TLC Extreme Couponing – Are You Watching?

Extreme couponing TLCI have been going back and forth in my decision to post on the topic of the TLC Extreme Couponing Series that airs tonight.  So many of you have emailed with questions galore so I thought I would give my thoughts.

To answer the basic question: Will I be watching the show?  The answer is... NO!  I plan on flipping on American Idol for a little background noise while I pay some bills and have a Weight Watchers treat :-)  I will not be watching the Extreme Couponing series tonight.

Let's face it, this show is meant to be entertaining.  Do you think they are going to show what a typical couponer might actually experience? Of course not, that would not be television worthy.  Every Friday you guys get a peek into what I buy each week. I shop for what my family requires and I manage to still get a good deal.  My couponing style is boring.   I choose to be a smart shopper rather than an extreme shopper.

All of us could probably do a trip to the store where we scored 99% savings bringing home loads of groceries to appeal to a camera.  But, would it be a practical or an accurate example of how we actually shop each week?  My guess is -- probably not.

In order for this show to be entertaining, every cliche and misconception about couponing will be the up front focus.  Being a couponer comes with enough scrutiny and stares.  I just don't want to participate in the hysteria associated with this show.

I want my website to be a place where you can find great deals, helpful information, delicious recipes and tips to help you stretch your budget. I think I will stick to giving you guys what I consider smart shopping techniques and let the television folks cover the extreme info :-)

So let's hear it...who is watching tonight??

I do ask that you guys be kind to each other.  While this is not my lifestyle choice, I try hard to live and let live. Just because something may not be my cup of tea --that doesn't mean it is wrong.


  1. says

    I am going to watch…with great bitterness since they decided not to put me on the show LOL I guess I am not extreme enough. I mean, I feed a family of 8 on 50-75 a week! I don’t know what’s NOT extreme about that!

  2. Sharon P. says

    I got 12 packages of cat treats and a loaf of bread today for 96 cents, and the cashier asked me if I watch this show. I really have no interest in watching. Its not going to help me any.

  3. says

    I’ll watch, just because I’m always intrigued by how couponers operate. Will I agree with most of it? Probably not. I think couponing can become an addiction, and these people have it. I just hope it doesn’t create a trend of extreme couponing.

  4. Jennifer says

    I agree that the series is just for entertainment!! I spend very little for groceries and toiletries and really do not care much about watching some crazy do 18+ transactions to save money.

  5. Jennifer says

    Not me!! I won’t give them the entertainment there looking for… Couponing isn’t supposed to be entertainment it’s supposed to be for those who like to save a buck or two, share deals and get bargains NOT thousands of dollars on junk! (THIS is why I love your site!)

  6. Sean says

    Maybe it will be helpful. Maybe some cashiers and managers will start looking at us like we are nuts rather than looking at us like we are thieves.

    I just knew I should have printed 500 of those -$1 Mueller’s coupons when I had the chance. Maybe I could have taken them to Publix and shown TLC something. Maybe I could have gotten on the show.

    I guess I’m stuck saving 70% on my groceries weekly without the fame or without the aforementioned cashiers and managers looking from their couch saying “this guy’s nuts.”

  7. Carrie says

    Why do we need to watch when we have MICHELLE and she teaches us all how to shop and shop SMART at my favorite store PUBLIX!! Love your site and all you do, you are my HERO Michelle!! Keep it up!! Thanks!

  8. holly says

    I’m not watching either. It’s just like you said, it’s meant to be entertaining. So it will not be an accurate portrayal of an aveage couponer. If anything it makes us look bad. It’s a ridiculous show and I think those people need serious help. Who needs 500 toothbrushes? I coupon to save money and be able to afford other things, not to hoard.

  9. Laura S. says

    I actually wasn’t going to watch but I have decided to record it and catch it tomorrow or Friday. Of course one couldn’t do that every trip. You use up the bulk of all of your good deals in that one trip and you have to rebuild, yada yada.
    Might be fun to watch some folks strategies though.

  10. Thrisha says

    I will watch one of the episodes at the end of April because I know the girl in it, but other than that, the shows tends to make me “mad” more than anything else (i.e I get made because it does not portray “average couponers,” the couponers go above and beyond their fair share, and etc.). I have enough on me right now that is making me mad/stressed, so I do not need anything else causing it, too!

  11. Lisa says

    Not watching! I watched the first episode and had to turn it off when the guy came on. He made me sick! Besides, nothing cuts into my Criminal Minds show…

  12. Shawn says

    Im watching … I am educated and secure in my couponing. I am not extreme, I find it to be a wonderful tool and hobby. That said I am entertained … knda falls in line with if i were a scrapbooker I would watch a show on that. I will admit it is not intriguing or educational enough that i will dedicate time to it on a regular basis.

  13. Wanda T says

    I will be watching only because I am following two of the women’s blogs. Their blogs are okay, but they have not helped me as much as I heart Publix and My Coupon Expert. I do agree that TLC does portray some couponers as hoarders as they did on the special episode that aired back in December. But I think that is mostly for entertainment purposes.

  14. MaryBeth says

    I am considering watching at least one episode, just to see what kind of nonsense TLC considers entertainment this time. What bothers/worries me is the effect this might have on coupon policies in my Publix stores. Just this week one of my Publix (which has always been very coupon and deal friendly) has changed some of their policies regarding stacking and use of coupons like %5.00 off $50.00. Now I have to sort my weekly trip into several transactions to use my coupons in accordance with the new policies which makes it harder on me, my favorite checkout lady, and the customers behind me. The cashier that explained the new policy also hinted that there is talk of a “uniform” policy between stores, not sure if local or chain-wide. They say it is due to abuse of coupons. I am very careful to read and follow coupon guidelines, and it really bugs me that the people that cause these restrictions are probably some of the very people highlighted on this show. Sorry this is so long, I just really needed to vent after a very tough shopping week, since they didn’t post the changes. They just waited until I was at the register checking out. Thanks for all you do!

    • Melanie F says

      My Publix just changed their policies as well. It is so frustrating that the place you have come to love and trust now doesn’t trust us anymore to be honest with the coupons. I hate getting those looks when they make you feel like you are stealing from them. I have never felt that from my Publix in the past but these new rules are making everyone more suspicious of everything.

      • Mary says

        That’s started happening at our Publix too! I hate it that they really think you are trying to rip them off. Because I’ve felt so uncomfortable I’ve started going to a different Publix that is a longer drive from our home but the cashiers are friendlier.

  15. PEGGY says

    I am not watching. When I use coupons, I dont want to be noticed, mainly because of that show. They seem to be more like a hoarder. I am trying to stock up because of inflation that they say is coming, but not to that extreme.

  16. Deb says

    I just watched 3 minutes of it and I’m sorry… I was actually embarrassed for the guy. I don’t even find that entertaining or interesting.

    • Deb says

      Watched another shopper and I’m finding their pride over “clearing the shelves” so tacky and rude. Why would people applaud that?

      • Lisa says

        Agreed Deb! and I felt guilty recently buying 10 jars of spaghetti sauce on sale. However, my husband and I have 6 kids to feed and some of these people are hoarding. I would never dream of clearing the shelves!

        • Deb says

          Absolutely, and, oh my gosh, 10 jars of spaghetti sauce is nothing with 6 kids to feed.
          I just feel like anybody can be an “extreme” couponer if they want to. ANYBODY could do that! But, decent people know not to abuse the situation with the store, the manufacturers, and their community of fellow shoppers, as to do otherwise is like shooting themselves in the foot. They won’t be “extreme couponing” if they force it to be shut down for everyone. I just don’t know who will be applauding them then. But, it probably won’t matter to them at that point, as they are stocked up with enough stuff to hold them over for the rest of their lives! LOL!

  17. Kathy says

    I will not be watching this time. I watched the first time it was on several months ago and was appalled at the “hoarding” instead of using coupons to purchase what is necessary for a family. Only 1 of the three people they featured made any sort of a donation to charity and they still had enough supplies and food to feed an army for a year. I felt a sickness in my stomach after seeing that. Those people have an illness just like drinking, gambling, etc. The items they hoard will be expired long before they will ever be used. It’s a disgraceful waste! I’m very grateful to you and your site for everything you do for all of your followers. Thank you Michelle!!!!!

  18. MichelleA says

    I am going to watch (but ONLY for entertainment, I def. think the show makes us regular couponers look bad) Cuz those people are CRAAAAAZIES lol. 😛

  19. Lisa says

    I am going to watch but I am not an EXTREME couponer….I prefer to call myself a SUPER couponer. I cut my spending from $850 a month to $250 a month. I only buy 4 papers per week so I will never be going and buying 20, 40, or 100 of anything. The last show was quite silly in my opinion. I never want so much stuff that I have to have it stored on pallets in my garage. I love your totals every week because your shopping is realistic and still at a great bargain. My shopping is much like that. I often save 90% or more and sometimes I buy stuff without a coupon just because we want it. Some weeks I don’t even go to Publix. Deals are addictive and just like everything, sometimes it gets out of hand. To each his own. Happy Couponing!

  20. says

    I’ll be watching American Idol and Couponing on my DVR.

    I love fast forwarding through the time-fillers on American Idol (especially on the elimination shows).

  21. AKH says

    “Maybe it will be helpful. Maybe some cashiers and managers will start looking at us like we are nuts rather than looking at us like we are thieves.”

    Sean, that made me laugh.

  22. Kristi says

    I will watch but only b/c I want to prepare myself for the repercussions that I fear will be coming thanks to this show and these extreme couponers. I feel sorry for these people, I feel that those that don’t donate and have 200+ toothbrushes have a hoarding problem (which is a mental illness). While I enjoy the rush of saving money, I don’t feel the need to shop every week. Right now, I am very happy with my stockpile and when there are deals on things I don’t need, I donate them to my church.

  23. Teresa says

    I definitely won’t be watching. If I wanted to stay aggravated for an hour I would stay at work. It’s so frustrating to watch these “extremists” go to the store and literally CLEAN off the shelves with no regards to other shoppers and then take it home and store it away….for who exactly? What are you going to do with enough toilet paper to last two people 60 years when you are buying more? I read an article about tonights episode and one lady buys something like 100 bottles of mustard to which her husband tells her “I don’t even like mustard” and she left one bottle on the shelf. No concern for anyone else. One woman has so much stuff she has started storing it under her two-year olds bed and shelves in her room. At what point is enough enough? There are food banks, shelters, churches and other places that never have enough to help those in their area in need and the people on that the show have more than they will ever need. If people on this show are donating, maybe they should show that too but then again I guess giving isn’t “Extreme” enough.

