Grateful Giveaways – Linksys Router

Whether you're a tech-savvy dad or a tech-challenged dad, the Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router has you covered! This router has the best range and best performance for the home with multiple devices connecting to the network, like gaming consoles, eReaders, smartphones, streaming video and any other wireless device any home would have.

Highlights of the Linksys E4200:

  • Simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N
  • USB storage port with built-in media server
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed wired devices
  • Cisco Connect software for easy setup and maintenance

My husband is a computer guy. So he loves the latest and greatest in technology.  When I gave him the Linksys Router, the first thing out of his mouth was "Cool--it has N".  Of course I had no idea what that meant...apparently it is the latest and greatest thing when it comes to high-speed Wi-Fi.

Needless to say he was thrilled.

Life with my schedule means I have to be able to work upstairs, downstairs or even outside as I push the boys on their swing. The Linksys router make this possible.  Rather than find the cord for my Droid to download photos...I can jump on my network and voila--pictures on my laptop with no effort!  In order to live my crazy life I need mobility!  The Linksys allows me to do what I need to do wherever I need to be.

One I Heart Publix reader will win a Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router (ARV $179)

Entry is simple! You just need to answer the question below by leaving a comment on this site! You can even gain up to 2 bonus entries for doing each additional item listed (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one — up to a total of 3 comments.) As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.


1. Tell me what your favorite feature is for the Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router.


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4. Follow Linksys via Facebook and leave a comment on this post.

This giveaway will remain open until 11:59 p.m. EST, Friday, May 27th. Any comments left after this cut-off will not be counted. The winner will be selected randomly and will be notified via email within 48 hours after the close of the contest.

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Disclosure: I received the same gift package that the winner will be receiving to facilitate my review. I did not receive any compensation to write this post. The opinions are all mine!


  1. Amy says

    Since our wireless router got fried .. I’m thrilled it is state of the art technology wifi for my hubby to enjoy!

  2. Melissa says

    We are finally moving to a home with high speed internet, no more Hughes net. This would be great, especially with the USB storage.

  3. Tiffany C says

    Dualband by far! We get some interference from a local schools network, and need the dualband to save us.

  4. Tracy Martin says

    I would love to be able to use the computer anywhere in the house, not just in the kitchen!

  5. alita chappell says

    if I win I would be able to use the linksys and finally get rid of my desktop unit which I’ve been using as a router :o)

  6. Debbie says

    I need a router to hook up wifi to my wii, so I can get cheap movies with Netflix!

  7. Chris says

    I’m diggin’ the fact that it has the USB port that will allow me to get a cheap drive and make it a NAS (Network Attached Storage). For those that don’t know this means I can put files on there and access them from any computer in the house. Great for sharing files and backup!

  8. Jo says

    I need to upgrade my router, and the Linksys dual-band Wireless-N would definitely do the trick!

  9. Mark says

    Parental controls, definitely! Also, the dual band N should make connections across the house and even outside on the porch as smooth as silk!

  10. Shannon C. says

    I like that this router is a dual band. I am constantly getting booted offline by other devices lininkg up in my house since my current linksys is shall I say…..outdated.

  11. Melanie Q says

    My favorite feature is the design! That looks so much better than the old, bulky style. :)

  12. Deborah says

    I would love to be able to work anywhere in the house. That freedom would be wonderful.

    • Catherine says

      Opps ! I was so excited I didn’t check my post. I meant that I love that it has usb storage.

  13. Kimberly says

    I like the built in media server. My husband would do back flips if we won this!

  14. Amy says

    • Simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N
    • USB storage port with built-in media server
    • Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed wired devices

    3 noteworthly items that make this item a MUST! Would love to win this.

  15. Tammy :) says

    I don’t know what any of those features mean, but if it works better than our super-old router we have now, then it is awesome!!!

  16. Rie says

    Love the Wireless-N as well. We just upgraded from a B to a G and see a real difference in speed, but our current router is wonky and keeps disconnecting. A blisteringly fast N router would be a dream come true!

  17. Debbie says

    I like the Laptop Wall charger…I don’t know if it is compatible with my model, but I hope so!

  18. April says

    I like the mobility; I would really like to use the laptop while the kids play in the water outback.

  19. Jessica says

    I would love to have a reliable wireless internet connection no matter which room I am in!

  20. says

    We currently have a linksys router, but it is older and it keeps disconnecting us. My sons are both home schoolers and it is difficult for them to get work done. I have not had the extra money to purchase a new router. I have been seeing more and more of the Wireless-N and would love to have one of these. I follow I Heart Publix on facebook. Love this site.

  21. Pauline says

    I love the range and the ability to connect multiple devices. I’m purchasing a 2555 sq ft. home and this is on my list to buy when I close next month. Winning this will be a nice house warming gift for me! :-)

  22. says

    We have 4 computers and our wireless router letting use use the computer anywhere in our house is great. We have a Linksys (G) now. The easier to set up the better.

