BIG Sneak Peek Publix Weekly Ad 3/18 – 3/24 (3/17 – 3/23 in some areas)

I have a treat for you is a super duper early sneak peek of the ad 3/18 - 3/24 (3/17 - 3/23 in some areas)  I added some price variations that I noticed in the Atlanta version of the ad. Also be aware that I don't think the essential items are changing...those items appear to be part of the regular weekly ad (as far as I can tell)

Vita Sliced Smoked Salmon – Nova or Lox, 3 oz jar – BOGO $3.99

Perdue Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets – or Chicken Tenders or Breaded Chicken Nuggets Fun Shapes – 12 oz pkg. – BOGO $4.39

Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners – Mix or Math: Regular, Bun Length, or Jumbo; or Meat Bologna: Regular or Lite-16 oz pkg. - BOGO $3.19 ($2.99 Atlanta)

Margaritaville Shrimp – Assorted Varieties – 8 or 10 oz pkg. - BOGO $7.99

Fast Fixin’ Chicken Breast Nuggets – or Tenders, Popcorn Chicken, or Chicken Fries – 23 or 26 oz pkg. – BOGO $5.99
-$1/1 Fast Fixin' Item, Any (Publix Coupon) - Healthy Meals. Healthy Kids (exp 3/20)
-$1/1 Fast Fixin' or Fast Fixin' On The Go, Any - All You, March 2010
-$.75/1 Fast Fixin' 20 oz bag or larger, any - All You, October 2009

Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon Wine – or Merlot or Chardonnay – 750 ml – BOGO $7.99 (REGIONAL--not in Atlanta ad--just listed $7.49)
-up to $6 MIR
HERE --thanks Jennifer

Flatout EdgeOn Crisps – Multigrain or 4 cheese – 6 oz – BOGO $2.89

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs – or Cups or Hershey’s Candy Bars, Marshmallow Eggs or Bunnies; or Almond Joy Eggs or Kit Kat – 6 pk. 5.7 – 9.6 oz pkg. – BOGO $4.19 ($3.59 Atlanta)
-$2/3 PRINT
-Free Free Cadbury bar 3.5-4 oz when you buy Two 10oz bag or larger bag's of Hershey's, Reese's or Cadbury Easter candy - valid up to $1.75
-$2/3 Hershey’s, Reeses, or Cadbury Candy 8 oz+ 03-14-10 SS
B2G1 Hershey's 6-Packs - Tearpad
-$1/2 Walgreens March Booklet (thanks everyone!)
Snickers Mini – or M & M’s, Mini Mix, or Fun Size Variety Bag – 34.2 to 42 oz bag – BOGO $9.99
-$1/3 M&M's Brand Chocolate candies for easter (9.8 oz, or larger), M&M's Brand speckled chocolate eggs (9.8 oz, or larger), M&M's Brand FUN SIZE chocolate candies for easter, snickers brand minis, twix brand minis, 3 musketeers brand minis, milky way minis, minis mix spring variety bag, dove brand silky smooth eggs (8.5oz, or larger). Cannot be combined with any other offer. - 03-07-10 RP
-$.50/2; $1/3 Snickers Brand Bars, Any - 02-21-10 RP

Kozy Shack Pudding – Assorted Varieties – 22 oz tub or 4 or 6pk. 4 oz cup – BOGO $2.99 ($2.59 Atlanta)
-$.55/1; $.40/1 Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding, any - 02-07-10 SS

Smart Balance Spread, 13 or 15 oz or 2-pk. 7.5 oz tub or spray, 8 oz. bot. (Excluding Organic) – BOGO $3.09 ($2.79 Atlanta)
-$1/2 Smart Balance Buttery Spreads, any - 03-21-10 RP & 03-17-10 RP

Simply Potatoes Mashed Potatoes – Regular, Country, Garlic, Sweet Potatoes, or Sour Cream and Chive – 24 oz pkg. – BOGO $2.59

Lender’s Bagels – Assorted Varieties, Pre-sliced – 6ct. bag (located in the Dairy section) – BOGO $2.09 ($1.79 Atlanta)
-$.50/1 Little Lender's or 100 Calorie Bagels Print (if included) PRINT
-$.50/1 Little Lender's or 100 Calorie Bagels, Any 1 (one) - All You, March 2010 (if included)

Klondike or Slim-A-Bear Ice Cream Treats - Assorted Varieties – 16 to 27 oz box. – BOGO $3.99 ($3.59 Atlanta)

Contessa Green Cuisine Meals – or Restaurant Quality, Assorted Varieties – 20 to 24oz bag – BOGO $7.99
-$2/1 Contessa MicroSteam or On the Stove Meal, any (DND 5) - 01-31-10 RP
-$2/1 Peelie--
thanks Jane!

Tombstone Pizza - Assorted Varieties – 18.1 to 29.5 oz pkg. (excluding Stuffed Crust and Brick Oven Varieties) – BOGO $5.79
-$3/2  12" Tombstone Pizzas Tearpad

Morey’s Fish Creations - Assorted Varieties – 10oz box – BOGO $6.59

Pepperidge Farm Three Layer Cake - Assorted Varieties – 19 or 19.6 oz box – BOGO $3.99

Nabisco Oreo Fudge Cremes Cookies – 8.5 oz box, Fun Stix, 5 oz box, or Cakesters, 10.56 to 13.25 oz box, Assorted Varieties – BOGO $3.39
-$1/2 Nabisco Calendar
-$1.50 off Nabisco Oreo Cakesters, any pkg 10.56 oz - 12 oz and 1 gallon of milk Tearpad
-Free Oreo Cakesters pkg (5 oz +),  wyb any one pkg of Oreo Cookies (5 oz +) - valid up to $3.29 tearpad
-$.50/2 Family Dollar PRINT

V8 V-Fusion 100 % Juice - Assorted Varieties – 46 oz bot. – BOGO $3.99
-$.75/1 V8 V-Fusion 46 oz 03-14-10 SS
PRINT & PRINT --thanks Shannon