    • says

      So, is the show about Publix couponers??? I’ve never seen it, don’t intend to – the only thing it is going to do is make me forget my manners.

      If it spotlights Publix, that would make sense why my NW’ern friends who do not have Publix bring this show up everytime I give Publix props for being so wonderful.

      It would also explain some serious policy changes at my store re: stacking and etc.

      • MichelleA says

        Nope, no Publix… Safeway, Albertsons, and Kroger were on tonights show. I dont think Publix would be on the show! Not a reputation they want for their store, lol.

  24. says

    See, I do consider myself extreme and I’ll be watching for tips. Before I started couponing Costco was my “regular” grocery store! I buy in large quantities. I have 30 boxes of cereal right now because that’s what we’ll go through in about a month! for other people that’s a massive stockpile. for us, it’s normal use. I get the “freak” looks when I coupon until I mention I have 6 children, including a teenage boy and then it’s OHHH so you’re just a smart shopper.

    • MelRae says

      I think it is smart and reasonable to stockpile 6 to 12 weeks worth of products your family will use, and that will be different for each family.

      The first lady featured…J’Aime…she never mentioned her family! No, when her hubby lost his job it was “How can I keep MY lifestyle? How can I go and get wine with my girlfriends?” Oh, lemme tell ya, I want to be *nothing* like her….right down to how she looks when she goes grocery shopping! And shame on her for equating her coupon inserts with The Holy Bible!!!

  25. Cheryl says

    I am going to TIVO and then watch… Although everything on the show has to be taken with a grain of salt, I did learn a thing or two on how coupon, since I have only started couponing this year. I think the show is actually a good reality check to make sure I don’t overboard. I like Lisa’s term SUPER couponer, since I regularly manage 60-70% off each trip.

    And of course, the show is titles “EXTREME” Couponing for a reason!

  26. says

    I just have to keep saying, this is extreme. I mean really, 60 boxes of cereal. It would go bad in my house before we could eat it. Extreme it is.

  27. Debra says

    I normally don’t post, but I have to say there are lots of opinions on this show. The most significant part is that the people on these shows have stores that double and triple coupons. If we had stores here in Florida that did that, we too could improve our shopping expenditures and be on TV. However, for all of us that are doing this without doubling coupons, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are SO MUCH better at shopping and saving than any of these “extremers”.

      • Christie says

        I definitely agree! I am twenty and live with my parents while going to school. I do all of the meal planning and couponing to help my mom each week. And I say that all the time, “if only I could double this fifty cent coupon.”

        Every dollar counts in this house and THAT is the reason that we use coupons. WE HAVE TO! So yes kudos to all of the Florida smart shoppers haha.

        P.S. I am hoping that the policies don’t get change because of a stupid reality show. I’d be really upset, and not only that, my family would definitely be affected financially. Oh and I was wondering, how is it possible that the store could allow them to leave with over 100 bottles of the same item? Aren’t there limits?

  28. Maillady says

    That show is what caught my attention and got me doing this again, but I felt bad for the one lady. I actually can’t stop thinking about her. There was no need for her to get 150 candy bars, all that pasta, and all those sports drinks. It was just the two of them and they weren’t donating. It made me feel sad for her. I think she was just addicted to the “high” we all get when we make a slam dunk deal. I think she was hoarding too. I am actually taking a break this week as I am good for a while. This weekend instead I will concentrate on preparing and freezing some meals out of all the goodies I have stockpiled:)

  29. Carolyn says

    Thank you for sharing all your tips! I am just starting out but I can’t imagine buying stuff I don’t ever use just because it’s on sale and that’s what it looked like on the Today Show this morning where they previewed it.

  30. Doug says

    I’ve tried to watch twice and gave up in less than a minute. That’s just crazy obsession and hoarding.

  31. says

    What they are showing is abuse imo…..but if the manufactures and stores are going to allow it……..nuff said……not in Florida!!!!!!!!

  32. rob says

    I am watching this show. It feels like exploitation. I want to learn more about couponing because I’m a cheapskate, but these people are borderline hoarders. You only are saving money, if you are buying stuff you will need/use.

  33. WillOTP says

    Sean…that’s funny.

    Kristi…I agree that I’m worried shows like this may drive changes to policy.

  34. LynnerdSkinnerd says

    I’ve been watching it and have to agree with you. My husband said that the show is just another form of “Hoarders” (which I love to watch). I can’t stop from screaming “What about the expiration dates!?!” at the TV and sounding like my Gramma used to saying “It’s a sin to have that much “stuff” and not donate some of it to other people who have nothing.

    Then, the very last two people on the first episode show how one lady is teaching EVERYONE she sees how to use coupons, and the guy who bought like 150 boxes of cereal donated it all to the local food bank. At least they ended it on a positive note.

    I’d rather spend a little less time couponing and be with my family than try to amass my own grocery store. They are what’s priceless. And my humble stockpile is what I take my pride in.

  35. Tiffany says

    I will be watching, but I wish they would do a show that doesn’t make us coupners look like crazy, dirty, unorganized, hoarders! I stockpile and donate a ton, but I hate when one person clears the shelves and leaves nothing for others! Oh and I wish they would actually show people buying fresh food (fruits and veggies) it seemed the last people bought mostly junk and processed food, which is why people think couponing is a waste of time!

  36. susie says

    I am a couponer, not an extreme couponer. My stores do not keep that kind of quanity and I don’t clear the shelves, leave some for others. I do make several trips per week but miss out often, only because I won’t clear the shelves.

  37. LynnerdSkinnerd says

    Oh yeah, and the ladies are RUDE. They totally clean out the supply on the shelf, not leaving anything for anyone else. I consider this a huge NO-NO for those of us who take couponing seriously. If there is a decent stock on the shelf, then leave SOMETHING for someone else to be able to buy.

  38. Maillady says

    @ Susie- exactly!
    I could easily have loaded up on all the Colgate at Walgreen’s Sunday morning, but it wasn’t fair. I didn’t feel right about it, especially since I have been the one staring at the empty spot on the shelf more than once! I am trying to “Coupon with Kharma” lol!

  39. Jason says

    I’m watching and these people are as much hoarders as they are savers. Some of this is quite outrageous. I personally cannot stand people who clear the shelves.

  40. Carolyn says

    I’m watching it right now…it’s a bit over the top!! THough I’m glad to see Paul on there from

  41. Chad says

    Yeah the first lady is definitely not a couponer we want to be known by. I mean making quotes ” I think we need to clear the shelf” ” oh wait there is 3 left lets take two more…” sure mustard doesnt spoil but are you going to eat mustard off your shelf that is 4 years old…

    this is another show just showing couponers as hoarders.. These people are not couponers they have mental issues…. To see all that stockpiling where you take over your kids rooms and yet you donate nothing is a disgrace to me…

  42. says

    I read a blog posting somewhere this week about this show and they said that these couponers pre-ordered everything, but for the sow purposes, they had to take it off the shelf. Watchers would not want to see them picking up boxes of stuff.
    One of the gals runs My LItter blog and her hubby runs iheartthemart- both are normal couponers with a normal life and a big family of 7 kids. BUT the show is going to make them look like freaks, I am sure.

  43. Melody says

    I totally agree with you Michelle. The commercials even made me cringe. It’s obvious that I will not be watching. 😉

  44. Chad says

    I would like to know what mail in rebate cereal deal that was??? I have never seen a mail in rebate let you get that many per one address…

    I guess she had tons of overage to end up with 5.xx for a bill when she had a bunch of cereal boxes that were 3.79 each after her 1.00 coupon..

    It’s funy in some aspect to see her complain about the new coupon policy. You can thank all the people from the original coupon show for these changes….

    I vote we change this show to extreme Hoarding….

  45. Susan says

    I have been so busy couponing and shopping, I missed this completely! Missed the teasers on TLC, missed the chatter at the couponing sites, missed the airing of the show. But my phone was ringing off the hook while the show was airing. I was in Publix.

  46. Carolyn says

    I agree this is extreme hoarding, not true couponing. Coupons are items that you really use not to hoard for the sake of a coupon!

  47. Lynn says

    I have seen the show that is on tonight. I find some parts of it inspiring and some parts over the top. I believe some of the people featured “hoard” as some have been saying because they have experienced hard times and don’t want to be caught in that situation again. The first lady they featured seems over the top and might have a shopping addiction. But for the most part I felt like the others were not crazies nor hoarders, and if you watch the entire show some were donating to food banks. And since it is television I am sure the couponing was exagerated and that they do not shop like that all the time. Most even mention that this will be their biggest haul ever. Yes, I am watching (well tivoing) this episode and all other episodes. :)

  48. Kelly says

    I’m tuning in late, because I forgot it was on. I’m addicted to these train-wreck shows! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but it’s probably not something I’ll DVR or anything.

  49. Marie says

    Cooth? When does frugal become selfish? wow…. Michelle you were so polite in the way you worded this… if coupon policies change, it is because of things like this :(

  50. Jessica says

    I am absolutely disgusted with this show, especially the first lady! Where did they find these people!

    How rude to check out with 9 carts full of stuff? She couldn’t at least break her list down into trips? It gives the rest of us a bad rap!

    There is a difference between what they are doing and shopping savy to provide for your family!

    I too stockpile, nonperishables and things that I know I will use or things that I will donate. I do not go into a supermarket “guns blazing” ready to clear each and every shelf…….I appreciate the money I can and do save as well as the people that do the same, when done with respect. I would like to continue to use my coupons PEOPLE!!!!! Don’t ruin it for all of us!

    With this being said, THANK YOU I HEART PUBLIX FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!!

  51. Chad says

    Why can’t the show actually show couponers who get massive amounts and donate alot…

    Also remind me not to go to that party since she bought all those chicken processed hot dogs….

    who the heck needs that much malox and like they really need that much chips and soda on their shelves… they need to use the savings to buy a treadmill…

    • Katie says

      The thing is, a lot of the couponers shown DO donate things…after the original show, one of the women made a 500lb donation of food to a local food pantry, but TLC chose not to show it. They also cut out the donation of the guy that bought all the cereal. You have to remember that this is shock television…they’re going to make these people seem even more “extreme” than they are, even if it involves stretching the truth.

