Publix Weekly Ad Spreadsheet Starting 2/24 to 3/2 (2/23 to 3/1 some areas)

Here is the Publix Spreadsheet starting 2/24 (2/23 for some).  You can find the text version of this ad HERE. Please note that this is the Metro-Atlanta version of the ad.  Be sure and check your ad for any variations.

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  1. claudia says

    Is there anything special I need to do in order to print the spreadsheet? I hit “print” and nothing happens. Thanks!

    • Ann Marie says

      After you click the “Print Spreadsheet’ button, press the ‘right-click’ button on your mouse, and select Print. You will then be able to print everything on the page (unfortunately, that also means all the comments posted).

  2. Debbie says

    You are such a genius. Thank you for showing us how to use the spreadsheet. I had no idea what it was for. I am having so much fun with this coupon using. My husband is made though that I didn’t start 30 years ago, lol.

  3. Lorri says

    Yes, I need help too! I create the spread sheet, click “print” and it just returns to the top of the page – nothing prints. (and I do have the popup blocker turned off)

  4. ztwain says

    Nothing printing here …just goes back up to the top of the page…click help and the same thing …back to the top of the page.

  5. Rebecca says

    I can’t get it to print, either. I get the separate window with the finished spreadsheet, but when I click print, nothing happens.

  6. Janice says

    I can’t print it either. This is not the first time I’ve had this problem. I really want to use this website, but after spending the time to create the spreadsheet and not be able to print it……it’s not worth it. I even tried to copy and paste it. Very frustrating.

  7. Brenda says

    Since the spreadsheet doesn’t print, I open Word and copy the item I want the go to Word and use “paste special”/unfomatted to make my list. I keep this website open so that I can go get the coupons. But at least I have my list. Hope that helps.

  8. claudia says

    good to see its not just me, I thought I was doing sumthing wrong! I really wood like to print that sheet, it seems so helpful!

  9. Artmom101 says

    Was able to print last week by copy and paste but no can do this week. Consulted my programmer hubby and he says no can do as well. No Print screen, no cut/paste, no open in new window etc….Would be so helpful but so is this awesome website and I will gladly hand write my list…Nite all!

  10. Lizzie says

    So what the soeadheet is not working! I for one am so appreciative of all your hard work in putting together the deals and working them for us! I’m a fan for life!!!!

    If I have to do a little writing and copying, so be it! I’m still saving MAJOR MOOLAH!!!! :) Keep on keeping on!!!!!

    • Kris says

      Understandable. =) I was frustrated by her comment, too. And somehow she has taken credit for creating Michelle’s spreadsheet. I don’t see how anyone can complain about a free service that is given to them. At least most of us are appreciative of all Michelle does with this site. So what if something doesn’t print. Michelle has done all of the hard work. We do have these ancient things called pen $ paper.

      • Jodia says

        Yes it’s a free service but when you spend an hour making your list that you think you can print to find you now have to hand write it it becomes frustrating. Especially when you could have created your list on Publix’s website & print it.

        I would be happy to use just the ad match up & create my list on Publix’s website. But if the feature isn’t working remove the option so we aren’t wasting time.

        • Danielle says

          She’s said plenty of times that the spreadsheet is out of commission for most of us right now. Hopefully you’re just new to this site and aren’t aware that this is an issue we’ve all been working around for a month or more.

  11. Heather G says

    Hey! If you guys have Microsoft Office Word…just copy and paste to that and print it off of that. I’ve been doing that for weeks now.

  12. Jodia says

    Is the print function on the spreadsheet ever going to work again? I have tried it in all 3 browsers & clicking the print button just brings me back to the top of the spreadsheet.

  13. Tiffany says

    Guys, Michelle has been saying for weeks that she’s been having issues with the spreadsheet and can’t get ahold of her tech guy. Don’t let it upset you so much because it isn’t working right now. It’s nothing to get bent out of shape over.

    Go ahead and use the checkbox feature to make your list – your computer will probably generate your spreadsheet even if it won’t print it. Then you can use the links in the spreadsheet to print any Internet coupons you need and you can just hand-write your shopping list once you’re done.

  14. Michelle says

    I tried to print today too from both Firefox and IE 8 and neither one works. I would love to see this feature fixed. Thanks!

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