General Mills Cereal – Total, Wheaties, Raisin Nut Bran, Basic 4, Oatmeal Crisp, or Honey Nut Clusters – 15 to 18.25 oz box – BOGO $4.29
-$1/2 General Mills cereals, any two boxes, listed: basic 4, cheerios, chex, cinnamon toast crunch, cocoa puffs, cookie crisp, dora the explorer, fiber one, golden grahams, honey nut clusters, kix, lucky charms, oatmeal crips, raisin nut bran, reese's puffs, total, trix and wheaties - 03-07-10 SS
-$.75/1; $1/1 General Mills Wheaties Cereal, Any - 02-21-10 SS
-$1/3 General Mills Cereals: Basic 4, Cheerios (Any), Chex (Any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs (Any), Cookie Crisp (Any), Dora The Explorer, Fiber One (Any), Golden Grahams, Honey Nut Clusters, Kix (Any), Oatmeal Crisp (Any), Raisin Nut Bran, Reese's Puffs, Total (Any), Trix, Wheaties (Any) - 02-07-10 SS
-$.75/1 Wheaties Fuel PRINT
 & PRINT (if included)

Kellogg’s Cereal – Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies, or Smacks – 11.2 to 16.5 oz box – BOGO $3.99
-$.70/2 Blinkie
-$1/1; $.70/1 Peelie
-$1/2 Rice Krispies Kellogg's cereal, 9 oz. or +, any flavor, mix or match
-FREE Silk Soymilk wyb any two Kellogg’s cereals Tearpad-thanks Judi
-$1.50/3 PRINT (MQ with Target logo)thanks Jodi
-$2 off milk wyb 2 Kellogg's cereal tearpad
-$.55/1 Kellogg's Rice Krispies Or Kellogg's Jumbo Rice Krispies Cereal, Any 12 Oz. Or Larger (store coupon) - Healthy Meals. Healthy Kids (exp 3/20)
-$1/2 boxes Kellogg’s Cereal (Raisin Bran, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies or Special K) FLIP PRINT

Wish-Bone Dressing - Assorted Varieties – 16 oz bot. – BOGO $2.89 ($2.65 Atlanta)
-$.75/2 Wish-Bone Salad Dressings (16 oz or larger) - Multiply your Meals & Savings

Prego Italian Sauce – or Meat Sauce, Assorted Varieties, 23.5 or 24 oz jar – BOGO $2.69 ($2.07 Atlanta)
-$.50/2; $1/1 Prego Heart Smart Italian Sauce, any two - 02-07-10 SS
-$1/3 Prego Heart Smart Italian Sauces - Live Wholeheartedly Now

Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup - Assorted Varieties – 18.6 to 18.8 oz can or 15.3 oz bowl – BOGO $2.39
-$1/3 Campbell's Select Harvest, Healthy Request, or Chunky Healthy Request soups - Live Wholeheartedly Now
-$.50/2 Campbell's Select Harvest Soups, any (2) - 02-07-10 SS
-$1/2; $.50/2  Campbell's Select Harvest Healthy Request Soups Can Or Bowl, Any - 01-03-10 SS

New England Freshly Ground Coffee - Assorted Varieties, 9 to 12-oz bag – BOGO $5.79

Mueller’s Pasta - Assorted Varieties, 12 or 16oz box or 100% All Natural Whole Wheat Pasta, 13.25 oz box (Excluding Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, and Noodles) – BOGO $1.39
-$.55/1 Whole Wheat
-$1/2 Mueller's Whole Wheat Pasta Or Pasta Ribbons, Any - 01-03-10 SS
-$1/3 Mueller's Elbow Macaroni or Your Favorite Mueller's Pasta. Valid 3/1/10 - 3/31/10 - Plan on Pasta 2010 Calendar

Uncle Ben’s Long Grain & Wild Rice – or Brown and Wild Rice - Assorted Varieties, 6 to 6.7 oz box – BOGO $1.99
-$1/2 Uncle Ben's Rice Products, Any - 02-21-10 RP
-$1/1 Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown Rice, Any - 02-21-10 RP

Krusteaz Cookie Mix – Bakery Style: Chocolate Chunk, Sugar, or Peanut Butter, 15.5 or 17.5 oz box – BOGO $2.19

Welch’s Grape Juice – or White Grape – 46 oz bot.- BOGO $3.49
-$.75/1 Welch’s Refrigerated Juice or Juice Cocktail - 03-14-10 SS
PRINT -thanks Brooke

College Inn Broth - Assorted Varieties – 32 oz ctn. – BOGO $2.49
-$1/2 PRINT
(thanks Katie...not printing for me but maybe you all will have more luck!)

Musselman’s Apple Sauce – Home Style: Natural Unsweetened or Chunky; or Original or Cinnamon Apple, 6 pk. 4 oz cup – BOGO $2.33

Lawry’s 30 Minute Marinade - Assorted Varieties – 12 oz bot. – BOGO $2.89

Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner - Assorted Varieties – 10.75 to 16.35 oz box – BOGO $2.69
-$1 off Kraft Cheese wyb Taco Bell Home Originals Taco Dinner Kit, (1) Taco Bell Home Originals 12 ct. Shells Or (3) Taco Bell Home Originals Seasoning Mix Packets, Any Tearpad
-$1 off publix produce with the purchase of any two taco bell products
PRINT thanks Mendy!

Wise Potato Chips - Assorted Varieties – 7.75 or 8 oz bag – BOGO $2.99
-$.50/1 PRINT--
thanks Stephanie!

