Reminder To Enter Current Sweepstakes (I just won a gift card!)

I wanted to give you guys a reminder about the current Publix sweepstakes... like so many of you who have emailed over the past week or so---I JUST WON!!

I was so tickled to open a Publix gift card from the Super Bowl sweepstakes.  I am not sure how much I won but I am guessing I got a $50 gift card. WOO HOO!  I know tons of you guys have won as here is your reminder to enter these sweepstakes--you might just win too!

2012 Coca-Cola NCAA Men's Final Four Giveaway
Call 1-800-647-2000 (deadline is 3/25/2011)

  • Grand Prize: trip for 2 to 2012 NCAA Men's Final Four
  • (4) First Prizes: Publix Groceries For A Year
  • (100) Second Prizes: $100 Publix Gift Card

NCAA March Madness Giveaway
Visit Unilever and complete form (through 4/4)

  • Grand prize: trip for two to the 2012 NCAA Final Four
  • (4) First Prizes: 60" TV and a $1,000 Publix gift card
  • (100)Second prizes: $100 Publix Gift Card


  1. Angie J says

    How do you know if you won? I put in all my information on the phone and it just said thanks for entering.

  2. Nikki says

    Beware if you call the number for the NCAA Men’s Final Four Giveaway, do NOT hang up. I had to (dh beeped in) and tried to call back to enter my info and it said “An entry for this phone number has already been entered” yet I never got to enter anything but my birthday! Tried to call back to talk to a real person, no avail. :(

  3. Cheryl says

    I won a gift card also! It sure made my day, I never win anything! Its nice to get something in the mail besides a bill.

  4. Marie says

    I got a card today too! Mine was from the Pepsico Super Bowl XLV Sweepstakes… It doesn’t say how much it’s for :( but I can’t wait to see tomorrow! :)

  5. Missie says

    Got my Pepsico Super Bowl XLV Sweepstakes card today too! The entry said that the prizes were: 5 groceries for a year in which case you would get 52 $100 cards or one of 1890 $50.00 gift cards. So, if you got one from this the Super Bowl contest and only got one card, it will be for $50.00.

  6. Kim C. says

    I got one in the mail yesterday from the Pepsico sweepstakes and it didn’t say how much it was for….was hoping it was $100….but if it’s $50, I wont be disappointed either. Anything to lower my grocery bill is great!

  7. Kathi says

    I, too, won a gift card from the Superbowl Contest…Although my letter did not say the amount – it was for $50. One Happy Camper!!!!

  8. says

    I just got a $100 Publix gift card from the Cola Zero NCAA Men’s Final Four Give-A-Way! Yippeee! SO EXCITED! Thanks so much Michelle, If it weren’t for your “round-up” I would never have entered! I entered the day you posted this which was one day before the deadline and I WON!!! 😀

  9. says

    I received the call today. I won the NCAA grand prize. I should get the paperwork tomorrow. I was just trying for the gift cards. I wasn’t in a position to take the call so it went to my voicemail. I cannot believe it.

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