Cheap Turkey at Publix!

You may have seen that I was talking about last year's turkey prices at Publix in this morning's Ask I Heart Publix- well I just got home from the store and I am happy to report that I found Publix frozen turkeys for 59¢ per pound -that is 10¢ less per pound than the cheapest price last year!

 This is not a price that is advertised in my weekly flyer so hopefully you will find it too.  Yes, in that picture you see four turkeys on my counter.  I plan on grabbing about 10 -12 more!  Stay tuned tomorrow as I have something fun planned and you will be able to see everything else in that picture 😀

Note: It seems everyone is as excited as me!! My meat manager indicated that they were just priced yesterday and he anticipated this to be the price for a while (fingers crossed as I still need to get a deep freeze!)   


  1. LB514 says

    Thank you so much for posting!!! Can’t wait to get my B4G1 Stouffers coupon now!!

    Michelle, I just have to know. What are you going to do with 16 turkeys?

    • says

      Don’t want to burst your bubble, but if you are referring to the $4 off turkey wyb 4 coupon, that is on Butterball. Michelle says the 59¢/lb is Publix Turkey.

    • says

      Oh my, cook them!! That is less than 2 turkeys per month for the whole year! I buy small birds then try to cook at least one per month. I can usually get 3 different meals from one bird!

      I buy now as this is the lowest price…so in July I can have a great turkey dinner without having to pay the high price :-)

  2. missdeally says

    i’ve been meaning to ask if you could show a photo of your freezer and fridge. since you said you don’t have a deep freezer. i’d love to see how you manage to find room for that many turkeys and other groceries…unless you’ve bought one recently.

  3. Devin says

    If anyone is in the Atlanta area. J93.3 (Christian radio station), is doing “T-shirts for Turkeys”. You donate a turkey to help local organizations and you get a t-shirt! Great opportunity for giving! Check out their website!

  4. Ashley says

    LOL I’d like to know, too! You’d need a whole freezer just for all those turkeys! I’m definitely intrigued now!!! 😀 And I also can’t wait to get to Publix after work! Curse you, 9 hour work day!!! *shakes fist*

  5. says

    Tee hee…
    I am actually getting a deep freeze for Christmas!! My meat mgr said that he thought that that would be the price through Christmas so I will be able to get them a little at a time.

    And yes I really should show you a pic of my fridge & freezer as I had to do major reshuffling to get all the groceries to fit after the haul I brought home today!!!

    • Ashley says

      You just gave me my Christmas list for my dad! He’s been asking what I want, and by golly, I’ve been wanting a deep freeze for ages! Thank you! LOL

      • says

        I know …I can’t wait!! I have wanted a freezer for years so I am so thrilled to finally get one. I am looking online and feel like a kid with a toy catalog!!

        • Susan in Al says

          I got a great freezer on Craigslist last year…4 years old, great condition $95.00! My husband laughs at me because I hug my freezer when I go in/out of the garaage :)

    • Rachel says

      I wanted a deep freezer for Christmas last year. My husband insisted that a freezer is a ‘lame’ Christmas gift and we ended up getting one early. Now I can prove that practical gifts are acceptable – and I’m not crazy!

  6. lizi serrano says

    arrrgghhh! I didn’t see advertised so I went ahead and paid 69 cents a lb at target… but I will se eit now at publix!!! So annoying!

  7. elizabeth says

    Great find! I’ll be on the lookout at my Publix in Tallahassee. If I get a 12lb turkey (more or less) and combine that with the Harvey’s $3 off $6 Meat Department coupon and stack on the CVS $5 off $25 coupon, then WOWzers!!! I hope for cheap turkeys on my next visit.

  8. says

    Our Walmart Neighborhood Markets here in Palm Beach County had Turkey’s marked down to .58 cents per lb and the lady in the meat dept said they are only going to get cheaper! I picked up two 22lbers! and I’ll go back probably tonight to get two more for Christmas! (Thank god for my deep freezer!

  9. says

    Our Walmart Neighborhood Markets here in Palm Beach County had Turkey’s marked down to .58 cents per lb and the lady in the meat dept said they are only going to get cheaper! I picked up two 22 lb-ers! and I’ll go back probably tonight to get two more for Christmas!
    (Thank god for my deep freezer!

  10. says

    Yah! They are $.59/lb at our Publix! Saw a Turkey for $5.84! Holy crap. I might buy more than 2. We plan on frying ours so I need some small ones anyway.

  11. Robin says

    Hi, can someone tell me is this from the old ad ending today in my city or the new ad which will start tomorrow for me. I know u mentioned it is not in the ad but i did not see this price last friday when i went so i am wondering if i should go tonight or wait until tomorrow new week starts?


  12. mary says

    For those who have an Albertson’s nearby, the home mailed version of the ad that starts today has a 7 day coupon for .49 lb for honeysuckle turkey, 10 lbs & up, limit 1 with a $25 purchase. I would certainly think that Publix would accept this as a competitor coupon.