Assorted Tostitos Salsa or Sauce, 15.5 or 16 oz jar – BOGO
-$2 off when you buy (2) jars of Tostitos Salsa and/or Queso (15 oz +, any var./flavor) AND (1) bag of Tostitos Tortilla Chips (9.5oz+, any var./flavor) Tearpad
-$1/1 Tostitos Tortilla Chips, any 14.5 oz+ bag, OR Tostitos dip or salsa, any 22 3/4 oz.+ jar - Kroger My Magazine
-Free 1 jar tostitos salsa, excludes sweet and spicy summer salsa up to $2.99 when you buy any two bags of tostitos tortilla chips, 9 oz or larger - valid up to $2.99

Arnold WholeGrains Bread – or Grains & More or Country, Assorted Varieties – 24 oz loaf – BOGO $3.69

Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread - Assorted Varieties- Cinnamon: Regular or Wholegrain, 16 oz loaf – BOGO $3.59

Pop-Secret Premium Popcorn - Assorted Varieties – 6 or 10 ct. 11.2 to 21 oz box – BOGO $4.69
-$1/2; $.50/2 Pop Secret products, any (2) - 02-21-10 RP

Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum – or Orbit or Juicy Fruit, Assorted Varieties – 60 ct. bot – BOGO $3.29

Nabisco Munch Pack Variety Pack – or Single Serve or Variety Packs; or Kraft Handi-Snacks, Assorted Varieties, 2 or 15 ct. 9.45 to 25.2 oz pkg. BOGO $5.99
-$1/1 Nabisco Munch Packs Cookies or Crackers. Has Food Lion logo but indicates manufacturer's coupon Tearpad

Lance Cookies, Crackers, or Wafers - Assorted Varieties- 6 to 14 oz pkg. (Excluding Variety Packs and Reduced Fat) – BOGO $2.89
-$1/2 Lance Homepack Sandwich Crackers (10oz or larger),any variety MQ that states 'REDEEM ONLY AT PUBLIX' - 'Bring the Race to Your Own Back Yard'
-$1/2 Cape Cod Potato Chips, Lance Crackers, Tom's Fries, Mix and Match Tearpad
-$1/1 PRINT

All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent - Assorted Varieties – 3x Concentrated, 32 oz bot. Or 2x Ultra, 50 oz bot. – BOGO $5.99
-$2/1 ; $1/1 All Liquid Laundry Detergent, Any 50 Oz. Or Larger 02-07-10 RP

Lysol Neutra-Air Sanitizing Spray - Assorted Varieties – 10 oz can – BOGO $3.59
-$1.50/1 Lysol Neutra Air Aerosol Can, Any - 03-07-10 SS

Hefty Everyday Plates – Soak Proof- 130 ct pkg – BOGO $4.49
-$1/2 Hefty off the purchase of any two packages of Hefty plates, bowls or cups - Big Game Savings
-$1/2; $.50/1 Hefty Plates or Cups, any (2) packages - 01-31-10 RP
-$1/2 Hefty Plates Or Cups, Any - Tailgate Like a Pro

Bic Disposable Razors - Assorted Varieties – 3 to 8ct. pkg. – BOGO $5.49

WellPatch Pain Relief Patch – Deep Heating: Backache or Warming or Natural Capsaicin, Lasts up to 8 hours, 4ct box – BOGO $5.99

Strudel – Tart Cherries or Apples – 16 oz-$4.29
Cinnamon Buns, 6 ct. – $4.49
Angel Food Cake – 15 oz size- $3.99
Italian Five-Grain Bread – 16 oz loaf – $2.79
Decadent Dessert Slices – 6 oz pkg. – $3.99
Blueberry Muffins 4-Count – 10 oz pkg – $2.39
Donut Nuggets, 24 ct. – Filled with Raspberry – 8 oz pkg. – $2.99
12 Grain and Seed Bread – 16 oz bag – $3.99
Apple Pie – Bakery 32 or 34 oz – $3.99

Yoplait Yogurt – 4 or 6 oz cup – 20/$9
     -$.50/6 PRINT & PRINT  & PRINT 
     -$.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, Any Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, OR Whips! OR Any Flavor Yoplait Original OR Light
Smoothie - 02-07-10 SS
     -$1/8 PRINT
Nestle Coffee-mate Flavored Creamers – Assorted Varieties – 32 oz bot. – 2/$5
     -$.75/1 PRINT 
     -$1/2; $.75/1; $.50/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, any - 02-07-10 RP
     -$1/2 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamers, Any 16 Oz. + (Valid 1/1/10 to 7/31/10) Nestle School Days Made Simple
Publix Chunk Cheese – 16 oz pkg. – 2/$7
Sargento Shredded Cheese – or Sunburst, Assorted Varieties, 5 to 8 oz pkg.– 2/$4
     -$.50/1 Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks, Any 5 Oz. + - 01-03-10 SS - 03-03-10 SS
     -$.40/1 PRINT 
     -$1/2; $.55/2; $.40/2 Sargento Natural Shredded Cheeses, Any 5 Oz. Or Larger - 01-31-10 SS

4 Grain Large Eggs – or Vegetarian Brown – 12 ct. ctn. – 2/$4
Friendship Sour Cream - 16 oz cup – .99¢
     -$1/2 PRINT (zip 30013)
     -$1/2 Friendship all natural cottage cheese or sour cream - any two (2) 16oz. Blinkie
     -$.60/1 PRINT--thanks Carmen!
Breakstone’s Temp Tee Cream Cheese – 8 oz tub – 2/$3
Silver Spring Horseradish – 5 oz jar – 2/$3
     -$.30/1 Silver Springs Horseradish Mustard or Sauce, Any Tearpad
Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt – 32 oz tub – $2.79
     -$1/1 Stonyfield, any 32oz cup of organic yogurt - Annie's 2010 Calendar
     -$.50/1 PRINT
Publix Yogurt – 6 oz cup – 5/$2

Publix Deli Hummus – 8 oz pkg. – 2/$4
Publix Deli Oven Roasted Turkey Breast – $5.99/lb
Boar’s Head Blazing Buffalo Chicken Breast – $7.69/lb
Publix Pre-Sliced Sweet Ham - 12 oz pkg. $3.99
Publix Deli Turkey Half Sub Combo –$4.99 (Boars Head, each $5.49)
Publix Rotisserie Chicken Family Combo Meal – Hot or Fresh Chilled, or Mixed Fried Chicken, (Free Gallon of Assorted Publix Deli Tea) – $9.99
Boar’s Head Golden Classic Chicken Breast – $7.69/lb