      • Heather says

        On the longer previous version of the first one… they did show the guy saying he does the shopping for his church food pantry and he also donates a lot of his stash to them, too.
        The others… ugh.

        • chad says

          yeah he donates to his stockpile at home. I mean serioulsy how many deodorants did he have on his stockpile like a couple hundred?? That doesnt see like a donator to me…

  52. says

    I’m on the fence about this. They keep trying to elude to them donating the items but then show some of them clearing the shelves.

    Off topic but my Publix here locally is trying out a new method where some of the BOGO deals show up only at the end when the total is finished. It is making it a bit harder for me to follow if the deals are correct with it only being some and not all. It was messing up the cashiers as well.

    Just a heads up in case it catches on.

  53. says

    I just want to thank you for all the effort you put into this website. Because of people like you :) makes it easy for people like me to shop easier. You do all the work for us and I am grateful for that.
    Thanks again

    • Artmom101 says

      I second that! Some of these people (on the show) put weeks into planning a trip. You are truly a giving and generous person to share all of your hard work and talent with us. Thank you so much for all you do.

  54. Melanie F says

    If you love the thrill of the deal as much as most of us do… buy the free stuff and DONATE IT! There are so many places that take the extra toothpaste, Sundown vitamins (you know what I’m talking about), shampoo, etc that you love to buy so much of. I am a huge fan of providing for your family, but let’s get real here. How much is too much?

    After saying all of that… I love mindless television so I will be watching. :)

      • Teresa S says

        Yes me too. My friends and family are stuffed to the gills with Sundown! Would love to know where to take it.

        • Margaret says

          Check with your local churches. We have a few with missions that love our vitamins when we show up with a bag full!

        • melissa says

          check with churches going on mission trips to third world countries. such a need there. our church partnered with a church that has a medical clinic and took tons of hand sanitizer and diabetic items and pregnancy vitamins….many have high unmonitored sugar due to all the starch they eat. and hand sanitizer is a luxury as running water is scarce. pregnant moms with no care….i am sure they could use anything we sent there.

          • xysea1971 says

            Churches and homeless shelters. Many people coming into homeless shelters are malnourished in one form or another and vitamins help them out, too.

  55. Amy says

    I Dont think it really Matters If you donate or sale! If Putting your time into it for your family and then selling stuff to also help out your family budget then Kudo’s To you For being a smart shopper. I can be considered a extreme couponer , But I do 1 deal a day while I am Out in town . Usually about a $70ish order and I will Bring it down to my Tax (10%) But my Buggy is not full and I Dont look like Im a extremest.. I think this show is only to shock people. Now all the People that Know me are going to think I shop like that :-(

  56. Simone says

    No. Sorry, I have real life things to do like plan next week’s menu and clip coupons for the sale that starts tomorrow. I could care less about a man who bought 1000 boxes of cereal or whatever craziness they have ready for the show.

  57. April M. says

    I wish they would show real shoppers who shop like we do. Maybe then others could learn how to save too.
    I watched because I already have a bunch of cashiers and friends asking me about it. Two out of the three store cashiers this weekend asked if I was “one of those people like on that show”. I had FOUR coupons. I try to explain to my friends that it’s not like that for most of us.
    I really worry couponers are going to see changes in coupon policies as a result of this show.

  58. Angie says

    I thank you for the time and effort that you do put into your website each and every week. It is so much appreciated. I choose to have the same thoughts about couponing as you do. I am all for a great deal but I think that some of that is to extreme and out of control. It ruins what stores think of real couponers that need to coupon just to make it thru so their families can get a good deal to help them save money. I appreciate what you do and would much rather follow you as apposed to them. Thanks again.

  59. says

    This 4 couponers just want to show up what they buy to Extremely crazy. I wouldn’t buy that much of item to stock piles, and there always on sale what the point to buy like crazy. I rather just enough for my family to use, and when the store have it on sale again then I buy it. I don’t want my food go expired, and then I have to throw it away.

    • Libby says

      Exactly! That is just insane! Rediculous! I watched only for the thrill but actually fell asleep during part of it. Too much for me :)

      P.S….as I LOL at some of these comments…I would love to have a “like” button… You guys crack me up!

  60. GoDeeLock says

    What about the coupon diva with the makeup and all the lipstick…? Too funny but I have to say when I first began couponing, I would spend several hours planning my attack and as soon as I was done planning, I’d grab my coupons, car keys and run out the door without one regard as to my deshevled appearance. Only thinking about my appearance once I was in the store with a binder full of coupons, paperclips pinched between my lips, my list, and a calculator & pen in hand. I thought to myself, “When I check out, the clerks are going to think I’m nuts from my looks alone”. So I decided from that point on…”No more food stained gym clothes to the grocery store” Why not look great while saving hundreds of dollars.” Ladies….any kind of Diva (Singer or Couponer) should LOOK like a diva. Our Audience – the food isles, our Voice – the coupons, and our Stage IS the Checkout Counter! Why not look good while saving hundreds of dollars and give the lady behind you another reason to glare!

    • Sabrina says

      OMG I know right! I mean who wouldn’t want to walk around the grocery store for 5 hours and check out for 2 hours in Hooker boots (sorry!). 32 bottles of Maalox? at .67 cents? She actually could have ended up spending only 4 dollars instead of 21… that maalox cost her 21 dollars.. how retarted is that? Did anybody else see all the grease on the bottom of the chip shelf? Ugh disgusting! That woman was addicted to shopping just to shop. Like she said herself she does it for the thrill..and with all that Maalox I can only imagine they are going to need aaaall that toilet paper LOL

      • Libby says

        hahahahaha!!! So funny!!! I was so excited to watch this and when she came on I thought…OMG…now everyone I’ve told is going to think that’s how I am. That chic was OVERBOARD!

  61. says

    Watching, I have never had the Managers standing there clapping. Whats up with that? But funny I agree with you about this show. Drama, then the extreme coupon people act like they don’t know what there total is going to be. Right?

    • Kat says

      I thought the same thing…if these people are such experts, why are they all nervous in line, without even a ballpark idea what their total will be or if their plans will “work”?

      • Jess S. says

        I think they’re so nervous in line b/c there’s a small part inside of them that realizes what they are doing is slightly ridiculous and overboard. Its just the need to feed the shopping beast overwhelms that part of them.

  62. kris says

    I would be soooo embarrassed if I was one of the friends she called to come and be the stand in so she could get ” the deal” the one girl was told they could only get one 10off/50 deal per person and they had planned for 7 I think so they had her and her hubby so they had to find 5 friends on the show to come and stand in to get the rest of the deals she had planned to get the savings … I would be mortified…I think the show is going to make all of the stores change all of the policies and my stores are already changing theirs, starting with which competitors they accept and looking at each match up carefully… ugh it takes so much longer. some don’t let you pair mfr w/publix anymore either it depends on the store. curse you coupon extreme show

    • Jessica says

      Kris, I know!!!!!!! You would think that they would make sure they knew the coupon policies BEFORE going to the store and being on the air! Having to ask friends to come and stand in–that’s pretty bad. Do you think they gave those friends any of the free items they got?? :-p

      • Laura says

        You know I did not watch the show the whole way through but I was SO GLAD the store stood their ground on that point. I work for a specialty retailer and the problem with stuff like that is if you let one person do it at all and (on TV especially) then you open up the door for everyone to do it. Retailers work the discount into their profit margin and I am guessing they are banking on that one $10 off per customer. If they allowed it each with transaction the profit margin would go away. Let’s face it, grocery stores need to be able to pay their employees too.

        I totally did not understand her Maalox deal either and she kept talking about stocking up for a party. I have never been to a party (thank goodness) that serves Maalox, though with all the crap she was purchasing maybe it was a good idea. She said the Maalox was $5.69 a bottle and she had $5 off coupons and so they ended up being .69 cents a bottle. If she was getting 10 bottles then she was paying 6.90….which is no bargain if you do not need that many bottles. However, looking at her pantry she might have needed that much Maalox.

        It was certainly interesting to watch but not realistic for me as a couponer, but I kind of felt it was a little cautionary for me anyway, because I do have too much toothpaste and I need to get off my backside like I had planned and donate it like I planned when I got it all free. (In probably 6 different shopping trips.)

  63. Kat says

    I realized today I was down to 3 bottles of laundry detergent (family of 5) and thought I should keep an eye out for a sale. I paid .49 a bottle last time it was on sale. I like to have just enough of a stockpile that I dont run out of anything at an inconvenient time or have to pay full price because I need it right now. I think having years worth of anything, so that it takes over your house and your life, is just too much, but to each his own.
    To answer Michelle’s question, I get a kick out of watching this show with my husband and 3 teenagers, becasue as enthusiastic as I am about couponing, I am nowhere near the obsessive level of these people, so it makes my family realize I’m not quite as crazy as they think! LOL

    • elaine says

      I am a single mother of 1 and you are no different than me..i like to keep at least a 4-5 month supply of laundry soap..when i moved last year my friends and family thought i was crazy to have so much..but who do you think they ask for soap from when they run out and don’t have $10+ to buy another bottle. I think with today’s economy and so many people losing jobs that this is an awesome way to stay a float…not so extreme in my if i have 2 or 3 rooms dedicated to it..then that’s a tad bit extreme!

  64. Whitney Summitt says

    I shop the sales for my family, my parents, my sister. I also shop the sales for great deals for the community too. At least once a month, I drop off bags and bags of groceries to my son’s guidance counselor at his elementary school. There are many kiddos that only get a meal at school. The guidance counselor distributes the food to those that need it. If I didn’t coupon like I do, I wouldn’t be able to get the extras for the school. I get 12 sunday papers so I can have a stockpile of what we use consistently, but then I use the coupons we don’t use for things to donate. For instance, today I bought 12 Similacs using the $5 coupon and donated to a teen pregnancy house.

    For me, I can get a lot more for my alloted donation money by using coupons. I have never needed more than one cart though and never had a before coupon bill of more than $200.

    Didn’t get to see the show though.

  65. Dawn McCrrory says

    OK, so I will tell you that I only started couponing when I saw the first Extreme Couponing show. I thought to myself that I could do what they were doing. Now that I am 4 months into my couponing ways I have managed to obtain a modest stockpile for my family with items that we WILL use. The show is NOT an accurate depiction of what we do.

