will be selected randomly and will be notified via email within 48 hours after the close of the contest.

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Disclosure: I received the same gift package that the winner will be receiving to facilitate my review. I did not receive any compensation to write this post. The opinions are all mine!


  1. melanie says

    I would love to have this because I am trying to encourage my family to drink more water and knowing that it is so pure is great! I follow you on google reader. Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Kate says

    Having clean water is important to me because I know all the nasty stuff is taken out

  3. Chandra says

    I love the taste of clean water…but my Dad would benefit and love this even more than I would!

  4. Marcia McCleskey says

    Living out in the country, we have well water. A ZeroWater filter would ensure that our drinking water is pure and clean!

  5. Coupon Queen says

    Eating healthy has become VERY important due to my husbands health issues. That includes healthy drinking water. :)

  6. Kelster says

    I drink a lot of water. It gives me great comfort to know that the water I am drinking is clean and pure and will not harm me later.

  7. starla says

    Having pure water on hand is important to us because we drink LOTS and don’t like buying bottled water!

  8. jennifer holley says

    my girls do not drink nothing except water…i know that’s crazy right?,so water is VERY important!

  9. Sandy says

    We drink lots of water, it will be nice to have this great products instead of expending so much in bottles of water.

  10. Sherri and Shawn Wray says

    Clean water is important to our family because we need it to stay healthy. Two of us were born with CVID and if the water isn’t clean, we could potentially get infections.

  11. LilRedRGP says

    1. Pure clean water just plain tastes better. I drink a lot of water, but I am looking for a way to get the rest of the family drinking water.

  12. says

    We drink a ton of water! And clean water is a necessity for health and well being! (And it helps prevent wrinkles!!!!)

  13. Sherri says

    It is important because I am trying to lose weight and drinking more water allows me to do that with a little more ease.

  14. nichole says

    i would love to have this for my water drinking family. My daughter doesnt drink sodas at all, makes me proud and she would love this and my husband is a healthy eater and drinker because of his heart condition. They would think this is way cool…I follow i heart publix and kroger.

  15. Mary Davidson says

    Clean water is a health issue for everyone. And this is especially important for my son’s health issues. Great idea for a Grateful Giveaway!

  16. Alex says

    At home, we try to drink water only during the week, and we use a pitcher with a filter to have clean water. This would be a very nice addition to our kitchen!!

  17. Stacie says

    I finally gave up Dr Pepper after drinking 2-3 a day for years, I never thought I would drink water but am drinking 2-4 bottles a day and with 4 kids and a husband who drink a lot of water, and our city doesn’t recycle, this would be wonderful!

  18. Jess S. says

    Clean water is one of biggest steps for us to help ensure we are able to raise healthy kids in a toxic world!

  19. Ashley Ann says

    My pur water filter has broken twice. I would really love this and use less plastic bottles.

  20. Ashley Ann says

    My pur water filter has broken twice. I would really love this and use less plastic bottles.

  21. Nancy says

    Pure clean water is important because it is the most natural good thing you can drink for your body… and I drink a lot!!

  22. Heather says

    It’s important for my health and well-being. Drinking the hard Florida water can be detrimental and I have heard is a great contributor to gall stones. Ick!

  23. Inez says

    Because I love drinking water, and I need a filter at Birmingham’s water needs to be filtered before I can enjoyably drink it.

  24. Inez says

    I follow via emails. I love filtered water as it makes the water here drinkable

  25. Amy says

    It is important for clear skin and healthy body to drink plenty of water – clean, drinking water. I would love to have one of these!

  26. Sharon says

    Clean water is important at our house because we drink a lot of it. I do not want to find out “later” that our water had toxins in it.

  27. James Racky says

    I drink alot of water and it gets expensive.
    This will save me alot of money and keep my family Healthy

    I also follow I heart publix on FB and e-mails

  28. Jessica W says

    Filtered water is important to me because I always want to give the best to my two little guys.