  23. William B says

    Maybe I should say I follow Linksys instead, even though Linksys IS Cisco…

    I follow Linksys on facebook

  24. Kelly says

    Our router is messed up- so everything about this looks great! Love the portability!

  25. Vicky says

    Don’t know enough about computers to know what the coolest feature is, but my current router keeps kicking me off so I’d love a new one.

  26. says

    My favorite feature is simply that it is a Linksys! I’ve been told its “the” brand to go with…And have been looking into them ever since my hubby decided to start up an xbox live account. We are constantly aggravated with each other sharing our cable connection between my couponing, my studying (i’m in nursing school) and his xbox live! I know it seems silly, but he is disabled, so I like for him to play as it gives him something to think about other than his failed kidneys! :)

  27. jessica says

    my husband is always complaining our router stinks how cool would it be to score this for fathers day

  28. Caroline says

    Honestly, I have no idea. I have a super old linksys router and it has never let us down. If the tech dept….(the hubby) was reading this, he would be able to name a feature that he liked best, but not me. I just want the contraption to work and work good. That’s what our old linksys does now. Having a new one would be so cool. Thanks.

  29. Lexia says

    Wow – this could power the entire neighborhood! Love anything with a usb – ours is so old it only has one port!

  30. ANITA says

    I love the support of Cisco. They always make it easy. I follow you on facebook.

  31. Allison says

    The best feature for us is that it would work! haha… ours is on the fritz. :)

  32. NT says

    it would be an awesome and secure wireless network! so my hubby can stream some netflix on the ipod while i study for school on the computer!yay!

  33. Jennifer M says

    A wireless network is the best part. It would be great to be able to have internet all over the house :)

  34. says

    I actually can’t give a favorite feature because it’s the combination of features that make it good
    I like that it has Simultaneous Dual-Band N, a Gigabit Ethernet 4-port switch for wired devices, speed up to 300 + 450 Mbps and the USB port for shared storage. I also like a couple of the other features as well, like the ability to set up guest accounts.

    vlbsweeps at gmail dot com

  35. kim says

    i follow you via facebook and thanks for all you do and thanks for saving me a ton of money.

  36. Ellie says

    My favorite feature for the Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router would be the Simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N! (That’s what my husband said since he is the computer geek & just finished some Cisco classes I’m taking it that is a special feature!)

    • Ellie says

      Wasn’t sure if this had to be specific so I made a new post please disregard this post! Thanks

  37. Heather Cathrall says

    I love the range of performance this has! We currently have a lot of trouble with our internet throughout the house and this system seems wonderful and efficient and would be awesome to have! Just having easier connectivity would make such a world of difference!

  38. Joanne says

    I would love to win this! I like the ease of use part because I know hardly anything about this stuff.

  39. Laurie says

    My husband just received a new laptop from work and has been complaining like crazy because we don’t have N so my favorite feature (just to shut him up) is the Simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N. Funny that I am not even sure what that is.

  40. Phillip B says

    The boys are gamers and they always complain about the need for more speed. The Linksys N’s speed and dual channels would allow both to play games at the same time and with each other with no complaints. For me, the key Linksys advantage is the ease of setup and integration with other components & systems.
    This unit is super!!!

  41. Shonda says

    I homeschool and this would be a blessing to have…we have a hard time with signal in our home because of the size…praying hard for this one I friended on Facebook for I <3 Publix and Linskys, followed on Twitter and subscribed to "a reader"

  42. angelforshort says

    This would be a great Father’s Day gift for my hubby! He just got a new computer and this would be good for his gaming. Thanks.

  43. Lynda Clark says

    I like the fact that multiple devices can easily connect to the internet using this router. Cisco is known for its state of the art quality and that is important too.

  44. Kellie says

    Easy set up and maintenance are the best feature on ANY product! It says it’s easy..that makes it great!

  45. JD Northwest says

    I love that you can use it as a Media Server with the built in USB storage port (with embedded media server tech). Nice!

  46. Erin Slattery says

    One of my favorite features is that it has a security system with guest logons so ppl cannot steal the internet access and in turn slow my household internet.

  47. christy says

    I love that it is N and will work upstairs. So far I have purchased a G, and then D and neither has worked even just downstairs on the other side of the house, so this should work!

  48. Lisa Briskey says

    This is great! Especially the easy setup with Cisco Connect. I hope we win!

  49. Jaclyn says

    My favorite feature is the lifetime warranty and the lifetime service…for me this would be nice. My husband would be so happy to get this one.

  50. Cathy M. says

    I live alone, but I would love to have this router because it would allow me to be able to use my laptop instead of being confined to using my desktop computer all of the time!

