Weekly Meal Deal – Cheesy Chicken Empanadas

Amanda over at A Few Short Cuts has our weekly meal deal ready.  I am so excited about this one...it is almost like Amanda came up with this just for me - Cheesy Chicken Empanadas.

You see I had planned to make chicken pot pie for dinner tonight.  Last night I went ahead and cooked my chicken and it is ready and diced in the refrigerator. I have a bunch of pie crusts and so I just figured I would do the old stand by pot pie.  Then this great recipe arrived in my inbox!!

I am so excited to try a new recipe and you guys know I can't turn down anything that has a mexican flair!  The great thing about this is that I will be able to make plenty for tonight and enough to freeze for later!!  I know I will be very happy about this on a night when I am just exhausted!

Amanda estimates this one to cost about $2.46 per person--that is a great deal!


  1. Sherri says

    Wow, love this recipe! I don’t have any chicken stockpiled but I froze some leftover brisket and I think I might try this with beef instead!!! Can’t wait to make it my own with some caramelized onions on the top of each one!!!


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