  29. Courtney says

    Clean water is very important to my family. We live in a small town and the tap water taste very gross, and smells like bleach. So we have to use alot of bottle water.

    I am also a fan on FB & I like Zerowater on FB too!! 😉

  30. christine marie says

    Clean water is a must in today’s world. I am a FB fan of I heart publix!

  31. amber says

    having pure clean water is important to me because I know that it is important for my familys healh & well being.

  32. Anita says

    Having clean water is important to me because I want to ensure my family is healthy.

  33. Annie says

    I drink almost nothing BUT water and am tired of wasting all of those plastic bottles! All about changing your lifestyle!

    I am a FAN on facebook & just signed up for email updates!

  34. Jamie says

    Clean water is important because that’s what I use to mix baby formula!! Thanks for hosting!

  35. Amy Letourneau says

    There is nothing better than a nice cool glass of healthy great tasting water. Thank you!!

  36. Vicky says

    I’d like to win this so I can stop buying bottled water and drink more healthy water.

  37. jessica says

    i love clean great tasting water. I love that this is safe enough to give me infant. I also follow iheart on facebook

  38. Melissa says

    We have a new member in the house (7 week old boy) and it’s important for us to have fresh water in the house to mix our bottles for him. Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. ana correa says

    Healthy water is important to our household. We drink lots of water throughout the day to keep hydrated!

  40. Donna says

    Yes, I am certainly tired of having to buy bottled waters for my son and husband and yes, myself.

  41. Kim says

    I would LOVE to win this!!! My husband drinks GALLONS of water a day to stay healthy and keep his weight down. He wants to be around for our son when he gets older, so he tries his best to be in the very best shape possible!

  42. Jennifer Wilbur says

    I have a two year old son, also used to be a dental assistant. Having good clean water as well as flouridated water is important. Its hard enough to get a two year old interested in being healthy. With one of these awesome filters, its the best of both worlds!!

  43. Angela says

    I would certainly drink more of it! The filter in our fridge dispenser keeps going out and I could really use something like this.

  44. Kelly Torres says

    Pure clean water is important to me because i have an infant which requires me to purchase gallons of water to prepare her bottle. By winning ZeroWater it will save my family tons of money and we would be saving a little bit of the planet by not using so much plastic.

  45. LISA BROWN says


  46. NT says

    having pure clean water is so good for all our days out! we are busy, running around, going to the beach or to playdates. not having to use bottled water all the time would be great!

  47. Christy says

    Clean water is important to me for the health of my family. We drink a lot of water, and this would make me feel even better knowing the water is free of any contaminants.

  48. Beckie says

    Having pure clean water is essential to me because my family and I are constantly drinking it. :) After all, if you think about all the water you intake on a daily basis, you definitely want to make sure that it’s as clean as it can be. :)

  49. Teri says

    Water is the most important thing we drink each day! It gives our body what we need to live.

  50. Michelle says

    Clean water is very important to me as we drink a lot of water. I would love to make sure that what we are drinking is free of the pollutants in tap water!

  51. jen r says

    my kids say that they are tired of drinking ‘sink water’ :)
    so….we would love to have cleaner water that is healthier for us all!!!
    thank you for the giveaway!

  52. Cortney says

    We live in a older house and there is no telling what the water is pulling in from the pipes! Just sounds gross. Plus the water company has been putting stuff in the water to clean it making it smell funny. Clean water to drink is a must! Bottled water gets too expensive and uses too much plastic.

  53. Caroline says

    Having clean water is very very important to my household. I would like to use less bottled water…(which is nothing but filtered municipal water in most cases)..even though I recycle. The hubby is always trying to lose weight and drinking lots of water is not only good for you, but makes you feel “full” discouraging you from over snacking and overeating. Drinking a lot of water is good for your overall health, and especially your skin.

  54. Brandi says

    I would love to have a great way to help my two sons drin more (and better for them) water.