Blue Bell Ice Cream – or Frozen Yogurt – half-gal ctn. – $3.99
     -$1/1 HERE
Healthy Choice Café Steamers Entrees – or Healthy Choice Meals – 9.5 to 12.3 oz box – 4/$10
     -$1/2 Any Two (2) Healthy Choice Complete Meals from the ConAgra 'Rediscover Your Balance' homemailer (DND 9)
     -$1.25/2 PRINT 

     -$1/2 PRINT
Boston Market Home Style Meals - Assorted Varieties – 9.7 to 16 oz box – 4/$10
Publix Premium Frozen Apple Pie – or Pumpkin, Peach, or Cherry – 26 or 31 oz box – 2/$6
Publix Vegetables – Steam in Bag – 12 oz pkg. – 4/$5
Stouffer’s Family Size Entrees – 28 to 40 oz box (Limit 4) – $3.99

Filled Easter Baskets – From $5.99 – $24.99
Ocean Spray 100% Fruit and Veggie Juice – or 100% Cranberry Juice Blends, or Cranergy Energy Juice Drinks, Assorted Varieties, 64 oz bot. – 2/$5
     -$1/2 Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice or Grapefruit Juice Drinks, 64 oz varieties, Any - 02-14-10 RP
Bumble Bee Prime Fillet – 4 pk. 5 oz can – $4.99
     -$1/5 PRINT
12-pack Selected Canada Dry, 7-UP, A & W, or Diet Rite – 12 oz can – B3G1 – Final price – 4/$11
Tostitos Tortilla Chips - Assorted Varieties – 9 to 13 oz bag – 2/$6
     -$2 off when you buy (2) jars of Tostitos Salsa and/or Queso (15 oz +, any var./flavor) AND (1) bag of Tostitos Tortilla Chips (9.5oz+, any var./flavor) Tearpad
     -$1/1 Tostitos Tortilla Chips, any 14.5 oz+ bag, OR Tostitos dip or salsa, any 22 3/4 oz.+ jar - Kroger My Magazine
     -Free Tostitos Salsa, any variety/flavor 15 oz. - 16 oz. jar free when you buy any 2 bags of Tostitos Tortilla Chips, any varieties/flavors, 9 oz. or larger. - valid up to $2.99 Tearpad
     -$1/2 bags Tostito’s Scoops Harveys PRINT

Selected Pepsi Products – 2L bot. – 5/$5
12-Pack Selected Pepsi Products – 12 oz can – 3/$12
Publix Spring or Purified Water – 24pk, 16.9 oz bot. – $3.99
Russell Stover Fine Chocolates – 12 oz box – $6.99
Starburst Jellybeans – 14 oz bag - 3/$5
     -$1/2 Starburst Jellybeans, Any 14oz - 03-07-10 RP
PAAS Color Cups – 5 ct pkg. –2/$3
Assorted Easter Curly Grass – 2 oz pkg. – 2/$1
Sue Bee Honey – 12 oz bot – $1.99
     -$1/1 PRINT
Sun-Maid Natural California Raisins – 24 oz cnstr. 2/$5
Kashi Cereal – or Granola – 7.5 to 17.5 oz box or Instant Oatmeal – 11.28 or 12.1 oz box – 2/$5
      -$1.50/1 Heart to Heart PRINT (if included) 
     -Buy 2 Get 1 Free Purchase two Kashi® Cereals, get one 4 ct. pkg Kashi® GOLEAN® Bars Free PRINT
     -Buy 2 Get 1 Free Purchase two Kashi® Cereals, get one Kashi® Cereal Free PRINT
     -Buy 2 Get 1 Free Purchase two Kashi® Cereals, get one package of of Kashi® TLC® Bars FreePRINT 
     -Buy 2 Get 1 Free Purchase two Kashi® Cereals, get one package of Kashi® Crackers Free
Publix GreenWise Market Organic Beans – 15 oz can – $1.09
Publix Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 17 oz bot – $4.79
Chef Boyardee – 14.5 to 15 oz can (Limit 4) – .89¢
     -$.50/2 PRINT
     -$.50/4 ConAgra 03-14-10 SS --thanks Dawne!

Health & Beauty
Free Dove Styling Product ( 7 or 8 oz) with the purchase of Dove Shampoo or Conditioner (12 oz)
     -$1.50/2 Dove Shampoo and/or Conditioner products, Any (Publix Store Coupon) - Beautiful Benefits
Banana Boat Suncare – or Hawaiian Tropic Suncare Products – 3 to 16 oz pkg. - (Excluding lip and stick products) – 2.00 off
One A Day Multivitamins - Assorted Varieties – 12 to 200 ct. pkg. – 25 % off
     -$2.50/1 Flintstones or One a Day Kids Vitamins, any 50 - 150 ct. pkg. (Publix store coupon) - Publix Family Style Spring 2010
     -$2.50/1 One A Day Vitamins or Powders, any 12 - 200 ct. pkg. (Publix store coupon) - Publix Family Style Spring 2010

     -$1/1 One-A-Day Adult Or Teen Multivitamin Product, Any - Save Up To $10 From Bayer HealthCare
     -$1/1 PRINT
St. Ives Swiss Formula Body Wash – or Body Lotion, 18 oz bot. or Facial Cleaners 6-10 oz pkg. – 2/$5
Advil Pain Medicine - Assorted Varieties, 80 or 100 ct. bot. (excluding Advil PM) – $7.99
     -$2/1 Advil or Advil PM 16 ct or larger, Publix coupon - Publix Green advantage March Into Savings
     -$1/1 Advil PM, any 16 ct+ – 01-31-10 RP
     -$2/1 Advil, any 40 ct+ – 01-31-10 RP
Sensodyne Toothpaste - Assorted Varieties – 4 oz box. – $4.49
     -$1/1 Sensodyne Iso-Active Foaming Gel Or Any Sensodyne Toothpaste - 01-03-10 RP
     -$.75/1 PRINT