    • carmen says

      actually, Publix probably won’t accept it because it doesn’t give an amount off a product, only the amount of the product, which means that technically Publix would be price-matching Albertson’s rather than giving you an amount off as with a coupon, and Publin doesn’t price-match, at least not where I shop.

    • Christel says

      I checked at my store today and they said they won’t take it because it’s for a “Honeysuckle” turkey and Publix doesn’t carry that brand. The manager was there and pointed out the $5 of $50 coupon in the add along with a couple others that they will take though!

  13. carmen says

    I’m super excited to hear that since one of the managers at my store gave me his $5 off Publix turkey coupon that Publix gave him for Thanksgiving! I was super bummed when I didn’t see it on sale in the ad! YAY!

    • Terri says

      I was shopping last night and one of my ‘regular’ check-out ladies saw me shopping and gave me hers. She said her son works there too and she didn’t need two turkeys. She knew I would appreciate it since I’m a couponer and usually buy for our local food pantry!

  14. Debra Burris says

    Yes! I found the same at my store today! What a nice surprise. I was all prepared to buy the Butterball for 99cents per pound and use my coupon and lo and behold Publix brand was 59cents. I ended up with a bigger turkey for less money!!! It wasn’t advertised here either!

  15. MichelleA says

    I have a coupon (I think its from this weeks Winn-Dixie ad) thats for $3.00 off any turkey w/ a 9pk or larger Coors Light purchase!! Its a manuf. coupon, and I need Coors Light and a turkey, so wooohooo! :)

    • Jenni says

      Good middle-of-July-and-kinda-want-a-Thanksgiving-meal recpie:

      serves: 6 to 8
      prep time 15min
      cooktime 15-20min
      rest time 5min

      13×9 dish coated with cooking spray

      mash potatos or sweet potatos (already prepared how you like them)
      pre-cook turkey, shredded
      green beans (cook according to package directions)
      pre-cook stuffing (box kind works great)
      1 can whole cranberry sauce

      layer in pan and cook 350 for 15 to 20 minutes. Cool on counter 5 minutes then top with 1 can Heinz Turkey gravey (or your own)…enjoy!

      *the amounts of each ingredient depend on what you like, just be sure there is enough of each to make a complete layer

    • MamaB says

      I do the same thing– get our lg Thanksgiving bird and 2 smaller ones to save for later. Not too many or it’s just not so special anymore when Tday comes around again! These are some of my turkey recipes; i love doing these–
      1- just a mini Tnksgvg meal.
      2- roast whole thing & slice up a platter full, for serving with rolls for sandwiches. Did this for a lg birthday party in Aug & served baked beans, macNcheese, & different cold salads with it.
      3- my fav– my Grandma called this Turkey Pot Pie: using all the smaller bits and maybe cubed up white meat. First make a white sauce (w/ butter) and put in frozen mixed veggies (peas, carrots, beans,…) then your turkey pieces. Put all in a deep casserole dish & warm thru on stovetop; then top with uncooked biscuits & bake till biscuits done & its bubbly. So yummy!
      4- a Diner meal- sometimes called “dinner on a mountain”! On plate set one slice of your favorite bread; next top it with a spoonful of warm mashed potatoes, next your turkey meat, then spill over a ladle of gravy. Def a comfort food-type meal. My kids especially love it!
      5- turkey quesadillas; with the works… A whole mexican meal.
      6- many soup recipes that turkey is great in; any “chicken soup” recipe, white chilli, tortilla soup, etc
      7- just get creative– & again I use turkey in many if our fav family meals that usually call for chicken. A very nice, subtle change.
      & don’t forget to save the carcasses and make nourishing broths; which you may also freeze or can to save long term, otherwise use it to cook, serve it to someone sick, & you can store it short term in a container in the fridge– just dont throw away all that healthy goodness! My fav broth recipe & info is @
      Hope this helps to get you started!

  16. says

    oh woohoo will have to get me one as soon as we get back from Disney! I am in charged of the turkey every year.

    Don’t know what I would do without a deep freeze in fact it is so full I have asked for an upright freezer for Christmas:) but I do live with 2 hunters and we have a big garden every year, plus all those great frozen deals at publix that I can never pass up!

  17. Amy says

    Thanks! I don’t know if you know or not, but you can pressure can meat. I do it all the time and it helps to save space in my freezer. It is also wonderful to have already cooked turkey ready to add to casseroles!

  18. Melissa Y says

    I’m so excited about the $0.99 lb for Butterball, I won a coupon on Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards last month for up to $15.00 off a Butterball turkey, I can get so much more turkey for my “money” now! I will probably stock up on a few of the Publix brand also since they are a great price. Sure can’t beat a free 15 lb turkey though!

  19. turkey says

    Hi There…. YOu can get up to 5 turkeys in 1 visit for the 59cents deal and each turkey after is 99cents.

    Or you can get some today and get some tomorrow – just in case anyone was looking for 20 or so…. I am going to 3 stories to get 15 turkeys today to hand ut to the families at our church they are out of work…

    Publix you are a Blessing.

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