  55. Alicia Pearson says

    I am all about taste and our water is like swimming pool water. We would use this to make sure everyone in our family get the 8 cups needed

  56. Bridget says

    It is important to keep hydrated especially with the hot summer approaching and there is no better way to do that than drinking pure clean water.

  57. Sam says

    Clean water is important because it’s not easy keeping the kids out of the mess, but this is one more way you can keep the mess out of them.

  58. Jennifer says

    I want my 18 month old to have healthy water. Plus, I cannot stand the taste of tap-water and hate to buy bottled. So I end up boiling it a lot.

  59. Karen says

    We never drink tap water…only bottled. This is a great way to save money and the planet!

  60. Claudia M says

    Pure clean water is important because of our new grand baby ! our water here is is plain old nasty and we have to use bottled water what gets really expensive and just keeps our landfills full :(

  61. Maureen says

    We are trying to set a healthy example for our kids by excercizing and eating right. This would go along with that as well as set the example to live green and not fill our landfills with plastic bottles.

  62. Margaret says

    I love to drink water but don’t want the chemicals. Bottled water is ridiculously expensive. This system sounds like a great alternative.

  63. KyLee M. says

    Having pure clean water means alot of stress and worry off my shoulders. I am a soon to be mommy in June 2011 and I am moving into a new apartment. It was cheapest we could find with all the gas drilling that is happeing in Pa. The water is really not drinkable so I will be having to buy water from store for us not only to drink but also for our new bundle coming into this world. Having this system would not only save us money but also help us not to have the stress over the water situation.

  64. Courtney says

    I have a lot of health problems right now so pure water is very important for me to stay as healthy as possible!

  65. says

    My husband has gout and drinking large amounts of water is important for keeping his flare ups to a minimum. We are on a well, not City water, so filtration is very important to us.

  66. susan says

    Clean water is important for health and it’s good to know what I’m putting in my (and my families) body is clean and pure.

  67. Morgan says

    Our water is horrible! We bought a Zero water pitcher and fell in love with the crisp taste! There has been all types of contamination in our water supply, so to find a product that truly does the job is amazing. We are a family of 5 and a bigger system would be wonderful for my boys!

  68. Meredith says

    I’m trying to exercise more often, and who wants to hydrate with chemical-filled h20. Not me!

  69. Maria says

    My 5 year-old son’s favorite beverage is water so I want to know that what he’s consuming is totally safe. There are so many things to worry about these days so I don’t want to have to worry about water, too.
    Thank you!

  70. Phillip B says

    New house to me but pipes are galvanized and 50 years old. This is the best way to assure safe water for those that mean the most to me, my family.

  71. Dianne says

    This is the best way to assure safe water for my family. I had been thinking about buying one.

  72. Laurie says

    It is important to me because I am trying to kick my Mt. Dew habit and get healthy. Wish me luck.

  73. kelley says

    It is important to me because I have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband and I want us all to be healthy.

  74. Lynda Clark says

    I believe that having clean water is the most basic foundation for good health.
    We live out in the desert where our water is very hard and tastes terrible. Everyone is forced to use bottled water here. I would love to win this.

  75. Kristin says

    Clean water is important because I love my kids!! I want the healthiest stuff for them!

  76. amy says

    Clean water is important to me now more than ever. I’m trying to watch my weight, I’m getting married in a few months. Unfortunately I also lost my job recently. Your website has really helped me and my future husband and winning THIS would even help us out more!

  77. Laurie K says

    I want to continue to drink fresh water with my son to help promote healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

  78. Nicole says

    As a means to lose some weight (mostly) painlessly I try to limit myself to one sweet beverage per day. To that end I drink water constantly, this would save me tons of money on bottled water.

  79. Kellie says

    Pure clean water is important to me because the water quality in this town is very poor. Riddled with tons of metals, sulfur and other impurities, so we have to filter ALL water we drink several times to insure we drink healthy water..this would greatly cut down on the costs of having to purchase water.