Prevacid Acid Reducer – Capsules, 15 mg. 42 ct box. – $24.99
     -$4/1 Prevacid 24HR, any one - Parade, February 2010
     -$10/1 Prevacid 24HR, any 42 ct product - Parade, February 2010
     -$2/1 Prevacid 24HR Product, Any - 02-07-10 SS
     -$4/1 PRINT
     -$2/1 PRINT  & PRINT

Benadryl Allergy – 20 or 24 ct pkg. or Sudafed, 18 to 24 ct or .5 oz pkg. – $3.99
     -$1/1 Benadryl Allergy Plus Product, Any (excludes trial size) - 03-14-10 RP
     -$2/1 Children's Motrin, Tylenol, Zyrtec, Sudafed or Benadryl, Publix coupon - Publix Green advantage March Into Savings
     -$1/1 Benadryl Allergy, Any Excludes Trial Size Man Coupon, no store logo ABC's Booklet - When it comes to relief know your ABC's
     -$4/2 PRINT--thanks Carmen!

EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Shake – 4 pk. 11 oz ctn. – 2/$10
     -$1/1 Any EAS Product, Limit 1 Coupon per Transaction - 02-28-10 SS
     -$2/1 EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control 4pk Shake, EAS Myoplex 4pk Shake or EAS Protein Powder  -thanks Sean!
Pampers Cruisers Diapers or Baby Dry – 20 to 36 ct pkg. – $8.99
     -$2/1 Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, Swaddlers, Cruisers or Extra Protection Diapers, Any - 03-14-10 RP
     -$2/1 Pampers Cruisers Diapers, Any - 02-21-10 PG
     -$1.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants, Any - 02-07-10 PG
Enfamil Lipil Infant Formula – 32 oz can – 2/$10
Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food – 10/$4
     -$2/16 Beech-Nut Stage 2 Jars, Any - 01-03-10 SS
Pampers Wipes Refills – 180-231 pkg. – $5.99
     -$.50/1 Pampers Wipes 60 ct +, Any - 02-07-10 PG
     -$2/1 pampers wipes refill, assorted varieties 210 - 231 ct pkg , Publix baby club coupon
     -$1/1 Future Friendly Booklet
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste – 6 or 6.3 oz tube (Limit 4) – 2/$3

PUR Water Filtration System – 2 or 3 Stage Fillers: System or Replacement: or 7-cup Pitcher or 18-cup Dispenser with Filter, Assorted Varieties, each or 3 ct. pkg. – 25% off
     -$3/1 PUR Pitcher Faucet Mount Multi-Pack Replacement Filters or PUR Refrigerator Filter 03-07-10 PG
     -$3/1 PUR Future Friendly Booklet

Ziploc Big Bags – or flexible totes – 1 to 5 ct. – 2/$10 ***SC Johnson MIR
Windex Original Glass Cleaner – Assorted Varieties, 26 oz bot. – 2/$5***SC Johnson MIR
     -$.55/1 Windex Glass Cleaning Product,any - Family Circle, BHG, Good Housekeeping, Woman's DayFebruary 2010
     -$1/1 PRINT
Suavitel Fabric Conditioner – Assorted Varieties, 56 oz bot. – 2/$5
     -$1/1 Suavitel or Fabuloso Kroger Home Mailer--thanks Lena!
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner – with Febreeze of Multi-Purpose – 40 oz bot. – 2/$5
     -$.75/1 Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Liquid (any one size) - P&G's Home Made Simple Booklet
Fabuloso Liquid Cleaner - Assorted Varieties – 28 oz bot. – 3/$4
     -$1/1 Suavitel or Fabuloso Kroger Home Mailer--thanks Lena!
Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper – 12 roll – $6.99
     -$1/1 PRINT  (zip 30187)
     -$1/1 Cottonelle toilet paper 12 pack - USA Weekend, January 2010
     -$1/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12-pack, Any - All You, February 2010
Brawny Paper Towels – 6 or 8 roll – 5.99 **GP MIR HERE 
     -$1/2; $.50/1 Brawny Paper Towels 2-roll +, Any (2) packages - 03-14-10 RP
Glad Zipper Freezer or Storage Bags – Value Pack: Gallon or Quart Size, 30 to 50 ct pkg. – 2/$5
     -$1/2 Glad storage Bring The Race To Your Own Backyard
Kingsford Match Light Charcoal Briqueets – Ready to Light – 12.5 lb bag – $7.99
     -$2/1 Kingsford Bring The Race To Your Own Backyard
     -$2 off Meat wyb Kingsford Charcoal Briquets (16.6 lb) or Match Light Briquets (12.5 lb) - 03-14-10 SS thanks Keren!
    -Free Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing when you purchase any Kingsford or Kingsford Match Light Charcoal (up to $3) PRINT
    -Free KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce when you purchase any Kingsford or Kingsford Match Light Charcoal (up to $3)PRINT    
    -Free Glad Product when you purchase any Kingsford or Kingsford Match Light Charcoal (up to $3) PRINT
2x Ultra Tide Laundry Detergent – 50 oz bot. – $4.99
     -$1/1 Tide Detergent, any size - 03-07-10 PG
     -$.75/1 Tide Laundry Detergent, Any Excluding Trial Size (Target Coupon) - 02-21-10 SS
     -$1/2 Tide Detergent, Any - 02-07-10 PG
     -$1/1 Future Friendly Booklet
Scott Unscented Bathroom Tissue – 4 roll – $2.49
     -$.75/2 Scott extra soft bath tissue, two four packs or 1 six pack DND9 Blinkie

