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OK--so this is the problem with running three sites...this was for I Heart Saving Money but hopefully you guys can get some use from it too :-)

Ok I will admit that I am a money saving geek so I am always looking for ways to save a little moolah.

My husband got me a Droid phone for my birthday and I have been having fun finding free apps and learning all the neat things that it can do. Here is the latest nifty tool that I found...Poynt.

Poynt is a Smartphone App (iphone, blackberry, Android) for movies, resturants gas prices and more. Best part is that is is FREE! How cool is it to be able to check for the cheapest gas station or get a movie ticket from your phone!!


  1. katie says

    i have a motorola cliq. i tried to get this by first doing a search in apps and it said nothing by that was available and then i sent an email to my phones email and clicked on the link and again got the msg that nothing by that name was available. weird

  2. says

    I downloaded this a few months ago. It’s GREAT and informative…but I’m one of those people who would ‘prefer’ to wait for the movies to come out on DVD–movies are just so expensive! :)

  3. maggie says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my droid! Good thing im on unlimited data plan because with all the deal searching I do while in the store I would go over for sure!! Thanks for the app, ill try it.

  4. Ryan says

    if you have an iphone, get “App Miner” this app lets you know all the apps that are currently on sale or free in each category. I’ve probably saved over $200 in app store purchases with this App!!

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