  80. says

    We live in the country and have well water so I’d love to have this because it sounds so much better than the filter we use now!

  81. Betsy says

    I think the purest state of anything is the best for my family. I would love to win this!

  82. Erin Slattery says

    Clean water is important and a necessity for good health especially in my area as the water is dirty and tastes bad.

  83. Danielle says

    Having good water is important. Several close calls here with tornadoes, strongest chance tomorrow night! 3 nights in a row is crazy! Plus flooding-boil order will probably soon be in effect. You never know when you might need to filter water in an emergency and tap water is not safe to drink! This would be great for me and my family.

  84. christy says

    I would love to win this for my husband. We have 3 brita containers we use in our fridge and we are constantly filling them up. My husband will drink a full one himself just at dinner.

    I don’t mind the taste of our city water actually but he called me out the other day when he was filling up the pool and showed me the pool filter and it was all orangish from the rust and he said “see that is what you are drinking!” Yuck!

  85. Mary Lou says

    Our well water is not the greatest even with a water softner. I hate buying bottled water in the plastic containers.

  86. Emer says

    Having clean water is essential because we need it to keep us healthy and alive – I encourage our kids to drink only water every day.

  87. Emer says

    I also follow IHeart publix on Facebook, subscribe to the email and now like zerowater on FB

  88. Brooke Quinlivan says

    It is much better for your body, rather than city water filled with chemicals.

  89. Jannette Hernandez says

    We drink so much water in my home and I feel with all the impurities in the water today that where ever I can help my family to be healthy I will.

  90. Cathy M. says

    Having healthy, clean water is important for me, but also for my cat. I worry about giving her tap water for her water bowl because I have no idea what is in it. I want to protect her in any way that I can, as much (if not more) then I will protect myself.

  91. Nancy says

    Since our bodies have water as a main component, it is important to drink fresh and clean water as a beverage.

  92. Wanda T says

    Clean water means good health. In the USA we have the luxury of clean water, and while all drinking water is considered safe to healthy individuals, it sometimes contains particles that most healthy people do not want to consume. I love water and living in Florida, drinking the tap water is not an option. All water I drink is either filtered or bottled. I hate drinking bottled water because it is not good for the environment, and even though I do recycle the bottles, I would rather not have to buy bottled water.

  93. Jamie says

    This would be great for our lake house where we have well water. Less bottled water…less waste!

  94. Samantha says

    Clean water is important to me and my family because we don’t want to ingest harmful bacteria and chemicals.

  95. Kathy Carpenter says

    I have used the Zero Water filtration system before…LOVE it! My kids are water drinkers and it is important for me to give them the BEST and CLEANEST water possible. We have well water and it is either filter it or buy it!

  96. Gina says

    My son is the quintessential boy and doesn’t mind getting dirty when playing outside…if I could ensure one more thing is clean it would be a relief…

  97. bree says

    i live in pensacola,fl…the country’s WORST area for tap water! I SWEAR! In 2009, we were voted “Nation’s worst water”. fantastic! you can see…pure water is VERY important to me!

  98. says

    Clean, good-tasting water is very important to me because my doctor recently told me I had to start drinking more water and all the bottled water I’ve tried tastes awful, as does my tap water. I’ve been looking for a solution, and ZeroWater might just be it!

  99. Megan says

    We drink a lot of water at our house and we love the taste and the peace of mind knowing that our water is pure and clean.

  100. Lana says

    Having pure clean water is important because what is in your water affects your health, especially heavy metals.

  101. Hannah W says

    I have two young boys, and want to know that they water I constantly have them drink is actually helping them and not harming them

  102. Lance T says

    Im a Dad who drinks alot of water working outside all day with dogs!! Zero Water is like having my very own natural spring in my house. Absolutely nothing but water, period!