  66. cathi carpenter says

    I have not watched yet, I have it on the DVR. But I did watch the first one they did as the “trial run” and frankly… I don’t know. I mean I like a good deal.. I do like a stock up. I like NOT having to scrounge to find something in the house for dinner or blow my hard earned $$ on tp, shampoo, Windex etc. BUT… there is it’s limits. I give myself “rules” and THANK GOD for your site. I use it RELIGIOUSLY to do the very BEST I can with what I need and it is always a success…THANKS TO YOU AGAIN! But, my fear, like Hoarders, Intervention, Fatal Attactions, etc. Coupon people will become the next “crazies” on tv. Thus making normal folks look weird and the retailers finding a way to pull the plug on something that is so needed to us these days. I am curious to see if ANY of these folks do charity. My rule is every three months I do a pantry “sweep” and bring goods to the St. Vincent DePaul drop at my church. I want to see if the “Coupon Diva” does that … hmmm…

    Yeah, I’ll watch. But I don’t think they are going to teach me more than I HEART PUBLIX can! :)

  67. Donna Crowe says

    I’m with you! I coupon just to make my Food Stamps go further! Not to see how much free stuff I can get. It takes me enough hours just to do what I do, do!
    Thank you for this site! You are awesome!

    P.S.- While I am writing, I have one request. Is there any way you can give a page number or a rough idea of a page number when the coupon is in magazine? Say like ALL YOU?

    • Patty says

      You asked if the All You Magizine had a possible posted area where the coupons are located in their magazine. I got the new April issue recently and it is posted for you near the front on page 4. It lists the coupons in alphabetical order and by the amount also, hope this helps you.

      • couponbeast says

        thanks, that is going to save me SO much time. You guys are totally awesome, thanks to Michelle for creating a forum for very nice and resourceful folks.

  68. Kristin says

    I hate reality tv shows – whatever the topic. I LIVE reality – when I want entertainment give me something else please. My guess is everyone will tell my husband about it at work – he brags about my shopping trips. The people he works with already think I am “extreme” – even though I am not even close.

    • cynthia says

      I totally agree! Never watch reality shows. Haven’t seen one episode of American Idol or any other reality show. Like to be entertained. I did see part of the extreme couponing show a couple of months ago. Thought it was going to be something to help give info to couponers, all I saw was a woman buying a shopping cart full of candy bars. Not for me.

  69. ashlee says

    I don’t intend on watching this show since I don’t care for “reality” TV. I do want to say that no matter what these couponers are doing on that show, that all of us should be proud of the job we do with the coupons, money, and time we have. It doesn’t matter whether you have so much food stocked up. What matters is that you are caring for your family by providing them with the appropriate amount of food and a few extra dollars for saving or some nice family time. We should all be proud of donations that we give to people that don’t have the luxery of even getting any sort of food on their own. As long as we are hard working Americans, I think we should be proud and always lend a hand to a friend/neighbor in need!

    • Libby says

      Amen and Amen!! I have only been couponing a couple of months. One kid just graduated college and one going in. Too many expenses and gas and groceries going up up up! I think these kinds of people on the show will def. ruin it for the rest of us. Who the heck needs 70 bottles of mustard anyway?

  70. Brigitte says

    Tonight was the first time I have watched this show and I was shocked! Seriously can someone eat 62 bottles of mustard? And using your shower for storage? That is when you know you have too much crap!

    The second family had so much stuff it was taking over their house. I can understand teaching your kids about money and savings but good lord having to cram stuff under their beds is overkill! I makes me envy those who have double and triple coupons in a way so that the price comes down, but I feel like these people don’t know their limits. I just can’t get over the first lady stopping and doing her makeup every so often and then while in the store, lol. It is people like her that the rest of us hate when it comes to shelf clearing. Her poor husband kept wanting to stop putting the mustard in the cart but she had (I believe) 63 coupons and was going to use them all! Even said let’s clear the shelf but did so graciously leave 1. I like mustard but I don’t think I can eat that much in a lifetime, even if it doesn’t spoil.

  71. Artmom101 says

    Wow, just wow. They certainly got the extreme of the extreme. I would agree with the term food hoarders and potentially deranged but my fear is the thought that “hey, I can do that” mentality of the people watching and having the rest of us suffer for the change in policy to many of the stores we shop. I pray that this is not the case. Please buy what you need and don’t make the rest of us pay for it!

    Thank you Michelle for your wonderful site. Perhaps we can nominate you for a segment on “practical couponing” TLC

    • Heather says

      That’s what I was kind of like HUH?! Publix seems to rotate at max every three months. Although lately, there have been a few that have been rotating bi-weekly it seems.

    • xysea1971 says

      It’s more like every 6-12 weeks. lol (Although 6 months is 24 weeks…and there have been some -hello Glade candle BOGO, I’m talking to YOU- that I haven’t seen for 4 months or longer!) But on balance, you’re right. I explained that to my hubby too. Once you’ve been doing this a while, you know when a sale cycle will hit for stock up.

  72. cynthia says

    Like some others have said here my concern is that shows like this will ruin it for the rest of us by turning cashiers and other shoppers againest couponers. Maybe even the companies putting out the coupons. Hope this show doesn’t make it.

  73. Diana says

    We don’t have cable so I won’t be watching it. Also after seeing a rerun of the first show at my parents house I was very sad for the people on the show.I read some of the backlash and terrible things people were saying about them.I am so with you on the serving the needs of your family rather than going the “extreme” way of doing it. I will stock up on things when I know we will use them. If I can get something for free and we can’t or don’t use it we give it away to others in need. This is a great learning lesson for our children. Plus like all reality tv it is done for entertainment value rather than teaching what real life is.

      • Lindy says

        I did when the Philli cooking creme a few weeks ago, I had 4 cooking creme’s and 4 packages a chicken that were $3 or less.
        My store let me use 4 $1.50/1 cooking creme MQ, 4 $1.50/1 chicken WYB cooking creme MQ, and the printable $1.50/1 cooking creme WYB chicken PQ. The Cashier handed me back $.02, I was expecting to pay around $.50 but one of the packages of chicken was on sale and about $.50 less that the price on the package, I also expected him to tell me that I had to buy something else or I could not use all of my coupons.

    • Angela says

      Didn’t she say that she had 6 or 7 kids? Really that is only one per kid per day for approximately 8 or 9 days. Although, she did say that it would last around 2 1/2 weeks. So 56 seems pretty reasonable to me – extreme for my family of 3 – but reasonable for her! Over the last week, and on three different days, I purchased a total of 20 cartons of the Smart Balance milk that was on sale – that’s ten gallons. Excessive? No, my teenage son drinks nearly a gallon a day himself, so I stock up when I can get it for $1.00 a gallon! At nearly $3.00 a gallon for the store brand, buying at this price point is really about spending my money wisely! :)

  74. Jessica says

    I agree with I HEART PUBLIX…the tv show is obviously over the top because it’s exactly that–a show for tv! I think it’s best to not judge, though. We all have our quarks and guilty pleasures…and if these people want to purchase that much stuff and have it stockpiled in their house…hey, it’s a free country. Personally, I wouldn’t want to take couponing to that extreme, but that’s just mE. I highly doubt that this show is going to “ruin it for the rest of us”. Grocery stores are always going to have deals and have to honor coupons in order to be competitive…and that’s yet another wonderful thing about this great, free country we live in…capitalism and a free market.


  75. AnneFL says

    I watch, because it’s enjoyable to see someone who’s more “messed up” than you. With that said, I don’t understand why the stores allow these people to clear the shelves, even for tv sake. They need to keep in mind other shoppers who do not stockpile their homes for years and leave food on the shelves for them. To me, the shopper with the family’s monthly menu should just need to buy produce and maybe meat, if not already in the freezer at home. The couple shopping for the party of 20…why did they even go shopping, they had enough in their home and I definitely would not have gone to the store to help them out. You want me to drive to the grocery store, wait in line and drive back to help you save $10???Get real – my gas and time are worth more than that. I bet their friends won’t be picking up the phone next time they call. Even with my annoyance, I will be watching next week. I want to see the twins that get the meals for free – they better leave a very nice tip!

  76. says

    While I understand that the show is extreme… it inspired a friend to post a question on Facebook about couponing… So I answered. She had no idea how to get started. I gave her a realistic answer and offered pointers. I’m certain she will have plenty of questions. But saving is saving! :)

    BTW, I sent her to your site first!

  77. AmyD says

    I agree with everything you’ve said about Extreme Couponing, Michelle.

    Personally though, this show is what initially got me interested in couponing so it holds a little place in my heart. The difference is that I DO realize that it’s simply not possible to have outstanding deals like this every single week or that the ‘extreme’ part of it can supplement for everyday grocery needs. Sure getting 50 cups of yogurt or 15 packs of paper towels for an amazing price is outstanding, but what about the other things? Like you said– it’s for show.

    Plus, I live in Florida (in my opinion, the most unfriendly coupon state) 😛

    • says

      I live I’m Central FL: and being a new Qponer: I agree: but, I’m
      Fortunate to have established a great relationship with my store: that I can extreme coupon and ave for 3 different households other than my own….keep trying!



      • Jane says

        I also live in Central Florida and I get looks in the store with my binder sometimes that are weird but most of the time I get people compliment me. I do get some not to nice people get stuck behind me in line and then they have to wait for the coupons. Oh well… I watched the kick off show and thought it was a little over the top but I try to take any advice that may apply to me and use it.

      • AmyD says

        Well when I say coupon unfriendly… I even mean how Fl doesn’t ‘double’ or ‘match’ coupons. Like on the show it explained how if the person has a .55 manufact coupon, the store will match this and take another .55 off. Fl certainly doesn’t do that! Poo! 😛 Or if they do somewhere, please fill me in! lol

    • Katie says

      I live in Florida as well and work at a Publix. I guess it depends on the store you shop at because while the coupon policy is supposed to be the same for all Publix Markets this isn’t the case. My Publix is incredibly lenient when it comes to coupons but the one up the road is a little more strict. As Gecko said build a relationship with your store! =]

  78. Kim says

    Although I think a lot of the people featured on the show come off looking crazy, I really think people need to calm down. This is a television show, not reality. It is for entertainment. There is a reason they are not showing any coupons or actually trying to teach people how to coupon. That isn’t their purpose. I hope that this show prompts more people to visit blogs like Liza’s and learn how to coupon in a positive way. They are looking for these couponers to come up with the craziest shopping trips they can to build up the ratings. And while it does seems as though some of them have problems, it certainly isn’t the norm. Most couponers are like Liza.
    I’ve also heard on different blogs that many of the ‘crazies’ did not feel accurately represented and that a lot was left out. A lot of donations are going on here. Tiffany in particular, I feel I have to defend. She produces a blog I follow: Although seeing her stockpile was a little shocking, I did think she came off the most down to earth. She does her blog, raises her 7 kids, works a job, gives free couponing classes and donates a ton of products and time.