Empire Turkey – $1.99/lb
Empire Roasting Chicken – $1.99/lb
Lamb Shank – $3.19/lb
Beef Brisket – 3.99/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast – $2.49/lb (Sirloin Tip Steaks – $2.79/lb)
Whole Pork Tenderloin – $3.99/lb (Lemon Herb Seasoned- $4.49/lb)
Split Chicken Breast – $1.69/lb (GreenWise - $2.99/lb)
7-Bone Chuck Pot Roast – $2.99/lb (7-bone chuck steaks – $3.29/lb)
Beef Cubed Steaks – $3.49/lb (Montreal Seasoned – $3.99/lb)
Hormel Black Label Bacon – Original, Maple Flavor, Center-Cut, or Thick-Sliced – 2/$6
Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunch Meats – 8 or 9 oz tub – 2/$6
     -$1/2 Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin or Hearty Slices Lunchmeat, Any (2) packages, DND5 - DNT5 - 03-14-10 RP
     -$1/1 Hearty Slices PRINT

New York Strip Steaks – $6.99/lb
Ground Sirloin – $3.49/lb
Bacon and Cheddar Burger $3.99/lb

Iams Premium Dog Food – or Puppy Food - Assorted Varieties, 15.5 to 20 lb bag – $16.99
     -$1/1 Iams Puppy Food, any size - 03-07-10 PG
     -$3/1 Iams Healthy Naturals Dry Dog Food, any size - 03-07-10 PG
     -$1/1 Iams Dry Dog or Dry Cat Food, Any - 02-07-10 PG
Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food - Assorted Varieties, 3 oz can – 10/$5
     -$1/12 Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Gourmet Cat Food, Any - 02-07-10 RP
Pedigree Little Champions Adult Dog Food - Assorted Varieties, Variety pack, 12 pk. 5.3 oz pouch – $5.99
     -$1/2; $2/1 Pedigree Little Champions Pouch Variety Pack , Any - 02-14-10 RP
Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter – Premium Clumping or Multiple Cat Strength – 25lb box – $9.99

Michigan Red or Golden Delicious Apples – 3 lb bag – $2.49
Publix Baby Cut and Peeled Carrots – 2lb bag – $2.49
Publix Premium Salad Kits – True Bleu, Italian, Makoto Honey Ginger, or Waldorf (4 Varieties) – 7.5 to 10.5 oz bag 2/$5
Asparagus – $1.99/lb
Florida Strawberries – 2/$4
Navel Oranges – $.99/lb
Idaho Potatoes – 5lb bag – $2.49 (large or extra large – $.69/lb)
Bartlett Pears – $1.29/lb
Baby Portabella Mushrooms – 8 oz pkg. – $1.69
Herbs – Cilantro, Parsley, or Italian Parsley – .79¢
Cantaloupes – $1.97
Florida Red Grapefruit – 2/$5
Florida Celery – .99¢
Red Radishes – 16 oz bag – .99¢
Simply 100 % Apple or Grapefruit Juice or Simply Orange Juice 1.75 L or Blend: with Pineapple or Mango – 59 oz bot. 2/$6
Tulip Bouquet – $6.99
Hyacinth or Assorted Tulips, 6’’ pot – $5.99
Publix GreenWise Market Organic Salad – 4 to 10 oz bag – $2.69

Fresh Catfish Fillets – 4.99/lb (Ready-to-Cook: Lemon Herb or Cajun – $5.99/lb)
Large White Shrimp – 31 to 35 per pound – 4.99/lb
Fresh Mahi Portions – Boneless, Skinless, Wild Harvested, 6 oz each – $4.99
Publix Finishing Sauces - Assorted Varieties – 10-oz pkg. – 2/$7
Medium Cooked Shrimp – 41 to 50 per pound – $5.99/lb

Passover Items
Meal Mart Stuffed Cabbage – Kosher for Passover, 39 oz box – $10.99
Streit’s Matzo Ball Mix – 4.5 oz box – $1.79
Streit’s Macaroons – 10 oz can – 2/$7
Kedem No Sugar Added Grape Juice – 22 oz bot. – 2/$6
Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine – or blackberry or cream white, 750 ml – 2/$7
Manischewitz Whitefish & Pike- or Whitefish or Gefilte Fish – 24 oz jar – $6.99
Manischewitz Matzo Meal – or Baking Meal – 16 oz cnstr. – 2/$7
Mrs. Schreiber Chopped Liver – 12 oz pkg. – $2.99
Savion Crispy-O’s Cereal – Kosher for Passover – 5.5 oz box or 7 oz box
Gefen Noodles – 9 oz – 2/$6.00
Rakusen’s Matzo Crackers – Kosher for Passover – 5.29 oz – 2/$7

In-Ad Coupons
$2.00 off 1 Streit’s Passover Matzos – 5lb pkg.
$10.00 off $50.00 BP Gift Card w/ $25.00 grocery purchase

Please do not cut and paste the entire list of match ups to another site without my permission!

Join me at  BeCentsAble’s Grocery Gathering

Thanks to curly1534 at HCW for the ad type up!


  1. Danielle says

    I just KNEW that Welch’s would go on BOGO! I hope it’s right, using all 3 coupons would mean 2 for .49 total!! Thank’s for the super sneak peek 😀

  2. Bonnie says

    Wow!! This is great!! You’re awesome!! You already know that though:):)
    Have a Great Weekend!!!

    Thanks, again!!!

  3. christy says

    Will this coupon work for the B1G1 sale though? im fairly new to this all so im just wondering how the word ” any “on there works?
    -$1/1 Welch’s 100% Juice 10 oz 6-pack, any – 02-07-10 SS


    • Danielle says

      If the sale is just for the 64 oz., I doubt it. But there were 2 other coupons adjacent to the one you mentioned on that coupon sheet. There is one out for $1/1 64 oz., and $1/1 64 oz. Light. If you have the coupon for the 6 pk. hopefully you’ve got the other two as well.

  4. Amber says

    Yay!! I have been waiting on the Fast Fixin’s and Welch’s to go on sale and what a deal with the Publix coupon which expires next week :) Only nuggets my son will eat!! Thanks so much for all you do!

  5. Jennifer says

    This will sweeten the deal for the Santa Rita wine :) You can download the form from

    Santa Rita $6 Rebate Form ( Aug-31 )
    Receive up to a $6 Santa Rita Rebate, a $1.50 rebate on any one product, $3.50 rebate on any two products, $6 rebate on any three products.