  103. Jessica Hayes says

    We try to only drink water at home, so it’s very important that it’s of high quality.

  104. Jody says

    The best thing about pure clean water out of a machine like this is it saves money and less in the trash can!

  105. says

    We drink so much tap water at our house that it’s important that it be clean and pure – for my sake and our children’s.

  106. Melissa says

    I think it is very important to drink a lot of water a day. I drink plenty, but my husband not so much. This would help him drink more water because it is covenient and cold and filtered.

  107. Melanie Q says

    I want to drink as much water as possible during my day… having cold, filtered, great tasting water makes that much easier to do!

  108. Kelly Morrison says

    We own an old house with old pipes. You can see visible things at the bottom of your glass when you’re down to your last sips of water. It’s quite disturbing but affording bottled water or even Brita filters on a teacher’s salary is quite taxing. The Zero Water system would be PERFECT for our family. With the Florida heat and the hottest part of the year well on its way, Zero water would get more than regular use.

  109. Jennifer says

    I always cart reusable water bottles to work because our “filtered” water fountain produces this black gunk that I can see at the bottom of my glass. Having a filtered water pitcher at work would be wonderful so I don’t have to bring water from home!

  110. Christina says

    I’ve been eyeing this zero water for some time now. I think the idea of having the cleanest water for my family is of the upmost important. I only want the best for them :)

  111. Lisa V says

    Since science tells us that our bodies are made up
    mostly of water, I think it’s important that the water
    we take in be free of chemicals and polutants.

  112. Michelle says

    My family drinks alot of water and I can’t stand the chlorine taste that comes out of the faucet. This would be great to win.

  113. Lora Davenport says

    Clean water is important because I have children and I want to minimize their exposure to harmful chemicals and organisms as much as possible.

  114. Timothy Mattie says

    We believe as a family that good clean water is the most important thing we can do for our health(present and future). We are a family of 7 and my wife is pregnant with our sixth child and our water needs are high. When we have used regular tap water we have had kidney pain and other health issues from the chlorine and other contaiments. The expense of buying purified water for our family is high. So this would be a wonderful blessing to us. Thank you..

  115. Kasey says

    My family and I drink a lot of water and I want the water we drink to be free of chemicals and any other stuff that might be in our water. I am also pregnant and am very careful about what I drink. Winning this prize would make drinking clean water so much easier and cheaper.

  116. Angela says

    Clean water is important to me because there are so many places in the world that do not have access to clean water. We should never take it for granted.

  117. says

    My parents have well water and I will not drink it when I am there. I believe in drinking water that is cleaned through a system. You don’t know what is in the well water you are drinking unless you have it tested. Even then, there can be chemicals and organisms that are not easily seen.

  118. kiki says

    3 of the 5 members in my family have digestive problems so water is the #1 drink in our household and its need to be free of chemicals and the additional stuff that the tap water has. I also follow you on FB

  119. Samina says

    My preschooler’s health is one of the most important things to me, so I want to be sure he’s drinking clean water.

  120. Desirae says

    Our family just moved from CA to ND and had to get rid of alot of things in order to afford to move here for work. One of the things was our 5 gallon water holder. So now were drinking little bottles of water untill we can afford to get somethig else. We have a two year old and a two month old so clean water is a must!

  121. says

    Clean water is Very important to me because I’m trying to keep all toxins and harmful chemicals out of my family’s food & drink.

  122. Kelly says

    Pure water is important to me because drinking water and being hydrated is so necessary for good health.

  123. Gigi says

    Pure water is important to me because I don’t like buying bottled water (I think the plastic bottles cause a lot of waste), but I still want clean healthy water!

  124. Johana says

    Having clean water is important because our bodies should be taking in water free of chemicals, instead of water processed by chlorine and other chemicals.

  125. Alex says

    Having clean water is important to us because the industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical runoff in the water supply is frightening.