  79. Lauren Bayles says

    I watched parts of the show. A part of me thought, “I work so hard at this; why can’t I spend $6 for $500 worth of groceries?”
    Well, because I buy what my family needs, not what’s going to drive up the total price, minus my coupons, etc. I subscribe to the wisdom of a great woman:

    “I want my website to be a place where you can find great deals, helpful information, delicious recipes and tips to help you stretch your budget. I think I will stick to giving you guys what I consider smart shopping techniques and let the television folks cover the extreme info.”

    Bravo! You rock.

  80. says

    I just told my husband this exact same thing! He said “Have you ever gotten 100% savings?” And I told him you could certainly rig your trip to go that way but it’s not an everyday thing. I love your take on this.

  81. says

    I have watched about 1/2 (while I search the new ad, pull my Q’s and blog about my last Publix Trip)and I am a little torn. I have felt recently that “Extreme” Couponing is acceptable hoarding, and that gives the vast majority of couponers a bad name. (btw, have you noticed what comes on TLC right after Extreme Couponing? You know they group “like” shows!)

    To me, couponing gave me a way to manage our grocery budget while I was out of work. Now that things are more comfortable, I am able to buy the “extra” things that we like… still next to free! For a long time, every penny counted- we didn’t buy anything considered “extra”. The best part is, that I can use my couponing skills now to do targeted donations. Something I could NEVER have done before and couldn’t do now without the Qs. My kids and I even adopted 2 soldiers and we fill shipment boxes and send them overseas! All we ever pay is the shipping and it makes the soldiers soooo happy!

    I guess I feel that I have been blessed to get to know you all, my brothers and sisters in savings :), and I feel like we are an amazing, open, honest, sharing and giving group! I don’t feel that the people on the show would fit well into our little forum. Not all of them, anyway… lol

  82. elina says

    i just wish I had a hubbie who would help. space, a perfect organizing system at home, patience, managers and friendly clerks, no line behind me, able to wear the stilletoes while shopping, no traffic or finding a parking space to park in, items on sale out of stock, angey people behind me when I am using coupons and someone is using food stamps (and I am the one that gets well you know what). AND someone to help me bring it from the car to the house does that make any sense…… oh and to explain to someone that guess what I saved x amount and they look at you like well whatever…..

    • Teresa S says

      I’m with you there! My husband gets a little excited at what I saved and to see what I got but to actually get him to go to the store with me would take an act of congress! He’s still “embarrassed” by the coupons. I’ve actually figured out a way to stop the mean stares though. Whenever I have a TON of coupons or a new cashier or whatever and someone comes up behind me in line I turn and say (with a smile) “I’m really sorry but I have a bunch of coupons and it’s going to take awhile. I just thought I would let you know…in case you are in a hurry.” After they say whatever back to me, I usually joke that I’ve had people give me the evil eye and wanted to avoid. The smile and joking usually eases the tension.

  83. Mike says

    I agree with the bulk of the comments above. Several key points which I have seen people mention that struck a chord with me were:
    1) people who are doing this ‘extreme’ form of couponing seem to be hoarding items than stockpiling. Really, what will someone do with 50+ bottles of mustard?

    2) The welcoming attitude the store employees have with these couponers. I live in miami and I typically experience quite the opposite attitude. The way the employees react is almost a mixture of irritation with having to process the coupons I hand over and suspicion as if I am stealing something.

    3) These extreme couponers really defeat the whole purpose some stores offer generous coupon policies. These people really exploit a stores policy and cheat others out of items. Some stores have a limited quantity of an item in stock and on sale. I know there are rainchecks but to have one person go and purchase every single sale item a store has in stock just because they want a 50 year supply of deodorant -not for donation- just to look at before they go to bed is just selfish and a pure display of greed.

    I won’t lie, I was partially inspired by the deals these extreme couponers were making but as I continued to watch the show my inspiration turned to disgust and I shut the TV off. I don’t see myself as an extreme couponer. I am simply trying to work with my wife to provide our children a healthy variety of food options without a $500+ monthly cost -which is what we used to spend-. Our current month cost now runs about $150-$200.

    In the end I most benefit from the helpful ideas from Michelle and the iheartpublix team. Not to mention the benefit I get from reading all the comments from other community members left on this site.
    Thanks!!! Mike

    • monica says

      I agree with Mike. Mostly, in his number 2 statement. I have the same experience and I live in Miami as well. 9 out of 10 times I have to look for someone who looks “friendly” enough to process my coupons. I think this is the hardest and most stressful part of couponing: dealing with cashiers who most of the time are rude and frown upon couponeers.

    • Crystal says

      I completely agree. I also turned the tv off after bouncing back and forth between it and my sewing machine. I have never seen a cashier get so excited about coupons and if I walked in and asked to do 15 plus transactions I think cashiers would ban me (and rightfully so). I was also very discouraged that none of these people mentioned giving any to the less fortunate, they just seemed very selfish especially since they are being paid to participate in the program!
      I do want to thank Michelle again for the information that she shares. This is a very helpful site and I pray that she is blessed becasue she certianly blesses me!

  84. elaine says

    I didn’t realize the first episode was going to be a repeat and feel asleep
    during the second one. Enuf said :)

  85. xysea1971 says

    I was a little discouraged that we didn’t see anyone with a normal grocery haul (ie, fruits & veg, meat and a variety of foods) everyone was only focused on getting cans of soup, packets of potatoes and mustard. Anyone can shop the way they do, but how many meals can she really make with 62 bottles of mustard?

    PS She was a shelf-clearer. They bug me. lol It’s SOOOOO inconsiderate of fellow shoppers.

  86. Mary says

    actually was able to get my DH to sit down and watch the last part of the show, which was a good thing. Now he is ok with the 6 box’s of cereal and 4 containers of peanutbutter. Starting to stock up a bit as all the kids will be home from college for the summer… making it 6 adults in the house, plus I buy for my mother. Would love to see them put “real” shoppers on the show but what would be the fun in that……

    • xysea1971 says

      Yes, exactly. My husband watched and he now realizes what I do for our family of three is in no way weird, extreme or ‘compulsive shopping.’ I came out of it gaining more respect from him.

      I said, at one point, “See honey, I don’t make you do *THAT*”, mean fill up a whole ‘nother grocery cart and go through the line himself. He said, “No, but you could.” 😉 lol

  87. Libby says

    I’ve seen the first one that aired before. Although a little inspiring, it also disturbs me that the guy at the end has so much stuff in his garage. Who is ever going to eat 200 bottles of salad dressing? Gross! Even just him dumping the tub of toothbrushes in his cart was a bit rediculous! I really do feel they did alot of this for the drama but come on. I love the fact that I am learning to save and provide better for my family and I hope people like this don’t mess it up for the rest of us. I have already been to a couple different stores looking for the tear pads and flyers and they hide them because people come in and take them all. That is just like stealing in my book. When the first lady on the new show said she goes 4 times a week, I thought, “why?” I don’t think it’s even true. Besides, I like going out to eat once in a while and if I had that much stuff, I would feel guilty looking at it all the time. That’s just plain greed! Thank you IheartPublix for all you do for us!

  88. couponbeast says

    I never comment on these sites, but felt I could not resist. This show really should be called HOARDERS! because that is what they are doing. There is no way they can eat all that mayo and salad dressing prior to the expiration dates. I think they really end up throwing a lot of food away (hopefully they are donating instead). No, I saw one show last time and dont have the desire to watch again.

  89. Lisa says

    I love this show b/c of how unrealistic is it. It is meant to be entertaining but the real couponers (like us) know the deal. It doesn’t go as smooth and of course these people are going to get everything that was on sale in the store.

    I will be watching this season just for entertainment. I did like Paul from I heart the mart and the last lady that had like 18 transactions. They were not too bad.

    But the lady that bought 65 mustards and her husband doesn’t even like mustard was funny to me.

  90. Karen says

    Wow! I really have to agree with what you guys are saying. I enjoy clipping and saving a few dollars for my family but these people take the cake. Who needs a mountain of stock that will surely expire?

  91. Marilyn Outler says

    I watched the show because I know my niece is a coupon shopper. I couldn’t believe that people will actually buy that much “stuff” at one time. Living on a fixed income I realize more and more that I need to educate myself to some coupon shopping but not at the level of the TLC show. As my niece told me, it is a form of hoarding and I sure don’t need to hoard anything, even too much food. I have enough “stuff” in my house now.

  92. Janis says

    I think that this show will CHANGE the way we are ALLOWED to coupon. It shows such extremes (who needs so many bottles of mustard)? It seemed to me that they are just buying to buy! Stores will see the ‘abuse’ of how these extremists coupon and will change the policies! How unfortunate for those of us that are just looking to save some money for the family! Also, I believe, with all the stockpiles…they should donate (or show that they do) to local food banks/shelters. Don’t get me wrong…I love the HUNT and the GAME of couponing, but, this show showed the cheating ways of coupons! Thanks for reading my 2 cents!

    • Mel says

      Changes are coming just with people buying for there families i have a family of 10 when i buy 20 cans of something so each person in my family can have two cans i get dirty looks and questioned in the check out line i have 4 kids in teenage ages they eat like food its going to poof of the planet and it makes me mad when some questions me like i am doing something wrong.

      • says

        well you buying 20 cans of something is justified and I have NO problem with that. it is the extreme buying just cause I have a coupon for it that bothers me, she wanted to buy 72 bottles of mustard! but only bought like 62 and left 1 on the shelf!!!! that is STUPID what person uses that much mustard?? what about little ol me who just wants 2 bottles cause truthfully that will last me a long time cause who the heck needs that much mustard??!!

        I did like that the other woman they showed had a large family and she could justify buying 20 things of yogurt, cause it would only last her like 2 weeks she said. That is fine and I think it is great that she can do coupons and can then afford to buy tons of food to feed her large family. but what was up with all that toilet paper? :)poor kid can’t even put his toys under his bed :)

        • Kimberly says

          I am SO with you on the mustard lady!!! No one could use that much mustard in a lifetime. If you were responsible for bringing mustard to the local church picnic to feed 250 people you couldn’t use that much mustard. And, to CLEAR the shelves just so she could buy it really bugged me. In each episode I notice “hoarding” and OCD traits in of all of these people – how their stockpile must be organized just so, how they feel “safer” having all of those items available.

