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Each year Vampire Power, which is the energy drawn from devices that are plugged in but are not in use, wastes 10 billion dollars in the U.S. alone.

iGo would like to help fathers everywhere go green and save green with their line of iGo Green electronics, which reduces Vampire Power by up to 85 percent.

Plus, iGo products also use an intelligent tip technology, which allows one charger to power/charge hundreds of brands and thousands of models of mobile electronic devices by using interchangeable tips. By using one charger for multiple products, it significantly minimizes electronic waste.

I never really knew about the concept of vampire power before learning about iGo Green products.  I had heard about folks who take the time to unplug everything when they aren't using it...but there is no way I can add that to my already crazy busy schedule.

The Power Smart Wall Surge Protector is so cool. It has two "active green"" outlets for those devices that continuously suck power and 2 always on outlets that act like standard outlets. It has been perfect for my office!  While I hope to see a tiny benefit on my power bill, I also like that I am only using power when I need it.

I also got the Laptop Wall Charger but I am a Mac person, so it was not compatible with my computer. The charger works with most other brands and would be a great benefit for those folks!

One (1) lucky I Heart Publix reader will win an iGo Green Power Pack valued at $100, including:

Entry is simple! You just need to answer the question below by leaving a comment on this site! You can even gain up to 3 bonus entries for doing each additional item listed (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one — up to a total of 4 comments). As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.

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  1. Melanie Q says

    I like the Power Smart Tower and Power Smart Wall surge protectors… Savings without all the unplugging! Those would be perfect for me!

  2. Amy says

    DITTO: I like the Power Smart Tower and Power Smart Wall surge protectors… Savings without all the unplugging! Those would be perfect for me! WIN WIN WIN

  3. Marcia McCleskey says

    I like the Power Smart Tower and Power Smart wall protectors. I live in the country and we suffer from brown-outs on a regular basis. This would surely make a difference!

  4. Anne S says

    Power Smart Tower with iGo Green® Technology…we have lots plugged in to our surge protector behind the tv/computer area!

  5. Tina says

    I like the Power Smart Wall surge protectors. Surges have messed up too many electronics in this house.

  6. Rie says

    The Smart Wall is perfect! Hate having to plugging/unplugging those phone adapters all the time.

  7. Fran says

    Power smart tower – could definitely use that with all the electronics in my house!

  8. Candy says

    I follow facebook, feeds, check website 3-4 times a day! Love iheartpublix!!! Would love the power surge green outlet!

  9. Melodie says

    I’d absolutely get the Power Smart Tower. It would be great for my tv, and all related things.

  10. says

    I would LOVE the Slim laptop wall charger. I always have my laptop plugged in even though I know it is sucking electricity.

  11. Kelster says

    Those wall outlets look pretty cool but I must say I really love that smartphone stand. I am always using something to prop my phone up.

  12. says

    The iGO Charger seems the way-to-go. I do not understand anything about electronics but think this would be a great choice. Anything that saves on power earns my respect.

  13. Jerry Lafferty says

    I Follow I Heart Publix on Facebook & Twitter. As @mrcapncaveman and Jerry Lafferty

  14. Maureen Shaw says

    My husband travels for work and works an on call shift every other week. I don’t know what he would do without his iGo dual USB charger. He usually has the iphone and the Blackberry charging and working and he needs every ounce of power so charges them in the car in between stops. Definitely a must have!

  15. Britta says

    The Arctic Cooling Pad. My laptop gets so hot and I don’t have a desk at home from which to work.

  16. Amy says

    I could really use the Power Smart Tower. All of the technology we have in our study could really use the intelligence to save energy!

  17. jessica says

    i would love the laptop charger my husband uses that thing like its going out of style.

  18. Caroline says

    I like the plain ol’ surge protector. We plug all of our rechargable devices into one power strip at my house. I would love to have on of these igo green surge protectors. Thanks!

  19. Allison says

    My honey would LOVE the laptop charger. His battery isn’t what it used to be and this would be a great extra for our living room.

  20. Jennifer M says

    The Power Smart Wall Surge Protector would be great. We have a multiplug right now, but our house is old, so it needs a better surge protection for the computer sense our outlets are not grounded.

  21. Kellie says

    Would have to say that the smart wall charger is the best sounding product! Something I’d really like to try!

  22. Erin Slattery says

    I think I like the best the laptop fan, however so many of their products are really cool that it is really hard to decide.

  23. Melanie says

    The slim laptop charger looks awesome, mine seems to always be on and plugged in!

  24. Michelle says

    I like the Laptop Travel Charger! I follow on FB and receive email updates!

  25. Cathy M. says

    I would like to have the PowerSmart Wall Surge Protector. I have so many items plugged into my computer surge protector that it would probably show a serious effect on my power bill. It probably is using a lot more electricity than I realize.

  26. says

    I would love to become more green and save money on my electric bill! Thank you for the chance to win!

  27. Lolli says

    Love this! I would love to have the laptop wall charger! Thanks for letting us know about these fabulous products.

  28. Rhonda says

    I heart iheartpublix and saving money while going green! I like the USB wall charger.

  29. Marissa says

    If we are not actively using something, I try to unplug as much as I can. But, the TV remains plugged in at all times. I would love a power cord that helps diminish the energy the TV takes.

  30. Gigi says

    I like the Power Smart Wall Surge Protector, I’ve heard of vampire power before, but it is hard to remember to unplug your devices after you are done using them!

  31. Lisa says

    I’d like to give my dad the Chopper2 headphones for Father’s Day. He’s a musician.

  32. 2HappyKids says

    Okay, the Pocket Projector UP-2020 is mighty cool!!! That would be a perfect gift!

  33. Tiffany says

    The best item for me would be the laptop charger. I leave my laptop plugged in at all times. My laptop is getting older and doesn’t hold charge very well so i leave it plugged up. This would be a great way to try this item!!!

  34. Jennifer says

    I think the wall surge protector would be my husband’s selection. It would be a nice upgrade!

  35. Tiffany says

    I really like the ‘Charge Anywhere’ device! It would come in very handy when out and about!

  36. Renata says

    I love how it elimates alot of the useless power being sucked out even when my computer is not on.

  37. Stacie Frost says

    I’d love the Laptop Travel Charger – iGo Green. Thanks so much for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  38. Stacie Frost says

    I subscribe with Google Reader. Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  39. Stacie Frost says

    I follow you on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  40. Stacie Frost says

    I follow iGo on facebook (Stacie Dennis Frost). Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

  41. Kim Carlile says

    I’d love the headphones. They’d be great for portable electronics when we travel.

  42. Cori W says

    I like the Power Smart Wall with iGo Green® Technology best. As an environmentally conscious consumer I like the fact that it reduces waste. I also like the surge protector feature, living in an area with regular power outages.

  43. evelyn goettner says

    I like you on facebook as Evelyn Wakefield Goettner.
    I follow you on twitter as @evie197580.


  44. Pauline says

    I followed I Heart Publix on Twitter. @emscout9 (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com) and liked them on facebook (Paul T)

  45. Julie says

    iGo Green bag with a Vampire Power Sucks t-shirt and garlic stress ball to keep those vampires away

  46. Sara says

    The iGo product that I like the best is Power Smart Tower with iGo Green® Technology. This would be great and useful!!!

  47. alcee clayborne says

    My favorite product is the power smart tower with igo green technology finally my cords would be organized.

  48. Stephanie Wade says

    The Power Smart Wall is pretty cool. Extra outlets and reduces standby power drain.

  49. Kristin M says

    I like the slim laptop wall charger because it is smaller and more energy efficient than my current charger

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