  126. darry says

    Florida water is horrible. This would eliminate the need to add flavoring to kill the taste

  127. lookitsatree says

    All the years of pollution (some “natural” or accidental) are catching up with our water reservoirs, waterways, and even the aquifer, with the end result that we are drinking our own poisons if we don’t filter. Anyway, the tap is questionable here where my family lives, and I want us to be safe from the big, bad chemicals/heavy metals. Water is vital, so best filter it.

  128. Dawn B says

    Clean water is important for many reasons, one being to make bottles for my little one. I don’t want her to have any unneeded chemicals in her bottles. Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  129. says

    It is important to me because my husband is in lawn care, so he drinks alot of water, so I want it to be the best water he can drink.

  130. Wendy Williams says

    My husband is a teacher and drinks water throughout the day. The school water tastes bad, so we purchase bottled water for him to drink. The ZeroWater System would be perfect for him. It’s small enough to fit on his classroom counter, would filter the bad taste and impurities out of the school water, and save us from buying water while being environmentally friendly.

  131. Lisa says

    It tastes so much better than unfiltered water here in FL and we don’t like to buy bottled water to help the environment and reduce waste.

  132. Cathy B says

    I refuse to buy bottled water, so I use filtered, but it gets expensive sometimes. Would love a new system.

  133. says

    i would like to have this because i have just started walking in the mornings with my sister and it would be great to know we are getting healthy with the best water possible… thank you

  134. Sharon says

    I grew up drinking out of the garden hose, so it seems insane to buy bottled water. I used filtered water for a better taste though. My husband works in a very old facility with questionable old water lines so he would really enjoy something like this!

  135. Tiffany says

    When I was little I use to drink water out of the well and it was always so clean. Nowadays it’s hard to find clean drinking water. One of the best ways to help your body is to stay hydrated. I would love this prize and would put it to good use.

  136. Bobbi Bell says

    Having pure clean water is important to me because I am concerned about my health and the health of my family. In addition, I am looking for ways to “go green” while being healthy, so this would be the best of both worlds replacing bottled waters for my family.

  137. says

    clean water is the number 1 building block of a healthy body! Very important

    thanks for sponsoring this!

    2kidsblogger (at) gmail (dot) com

  138. nancy miller says

    Not only is clean water healthy for you and the family, but it is also a money saver instead of having to purchase bottled water………………and MUCH better for the environment (saves on the plastic bottles) =)

  139. Bobbi Bell says

    Clean water is important to me for the health of my family. This product would also help me save money and reduce my need for bottled water!

  140. sheila says

    clean water is healthy for my family.
    the water where we live does not taste good so, we use bottled water all
    of the time.
    having a Zero Water would save us $$.

  141. Becky Hipp says

    I love bottled water but most of the time cannot afford to buy without crossing something else off my list. I would love to have something that gives me bottled water quality in my own kitchen.

  142. Bobbi says

    Pure water is important to me for the health of my family. In addition, this product would help me to save money and reduce my usage of bottled water.

  143. Heather Cyllus says

    I hope I’m not posting this again, as I tried earlier and I don’t think it posted. Anyway…I would love to fill up my bottle with some of this H2O.

  144. holly says

    clean water is important for my family because it is an inexpensive and healthy drink

  145. Emily Y says

    Clean, filtered water is so much better for you than the hard water in my city!

  146. Dolores Suda says

    Filtered water is better for my family because we know that majority of the impurities are taken out.

  147. Brenda says

    I drink water all day in fact that is nearly all I drink (except a cup of coffee), regular tap water is not so nice at times and buying bottles just makes me feel guilty.

  148. michelle says

    Drinking clean water is important for my family because all we drink is water. My husband and I gave up drinking soda for health reasons and we only keep water, milk, and juice in our house now. Being 7 months pregnant I have to drink 2 glasses of water EVERY hour to keep my contractions at bay so I go thru at least two 2 1/2 gallon water jugs alone each week not to mention the 24pk bottles we buy for my daughter to take to soccer practice and to take on the run with us! :-)

  149. Melinda Daum says

    I like having clean pure water so I know that my family is not puttng harmful chemicas in their bodies!