          My fear, like ya’ll said, is that the coupon policies will change because Extreme Couponing is being highlighted. I just want to get the best deal for my family of five that will give us what we need to have a lower grocery budget.

  93. Kim says

    I saw the preview of it while watching tv with my husband. He asked me if I planned on watching it and I said no – and I didn’t. Shelf-clearers make me slightly crazy.

    • says

      I completely agree! I will go in and buy 4 items-maybe 6. If I have ALOT of Qs, I will wait until the last 3 hours of the sale and go then. But even with that, I have only done that once or twice and that was for the AWESOME recent dog food deals. I wonder what it must be like to have thousands of sticks of deoderant. lol I wouldn’t know where to PUT it all! lol

  94. Paola says

    Thank you for your post, it was actually nice to hear that. I did watch one extreme couponing show but i believe it was an old one and i could just see the people on there, it was almost like they had lost their mind. I saw a lady buy 250 boxes of pasta the lady was sweating and at one point she said”i can’t believe it im so upset i think im gonna cry”! it took them 6 hours to take her out of the store! And this guy bought all the boxes of cereal, i believe around 200 also, where is all the fun! I started doing coupons last year and every shopping trip is an accomplishment for me and my family, its fun, i still put my groceries and make a little show so my family guesses how much i spent, but when you go to extreme i believe you take all the fun and just add rush that will go away once you step back, its not healthy. I didnt watch the show either, i will stick to what im doing and love it every step of the way! thank you for all your work!

    • gina says

      I did NOT watch the show because I didn’t want to give them the ratings… my question is kinda rude, but I am curious…..Were these people obese????

      • Deborah says

        Yea – I’m gonna comment – some of them were obese. The one episode that I saw she was buying scads of gatorade, pasta and choco bars….. I dislike that they are showing people like this….. It should be like hoarding where they bring in a pshcologist and evaluate these people – “Do you really need THIS much pasta?” Seriously, I’ve had too much food expire that I have cut way back in what I buy with coupons.

        • Amy says

          This – that woman drove me insane!

          And, frankly, the way she was just throwing everything in the cart, rather than organizing it, was horrible! How does she remember what she has (other than 100 broken/crushed Butterfingers!)?
          I think she has an ‘issue’ and her hubby plainly is not a fan of the Extreme Couponing. I feel bad for him.

      • Lynn says

        I watched the show last night and a couple of them were over weight but one lady was tiny. I just think they take it to the extreme. Hense the name of the show Extreme couponing!!!!

  95. Paola says

    Thank you for your post, it was actually nice to hear that. I did watch one extreme couponing show but i believe it was an old one and i could just see the people on there, it was almost like they had lost their mind. I saw a lady buy 250 boxes of pasta the lady was sweating and at one point she said”i can’t believe it im so upset i think im gonna cry”! it took them 6 hours to take her out of the store! And this guy bought all the boxes of cereal, i believe around 200 also, where is all the fun! I started doing coupons last year and every shopping trip is an accomplishment for me and my family, its fun, i still put my groceries and make a little show so my family guesses how much i spent, but when you go to extreme i believe you take all the fun and just add rush that will go away once you step back, its not healthy. I didnt watch the show either, i will stick to what im doing and love it every step of the way! thank you for all your work!

  96. Lisa says

    I did watch. It actually made me feel better in my efforts and not feel as bad to see how they actually do it (extremes that neither I nor my husband are willing to do). Also, the four stores featured last night are not in my area and my Publix has one of the strictist coupon policies of them all, I think (after reading all the posts on your site) and I still save usually double or more what I spend, so I am happy. I have gone from spending 250 a week (at Wal-Mart) to between 60 and 80 at Publix.

  97. Jamie says

    I stockpile like some on the show ( about 1/10th of what they would) but I was shocked to see them portrayed as normal. These women are NOT normal. Stores that see this, will be thinking twice about their coupon policies. One couple had to call 5 people to get around a policy they didn’t like so they could buy tons of stuff the two of them would never use. That is NOT a typical couponer – perhaps if they showed them donating the vast amount of it that will go to waste, I would applaud their efforts. Showing children living in houses where they have 75 boxes of cereal stashed in their playrooms and 1000 rolls of t.p. under their beds, is quite frankly, nuts. I have about 15 packs of t.p. and I think THAT’s extreme. I bought 20 q’s on ebay for free pasta this week but 90% of that is going to my church’s homeless shelters foodbank. I am not a huge fan of government assistance and I believe that Churchs should step up to meet the needs of those who are in difficult circumstances. THIS is a great way to do that without encouraging government dependency. I wish those receiving assistance were required to do this. Think of what could be saved in taxes (that could go towards education or defense or back to the pockets from which it was taken) if those who received food stamps couponed like we do.

    • gina says

      AMEN Jamie!! This was a show about “hoarding” not about being coupon saavy!!! Let’s pray that the “normal” couponers out there have a chance to be heard before stores do reconsider their policies!!!

      • cathi carpenter says

        I agree girls…and I don’t know if hoarding is what I would say…honestly…this is SELFISH. Just selfish. I keep harping on the food donating..but really… when me AND my husband were out of work and we had and we had a 4 yr old in the house…I cried all the time thinking that my kid would think growing up on dollar store 3 for $1 mac and cheese was “normal”. I wanted, as a mom to give him the best…like any mom would…but these women make it look SELFISH and CRAZY. I will NOT watch again. It disgusts me and all I can hope is karma is good at payback.

    • Shelli says

      I was on food stamps for four years while I was in school, working part-time, and raising my 3 kids as a single mom with very little (if any) child support coming in. The amount of money that I received from food stamps was not enough to get us through the month. I would always spend in excess of my modest $320 for four people. Although I regularly used coupons when I shopped at WalMart, it wasn’t until the last year of my receiving food stamp assistance that I discovered how to strategically use coupons. I actually would have an average of $200 left each month! When I remarried, I came off of foodstamps, but still had enough balance to carry us through about 6 more months.
      It is unrealistic to expect the government to pay thier employees to teach all food stamp recipients how to use coupons. BUT, us experienced couponers can teach them. I teach a class once a month, and I do explain to people how to use coupons when paying with food stamps. Many food stamp recipients do not know that they can use coupons. Furthermore, the rules of couponing when paying with food stamps are a lot different than when paying with cash. For instance, in many grocery stores (especially Publix and WinnDixie) you have to seperate your non-food from your food purchases. Yet, when using coupons at most drug stores, you can combine your food and non-food purchases, and when you pay with food stamps, the food coupons will pay for non-food items. For example, you buy 2 boxes of crackers for $2 and a roll of toilet paper for a $1, you use a MQ for $1 off crackers, you pay with EBT and the full food amount of $2 is applied, and so you only pay tax for the toilet paper. Also, you have to pay taxes on coupons when using food stamps. So usually when you pay with food stamps and use coupons you need to have about $5 on you.

      • Sally says

        Your post angers me on many levels. 1. So I continued to pay for your food for 6 months AFTER the government deemed you ineligible for food stamps? Interesting that they allow this. 2. You are saying that at drug stores one can use the value of the food coupons on non-food items? Once again, that is my money as a tax-paying citizen, and it can be used for practically anything else in the store that way.

        • Shelli says

          It shouldn’t anger you. The government distributes an individuals alloted amount every month. What funds are not used is rolled over to the next month; so “you” are not continuing to pay for my food because “you” already did in previous months. The government doesn’t ask for unused funds to be returned. Those funds stay in the account and the issued EBT card never expires, even if one is now deemed ineligible. Because I saved so much money using coupons, my funds rolled over from month to month. Yes, I could no longer recieve food stamps, but the funds that I was eligible for rolled over and never expired. So, I was able to use them up. (Yes, my caseworker advised me to do this.)
          As far as drugstores, I don’t make their rules. In the beginning of my couponing, I noticed when planning my trips around ECB’s, RR’s and UPR’s, I would continually get beeps at checkout because the amount that I planned on spending came under. Upon looking at the receipt, I noticed that the food coupons were not being applied to the food. When paying with food stamps, you have to swipe your EBT card first. The system automatically picks up the food amount before coupons. Thus, the coupons are applied to the remainder of the order; much like when Publix allows overage on items that have been brought down to free. So, I don’t understand how you, being a tax-paying citizen is paying for everything else. The food stamps paid for the full amount of food, but not the coupon amount. Actually, the manufacturers of the food are paying for everything else. If it angers you so, I would suggest taking it up with the stores headquarters. I did nothing wrong.
          The point that I was trying to make is that one must understand the system, because it is different when paying with foodstamps. You suggested that the government should make the less fortunate use coupons. I agree. They need to use coupons because the amounts that they recieve are usually not enough for a family to live off of. Maybe you can take this lesson and pass it on to help a family in need stretch out their benefits until they no longer have to depend on them.

          • Shelli says

            Sorry Sally, it was actually Jamie who made the suggestion of food stamp recipients being required to use coupons. And Jamie, another reason that idea is unrealistically ambitious, is because most people who are on food stamps cannot afford to collect coupons. So, how would you suggest they acquire coupons? I suppose another government agency could fund the costs associated with collecting coupons; computers, printers, isp’s, paper, ink, newspaper, All You subscription, etc. But that idea would only cause more tension for taxpayers like Sally. Unfortunately, not everyone can be pleased in this scenario.

          • Jennifer says

            I had the same experience. When I was out without pay for almost 3 months after my little girl, I was on food stamps (when I went back to work, I called to have them turned off. They gave me 1 more month, and then no more even though I could’ve stayed on for the full 6 months to a year). I used coupons on everything and had enough balance to pay for another 5 months of groceries. Also, yeah, I remember having to be careful at rite aid because of the value of food coupons. I remember the first time I messed up and didn’t understand and cashier gave me $1 something in change. I learned what happened and made sure that didn’t happen again.

          • says

            Shellie there really doesn’t have to be a ton of money invested in getting coupons. I get a Sunday paper delivered to my house for about $15 every three months which is a little over a $1 per Sunday paper or you can go to the store and buy 1 paper for less than $2. I would almost guarantee these people already have a computer and printer and can print coupons for free! I also have my dad & MIL bring me coupons from their paper which cost me Zero dollars. I do not buy coupons on the internet so I have very little invested in my coupons yet I manage to still save $$$$. last week I shopped at Publix spent $101 and saved $92! This is for my family of 4.

