Stouffer’s Family Meals For $1.99 After Coupon

Sara emailed about a great deal on Stouffer's Family Size Meals.  Sara found the large entrees priced at $3.99 and when you log into your Nestle account you can access a $2/1 coupon making each meal $1.99!!  Sara suggests pairing it with the Cole's Mini Loaves deal (Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer) for an inexpensive meal!!

Please note that you will have to log in and provide your email address/password to access the coupon.  The coupon says it is a $1/1 but prints as a $2/1!  If you are not yet a member you might try signing up then returning to the link and signing in--I can't guarantee it will work but you can always try!!

Thanks Sara!


  1. Wendy says

    Thank you so much…stocking up and planning a freezer meal making day and this is one easy, cheap meal to put away before I go back to work in August!!!

  2. Michelle Brooks says

    Awesome!! Mine printed at $2 each!! Thanks so much this will be great for those quick meal nights after work.

  3. crystal says

    yes they r that price at publix!!!! i love almost free food. i’ve done this and gotten the meatloaf and everyone in my house ate it

  4. JESSICA says

    I would like to know as to where I can locate the yellow advantage buy flyer ? Is it at the store? Cause I have never seen or heard of it before.

    • maggie says

      sometimes the flyers are in an obscure place. Check for racks in the front of the store and be sure to check all of the entrances. My store only has the flyers at one entrance. The weekly flyer is usually featured promenantly and the advantage flyers tend to be in the back. Also, sometimes my store doesn’t get all of the flyers.

  5. Mary says

    You rock as usual. I kept skipping printing it because it stated that it was a $1 but printed $2 and I’m loving it:-)

  6. says

    I did this deal over the weekend including the BOGO Coles Mini Garlic Loaves with Qs and we all enjoyed lasagna and garlic bread for dinner for less than $3!!! A great deal indeed :-)

  7. Melissa says

    Can’t find the coupon. Can anyone help please? I am going to Publix after work and would love to get this deal. Thanks.

  8. Christy says

    I finally found the coupon! You have to sign up to take the “Dinner Challenge”, and after signing up, you get a coupon!

    Mine actually did print for $1.00 off, but I can’t complain too much… $2.99 is still a pretty good deal. :)

    • Sara says

      The site is You will need to register with them if you haven’t already. Once that is done, then you can go to their offers and print the coupon. It says a $1/1, but it actually prints as $2/1.

  9. LB514 says

    I did this deal last week with the $1/1 coupon and got two of the meals for 2.99 each. I thought that was a great deal but this is even better! We tried the lasagna italiano and the chicken & rice with veggies. Both were delicious.

    • Hope says

      When you pair it with the FLIP which is actually $2 off when you buy both the meal and M&C it makes it $1.98 for both since you can use two of the Mf coupons. My family will get about 3 meals out of it.

      • Virginia says

        I just printed it and it is a store coupon that you can stack with a manufacturer to make the meals free.

        I think the coupon is saying $2 off all Stouffer’s family size dinners and the 40 oz. mac n’ cheese. I don’t think they mean you actually have to buy both, but rather that both types of items are eligible for the coupon. I’m pretty sure they listed them separately because the mac n’ cheese doesn’t say “family size”. I could be wrong, but that’s how I deciphered it.

  10. Bryan says

    I wish I had known that this coupon was gonna reset

    I would’ve printed out the old $1/1 in addition to the $2/1

    I’ve been holding off printing them waiting for a stouffer skillet bogo

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