Reminder – No Coupons On Easter Sunday

I thought I would remind you guys that this weekend there will NOT be coupon inserts in the paper on Sunday.

I will be honest...I love that we are getting a break!  While I love getting great coupons, it is nice to put down the scissors.  It also gives me a chance to organize and clean out a bit!!


  1. Marissa says

    Thanks! I would have bought a paper and been upset when there were no coupons inside. Hope you have a nice day off.

  2. Jill says

    Lol- i’m right there with you! I already have a million things to do, so a weekend off from coupons is GREAT! With last weeks inserts, I had 17 of them to cut and sort and i’m exhausted! :) Have a great weekend!!

  3. Faith says

    I didnt know Publix wasnt changing over their sale until Monday so I had everything ready on Wednesday night for Thursdays shopping trip. My Father-in-law asked to go to the store with me so he could get some $ saving pointers & learn couponing so I was a bit embarrassed when I got there and none of my planned deals were in effect! On the plus side I had coupons & deals I knew about from last wee so he was able to score a lot of stuff for $24. He saved $35! He was super excited about that! I too have been grateful for the break! Especially since last weeks crazy insert madness with 4 inserts per paper. I had 10 papers to organize. So I too am working on cleaning out closets & using my “free” time to get things ready for our new baby coming in October! :))

  4. Rachel C. says

    Melissa, I think it’s three or four weeks during the course of a year — around holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. Maybe two weeks at Christmas, can’t remember for sure.

  5. G Sessions says

    Does anybody in the Georgia area know how to receive Sunday papers at a good price? I wonder how much I’m saving when I spend $2 a paper just to get coupons.

      • Kabbie says

        I personally haven’t had any luck. My local paper – the coupons are not good. I pay $3 for an Atlanta Sunday paper. I take a look at what I may want – and then go to my clipping sources for multiple coupons. I would also take a look at the .. you can see what might be in your paper and is it worth buying that week.. There are some weeks I won’t purchase the paper.

    • NBriggs says

      I am in Woodstock, GA and my Kroger & Publix store usually bundle 2 together for $3.00 but only on Sundays. I have never seen the early edition the night before and any extras on Mondays have this. I assume that most if not all metro Atlanta stores do this.

  6. Amanda says

    I was not sure where to post this but will a coupon work if it has a hole punched through the bar code? I am trying a new filing method but do not want to waste my coupons if they will not scan properly.

    Thanks:) Happy Easter

    • Kabbie says

      I am thinking it won’t scan properly..the cashier could possibly punch in the upc code – but I don’t think you will score any points with them checking out…I personally wouldn’t do it…

  7. Jennifer says

    I’m happy for the break too, my old coupon organizing system finally bit the dust (my folder elastic snapped and my zipper on my clutch broke) so I am having to put everything in a binder. UGH!! So much better (I think) but I’ve spent close to 7 hours and I’m still not done, so I need to catch up. I still have 3 sets of inserts to put up from last week (i got 2 papers and the girl at work gave me the rest of hers.)

  8. Jamie says

    Okay so now everyone can tell I am new to the coupon world, I just bought 7 newspapers to get home open them up and have ZERO coupons!!! Waste of time and money!! There should be a thing on the front that says no Coupons this week !

    • Chels says

      Jamie usually it says on the newspaper in the top right hand corner of the front pager. Also it is cheaper to get newspapers from the publisher, rather than buying from the store.

    • Daphne says

      Jamie, have you tried returning the papers explaining you only bought them for the coupons? It’s worth a try! I can relate though. I had my husband grab 2 for me yesterday in the store and when he put them in the cart I noticed they were too thin, so we looked in both and I had him return them. As a general rule, I always look in the papers. Why? I’ve seen inserts and even entire sections missing before. I like to think it’s accidental, but sometimes, they’re missing! Also, sometimes people carelessly grab some from the middle of the stack and they’ll sometimes fall out of other papers.

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