    Note: Offer not valid in AL, IN, ME, MS, SD, TX and UT.

  6. Misty says

    Thanks!! I just signed up on the Fast Fixin’s website and it printed out 5 $1.00 off Q’s for me! I am super excited.

  7. christy says

    Danielle-thanks for the info.
    But the sale looks like it is for the 46 oz bottle on the welchs not the 64 oz? KWIM? so the 64 oz coupon wouldnt work on this sale?

    • Danielle says

      I kinda was hoping the 46 oz was a typo. I didn’t know they made that size :S Ah well, we’ll see what happens I guess. Regardless, there’s definitely some Welch’s coupons to be used out there :)

        • John Verville says

          There is a 46 OZ. bottle of Welch’s. It is listed on Welch’s website and I do remember seeing a smaller bottle in the stove. I was hoping it was for the 64 oz. also. So I don’t see any coupons for this.

  8. Jessica says

    I’ve never seen so many items on BOGO! This is so awesome! Thank you for the extra time to get prepared. I’ll finally make it to the store by the first day of the sale. You’re great!

  9. Brooke says

    What an awesome surprise! Now what is there to look forward to on Monday? :) You’re the best! I am so excited about the fast fixin BOGO!

  10. royalrouseau says

    I have been couponing for about 8 months now. Do the same items just keep rolling over in their sales? I am starting to see a pattern.

  11. Reiko says

    Dang! The pantry’s full. The freezer’s full. What’s a girl to do? I think I better have a dinner soon! 😉

  12. Lisa says

    Wow! Great work finding the ad this early; makes for plenty of time to plan. And so many good things on sale! Yahoo! Thanks!

  13. Kelly says

    AHHH the gas deal again! I’m so excited! Does anyone know how to “order” things at Publix? I’d love to know for SURE that there was “overage” items available like Sundown when I go in for my gas cards! I will be going in the FIRST DAY since my stores were sold out during the ENTIRE sale last time!

    • Lana says

      I did get rainchecks last time on the BP cards. I could get a raincheck only once per visit so hubby and I went multiple times. You have to save the in ad coupon with the raincheck to use it. It was weeks or maybe even 2 months before they got them in and we could use them as they have a limit on how many cards they can order in one month. This was before the 30 day wording on the rainchecks though. I think I will ask about that when I get the raincheck this time.

  14. christy says

    My husband found the Tombstone tearpad last week i believe by the bakery on a display -not sure if they are out now or not!
    Good luck though!! your husband sounds like a great one out searching for tearpads for ya!!!

  15. Jodi says

    Kellogg’s Cereal – Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies, or Smacks – 11.2 to 16.5 oz box – BOGO $3.99 – Target has a coupon on their site (Manufacturer’s Q)for $1.50 off any three Kellogg’s cereal, 10 or larger, any flavor.

  16. Sarah says

    Wow, I didn’t even notice the BOGO Wine when I looked at this on HCW last night! This is definitely the 1st time I have seen Wine go BOGO :)

  17. Rosemary says

    UPDATE FOR BOGO EASTER CANDY: I just purchased the early Sunday edition newspaper and the reeses/cadbury coup is save $2/3 not $2/1 like we thought. Also, it is for bagged candy only. BUMMER as I purchased a ton of the B2G1 free coups off ebay. Was looking to score major holiday candy for baskets and class parties. :0(

  18. wendy says

    does anyone know the regular price for the healthy choice steamers? these are really good!!! for frozen lunch that is. Are is this the regular price?. thanks

  19. Sean says

    There is a $2 off store coupon in the Publix Family Style Magazine for EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Shakes.

    There is also a $1/2 coupon for Wrigley’s Eclipse or Orbit gum in the March Walgreens coupon book.

    • says

      Yay, someone else saw that coupon too! And the $1 off bars. Been grabbing a few of those books everytime I see them as Sonny Boy has been drinking the shakes after working out and using the bars as a snack at school.

  20. diane says

    HEALTHY CHOICE STEAMERS are usually 2.75-2.89 at WM or Target. I’m not sure about Publix. If your publix will take SAV A LOT coupons, check their website. they had a $1.50\3.

    on the top right is a link for COUPONS. You can print out coupons for a lot of different HC products. Now, I didn’t see the steamer coupons, but IDK if it’s because i’ve printed out my max allowable!

  21. says

    There is also a tear pad for FREE Silk Soymilk wyb any two Kellogg’s cereals, one being Raisen Bran. Stack this with the $1/2 peelie and get all three for cheap!

    • says

      Is Raisin Bran included in the BOGO? I have this peelie and would love the chance to use it, but it doesn’t look like any of the cereals on it are included in the BOGO

  22. Sherry says

    On the Welch’s is it the 64oz instead of 46? The health meals healthy kids coupons reads 64 oz or 6pk.. Nothing on there about 46 oz

  23. GinnyW says

    I just printed off the Fast Fixin chicken printable and it printed 3 on one sheet and 2 on the other. Just a heads up! WOOHOO!!! Thanks for all you do. I am anticipating Wed now so much!!

    • Carrie says

      I’m wondering if the print limit has already been reached. I can’t get the site to do anything but take my info. I didn’t even realize until today that the sneak peak had come out a few days ago, so I guess I’m actually behind in printing some of the coupons. Is anyone else not getting the coupons to print as well?

  24. Danielle says

    I’ve never done the gas card deal. Does it have to be a $25 purchase AFTER all coupons have been applied?

    • Carrie says

      I THINK (someone, please correct me if I’m wrong) that it is before coupons. Just give the cashier that coupon first before all your other ones and it should work fine. I’ve done this several times over the last few months and by saving $10 each time, I’ve been able to get at least one fill-up free!!