  150. april says

    I like knowing that nothing harmful is going into the mouths of my family, especially the little ones.

  151. Sherry says

    My husband and I are both dieting and we know that the key is drinking lots of clean, pure water.

  152. Terri says

    Would be great to have had this after the tornados in Alabama, when we were having to boil water for a while.

  153. says

    My answer is always the same, clean water is the most important issue in the
    world. I have a handicap, I was not born with it but given it because of the misuse of technology by my government. My animal friends are the most important
    things in my life, in large part because of that handicap. Their lives depend
    on clean water, because what can harm us in water can harm a tiny little creature even more.

  154. says

    I like Iheartpublix on Facebook, which technically doesn’t really mean I
    like you but that I slavishly am following marketing technologies.

  155. Jennifer B says

    Having clean water is so important to me because I drink water on a daily basis

  156. Danielle says

    because I have a very weakened immune system and I need my water to be as pure as possible!

  157. odika says

    I love drinking water… and encourage my kids to drink plenty daily so pure clean water is important to ensure they stay healthy.

  158. Jennifer D says

    I would love to have this item so we can stop purchasing so many bottles of water, it would be great for my family!

  159. Amy says


  160. lena says

    I filter my water because I don’t want my family drinking contaminated water, I try to eliminate contamination in my household as much as I can affordably do.

  161. Andrea says

    Following you and would like to win this bad boy!!! WE have to filter our water… living where we do the lake nearby is NASTY so it hits everyone’s wells as well…. would love to have this to make life a little easier!!! :) Great IDEA!!!

  162. Jennifer says

    Clean water is so important to me because water is what my family drinks most often and it can contain so many contaminants

  163. says

    We have well water that is yellowish 99% of the time, having clean, great tasting water that I don’t have to buy would be amazing

  164. Renata says

    Having clean water is important for my family’s health. There is so much junk in everything else already.

  165. meme says

    Clean water is important to keeping my family healthy and that is very important to me.

  166. Kim Carlile says

    I try to encourage my kids to drink lots of water, so if it tastes pure and clean it helps!

  167. Julie P says

    I’m not much of a bottled water drinker. I grab my tervis tumbler, fill it with ice and water and head out. I could so use this pitcher!

  168. Julie P says

    I get your email updates and I LOVE them! Thank you so much cause I’m sure it takes LOTS of time!

  169. Kaylan says

    I am trying to give up sugary drinks so having amazing, pure water handy is so important!

  170. Dawne says

    I have well water, and it isn’t great for drinking! would love to be able to drink it and save the expense of bottled water.

  171. Yara Greathouse says

    Clean water is important because in this day and age there are so many sicknesses out in the world, and a lot of bacteria and particles can exist in the water and we wouldn’t even know it. Like in the movie Erin Brochovich with Julia Roberts. Right now my refrigerator water filter is 6 months past due so we need to win this really badly! :)

  172. Yara Greathouse says

    Follow I Heart Publix via e-mail updates! Please put me in the Zero Water giveaway

  173. Stacie Frost says

    We have well water and it doesn’t taste very good! LOL! I want to make sure my family is getting pure, clean, healthy water! Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  174. Stacie Frost says

    I subscribe with Google Reader. Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  175. Stacie Frost says

    I follow you on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  176. Erin R says

    I need clean water to prepare my baby’s formula. Plus my daughter LOVES water. I want my children healthy and happy!

  177. evelyn goettner says

    Because I don’t want my family or I drinking chemical filled water.


  178. evelyn goettner says

    -I like you on facebook as Evelyn Wakefield Goettner.
    I follow you on twitter as @evie197580.


  179. Carmen Holcombe says

    I have a 2 pound dog that I only give purified water. The bleach in tap water is so harmful.

