West Melbourne: Palm Bay Rd – Store #00695

Palm Crossings (Store #00695)
145 Palm Bay Rd NE Ste 117
West Melbourne, FL 32904-8601
Main: (321) 722-0022
Pharmacy: (321) 722-0995
Competitor coupons
BJs Whole sale store
Toys R Us
I have had no trouble with any of the ones I use and I use the FLIPS, Albertsons, Walgreens, CVS, BJs, Save A Lot

Thanks Kristina!


  1. Rebrekkable says

    This store now takes only Winn-Dixie, Target, and Save-a-Lot coupons. They will not, for the moment at least, take the Save-A-Lot $5/$25 coupon because it requires you to ‘sign up’ to receive it. This store limits all deals and coupons to “5 deals”, i.e. 5 like coupons per transaction (although the store manager said we can use as many coupons as were needed to get 5 BOGO deals; the customer service manager looked highly confused when I mentioned this a few days later). Good service, not unreasonable, and the grocery manager is always happy to order an extra case for you:)

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