  25. Leah says

    OK, so I normally follow another site for my weekly coupon matchups at Publix but I’m beginning to love your site more and more. Your sneak peaks are AWESOME for planning my trip! LOVE IT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. =)

  26. teinika says

    You are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!! I’M ABOUT TO GO SHOPPING AT PUBLIX AND I THINK I LIKE IT!!!! (to the tune of “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters)

  27. Anne says

    My Publix has a manufacturer coupon tearpad for $2 off one gallon of milk (any brand or flavor) with purchase of two Kellogg’s cereals (12 oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match) x 3/31.

  28. Sally says

    I don’t think either one of the Welch’s coupons shown are applicable? It says 46 oz. bottle, which are not refrigerated and are not a 6-pack. :(

  29. Lisa says

    No rush, just was wondering when you will have the spreadsheet for these upcoming deals ready. This is going to be a great tool since I want to get as many gas card deals as possible and need to find out my estimated total grocery purchase (before coupons of course!) Thanks!

  30. says

    If you got a Target Flip Clip Save booklet you might want to check it for $1.50 All coupon. There was one in mine. This means I can score two bottles of All for $0.49 after the $1.50 Target Coupon and 2 $2 manufacturer coupons…. woo hoo!

  31. Rachel Lowrance says

    There are some amazing deals this week! Publix is my fav. store now, thanks to you and this site! I am saving so much money! THANK YOU!!!!

  32. Sharon L says

    For the candy by 6 Reeses or hershey’s = $12.57
    use 2 $3 off 2 Q
    and 3 $1 off 2 Store Q from Walgreens Booklet (8-8.8 oz)

    That should give you $9 off.

  33. Andrea says

    Tried since the sneak peek came out to print Fast Fixin’s. I still don’t see where to print. Any guidance? Thanks!

  34. Christina says

    For the Iams there is also a $3/1 in the Go On A Stocking Spree Booklet which is a store coupon. Use it with the $3/1 in the 3/7 to get the dog food for 10.99 a bag!!

  35. says

    How will the”deal” work if I have a coupon for free oreo cakesters with the purchase of oreo cookies…since the cakesters or BGG1? Am I better off waiting for oreo cookies to go on sale?

  36. MonaLisa says

    Does anyone have a senario for the Kashi Cereal and all the B2G1 Coupons?? Can I but 2 boxes of cereal and uses coupons for the 2 bozes and get ALL the free products? Please help.

  37. Carrie says

    Can someone walk me through the steps for getting the fast fixin coupons, please? I can’t seem to get past a certain page to actual coupons. Thanks.

  38. Jodi says

    I was able to print the Mueller’s coupon 6 times. I may even be able to print it more, but I stopped (my husband thinks we spend more money in the ink we using printing the coupons than the money we save! :)

    • SteveO says

      You really could be paying a lot for ink to print coupons. Paper costs money too.
      I use low cost B&W laser printer. You can find them for $60 sometimes at the ‘big-office-box’ stores. The laser toner lasts much longer than ink jet cartridges. I use the laser printer for boring stuff and coupons. I use the ink jet when I really need color.

      Black & White coupons work just fine.

  39. kay says

    thanks for the head up on the fast fixin Q i got 5 printed too can’t find the candy deal either live in fl

  40. Andrea says

    There is a $1/1 Target Q for Dove shampoo/conditioner on, also $1.50 manufacturing Q on Dove’s website. Stack for a great savings and get the free styling product!

  41. Jo says

    I tried link for .40 Sargento coupon but didn’t see coupon to print. I have not printed this coupon before so I can’t have reached the print limit. Any suggestions? Is there a certain zip code to use?

  42. Michelle C. says

    Not seeing the lender’s bagel coupon on the linked website. Did I miss it maybe? Might just buy another All You mag to get the deal, can’t have enough of those lol!

  43. sunflower says

    Just got back to take advantage of the Healthy Meal Coupons that expire this weekend. They had the Buddig deli meats, 2/$4 so I got 2 packages for free with a MQ from a few weeks ago in February, I think. Also, the KozyShack that is BOGO included at least in my store in South Florida, the Simply Well variety. That means you can use the $1 MQ from this past weekend, much better than the .40 MQ. Woohoo!!

  44. Jennifer says

    The 60 cents off of 1 coupon that is under the Friendship sour cream is for Breakstone’s sour cream…???

  45. June Ann says

    Hi, THANK YOU very much for all the work you do! I love food shopping now!

    I do have a “stupid” question– where can you find the “in-ad” coupons? I want to get the coupon for $10 off $50 BP gift card.

  46. Luwina says

    The prego healthy heart was BOGO at my store, combine it with 1/1 from 2/7 SS and get 2 for 29 cents. They were priced 2.29.

  47. Mary Allison says

    I really hope Michelle has next week’s ad again on Friday like she did last week! That’s would be great!

  48. Kristin says

    On the rite aid site if you watch the all video you can print $1/1 free and clear. If you pair that with a man coupon you can get 2 for .99.

  49. michelle a says

    Desperately seeking the Lenders Bagels Q. It isn’t coming up for me on the All You site. Is their a particular zip code I should be using?

  50. says

    If you visit the EAS web page and sign up you will receive a coupon for a free myloplex drink or up to $3.49 off a 4 pack.. Worth every penny if you ask me. :)

  51. Maria C says

    On the Welch’s grape juice that is BOGO, there is a -$1.00/2 coupon in the Healthy Meals Healthy Kids booklet. It is a store coupon so you can stack it with a manufacturer’s coupon. Hurry though, it expires TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Sherry says

    Does anyone know where the Wise chips are??? I looked at my Publix yesterday, and it wasn’t with the other chips. I asked an employee, and he said he’d never heard of it. He even said he thinks it’s a Winn Dixie brand.

  53. colleen conner says

    don’t know if anyone has posted this deal or not but there is a $1.00 ALL coupon in the one store one stop booklet. it can be stacked with the RP 2/7/10 $1.00 coupon making it $1.00 a bottle!

  54. Carla says

    Contessa frozen meals are B1G1, so $4 each, plus $2 peelie on many of the bags = $2 total for a quick dinner for the family!! BTW – they are pretty good too!!

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