  180. Hollie says

    Living near a nuclear power plant that has made headlines recently for having polluted our drinking water making it unsafe to drink and as a mother to a toddler who wants to encourage her child to drink lots of water each day, we could and would really love this please!!!

  181. Jennifer says

    We use water for everything! Cooking, drinking, just to name a few ~ clean water is important for my family!

  182. Stacie Frost says

    I follow Zero Water on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  183. Karin says

    I love having clean water & this would be great since the filter for the fridge quit working.

  184. Dara Nix says

    Having pure clean water is important to me because I live in the city with the WORST tap water in the nation — Pensacola, FL (seriously … Google it)! We use a LOT of bottled water in the house, but quite frankly it DOES get expensive! Winning this would be great for a NUMBER of reasons!
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  185. Melissa says

    Having good, clean water is important to me for many reasons. I would mainly like to break my dependency on bottled water.

  186. Leo says

    i would love to teach my daughter the reason why this product is good for us and the environment!

  187. Shell Holland says

    I love drinking water and I want my water to taste great as well as be healthy!

  188. Sarah Powers says

    Having pure clean water is important to me because I have a toddler in my home and we are trying for another child and it would be awesome to finally have a system that works to keep their water clean for drinks and formula.

  189. Michelle Dotto says

    I would love having this for clean water. Their is so much chlorine in our tap water. You can smell it and it absorbs into your skin. ewww The clean water I could drink from this might even improve my crohns condition. I am all for drinking some clean water pick me please.


  190. Pauline says

    It is important for us to have clean drinking water w/o any chemicals or heavy metals for good health

  191. Pauline says

    I followed I Heart Publix on Twitter. @emscout9 (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com) and liked them on facebook (Paul T)

  192. Sherry J. says

    Having pure clean water is important for me because of my children. I hate to think of what could be in the water that they drink.

  193. Milian O says

    Clean water is important to me because I’m always trying to keep my little babies healthy.

  194. Jani Nelson says

    Pure clean water is important to me because water is essential for good health

  195. Kristin Tarpley says

    Pure water is important to me because it is part of our healthy lifestyle!

  196. Crystal K. says

    It’s important to me because nearly every other month our town sends out letters that our tap water was undrinkable at some point in the past, so now we rely on bottled water in our house.

  197. Lorinda says

    I want my kids to have clean drinking water to keep their immune systems healthy.

  198. pacheco says

    I love the description of this product I hope my family wins the chance to try it!

  199. Lisa says

    Having pure clean water is important to me because clean water is a necessary component of healthy living.

  200. Alycia E. says

    I think pure water is very important because my kids need it to grow big and strong.

  201. Sara says

    Pure, clean water is important to have for myself and my family. Where we live, the water is not very clean and to have clean water would be nice.

  202. Doreen Herndon says

    Who doesn’t want clean water? We use a lot of it, so it would be nice to have the cleanest water we can.

  203. Cayman says

    We need clean drinking water so we don’t have to ingest all the nasty chemicals floating around

  204. Christy A. says

    Having clean water is important so I will stay healthy and drink lots of water.

  205. alcee clayborne says

    I never no what is really coming out of the tap so being able to clean my water before I drink it is really nice

  206. Stephanie Wade says

    We drink a lot of water right now because both my husband and I are trying to lose weight, but we’re trying to be smart about it so that in turn we are teaching our daughter good eating habits. So since all three of us are drinking water so much, I’d like it to be as pure as possible!

  207. Erica Best says

    When i have clean cold water i drink alot more of and i would love to win this pack.

  208. Sharon C says

    Everyone in my household drinks water and it would be awesome to not have to wonder if its as clean as can be!

  209. Melody says

    There are so many toxins in our water…would love to have this on-hand to stay healthier!

  210. EileenF says

    Pure water is important because it is what our bodies are made of. Good in, good body.

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