Win Free Milk For A Year

Lots of you have emailed me about the upcoming promotion over at Why Milk.

Apparently at 11am EST, you can head over to Why Milk to enter for a chance to win a year's worth of milk.  Some entrants may also get coupons for FREE milk.

Head over in a few minutes and check it out.  Let me know if any of you guys are winners!

Thanks to all that emailed!


  1. says

    I guess the contest ended as soon as it started. there is only a blank page when you try to enter. lots of people on their FB page are having the same problem.

  2. Brandy says

    I actually got through twice but then it locked me out after I typed my info and tried to submit it–tried to contact customer service but their database willnot accept either–don’t think they were ready for the number trying to win.

  3. queuepawn says

    I entered my info and then it locked up when I clicked submit. Now all I get is a blank page. Glad I’m not the only one with problems. Maybe their server is overloaded.

  4. theresa says

    I got in and recieved the email for the free half gallon of any brand milk with a purchase of one gallon white milk :):)

  5. Lisa R says

    it’s working now, although I wasn’t an instant winner, they did email me a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk w/ purchase of a gallon of whole milk!! ( $3.00) value!!! Yippe son will love choc. milk!!!

    • Valencia says

      Mine came immediately. Weird thing was, I tried to sign up but it said my email was already in the system and that I needed to log in. So I hit log in and it said, you have already entered today but I went to my email and I did get he free 1/2 gal of choc milk when you buy a gallon of whole milk. Not really sure what is going on.

    • olenka says

      Try again.. I did that and it would not go thru to my email at all.. but they I used my hubby’s name and walla got my coupon instantly!!! Still cannot get an email using my name, only a Man’s name worked for me lol

  6. missy says

    is this a bricks coupon? can it be shared? if so could someone pls try to email it to me..our family drinks soo much milk and I entered myself and my MIL and no coupon arrived even though it said check your email!! Grr


  7. Lynda says

    I tried reading the website official rules, but it locked up. Does anyone know if this can be used towards Soy Milk?


    • Brigitte says

      The coupon just says free half gallon of chocolate milk up to $3 value. I am going to try it on the silk chocolate milk since it is my families favorite.

  8. Candace says

    Looks like you can enter every day for until Feb 9th. You just get a coupon the first time you enter. Everyone was probably tying the site up earlier. I just did it and no problems.

  9. Brigitte says

    You can text your info also. Here is the info

    Head over here or text WIN to 38488 to enter for a chance to win FREE milk for a year! The first 100,000 to enter also get a coupon for milk. There are four different coupons available:

    (1) Free Chocolate Milk half gallon wyb (1) gallon of white milk.
    Free gallon of white milk with $100 grocery purchase.
    (1) Free Chocolate Milk half gallon wyb (2) gallon of white milk.
    (1) Free single serve milk wyb (1) gallon or half gallon of white milk.

    Note: You won’t print your coupon from the website but from an email that they send to you.

  10. FLReader says

    I recieved the coupon for a Free Chocolate Milk half gallon wyb two gallons of white milk. The problem is the coupon only covers up to a certain price. So, the chocolate milk wasn’t free, the price was just reduced. But still good. :)

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