President Cheese Coupons

We are big cheese fans here at my house so I am very pleased with this deal:

Head over HERE and enter a UPC code from a package of President or Sorrento cheese and you will get access to a coupon for $4/3 any combination of Président® Fat Free Feta, Sorrento® Fat Free or Low Fat Ricotta, and Precious® Fat Free or Low Fat Ricotta.

There is a Publix coupon in the Smart Savings booklet for $1/1 President Fat Free Feta that will be perfect to use with the $4/3 printable!! gets better --look for specially marked packages of President cheese when you go to use your coupons as you can head over HERE to enter that code to score an additional $10 in coupons:

-$2/1 President Feta Cheese
-$2/1 President Brie Log (x 2)
-$2/1 President Brie
-$2/1 Rondele

Thanks to Lila & Rita at Chi-Town Cheapskate


  1. MichelleA says

    Nice!! I had both UPC and a promo code that I got off some President Feta I bought at the dollar store, so I was able to print the (5) coupons. (They are bricks coupons and can print 2 of each).
    Now I just need to find somewhere that sells the Brie logs. I cant find them anywhere. Anyone know? (I’m in the S. FL area). :)

  2. Sonjia says

    Oh no, I JUST threw out the wooden container for the round Brie two days ago. I hate it when that happens! Twist my arm, I guess I’ll just have to buy some more.

    MichelleA, I have purchased the Brie logs (perfectly sized for snacking!) at SuperTarget for $3.99. I live in Orlando, I hope this helps.

  3. Lauren says

    I tried a code from Sorrento cheese sticks, and it didn’t work. Might have to be from one of the varieties pictured.
    I’m kinda leery of fat-free cheese b/c in the past I haven’t liked it. Has anyone tried the ff feta?

    • MichelleA says

      I’ve had Fat Free feta and low fat feta that I’ve put on salads and in turkey burgers and I couldnt tell the difference. I havent tried President brand though but hopefully its the same!

  4. says

    We found some $1 off any ‘Président specialty cheese product’ on the sale flyer turnstile the other day. They’re small and right next to several other cheese Q’s.

  5. Jean says

    You Rock! I have a large family in the Birmingham area, and every little penny helps! Thanks for making it easier on those who want to save money for other things for our families! So smart you are!

  6. Gracee says

    It’s telling me that too for one that I just pulled from the fridge. I even called my sister to get hers and got the same message. It must THEIR system. LOL!

  7. xysea says

    Remember to put the 0 first, then the 10, then the last digit. It’s for sure 12 digits, so I must have been tired when I tried earlier because this time it worked.

  8. JBC says

    I was able to get 6 8oz Sargetto Mozz. today and they let me use 6 of the $1/1 blinkies as well as 3 Food Lion $1/2 from their dairy flyer I found in the cold section all total gave me small overage! :))

  9. Marilyn Smith says

    I purhcased two 6oz President feta crumbled chees at Price Chopper in Syracuse, New York. Attached were offers for coupons and a cookbook but when I attempted to complete the form after completing the needed material inserting the code number, a message came up saying that the code numbers had already been used. What is my next step?

  10. Nita says

    Very user unfriendly site. Nothing leading to where I could type in UPC code to get a coupon. Thanks for nothing.

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