        • Elyn says

          According to TaxTrackr of my income last year ~46k (1 person family), I paid over 4700 in taxes. Of that only 14 dollars went to Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs. If you think that is too much of “your” money to help the most vulnerable people in society, you are a truly greedy and immoral person.

          • Kimberly says

            Well put Elyn. How unthoughtful and cruel to post such a hasty response when you clearly have not walked down the road that those in need have, Sally. Shame on you.

        • kiss my tush says

          DITZ she stated she was on stamps for only 4 yrs ,she is also a tax payer hope to goodness you never need help!!!

    • says

      WOOHOO for your comment Jamie!

      I did see on the first one that aired a while back that guy who bought a bunch of cereal said he was donating it to his church’s food bank, atleast that is what he said 😉

      I think this goes along with TLC’s other show Hoarding Buried Alive!!

  98. Deanna says

    I wasn’t planning on watching it, but my husband saw it was on and wanted to, which surprised me because I am the couponer not him. Anyway I thought it was completely over the top for what some of them were buying. I don’t know what I would do with 55 bottles of mustard, I don’t care that they don’t expire, I still would never buy that many. When your stockpile consumes your whole home and not just a basic storage area I think you have a problem. They even mentioned that most sales happen every 6 months, so why do you need to buy 3 years worth of stuff.

    For the lady that spent the $1900 and only paid $8 or something like that, she said she goes shopping 4x a week, I can’t see buying that much stuff. For what she bought I would be fine for at least a few months.

    I think this is just an obsession and a way for them to get their shopping fix, and I think it might affect how we can coupon in the future. YOu could already tell that some stores have changed their policies, one lady did 17 different transactions to ensure she got her deals, then you had the folks that had to call in friends so they could do their 7 transactions. Another lady had to do half the shopping and her husband did the other half because they would only double the first coupon for that item.

    If it takes me more than 30 mins to check out, it is too long. I wouldn’t mind saving a bit more than I do now but at the same time I will not buy 32 bottles of malox because they are 50 cents, I might buy 5 or so but that is about it. Everyone likes a good deal, but you need to have self control. I would have been happier if some of them donated some of their items to a local food bank or church but from what I saw they just keep it all at home for themselves.

  99. gina says

    I did NOT watch the show because I didn’t want to give them the ratings… my question is kinda rude, but I am curious…..Were these people obese????

    • cathi carpenter says

      Gina, sadly yes one couple was…and OMG they had like 48+ bags of Doritos, Cheetos, etc. and over 300+ cans of REGULAR (sugary) Sprite. I mean really. And their BIG haul were those really icky cheapie hot dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I do buy those too, but not to serve to my FRIENDS at a PARTY. The others were not. But what bugged me the MOST was the fact not ONE mentioned donating to charity. Really…60 jars of MUSTARD. REALLY??? I mean, there are folks that can’t afford some of those really simple things in their pantry. Makes us coupon moms and dads look CRAZY.

    • Stephanie says

      You are right, that is rude. Why does it matter what size they are? This show is mainly about people with addictions. They are really just organized horders. I think that comments like that are very unnecessary.

      • Gina says

        Stephanie, I was purely curious from a research stand point. I wasn’t trying to offend at all which is why I prefaced it with the obvious of it sounding rude….sorry if you took it the wrong way. I study behaviors of obese individuals and wondered if there might be a correlation since most of this food is processed. With the quantities they are buying, it would lead me to think they are eating a good bit of it and thus would be contributing to their obesity. Obesity can be an addiction too. And these folks might be addicted to both. Helping people to understand behaviors that lead to obesity might help them overcome it. But, first, the research world must study it to uncover a helpful tool. I only asked because I didn’t watch. JUST CURIOUS as I said.

  100. kathy says

    My savings and benefits from an extra (maybe) two hours a week of couponing is not meant for TLC “voyeurs” who don’t have a life. Oh, did I mention that I canceled Dish satellite last year and purchased a ROKU (with a coupon of course)? No more commercials, no more junk TV, MY choices. ^_^

  101. cathi carpenter says

    And again…. things like Cheerios DO expire! How does a family of 4 eat over 100 boxes by expiration date?

  102. melissa says

    not impressed with exdtreme couponing. watched it last night and made me very upset. I understand stockpiling but to that point is ridiculous. Since this show came out the publix in my area is planning on putting a coupon policy in effect to where you can no longer use store coupons with a manufacturer coupon and no competitor coupons all because people are taking advantage of the system so no im not a fan. Its really hurt those of us that really need to save those extra bucks. im a stay at home mom and have seizures so was forced to quit my job bk in 09 ..I dont know what we will do if publix follo9ws through with this .Im sure this isnt for all publix locations but im n florida and have been to two different stores that have said the same thing.

  103. Linda says

    I watched the show and wasn’t impressed. I love the thrill/high of seeing how much I can save when I shop with coupons but not that extreme. I shop at Publix and I spend anywhere from $30-$60 depending on if I buy meat and produce which comes out to 60-75% savings. I have a small stockpile to last me and my family (parents, brother, sister, and aunt) for 6-8 months. I only have 5 bottles of mustard and 3 bottles of maalox for all of us!

  104. Carolyn says

    I can definetly understand the family with 7 children couponing hard core. We only have 4, and couponing makes such a big difference in what we can afford for our children. A family of 9 must go through so much toilet paper, cereal etc. I can understand having a really strong stockpile makes a difference The other couples seemed a little over the top…

    One thing I noticed is that all the homes seemed to have nothing but furniture and stockpiles…no toys, things on counters etc. I wonder if they had them empty out the houses so that the stockpile really stuck out as bizarre. Did you see all those chips???? I will say that my husband and I and my two older children have all put on a little weight since I took up couponing-because so much of what is a *great* deal is processed-not so good for you food. Our new rule is no junk no matter how good the deal.

    I can’t imagine calling 5 of my friends to help me do a grocery run…I’d be too embarrassed :) I consider myself a very saavy shopper and will only buy stuff on sale or/and with a coupon. My husband, kids and I love to go to yard sales to find treasures and we make saving money a family event as much as possible…I CAN definetly relate to being so excited for a deal the next morning that I have trouble going to sleep :) (BLACK FRIDAY!!) It all seemed like a very exagerated version of life as a regular frugal shopper/couponer.

    • Lisa says

      I lost 10 lbs. after I started couponing. My husband says it’s because I was so focused on couponing that I didn’t do anything else. I think it’s because I was super focused on my list at the store and didn’t pick up any extras and my time was occupied making lists and pulling q’s instead of snacking.

  105. Mike says

    The fact is simple. Many of the ways these people save that much money is by getting around many policies on coupons such as “do not double or triple” and ” limit one coupon per transaction/visit”. All this show is doing is making the public aware of these tricks and will lead to stricter store policies. Manufacturers will actually benefit from this show because the abuse will lead to stricter policies….

  106. Lisa Peto says

    I watched just to see if it gave any tips. Boy was I disgusted! Look at how many families could have been fed with what they bought! I believe in couponing to save money, but that was just gluttonous! 75 bottles of mustard and the husband doesn’t even like mustard! To me it was like watching an addict. I will certainly never waste my time watching that again!!!!!!

  107. says

    I have to say that I pretty much agree with all the comments I see posted on here!!!! I did watch the show…and let’s just say, I was Shocked and Disgusted!!! Those people have a Real Addiction. It is not normal to want to have “Your Garage” turned into a stock-pile room containing 1,500 deodorants and over 1,000 bottles of Bodywash, WHO DOES THIS????

    I was turned onto to IheartPublix about 3 months ago and I am soooo glad that the founder of this site (and all the people who belong to it) are not Totally Obsessed and Out for themselves!!! No One needs to buy 60 bottles of Mustard, Shame on them for not Donating 90% to the Food Bank. That’s what I did when they had “The Italian Days” a while ago. I bought over 150 cans, kept 30…and Donating the rest to the local Food Bank. I think that’s what everyone should do.

  108. Donna says

    I have never seen the show and after reading all of this, I never will. These people need an organization like gambler’s anonymous. It is some kind of an affliction for sure. And I am a good couponer and saver like all of you.

  109. Tammy says

    Thank you so much for speaking out. As a newcomer to couponing, all I want to do is to stretch my budget with the things my family likes and enjoys. Your website is a lifesaver — by the way, I learned about this website from Publix’s employees.

  110. Maria says

    I am going to comment on this…I saw the show last night and saw the very first episode of the show. I am not going to judge but I am going to say that some of those ppl do have big families…I am not saying that they don’t need all of it…but on the first episode I saw one of the persons on the show did donate food to a food bank…and we don’t know if the ppl that were on the show last nigt donate…that part was not shown on show but I think it should – that way we “couponers” don’t get a bad rep. I don’t consider myself extreme like those ppl but I do buy like the world is coming to an end when there is a good sale…I donate to local food banis and last week it felt good to donate about 15 toothpastes, deo, toothbrushes, dental flosses, shampooes, etc. to a women’s shelter. When I buy I don’t only think of myself but think of the ppl that can use the item if I can’t…and do get lots of things for my friends that have pets, as I don’t. But think that is a nice thing to do. So, I am hoping that some of those things that are buying all those things are being donating to help others. Thanks

  111. Crissy says

    I am still a rookie couponer and I simply prefer to keep things simple. I did watch the show to see what the hype was about, but I definitely realized that I am NOT an extreme couponer. I have chosen to use coupons for things my family needs and likes and have tried to steer clear of buying something just because it’s “a good deal”. I have forfeited $5 off $50 coupons for that very reason. If I don’t need to spend money, I’m not going to…even if it is a good deal. It’s hard to fight the urge to show off savvy spending, but is it really all that savvy, when you could have kept that $10 or $20 in your pocket? Like I said, this is MY opinion on couponing for MY family and it works for us. I have a monthly budget and I strive to come in UNDER budget every month, because for ever dollar I save, we put it away for a family vacation, new furniture, or for those “just in case” things that happen in life. It’s my built in incentive program…the less I spend, the more we SAVE:0) I don’t make it a practice to meet my budget, just because I know the money is there. My overall philosophy on couponing is simple…SPEND WISELY…and that’s exactly what I am trying to do:0) Happy Couponing:0)

  112. Andrea says

    I watched the show last night for the first time. I was disappointed because this really is going to change how stores view coupon policies and hurts serious coupon shoppers. Clearing shelves and stock piling items you can’t use isn’t right. This Friday I will be taking some of my great deals to the food bank at my church. I didn’t hear anyone saying they would donate their extras.
    I plan on sending TLC the same message. This show gives couponers a bad name.

