Purina One Dog Food For $2

Right now the Purina One Dry Dog Food, 4 lb bag is listed as 2/$10 in the Yellow Advantage Buy flyer.  Use the $3/1 Purina One Dog or Cat Food 3.5 – 34 lb. bag coupon that I told you about earlier (found online at publix.com/pet) to score each bag for $2!  I don't have pets but this sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

Thanks to Crystal the Coupon Momma


  1. StephanieP says

    You can get 2 bags, but you can’t use 2 coupons in 1 transaction. Some stores enforce this and others don’t. If they do enforce it just ask them to give you 1 coupon back, void the 2nd bag of dog food, and you’ll take the 2nd bag to the customer service desk to run another transaction. I’ve done this a few times before. One time the cashier decided to just put them both through to save me the trouble. The other time the cashier just said “okay” and I had to go to the customer service desk. Either way I got the deal I wanted.

  2. Karen says

    shame we didnt have these for the cat food sale last week. Cat food is now over $10 for 7 lb and can only use the one coupon :(

    • Katie says

      I checked on the cat food tonight. The 3.5 lb bags are $6.99 and most of the bags have $1 off peelies on them. So it ends up being a better deal to get the smaller bags and use the peelie plus the $3 off Publix Q. It definitely would have been better if we had these q’s when the small bags were on sale for $5, but it’s still a pretty good buy at $2.99. This is the only food my cats eat so that’s a pretty good bargain for me.

  3. kelli h says

    I have never had a problem with using more than one coupon b/c we’ve always taken it as you have to have a coupon for each bag of whatever the coupon is good for.

  4. Katie says

    You can also find these coupons at the store. My store had a 1 page (front and back) stack of these q’s located on the turn style thing with all the other ads.

  5. Angela says

    Great deal…thanks for sharing the info!!

    Remember to keep in mind that the coupon is only good through the 24th…which is okay, because the Advantage Buy ends the 26th (if I remember correctly). Plenty of time to stop in more than once for a few deals if you are able. They had a sale with a coupon similar to this some months ago and I was able to stock up at very low cost. I’m glad to see another deal, as this is our dog’s favorite brand and the vet doesn’t like for us to switch foods.

    Also, if the coupon states, “Limit one deal per coupon per customer,” doesn’t this just mean that I must have one coupon for each bag of dog food that I am purchasing? Thanks in advance.

  6. Misty says

    This is a really good deal! And for some who dont have pets could get bag of dog food and donate it to their local animal shelter!!

  7. Maru Sosa says

    Where are you guys finding this Q??
    I clicked on the link to Crystal – The coupon Momma, and then Publix.com – Nothing!
    Nothing here on this page.
    I even googled it and nothing..
    Do you guys have a shortcut? This is a really good deal, at least for me!
    Thanks to all! :)

  8. says

    My hubby and I just bought 8 bags of dog food! Our puppy should be fine for a while plus I had a $10 coupon on a $50 competitor coupon from Winn Dixie so I got some great deals today. Our store had lots of the pet coupons including this one at the entrance to the store.

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