  51. stacy says

    i have 2 teenage girls who dearly love their laptops we are in need of a router and the freedom it brings.

  52. Jody says

    USB storage port with built-in media server
    My husband would freak over this win!

  53. Lisa V says

    I checked out the Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router
    and really like the USB Storage Port with built-in
    media server!

  54. Cody Shaddix says

    I love that it has the best range. We have many wireless itmes set up in our home. At times,the range isn’t so good. So this would be great.

  55. Celina says

    I love the high speed and range it has. I also followed them on FB as well as i heart publix and signed up for email updates. :)

  56. Kasey says

    We have bought Cisco products in the past and I love how easy they are to setup and install.

  57. Gigi says

    I love that it has easy set up and installation, sometimes installing new products can be confusing :)

  58. lookitsatree says

    I don’t know much about routers, I’m afraid; but I do know that this is what we need for internet, and that it will mean less cord mess.

  59. Tiffany says

    I like that it is easy to setup AND the fact that it has the multiple connections capability that doesn’t bog down the rest of your network.

  60. Rachel C. says

    Would love to win the new router. We had an old Linksys, and it was a good router.

  61. TanyaW says

    My fave thing would be the speed, but I would love to try doing what you described with the phone and laptop thing. Thanks for a chance to win!

  62. 2HappyKids says

    I love being able to be in any room of the house, or the porch, with a wireless router! 😀

  63. amber says

    i like the software for easy setup and maintenance — i need it to be easy to set up!

  64. Carlos says

    What is my favorite feature of the Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router? Definitely its simultaneous dual-band capability that allows it to provide fast speeds even for bandwidth intensive use such as HD video streaming and file transfers! Among its peers in the Linksys’s wireless-N router series, it really stacks up with the best features and capabilities compared to its brothers. A bonus feature of it that I really like is the ability to add USB devices to be instantly part of the home network. Definitely one hell of an awesome home networking gadget! :)

  65. Shawnda says

    My favorite feature of the Linksys is that it comes with technical phone support and live chat if there is ever an issue.

  66. Lolli says

    I like the fact that it is wireless so that we are not tied to a chair in the living room where our laptop currently is. I also like the option to call technical support if we need it.

  67. Andrea says

    following you on Facebook, webite and the Forum!!! This would be a NICE upgrade for us!!! SWEET DEAL!!

  68. Stacie Frost says

    I love the fact that it sounds easy to set up! Even I could do it! LOL! Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  69. Stacie Frost says

    I’m an e-mail subscriber! Thanks so much for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  70. Stacie Frost says

    I follow you on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  71. Stacie Frost says

    I follow Linksys on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  72. says

    I like many things about this router. 1) It works! (mine doesn’t) 2)
    the sleek look is very nice. 3) The USB port is a nice feature.

  73. meme says

    My favorite feature is the Cisco Connect software for easy setup and maintenance

  74. LinhC says

    I like the Guest Access feature that allows you to provide Internet access to guests visiting your home without granting them access to your local network.

  75. Carlos says

    I just followed I Heart Publix via e-mail updates using the same email address I used to post this comment. Count me in! :)

  76. Selena Ellis says

    Like the Cisco Connect software for easy setup and maintenance. Easier the better

  77. Michele L says

    My favorite feature is the software for easy set up and that mutiple high speed devices can run at the same time

  78. melissa says

    i like all the router features since ours is old and burned up and we need a new one!

  79. evelyn goettner says

    I love the slim design and the powerful signal.


  80. evelyn goettner says

    -I like you on facebook as Evelyn Wakefield Goettner.
    I follow you on twitter as @evie197580.


  81. rebecca williams says

    The best feature to me is the USB storage port with built-in media server

  82. BONNIE says


  83. Claudia Mcgee says

    a ” must” for a Blond like me lol :) –> the software for easy set up and that mutiple high speed devices can run at the same time

  84. Carlos says

    By the way, I’m already a follower of Linksys on Facebook (you can check me using my email address) so I guess that’s another point for me! Hoping to win! :)

  85. Mary says

    I don’t really understand much about the lastest tech stuff, but easy to set up sounds great and my husband really wants a wireless router.

  86. Pauline says

    I followed I Heart Publix on Twitter. @emscout9 (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com) and liked them on facebook (Paul T)

  87. Carlos says

    I’ve also followed I Heart Publix on Twitter (@vladrys). Wishing for my luck come drawing time! :)

  88. Phil says

    The best feature on the Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router is the better wireless connection and USB storageport. This is great for internet users and multi-computer households!

  89. Sara says

    My favorite feature of the Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router is the Simultaneous dual-band Wireless-N

  90. alcee clayborne says

    My favorite thing about the wireless router is that it has a usb storage port

  91. Sara Marie says

    I think the neatest feature is the easy set up. Technology gets me every time.

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