  113. Leigh Ann says

    It is entertaining, but I agree that these people are going to cause stores to change their coupon policies. I also agree that the individuals portrayed on these shows are really organized hoarders. There is no reason why a family of 4 needs all that mustard, soup, etc. Also, the couple that purchased all that Mylanta, because it was on sale made me crazy. It is just ridiculous.

    • says

      I agree with the coupon policy changes. My Publix just recently implemented a policy of no more than 4 sale items can be purchased in one transaction. The cashier told me it was because a woman cleared out their shelves when she bought 25 cans of Pam using coupons! It’s definitely going to hurt the simple couponners who are stretching their dollars for the sake of budgeting for their families. I just started couponning 6 months ago, and it has TOTALLY changed the way I shop. Let’s just hope Extreme Couponning does not change the way stores sell.

  114. Leigh Ann says

    It is entertaining, but I agree that these people are going to cause stores to change their coupon policies. I also agree that the individuals portrayed on these shows are really organized hoarders. There is no reason why a family of 4 needs all that mustard, soup, etc. Also, the couple that purchased all that Mylanta, because it was on sale made me crazy. It is just ridiculous.

  115. Ally says

    I did watch the show. However my fiance and I both agree that the way these people shop it not practical. Sure, you save 99% but you walk out the store with what? 150 bottles of mustard 4lbs of cheese and 25 boxes of cereal which will most likely expire before you have a chance to eat all of it. These women were INTENSE. I would NEVER put myself through that much stress, confusion, and not to mention what the poor clerk has to go through. Sure, once a month I go into the store with a binder full of coupons, but on things that I will ACTUALLY use, not just things that are going into a “stockpile” to rot.

  116. dana says

    Ok. So after watching the dvr, I thought I would look to see what you ladies were saying. My opinion? I do NOT shop apparently b/c I don’t buy 35 bottles of Maalox or 40 bottles of mustard. Which honestly weren’t the best prices ever. Did anyone else think these ladies were just shop-aholics? Does anyone else plan a month’s worth of meals? Or worry about expiration dates? I thought my stockpile was pretty good but I am questioning it now.. Anybody else feeling that way?

    • elaine says

      I DVR’d the show and I too have a small stockpile..once your stockpile takes over your home i think that’s extreme..and yes i worry all the time about expiration dates…i mean how in the world is one person gonna use 100 yogurts before they expire? That’s just crazy..

  117. elaine says

    I watched and was so disappointed. I am a single mother of 1 and we have a stockpile on basics (tp, paper towels, hba supplies, etc.) when it comes to food..i only stockpile stuff with long term exp. cereal, rice, spaghetti sauce. and only what i know will be used prior to expiring. The families on the show with 2 or more kids, i totally understand their reasoning for stockpiling though i believe it to be too much. Where as the couples..i just don’t understand their need for it.. i agree with the boyfriend of the one girl..she just does this to fuel her need to shop and since she doesn’t have the “money” to shop with she turns to this..i think most of these people have underlying problems that are far worse than hoarding. I will continue to shop the way that i have been and with the help of websites such as yours i will be happy with my savings knowing that i’m getting what my family needs not just shopping to fullfill a need.

  118. Heather says

    I was so hoping that the show would be informative- reputable sites to get extra inserts for great prices, how to shop/plan meals/coupon to feed your family. . . . like the info we get on here, but in a visual format! I was disappointed that it wasn’t “real”. Publix would shoo me out if I took 1 hour to check out and did 18 transactions back to back. I get that money is money- whether a coupon or cash, but, to me, it would be rude to monopolize that much of a cashiers time. . . . not to mention the employees who were pushing around extra carts.

    To me, this is more of a ‘shock and awe’ show, than a show that should be on TLC. No learning in it for me.

  119. IllyJilly says

    I’m all for saving money but people like that give us couponers a bad name, they think we’re crazy and just buy outrageous quantities of things we don’t need. I mean really, 70 bottles of mustard and your husband doesn’t even eat mustard? Come on. I get enough stares and eye rolls, I don’t need any extra encouragement.

  120. Lisa Williams says

    After reading practically all of these comments and see that we all pretty much have the same opinion, I honestly think we all need to boycot the show and write to TLC and tell them exactly what we have expressed on here! Maybe they should do a show on normal couponers and I bet an audience will get more out of it. In reality, who has time to spend 5 hours in a grocery store. They need to portray this in a way to encourage people and let them know it can be as difficult or as easy as they want it to be! I’m heading over to TLC and I’m going to voice my opinion. Like always, reality TV is glorifying extreme and bad behavior!!

  121. Rose says

    This isn’t couponing… is hoarding!! I was disgusted and think this show should be taken off the air. This will only add to the negative attitude towards couponers everywhere. Just sayin……

  122. Nicole says

    I watched the show in hopes of getting some tips that maybe I didn’t know about or getting an idea of what others are doing. I also wanted to be proud of other women (and a few men) who have decided to no longer pay retail, as I have learned over the last two years. I must say, though, I was disappointed in the ones who more closely represented an episode of Hoarders. I’m not referring to those who stockpile, as that is a necessity to a certain extent.I’m talking about those who are being forced from the rooms in their homes due to the pile of 10,000 (literally) rolls of toilet paper and 5,000 sticks of deoderant for one couple. Who are self-admitted shopaholics who, while they might not be spending thousands of dollars are still compulsive shoppers nonetheless. If only they would donate what they could not use. If the thrill is what you are seeking, please let others benefit. Donate all those HB&A items to a women’s shelter who could use them. Unfortunately, the show only made me sad and I feel sorry for those who are only filling a void with all of their “stuff.” I, personally, don’t need 77 bottles of mustard. I’ll just buy 4.

  123. PM says

    No reason to complain or boycott…I agree with above comments…i watched the shows…its more hoarding show…as most of the shown people are overboard in purchases. Any reasonable person can come to that conclusion, so no worries, its not the coupons, its hundreds of coupons and breaking the cash register to boot. Just like anybody experiencing a traumatic experience, these people will either cycle through and cure themselves and see their folly, or remain in their own world.

  124. karen says

    1200.00 worth of stuff for 100.00. Wow. but where is the meat and produce? i agree, these folks are hoarders. seems to be the consensus. shame that they have to portray the “negative” aspects of couponing instead of a show that could help others save money…

    • Patricia says

      I AGREE! Where are the fruits and vegetables??? What healthy meal can come from hundreds of powerades, cereals, pastas, and mustards?

  125. kathleen says

    I may take a look to see whats up, but my fear is it will bring even more negativity to the sport that is couponing.

  126. TARA says


  127. Jennifer says

    My local publix is already limiting customers to 5 “deals” per customer of most bogo items. 10 items is more than enough for most stockpiles and is a very reasonable limit. If you need more than that, go back on another day :) I am not happy to see limit (signs of things to come), but I am glad the limit is VERY reasonable.

  128. Patricia says

    Myself and a couple of friends had a good laugh while watching this show… but that was about the only positive that came from it. I was completely disgusted with the stock piles of food that some of these individuals have! Whereas I understand the desire to get a good deal and the need to “stock up” while the gettin’s good, I find it despicable that food is sitting and expiring in basements and bonus rooms instead of being donated to a food pantry or shelter. If you are getting 100’s of mustards and cereals for free then lets be a little selfless and donate it instead of watching it expire!!! My other problem with this show is that some, not all, of these women seem to have an addiction or obsession with shopping and the process of couponing. When an activity begins to interfere with your ability to function normally then it has become an addiction or compulsive behavior and is not healthy. I will not be watching this show and I truly fear that we may start to see limitations placed on what we can and cant do with coupons because of this show. Thanks TLC!

  129. says

    Well said Michelle!! I saw the first show they aired about the guy buying 50 cases or so of cereal and spending like $200 dollars on them. I thought, oh yeah right! I’ve got $200 to blow on cereal I will never eat before it goes bad, just to say I could do it! Totally not my shopping style :) I like to buy things my family can actually eat! As it is my six year old keeps asking me when we can stop eating Raisin Bran (I bought two boxes b/c it’s my fav, and hey, it’s what’s open! LOL) I don’t even have cable but my Mom said to me yesterday that she Tivo’d it for me b/c she knew I would love it! I might check it out~

    • Mel says

      The man who got all that cereal donated it to the soup kitchen. I am sure they were happy to see his 200.00 dollars spent on them :) and feeding many people in his local area. Yea the show is an extreme but he should you can have fun be extreme and still do good in this world.

  130. Terri says

    I watched the show in fascination. Do you really need 32 bottles of malox? REALLY?! All good things will come to an end. The Publix in SC will get a new coupon policy in April because of people like the ones that were featured on this show, in addition to the people who make illegal copies of coupons, take advantage of quantity limits, and disregard the policies put in place. I like a good HONEST deal as well as anyone but when you have to be deceitful and cunning to find a loophole, which will make the store suffer financially, then it is too much. I don’t admire people like this because they leave their integrity at the front door of the store!!!

  131. lisa Allsop says

    I cant say that I will boycott the show as I don’t do that. However I dislike the show very much due to the fact that the attitudes of stores and manufacturers regarding coupons is changing and going to change. As you said those are not realistic situations and just annoy me. Everyone comes up to me at work and friends asking why I can’t do it that well? It is just annoying that it all.

  132. Alicia Bates says

    I watched last night just out of sheer curiosity. While I was amazed at the deals these folks got, I keep saying what many other commenters have said. How in the world are 2 people going to eat 100 boxes of cereal before it expires ( or any of the other mega stockpiled items). I wish these people would use there talent (or obsession) to do good for others. Donate some of your stash to a foodbank or a local church.

    Personally I think that kind of mega couponing is far too time consuming. Find the coupons, plan the shopping, do the shopping, load it up, unload it, put it away…I don’t like doing all that with my regular grocery buying!!!

  133. Teresa says

    I do watch it from time to time. I feel most of these people are hoarders. I have learned a little about couponing from the show, but not much. If I were to buy so much of any item, I know I would donate it to the food bank. My husband was out of work for a little while and although I didn’t have a huge “stockpile”, some of those items I bought because of coupons were what we lived on. I save between 30-60% when I shop.

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